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“Maryland, Alabama, Michigan St, North Carolina, Penn State and Virginia Tech. These are the main schools on him right now.” Says Caesar Nettles head coach at Riverdale Baptist.

“He likes the new staff at Maryland, the proximity but he’s pretty widen open. The schools that offered have great academics and great athletics.” Nettles said

Alabama’s take.

“The history, the coaching staff, how well they put DB’s in the NFL. They told me he’s a perfect fit what they do with the pass. Has a real good change of direction with the ball. He would be perfect for the schemes.”

“They (Michigan State) have a tremendous defense. A track record of getting of getting most of not getting highly recruited guys, but still go on with first round players. The Big Ten is a very exciting conference.” Nettles said

Nettles went on to say that Fields likes Penn State’s atmosphere on campus. He enjoys the coaching staff there and has some friends on the team right now. Virginia Tech is close to home about 4 hours away and has a good bond with the cornerback’s coach at Tech.


Jeter offer list is enormous. The likes of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, South Carolina, Tennessee and many others offered this great defensive tackle.

“Not on top of my head,” When asked Beaver Falls coach Ryan Matsook who Donovan favors at this point. “I don’t follow him on Twitter and everything.”

“I know he went to Alabama,” Says Matsook. “He’s going to some schools this fall around the area and then narrow it down from there.”

Staying home and taking care of business then will trim his list later.

“I know he went to a bunch of places the summer before; Ohio State, Michigan and some other places. He’s just pretty much staying home and working out, and doing his thing.” Matsook said

“I think by the end of summer he wants to narrow it down to 3 or 5 schools, but I haven’t discussed it with his father yet. We haven’t gotten to that point yet.” Matsook said


“I think he is a D-Tackle. He played at 278 to 280 last year. I felt like he was dominate and fast. I could see him putting on 30 pounds. With his quickness and athleticism, he a top guy at his position. We see linebackers turned to defensive ends and defensive ends to tackles.”

“He has lateral ability; change directions with the ball. A lot of guys are strong but he has the ability to move” Masook said

Will look at the home state schools to the very end.

Coach Masook said Penn State and Pitt were the first schools to offer. Those two school will get a hard look before making a decision he’s receiving lot of pressure to stay in state. Jeter is building a bond with Penn State and Pitt. Will graduate at midterm, so I decision has to be made by mid-December.

“He’s kind of a reserve kid,” Masook said. “He’s got a great motor he turn it up when game time comes. He more mature than some of the other kids. I though he was more heavy last year and he’s motivated to lose some weight. We had conversations with the trainer. He was out of shape.”


“Right now he has about 18 D-1 offers. He hasn’t made a selection yet but he loves Nebraska. I don’t think he’s been up there yet. He definitely loves Nebraska they made a big impression when they came down here.” Said Plano East high school Joes McCullough.

“Relationship guy.”

“He (Watts) is a relationship guy. I don’t know if he’s so much into the name, the tradition of the schools as oppose to how much recruiters treat him and how they were when they came by here.” McCullough said

Parrella continues to pound it hard for NU.

“Coach John Parrella (Nebraska) was just awesome. They had a good talk that’s one of those out of state schools that he spoken very highly of.” McCullough said

“A lot of guys who come through here you know they have different backgrounds. Most of them play high level, most of them played in the NFL, but he’s different he’s a guy who played defensive tackle in the NFL for numerous years.” McCullough said

Parrella admires his job doesn’t boast about himself.

“And when you sit down with him and everything you talked about is about everybody else. He doesn’t bring the light among himself, and you got to pull information out of him. That dude is praising his coaches, his job and the kids see that.” McCullough said

“As crazy as the kids are now they are pretty transparent as adults and they can read through us. They do a good job analyzing him (Parrella). He’s just an awesome coach.” McCullough added

Watts is wide open looking for that special relationship with coaching staff.

“He’s wide open he talks more than others. I think right now he’s trying the best fit for him academically and the best fit for him athletically. When once again the man that will be coaching him or the men that has a good bond real have to be a big time relationship dude.” McCullough said

Big time abilities.

“In high school it’s really tough to find like a true 3 technique or like a true defensive tackle. Most guys, I’ve done this for a long time, who are 5-foot-11 and 255-pounds is your average nose tackle. McCullough said

“None of these guys who are 6-foot-3, 305-pounds will play nose on the line because they are too slow….but this kid is what most colleges think is a SOB defensive tackle. There is no question about it. He’s big, he can run and gosh he can run.”

Had some off season surgery

“He had a little procedure on his knee back in January it’s all cleaned up now. Two weeks before that procedure he gets off the chair and runs a 5.05-forty yard dash, at that time weighting 312. That’s with no off season and that’s no conditioning. It’s January fresh off the season. That’s what most of the guys (college coaches) praise him for. The fact is he’s not a kid.” McCullough said

Did some traveling.

“I know for sure he’s been to Baylor, I know he’s been to Oklahoma, he’s been to Texas, and I believe he went down to A&M not 100-percent sure, but I know those others for sure.”

“I think he will take a few visits before he commits,” Says McCullough. “I don’t see him committing early I could be wrong. I still know he hasn’t done as much visits of most of guys you see on Twitter. They’re going to freaking 15 to 20 colleges. He’s probably did 3 or 4. I still think he still wants to get out a little bit.”

“I know our kids are really crafty. Maybe there are going on vacation in Florida. There is a school 2 hours away from where booked. ’Hey pop can we drive me out there on the way?’ They tend to work in into their schedule or visit the college that are close by from their region.” McCullough said

Area schools close by.

“If you look at our kids that are big time recruits it’s always been Texas (UT) that they’ve been to because it’s a 3 hours away. Texas A&M is 3 hours away, SMU is 20 minutes, TCU is an hour away. Baylor is an hour, Oklahoma maybe 3 hours north.” McCullough said

“So right here a 3 hour radius you have got 5 or 6. I’m not even mentioning U of H, Sam Houston is 4 hours south, Rice is about 4 hours south, Texas Tech 5 hours west. Oklahoma State couple hours north, so kids go to the regional schools.” McCullough said


“I have 17 offers.” Says Gentry Bonds. "My top 5 (In no order) Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Missouri, Kentucky, and Clemson.”

Nebraska’s defensive back coach Brian Stewart has Bonds thinking Big Red..

“I mean Coach (Brian) Stewart has a history putting players in the League; he has an NFL background that’s something that really attracted me at Nebraska. “Me and him text. Hit me on Twitter. We talk on the phone once every two weeks building a relationship. I feel comfortable with Coach Stewart.”

Life Skills.

“He (Stewart) seems like a good man. It’s Nebraska a good place outside football. He can also get me ready for life after football. Someday I’m not going to be playing football any more, and I realize that. I just think he can help me through that.” Bonds said

“Just tradition you know.” Bonds comments about his knowledge of Nebraska football. “When you think of Nebraska – you mean football. So that is what I think about it.” Bonds said

Wants to visit NU.

“I have not.” When asked if he’s been to Nebraska before. “I’m actually working on a date for now. Coaching staff wants me to come up and stuff. I’m going to visit Nebraska before I commit – that’s the plan. Have something….just to see it.” Bonds said

Debating whether the Nebraska will be official visit or not.

“That’s what I’m trying to work out to make Nebraska as an official or I might visit with my parents. Just ever what I can do, you know what I mean. It’s not very close in location where I live.” Bonds said

Just came back from Georgia Tech. Likes the academics there and established a good relationship with coaches.

“Georgia Tech is a great school,” He says. “Obviously get a great education. I can see myself playing there and possible the other league (NFL). A school that I have a lot of interest in. They like my length and my aggressiveness at the position. They thin k I should be playing the boundary corner. “

“I was there (Tech) last Saturday. I liked it a lot, I liked the campus. Coach (Joe) Speed was who I spent time with. Coach (Ted) Roof the defensive coordinator is also a great man and knows lot about football and also about life.” Bonds said

Likes Missouri’s defensive style. Sends players to the NFL.

“It’s (Missouri) a schools that has tradition and they put players in the NFL. I can see myself playing inn that defense; playing corner or safety either one. They said I can play early, but I would have to work for it. I haven’t been there yet. I’m also looking on that date too.” Bonds said

“Their (Kentucky) defensive coordinator (D J) Eliot we have a pretty good relationship. They have a need for DB’s. That’s where I can see myself going and playing early and it’s not too far away from home.”

“Kentucky likes my versatility. I can play corner and safety, nickel. They feel comfortable playing any position and I feel comfortable any position myself. That way I can get on the field early.” Bonds said


“Obviously a winning program; they are going in the right direction. Coach (Mike) Reed and I have a strong relationship. I talked to Coach (Dabo) Swinney at the in June. Most of the talking was with me and Coach Reed.

A very athletic 3 Star linebacker. Has offers from many Power 5 conference schools including: Arkansas, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Michigan State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia, and a few others.

Carol City head coach Aubrey Hill, former Gator, breaks down Naytron Culpepper’s recruitment.

“I don’t think he has, you know he is just a junior.” Hill comments if Culpepper has trimmed down his list. “He finished up his junior year and visited some schools. So I think he is going to wait and see how the college football teams start their season off; how the teams doing and see there is a need for him at corner.” Hill said

Some schools mentioned.

“I know there is a lot of schools that offered him: Louisville, South Carolina, Michigan State, University of Miami, the list goes on. Mississippi State. A lot of schools are really intrigued about his height. His speed and his long arms, and is doing well in the class room. He’s a model citizen.” Hill said

“He’s been to a lot of places. I’ll be guessing right now on top of my head you know what I mean. I think probably in October he will probably will get down to three schools that he really likes, but I think right now just kind to wait until college football starts and he will have a better idea.” Hill said

“I think he is open to all schools. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in state, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes out of state.”

Michigan State recruiting Culpepper very hard.

“I think They (MSU) had some recent success. Doing pretty well in the Big Ten and I think he likes the head coach (Mark Dantonio) as they do very well on defense. And you know what I think, is really how they are recruiting him. They’ve shown some interest been down here twice in the spring to see him – call quite a bit. So I think they (MSU) has a guy that they are after.” Hill said

“There is so much history in the University of Miami,” Hill said. “They have some great players at the University of Miami. Great players in the NFL, so I would imagine that has a huge mind set for him far as what school to look at.”

“He liked South Carolina he has been up there before. He likes Louisville he’s been up there too. The coaches call him quite a bit.” Hill said


“He’s talked about them (Nebraska) before, but he’s hasn’t been out there. I had a conversation that I’ve been out to Nebraska. One of the best college atmospheres, great fans, great program, but he hasn’t seen it himself. He’s going to have to take an official visit put eyes on it himself.” Hill said

Will he visit Nebraska?

“Well, if he goes to Michigan State, I wouldn’t be shocked if he goes to Nebraska, but wants to make sure that the line of communications is open between Nebraska coaches and also Naytron Culpepper.” Hill said

“He’s lock down corner. He has great height over 6-feet has long arms. He’s a track guy. He does returns. Really, really has the total package when you talk about corners. Great kid. Two parent home. Multiple sport guy. Has a 2.8, 2.9 GPA. Kid has a 25 on his ACT.” Hill said


“Yea I am.” Ferguson solidifies his commitment to the Wisconsin Badgers. “It’s a little bit of home state, but I have a lot of connections there, my brother, the same time I like the campus.”

Great fit at Wisconsin.

“I like the coaches, the academics people and I feel like I can get a good education there after I finish up my athletic career. I grew up being a Badger fan, that made me part of the tradition and so.” Ferguson said

Needs to work on blocking.

“They like how I can go up and get the ball. They think I can play very well at the tight end position. They are thinking about helping me out with my blocking.”

Nebraska roots.

“I went to the spring game.” Ferguson drove to Lincoln to see the Nebraska spring game with his father Brad who use to play football for the Cornhuskers when they lived on Chadron.”

NU spring game comments.

“It was cool. I went with my dad. Kind of like get an idea what it was like for him. Obviously it’s new now.” Ferguson said


Elijah Walker has some scholarship and expects a few more once the season starts. Some teams are still in the evaluation period. He’s being recruited as a QB.

“Pretty much every WAC schools and all the MEAC schools. Now with Elijah he’s attraction is starting to pick up from Tennessee, Oregon and Minnesota.” Amite head coach Zephaniah Powell lists of few schools that offered or soon to be.

“He’s quarterback,” Powell said. “This year he had a break out junior year. He kind of flew under the radar a lot of schools didn’t know anything about him as a first year starter. His stock is staring to rise a little.” Powell said

“At this point I would say mildly.” Powell comments on Nebraska’s interest. “He’s a dual threat. He’s 6-foot-3, 200 pounds. He can run with it, he can throw with it, he can beat you with his mind, he can beat you with his leadership. And he can beat you with his arm in the pocket. He can beat you with his legs in the pocket.”

Looking for that big offer.

“He’s that kid (quarterback) that most colleges that run the spread or looking at a dual. I would say he will probably receive one large school offer when the season gets started.” Powell said

“I know Minnesota’s their offensive coordinator (Jay Johnson) was actually looking at Elijah when he was at Louisiana Lafayette. He’s actually been down a bunch of times watching him throw. Watch his work out.” Powell said

“The deal with that is I think Minnesota hasn’t pulled the trigger is because of distance. They are trying to make sure he will be fine 12 to 14 hours away from Louisiana.”

“Tennessee on the other hand, they are looking for that kid that is really going to come in and be a factor. Tennessee is recruiting as a quarterback and not as an athlete.” Powell said

Oregon type of quarterback.

“With Oregon, Oregon is pretty much the same way their offense revolves around the quarterback. Who can run, who can really be a threat running the football. When they had Marcus Mariota that was on team that did a whole lot when he was there. If anything he (Mariota) would break out of the pocket and run, also design runs for him. Elijah can do all of that.” Powell said

“All of that, all those schools are recruiting him real hard, I would say they are 90 percent of pulling the trigger on him. He’s going to be one of those prospects that’s really on the rise. I would say he’s going to get a big time offer, once he gets started play football this fall.” Powell said


Judson has many options where to play ball including; Alabama, Arizona, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, Ohio State, UCLA, Virginia Tech, West Virginia and others.
A few more visits planned.

“I’ll probably narrow it down to a Top 5 before football season I don’t know the schools yet. I’ve been to Virginia Tech, Florida and UCF. I’ll probably visit USF, Bama and Arizona.” Judson said

“I liked the coach staff (Virginia Tech), the academics part of it. They said I can play early and be a big time player. They are recruiting me like a receiver/back. Motion in the backfield like a running back. I like the area (Blacksburg) and the weight room.” Judson said

Judson said he’s been to the University of Florida several times and they were his childhood favorite. Attended several Gator football games and calls it ‘Crazy atmosphere.’

“They (Florida) wants want me to play slot. They want to get the ball in my hands as much as they can, and stuff like that.” Judson said


“They take people in the league.” Judson comments about Alabama. “They have great tradition stuff like that. I’m pretty high on their board, (Nick) Saban can’t wait to get me on campus. They want me to play slot and try to get me outside more.”

Judson briefly said he likes everything about Arizona. The academics, football and some family there.

Williams’ at it again for NU.

“They are recruiting me as a receiver.” When asked about the Cornhuskers.” I’ve been recruited by the receivers coach Keith (Williams), we keep in contact. He’s a cool, cool dude. Laid back. We talk how I can fit in. I know Robert Porcher who committed to them. I know for sure I’m going to take a visit for the Oregon game.”


Devonta Smith lists mostly southern schools in his final 4. Nebraska which made the cut needs a visit from Smith before August 15th is when Smith makes his decision.

Summer visits on his list.

“He has about 4 (teams) that are his top schools. I know Miami, Alabama, Mississippi State and Nebraska are listed. I know he’s been up to ‘Bama. I think he is going to Miami and I think he is going to try to visit those others before the summer is out.” Said Zephaniah Powell head coach at Amite high school.

“Right now he is at Oregon for The Opening. Oregon offered him way back in December. I don’t think he will have time to visit the campus, just the camp.” Powell said

Davonta Smith actually committed to Georgia his sophomore year when Coach Mark Richt was their head coach. Now that Richt is coaching at Miami Smith is considering the ‘Canes.

“Faith base coach.”

“Coach Richt is very faith base coach. Very high on his Christian values. Coach Ron Dugans is recruiting him, who actually trained one of our receivers at Florida State in the mid 90’s. Of course location is going to be a big factor.” Powell said

“With their (Miami) tradition as well. In the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s Miami was a powerhouse. He’s very intrigued about that.”

Alabama recruited Smith in the 8th grade. Likes the intense practices and structure of the program.

“I would say tradition, the coaching staff; they have been recruiting Devonta since he was in the 8th grade. Coach Nick Saban, they run everything like the NFL organization. He loves the structure, loves what Lane Kiffin is doing offensively. He is very in tuned what they are doing at Alabama.” Powell said

Mississippi State.

“I think how their receivers play,” Coach Powell explains what Devonta likes about Mississippi State. “And also it’s not too far from home as well. The position coach there (Greg Knox), the guy is recruiting him hard. And it’s close to home too.”

Nebraska’s as a top choice also has everybody buzzing for the five star wide out.

“To be honest with you as of right now I have no idea with that.” When asked what behind Nebraska’s attraction.” I just know the position coach there (Keith Williams) is recruiting him. He came in and really opened Devonta’s eyes to Nebraska.”

“I know also with their (Nebraska) tradition too. With championships, Coach (Tom) Osborne. A lot of players are playing in the NFL now from Nebraska, especially Ndamukong Suh. He’s kind of intrigued by Nebraska. I think he wants to get out there to see what they have to offer.” Powell said


“It feels great.” Porcher announces his commitment to Nebraska a few week ago. “When I was up there I felt like I was at home. I went ahead and made that commitment. When I committed I actually called Coach (John) Parrella and told him on the phone (from home) and I talked to Coach (Mike) Riley he was excited too.”

“I called Parrella and said I’m going to let you know that I’m committed and it went from there. He was excited. He wanted me to commit while I was up there. He’s really excited can’t wait to coach me.” Porcher said

Fan support was a big deciding factor.

“I liked everything about the school. I like the academics, and the life style. Just being around the players and the coaches. Just see how much the fans get around the team; the team in Lincoln. It was a good experience. I was in the Haymarket area a lot it was cool being around there.” Porcher said

“He liked it.” When asked what his father thoughts about Nebraska. “I think he liked it more than I did. He said me being there the next four years that they were going to take care of me, develop me into the NFL defensive end and become a better man. He enjoyed it and glad I made the choice.”

Porcher’s family moved to Florida from Michigan so Robert can play football and work on his skills year around.

“Yea.” Porcher responded that his father played in the NFL. “He played for the Detroit Lions for 13 years. Were originally from Michigan. You can play here year around in Florida you’re out side every day. It’s awesome. Most Northern athletes come to Florida – down south. I wanted to be one of those people.” Porcher said

“I want to be a business major,” He says, “So they’re building a new business center. It will be ready in 2017 the fall when I get there.”

Still a few teams out there pursuing Porcher, but he told me he’s solid with Nebraska.

“Michigan is still talking to me, Arkansas and Virginia Tech. There is a couple more schools. They know I committed to Nebraska.”


Ben Hutch said he had 13 offers and he’s visited Louisville, Texas A&M, Mississippi State, Tennessee and Memphis this year on unofficials.

Aggies visit went well. Mostly likely take an official to A&M later in fall.

“It was great,” Hutch says about his trip to A&M. “A lot of coaches were out of town. I only talked to the D-Line coach (John Chavis), we have a great relationship when he was at LSU. The campus is beautiful.”

“They (A&M) said I compare to Daylon Mack that’s always a good thing. I just want to be myself, but it’s great to be compared to such a great person.” Hutch said

Home state Vol’s first to offer.

“It’s my home state,” Hutch comments about his home state Vols. “Also the first school I talked to when I was a 14 year old. I like to talk to a former teammate (Vincent Perry) that is there now, while I’m there.”

Hutch said he was actually an Ohio State fan growing up, but hasn’t heard from the Buckeye’s since his sophomore year.

Louisville, kids gravitate towards this school.

“It was great. I got to talk to Coach (Bobby) Petrino. I got to talk to coach (L.D.) Scott he would be my position coach if I go up there. It’s just the atmosphere up there. I got to talk to a couple of the players too. The expansion will be great; I like what they have now. Everything (facilities) are in one area. You’re not going too far.” Hutch said

Then there’s Nebraska.

“Coach (Mike) Riley, he likes all of my film. They are losing four inside guys by the time I get there. I can come in and play early, I just have to put in the work.” Hutch said

“Coach (John) Parrella says he likes me not just a player but my off the field attitude. We everyday on the phone. The way he talked to me he keeps me up on everything. They want me real bad.”

“Coaches at Nebraska are trying to get me up there for the first game, a night game on the 3rd (September). Everything should be settled Tuesday. My mom said she had to talk to the people at her job, but they will probably let her off.” Hutch said

Some visits confirmed.

“I know for sure I’m taking one (official) to Texas A&M, I don’t know what game and I’m taking one to Louisville versus Kentucky.” Hutch said

“Probably when I take all my officials in the fall. I think my last official will be in December. Then I will talk it over with my mom, and I’ll probably commit in January.”


Leitao attended Nebraska’s Friday Night Lights camp as a spectator last week. He participated and toured the facilities at Nebraska’s Big Red Weekend earlier in the month.


“It was amazing.” Leitao said of NU’s facilities. “I was impressed by the facilities, I was impressed by the coaches. They are really a family, I appreciated that.”

Leitao had a meeting with Nebraska’s tight end coach Tavita Thompson. They discussed how productive he would be in Nebraska’s offensive system.

“We sat down and watched a little bit of film. He told me trying to make some comparisons of guys they already have on the team. Let me see what it would be actually playing there. That really helped me out to see what it would be like being actually a Cornhusker.” Leitao said

Also Coach Thompson compared Leitao to current Husker tight end Cethan Carter. Leitao commented and said Carter was very productive in the Big Ten and was a key player in Nebraska’s offense.

Coach Mike Riley, Coach Thompson, Reese and his father all met to discuss the Nebraska program in general and his abilities. Being a Cornhusker.

“We met for quite a while we talked about an hour. Just kind of explaining what Nebraska is all about; their team goals, what their team values are. And it really helped put a picture in my mind would it be like.” Leitao said

“They (Nebraska) talked about how they could use my versatility on line and also on the backfield, would it be going out on a long wheel route. Just being versatile, and keeping the defensive on their toes.”


“I went their (Iowa State) Saturday.” Says Leitao. “They have some similarities to Nebraska. Coaching staff especially, have a family atmosphere. They bring you in and care for their players.”

Hoosiers making a push.

“Me and Coach James Patton (Indiana) talk quite a bit. I’m going to see if I could get over there after the dead period ends sometime in July. There offensive production is top notch in their conference. They use the tight end pretty well. I know they will be throwing the ball effectively and efficiently; that’s what sticks out to me.” Leitao said

Next up.

“I’m going to Penn State and Maryland next month (July),” he says, “I have a Maryland offer. At Penn State I’ll participate in camp and see if I get an offer there. I like Maryland pretty well we recently been in contact. I’ve been learning a bit how they play and how they use my position.”

Penn State wants a closer look at Leitao before an offer is extended.

“Coach Rick Rahne came out during spring for my practices. We started contact each other and he invited me out to camp. So I’ll just go out take a tour and see how much I like it."

"Right now I know they have big tradition. I like being in that. I’m just go out and do the same thing like Maryland. See the school, their offenses in my position to see if it would be a good fit for me.”

“I’m not too sure yet.” When asked if a commitment is planned this summer. “I hoping to take officials to see what the school is during school. If I feel it’s a good fit for me I’ll just commit there.”

What the coaches say.

“Coaches like my versatility through my game film. I think they see I can pull off and go out and run deep routes. So just be able to play on a lot of positions on the field, rather it’s in the backfield or on the line.” Leitao said


Tuiaupupu has more than 15 offers for the 2018 class. The linebacker from California will take some visits this summer to see if more schools will offer in person.

“I know 17 offers,” Tuiaupupu said. “I’m just trying to focus on my game right now. I plan on visiting some schools this summer, mostly schools on the West Coast and get them out of the way. My unofficials; USC, UCLA, they are pretty close. I’ll probably get them.”

“I’ll try to hit Washington and Oregon. Maybe try to find ways to visit Oklahoma, Michigan and schools on the East Coast like that.”

One of the most recent offers comes from the Huskers; linebacker coach Trent Bray throws his best foot forward.

“Oh yes sir!” When asked if Nebraska was one of his favorites. “Nebraska is….It was a big offer for me. It would be pretty cool to go there because, they are like Notre Dame on the East Coast. They (Nebraska) told me about their school history.”

“He (Trent Bray) told me how it is at Nebraska – about the education. How education would help me in my future, the NFL. He said he liked the way I play and wants to coach me.” Tuiaupupu said

Wolverine staff and education is a big draw.

“Their (Michigan) coaching staff is really high level and connections from the NFL. Jim Harbaugh, I heard was a great guy. He cares about his players. So if you go there you will have a good education and will have NFL experience on the staff.” Tuiaupupu said

“The Sooners, they told me a lot about their history and tradition is. They told me they built some new facilities. They really care about their players too. They develop NFL type guys too.” Tuiaupupu said


“They (USC) are really close to home,” Tuiaupupu said. “That would be cool for all of my family to go and see all my games. I have a cousin (Viane Talamaivao) that actually goes there. He tells me about the tradition, the education part of it. They have good energy on campus. It goes for football and education.”

“Oregon, linebacker Coach Don Pellum, he’s been in the game a long time. Has a lot of experience. He’s sent players in the NFL and seems to be connected about my future and education. My future life after football.”


Trey is a highly recruited offensive lineman that has plenty of choices where to play college ball. More than 25 offers from such schools as; Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Clemson, Georgia, Michigan, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Vanderbilt and a few others.

Busy summer time and wants to commit early in the season. Graduate early.

“He has not narrowed his list down at all he’s is in the process right now. Sometime this summer he will cut it down to 8 and early and early in the fall he will cut it down to 3 and make a decision. The goal is to be an early enrollee graduate in December and enroll where he goes in January.” Says Rusty Bradley the head coach at University School of Jackson.

“He has turned his phone off, just trying to take a break from the whole recruiting process. I think it got a little overwhelming for him.” Bradley added

Trey and family has been to several schools already to get a feel of the college atmosphere and coaching staffs.

“He’s been all over the place.” Bradley said. “He’s been to Clemson, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama. He’s been to Notre Dame, been to Ole Miss. He visited a lot of schools. Obviously talking to the coaches multiple times during the spring evaluation.”

“He went to The Opening. The NIKE Opening - the regional one at Chicago I think in early May. So he’s definitely been in touch with a lot of people, and took a lot of visits to a lot of different schools.”

Been to Athens many times, get acquainted with the college coaches.

“He’s visited Georgia - been there many times. He’s enjoyed every visit he’s been really gotten to know the coaches. He’s got to make an important decision, get to know all the coaches at all the different schools. Just so he can make an intelligent decision as he trims his list down.” Bradley said

“Yea, he is definitely interested.” Was asked if Tennessee is a major player. “I wouldn’t say that anyone is a leader at this point, but he’s definitely interested in Tennessee. Honestly growing up in the state of Tennessee you’re a Tennessee fan naturally, but really nobody is a leader right now.” Bradley said

Alabama childhood favorite.

“I think he has always been an Alabama fan. He’s always been a fan of the school. He’s actually been an Alabama fan growing up.”

“Obviously just the history of Alabama, the coaching staff and just amount of guys, not just offensive lineman, just guys at multiple positions they put in the NFL. I think that’s appealing to him. Hopefully what he wants to do is play in the NFL.” Bradley said

“He’s been to Clemson multiple times. Obviously liked the staff there. Just the atmosphere, the coaches are kind of a family there. He likes Ole Miss its close and they have a good history with O-Linemen.”

Nothing short of a great player. Coach Bradley explains.

“Just his feet, the athleticism. He’s 6-foot-5, 302 pounds that really blocks really well, that has great feet. He can run, he’s strong and explosive. He’s very intelligent. He has a high football IQ and really does a lot of good things well. “Bradley said

“He works hard never missed a workout. He’s polite. I can’t believe he would do something wrong or stupid. He’s a great teammate he just blends with everybody else.” Bradley said

Priorities of making the right decision.

“The opportunity to play early, number one. Number two what gives him the best chance to develop. I think that’s going to be the ultimate choice to play out. I don’t think about the school colors, the schools fight song, or anything about that. He want to play early to develop.”


“He’s still committed to Auburn,” Says Southside High School coach Ron Daugherty. “But he’s been talking to other schools. Georgia, Alabama, Nebraska, I believe Louisville was here a little bit in the spring. He receives plenty of stuff through the mail from Louisville that’s the ones I know for sure.”

“He’s an Auburn fan. His family went to Auburn I believe and he’s got some friends there.” Daugherty said

Summer visits may not be likely.

“He may go to a couple of visits this summer. He doesn’t have a whole lot of chances. He wants to work on his senior year and himself. I expect him to (take officials) but he hasn’t set those up yet.” Daugherty said

“Closer to home.” Daugherty responds why Georgia is a possibility. “He likes the coaches. They have new blood and approaching things a lot differently than the past.”

Coach Daugherty said Alabama coaches established a good relationship with Williams. They planned out where he would fit on the field. Daugherty went on to say Louisville was up during the spring but he was away at the time. Not much talk about Louisville.

Huskers really got Williams' attention.

“He’s just intrigued by them (Nebraska) the coach who came down here greeted him and talked to him. He made a connection with him I can’t remember his name right now. He came by here and talked to him (Williams) for a long time in the spring – visiting him at a practice.” Daugherty said

Coach Daugherty said when speaking to the Nebraska coach the Huskers wanted to branch out in recruiting. The Coaching staff before signed Ameer Abdullah from Homewood, Alabama. They (Nebraska) want to explore more options.

“I believe running back,” Coach Daugherty mentions what position Williams will most likely play in college. “I think people will see him a lot more out of him his senior year. We will use him some different ways. I think he can be a slot receiver, I think he can be a defensive back also.”

“If I had to say it would be running back. He’s listed as a big athlete. He’s 6-feet-1, 215-pounds right now.”

Will go where he gets the "feel".

“He hasn’t mentioned distance, so I think whatever he feels. Like I said he’s committed to Auburn, he’s known those guys for a long time. It all depends just get a different feeling with comfort level.” Daugherty said

Great blocker and can play defense.

“We play him at Running back. He uses his body as good leverage. If I had to pick a part of his game, he’s improved the most is his blocking. He’s a very good blocker; he just really improved in that area.” Daugherty said

“We use him on certain downs defensively. He’s an outside linebacker, safety type. He plays very aggressive.”


Cade Otton is an uprising prospect in the Pacific Northwest. Cade’s father Tim is an assistant coach at Waterford and explains in detail of his son’s recruitment. Nebraska and Oregon State are the notable offers so far but it seems more can be on its way.

Coach Otton was asked if Cade has narrowed his college choices down.

“Not really, we are still in the mode trying to find out what’s going to be the best fit for him. We’re rushing up that way (Nebraska) about June 10th for the Big Red Weekend. Spend some time with the coaching staff to see the facilities, the school and academics. All that good stuff.” Otton said

“He’s had quite of bit of contact (with Nebraska). They came out here to visit during the evaluation period. Coach (Danny) Langsdorf did talk to us quite a bit.” Otton said

Riley longtime family friend.

“We’ve known Coach (Mike) Riley for a long time. My brother (Brad) played for him at USC, when he was the offense coordinator there. When he was at Oregon State we use to take team camps there. We have a lot of respect for him (Riley) as a coach, as a player.” Otton said

“He’s (Riley) super sincere. You don’t feel like you’re getting anything but the truth from him. Just a great guy, very personable. Just felt comfortable first time we ever talked to him. You always feel good having your kid play for a guy like that.” Otton said

“If I had to guess it would be.” Coach Otton reaffirms Cade will be tried at tight end in college. “He’s long and athletic and has really, really good hands. He doesn’t mind putting his hands on the ground and blocking people. So he’s kind of a hard noise kid. Plays middle linebacker for us as well.”

“He’s been to Oregon State a couple of times, he’s been to Washington. We’re going down to Southern California (USC) towards the end of the month.”

“We really liked Oregon State. We really liked the coaching staff there, Coach (Gary) Anderson is a good man and helped develop a relationship as well. They are definitely doing a lot of good stuff that they need to do far as up grading the facilities to keep up with everyone. When we there it was like kind of down to earth you know Blue Collar type of program.” Otton said

“They’re a very good program.” Otton says about the Washington Huskies program, “They are on the rise. We like the ways they do things up there and it’s close. So you can sneak up for a practice. We are about an hour south depending on traffic.”

“We went to a couple (games) last year. I think Cade went to three. It’s pretty noisy in there and then it’s right on Lake Washington – it’s very pretty.”

“I’m not really sure.” When asked if USC will offer during the visit later in the month. “They talk enough about Cade to come up and visit during the evaluation period. The thing for him is go down for camp and see him in person and kind of get a feel how he moves and how he can compete with some of the better athletes down there.” Otton said

Decision time.

“I don’t think he has decided yet. I think he wants to take his time make sure he makes the right decision. I assume he will take some official visits. I don’t think he’s in a hurry to make a decision right now, but that could change through the process this summer. Having a feeling where he wants to be. We are kind of leaving that up to him to make the best choice he can make.”


“I’ve narrowed it down to Tennessee, Clemson, Florida State and Georgia. The fifth school I haven’t decided yet.” Breyon Gaddy said.

Could see early playing time at Tennessee.

“I like Tennessee where I can do some work there and feel like they can get me to the next level. I really liked it Nashville. If I go down there and work hard, get my body put together, I can see some playing time on the field my freshman year. They said I’m aggressive and how I can get off the ball.”


“When I went their thing I liked about Clemson, it was raining out in the stadium and there was 80,000 fans. So that was like – made me feel like a loyal program. I saw them play Notre Dame it was loud and rowdy. The fans knew who I was and everything.” Gaddy said

Likes Florida State’s winning tradition.

“What I liked about them (FSU) is they are very aggressive team. They always work hard, always win the state championship and they always have the best of the best. They like that I have great talent, get off the ball good and I’m very aggressive.” Gaddy said

“Georgia has contacted me more than the old staff. They are interested in me, why not be interested in them.” Gaddy said

“I’m going to a lot of places this summer. I just have to set up times; Tennessee, Georgia, Florida State Michigan. There is a whole lot more I can’t think of them right now.” Gaddy said

Michigan sending players to the NFL has Gaddy’s attention.

“What I like about Michigan is that they always have a good team. They work hard and I know they have players there that are working hard to get to the next level. If I go there I’m trying to be one of the recruiters to work hard and try to get to the next level.” Gaddy said

Breyon has a twin brother Brandon and they plan on attending the same school.

“Yes we have the same schools - we’re a package deal. He (Brandon) can do everything, so they (schools) don’t know where to put him at. They don’t know to put him on defense. They don’t know to put him on the other side." Gaddy said

"He plays quarterback, running back, defensive end, tight end and defensive back. He’s real big (6-foot-4, 260-pounds) and has a little speed to him. He’s huge so somebody can’t really hit him.”


Justin Foster has more than 25 offers and is considered the top player in the state of North Carolina. According to his coach Will Clark - Foster has trimmed his list to seven schools in no order. Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Kentucky, Notre Dame, Stanford and Tennessee.

“What he wants to do is narrow it down to those 7. He’s going to unofficials this summer to those 7 and then going to narrow it down to 3 at the end of summer. He will commit around the 3rd or 4th week of the summer.” Clark said

“The biggest thing the coaches like is his length. Very explosive first step coming off the edge. He can play in space a little bit. Physical player, puts hands on people. He does it all.” Clark said

Coach Clark said Alabama’s (Tosh) Lupoi is recruiting him the hardest at the Jack position.

“He wants to major in Mechanical Engineering and Stanford is one of the best business schools in the nation. So that’s what he wants to do. He talks to Coach Lance Anderson.” Clark said

“He’s a great young man. Academically he is a 4.2. A good leader in the class room, off the field he is a good leader. On the field he’s kind of a quite person, leads by example on the field. Not much of a local leader on the field but gets after it.” Clark said

“Number one he’s looking for education, Number two looking for a good family atmosphere that will be there four years, and life after football.” Clark said


Limpscomb Academy football coach Scott Tillman runs down Reitmaier’s recruitment.

“He’s still getting offers almost every day.” Said Tillman. “I know there are schools he likes, but really hasn’t decided where he is going this summer. He’s been to a lot of places. He’s going to make many more visits this summer.”

Might visit Nebraska.

“I’m not all sure where he’s all going. I know he might visit Nebraska sometime this summer. I know he’s going to Oregon in early June. He’s been to Penn State, Notre Dame, Duke, Tennessee and Navy.” Tillman said

Nebraska showing the love.

“Oh yea, I know he loves Nebraska. Definitely in the top 5 or 6. He likes the tradition and coaching staff. Their DL-Line coach (John Parrella) has been to our house a lot. Spent some time with us at the school several times. He’s just a great guy.” Tillman said

“Penn State is the same thing as Nebraska. It’s unbelievable history of college football. So I really think he enjoyed back east.” Tillman said

“He loves Tennessee,” Tillman said. “Coach (Bob) Shoop the D-Coordinator is a good guy. Coach (Steve) Stripling the D-Line coach is phenomenal. Tennessee sure is in the top 3 or schools we are looking at.”

“He’s unbelievable explosive. He’s got great athletic ability for a defensive tackle, he’s got a great motor.”

Summer decision.

“We’re planning on making a choice before the senior year. So he can just concentrate on playing for the Mustang. I would imagine somewhere end of July first of August with a verbal commitment.” Tillman said

Coach Tillman said Notre Dame is out of the picture. Oregon is a great program that Reitmaier likes; the NIKE thing.


“He’s got 27 offers that I know of.” Says Billy Seals football coach at Huntington High School. “I know he’s got a ton. He’s on there with Nebraska, Michigan, Florida State, Miami, Florida, and Tennessee. Oregon, Oklahoma. Some big time programs in there.”

Coach Seals said Billy Ross has visited North Carolina, Virginia Tech and Virginia. Will visit the Florida schools in late May early June.

“I think he went to North Carolina’s spring game. I know he’s been to North Carolina a couple of times.”

“I think he enjoyed his time.” Seals explains Ross’ understanding at UNC. “That’s one of the schools that is in the running for his services. Just the setting there, a program that he feels is on the rise. I just think he enjoyed with Coach Larry Fedora and those guys when he was there. That’s pretty much what he told me with his comfort level.”

New coaching staff at Virginia Tech has Ross very interested.

“Well I think Coach Justin Fuente had a successful run. It’s real close here to Huntington, it’s only 2 ½ hours away. He feels like they will do a fine job at Tech. They have tradition as well at Virginia Tech.” Seals said

“Virginia to me is academics,” Said Seals. “They have been a tremendous reputation academically. With Coach Bronco Mendenhall getting there, a new staff, I think he bought excitement to Virginia football. The campus was very pretty and enjoyed his day there.”


“You know it would not surprise me at all.” Seals mentions if Ross will visit Nebraska down the road. “I know Coach (Mike) Cavanaugh will be visiting him in the near future, so I could see him visiting Nebraska and kind of fits his mind set and mobile football.”

“He’s a big athletic kid that can move really well. Has tremendous long arms which is a plus playing offensive tackle.” Seals said

“Nebraska is still Nebraska.”

“Well I think the big thing is Nebraska is still Nebraska. For a young kid like himself he doesn’t fully understand Nebraska – the Tom Osborne area. I think he kind of liked what is going on at Nebraska, and again I think he’s kind of having an open mind of all of this. Try to do his best to get every place that he wants to get too.” Seals said

“Yea, yea, we’ve had many discussions just about how they (Nebraska) use to be.” Seals said. “What the traditions are things like that. He’s kind of picking our brain of us older guys that’s been around for a little bit.”

“He’s still wide open, I mean he’s going to do his due diligence, visit pretty much every place he’s interested in.” Seals said

Old School lineman gets after it.

“Number one he’s 6-foot-5, 300 pounds and he can move. He does a nice job finishing his blocks. A lot of coaches that I talked to really like him how he finishes his blocks on people. To me he’s an old school offensive lineman. He’s one of the gritty, dirty (players). Dirty in a good way. Physical offensive lineman that’s tough to find more and more every year in high school football.” Seals said

Not in a hurry to commit; make sure it’s the right fit.

“He kicked around everything. He kind of wants to commit before the season starts, but I don’t know if he’s going to take his five officials. Make sure that’s where he wants to be. That decision is going to be his and his families – will support him where he decides.” Seals said

Model student athlete.

“He’s a tremendous kid. Never been on the field and off the field problem. He’s model student a 3.4 GPA taking all the classes. Character wise we’ve never had an issue out of him. Comes to work every single day. He has a good reputation among teachers, close teammates throughout the school.” Seals said


“I think he’s going to wait after the trip to you guys." Kings's coach Andy Olds replied what time frame Matt is going to trim his list. "He’s coming up this weekend for an unofficial. There is a brother Dan that is going out there with him too.”

Sichterman did his research on Nebraska.

“Matt is excited about Nebraska. I said ‘What do you know about Nebraska.’ He gets on line and shows me videos of the facilities. Matt is the kind of guy that gets on the internet and research stuff. He already knows statistically where he can just raddle off NFL draft picks, he can raddle off who’s on the coaching staff. He knows all that stuff.”

Early decision.

“He’s likely to be an early commit,” Olds said. “because the schools he is interested in has the means to visit these schools basically find out if he’s a good fit. It’s not so much if Matt is a good fit, but wants to know if he’s going to fit in."

“I got a gut feeling he will make his decision my mid-June. He will know most of the offers are and he doesn’t want that to be hanging over his head.”

Coach Olds said after the Nebraska visit Sichterman will visit Tennessee after that he will come out with a top 5.

“I think he will visit with Tennessee coming up and finish with those schools, after the Nebraska visit. I think that following Friday he will visit Tennessee, and after that he will make a list of schools that he is interested in.” Olds said

Its a process to tell coaches they are no longer in the running.

“At some point he has to tell people thank you and no thank you.” Olds said. “All of these schools are coming in and that would not be the first time they (colleges) would hear no. Matt is the kind of kid he doesn’t understand, because every time he gets a Tweet and get a text message, he feels like he has to reply."

“After being a high a high sought after kid….he’s nice enough to return every text. If some schools got the cold shoulder they would say ‘Hey he’s not responding to me, I guess we are going to out of the race.’”

“When Matt decides on his top 5 schools, he’s going to call every one of those schools and let them know. ‘Thanks for recruiting me and offering me a scholarship'. He’s going to do that. It seems like it’s going to be after the Tennessee visit."

Verbal commit will be final decision.

“After he has committed, and Matt told me when I make a commitment, that’s where it’s going to stay. Kids get pressured a lot.” Olds said. “Keep changing their minds, make difficult decisions. So, I’m confident who Matt makes an decision he will be ready to make that decision.

What does it take for the Husker’s to win out for Sichterman’s services.

“I think number one, I think he’s looking for a strong education in engineering.” Olds said. “That is one of the musts on his list. Not only does it have to be a great school of engineering, there has to be football players on the team that are engineers."

“So when they sit down, and interview Matt and get to know Matt. It could be Matt interviewing Nebraska. He wants to make sure there is engineers on that team. Not only freshman and sophomores, he wants to know if there is junior’s and senior’s on that team that are engineers, because you know the time you spend as a student athlete, sometimes football gets in the way of education and it’s pretty common.” Olds said

“If Nebraska can show themselves to make sure his type of schooling is something they can accommodate and not hold Matt back athletically or academically, I would say it would be a great fit.”

“He needs to fill all those good warm things that recruits would do. That’s his goal going out there this weekend. And he wants to stay on campus, he wants to be with other players. He wants to get to know kids. He wants to be around kids that are a lot like him. You know love football. Love to compete. Also interested in playing football at the highest level, get a great degree.” Olds said

“Matt wants to go to an institution great school in engineering, but more importantly wants to go to a school where football is real important. He just knows how important football is at Nebraska and the state of Nebraska. He just knows its history.” Olds said

NU coaches likes the upside of Sichterman’s abilities.

“Well I think they (Nebraska) likes his athletic ability. He finished his junior year at 6-4, 240-pounds and played basketball. The basketball team won the conference championship and he was First Team All-Conference player and gained 25 pounds in the process. So to gain 25 pounds during basketball and me a starter, and be an All-Conference player is pretty unheard of. Now he’s 6-4 ½ and 275-pounds.” Olds said

“Two years ago Matt thought he would be a tight end. His body mind was telling him, his body was telling him another. You just got to let yourself go – put on good weight. So he has 275-pounds of good weight and that’s a guy who can still run.” Old said

NU O-Line coach has ties within the King's program.

“Coach (Mike) Cavanaugh came out to see him work out. So that was great to watch Matt in the flesh what he can and how he moves. Cavanaugh actually has a connection with one of our offensive line coaches (Junior Ili) from way, way back.”

“Actually one of our coaches spent some time in Hawaii. Coach Cavanaugh is from Hawaii. Coach Cavanaugh actually knows some of his people in his family, so that’s a pretty cool connection.” Olds said

Siblings are all active in sports and have high academic grades.

“Matt is part of triplets with his brother Dan and sister Meghan. She is also a Division 1 swimmer recruit. With Meghan’s recruitment with Tennessee, the Vols started to recruit Matt. They didn’t know about him before and now Matt is in with conversations with Tennessee. Danny is also a football recruit his offers are from 3 Ivy League schools plus Davision.” Olds added

“All the kids (triplets) have a 27 Act or higher. Danny is a 27, Matt is a 30, and I don’t know what Megan’s is. I know she is above 27. Phenomenal, phenomenal student athletes.”


“Nebraska’s spring game is the only one I went to.” Says Isaiah Johnson. “It was wonderful. The fans came out there and showed us some love, and the atmosphere was great. The players get along with one another and the coaches are great.” Johnson said

“When I got there I was shocked.” Johnson comments with a turnout of more than 70,000 fans at the spring game. “I didn’t know it was going to be that big. The whole stadium was filled. The fans showed so much love, they asked for my autograph 30 minutes before the game. All of us (recruits) were amazed how many people came out. We just looked around with a smile.”

NU defensive line coach Parrella wants Johnson to wear a Husker uniform and it appears that will become reality.

“He (John Parrella) wants me pretty bad. Every time I talk to him I get good vibes from him. When I get talking to him I can’t be dead, he wants me to be happy.” Johnson said

“He (Parrella) likes how I use my hands, I’m always around the football. I’m trying to get other things that I can improve on. Have him help me with my explosiveness to get to the ball. Make plays and fit right in.” Johnson said

Commitment date.

“I’m going to talk to my mom about it and coach Parrella will receive a call and tell him sometime in September.” Johnson said


Lichtenstein is a highly motivated athlete with a huge upside. This kid weighs 247 pounds and runs a 4.7 forty. Room to grow to play inside. Academic minded and distance is not a factor. Knows what he wants picking a college. Over 23 offers.

Been to a few places already.

“I went to Kentucky and Georgia Tech.” Lichtenstein said. “I went to Kentucky’s spring game and went to Georgia Tech in January. I went to Duke last year.”

Academics is a big thing for the All-Star defensive end.

“I liked it (Duke) a lot. I loved the facilities, I loved the coaches. Hoping to get offered this spring. I’ve been talking with them for a while. I think it’s a great fit for me. I love the academics along with Cal – Berkeley. I like Cal a lot.” Lichtenstein said

West Coast visit coming up soon.

“I plan on going around June 10th”. Says Lichtenstein of his future visit to Cal. “I love California. It’s a great place. It’s the number one public school for academics. They have players over there sent to the next level. I have some real close family that lives up there, but that’s about it, in Northern California.”

Kentucky at it again. Players like this program and Lichtenstein taking a serious look.

“I loved it!” Lichtenstein comments about the Kentucky spring game. “They played really well. I was at a practice – I watched them. I watched the whole practice, I really liked the way their practices run. I love the coaches too. They said I definitely have the opportunity to play early. Coach (Jimmy) Brumbaugh the D-Line coach, one of my favorite coaches for sure.”

Yellow Jackets grads successful.

“I went up there (Georgia Tech) on a random visit. Georgia Tech is in Atlanta. Atlanta is a really nice city. I really like the coaching staff; their facilities are nice. I read some crazy statistics one out of six Georgia Tech graduates are millionaires. They have some pretty impressive stuff going on over there. The campus is beautiful.”

How about the Huskers?

“Definitely!” When asked if Nebraska is still in the running. “They are in my top five pretty much; Pittsburgh, Nebraska, Cal, Kentucky and Georgia Tech. If Duke offers I’ll have to really think it over.”

“They (Nebraska) have some crazy traditions going on over there. They sold out every home game over 50 years.” Lichtenstein said

“The D-Line coach (John Parrella) has been in the NFL for 12 years. I talk to him all the time. He said I’m considered a ‘must’ not just a normal D-Line (prospect). I’m a must get. Coach (Mike) Riley DM’s me on Twitter.” Lichtenstein said

“He’s (Parrella) been there and done that, if there is a role model he can be that. He’s done it all, he knows about everything. He played at Nebraska. He’s was a walk on, incredible.”

Wants to visit NU but his spot might be taken.

“The only think is, they are only taking one D-Lineman (DE) this year. The first one commits gets it. They offered like six DE’s and they are only taking one. I want to be to go up there (Nebraska) and see it, but if I go and see it someone might commit.”

Family ties to Pittsburgh.

“I liked them (Pittsburgh) a lot too.” He says. “I got family up there, I have cousins there. When I was young I stayed at my cousin’s house some time ago. Two weeks at a time. So I know the city, and I like the environment up there.”

“I’ll be a monster.”

“I think I have the ability to gain quality weight, put in good weight. Right now I’m about 247. Like Kentucky was telling me I can be 305 by my sophomore year in college. I’ll be a monster. They love my length and my explosion, and my first step and how I use my hands.” Lichtenstein said

Rare talent has options on the field.

“A lot of coaches think I can play both (defensive end and tackle). A lot of coaches want me to stay lean and play a little outsider linebacker. Be more of an athletic Defensive end. I just ran a 4.6 – forty and I’m the 4th fastest on the team.”

“A lot of coaches were telling me about playing like in a 4-3 as a defensive end, but Kentucky wants me to play 3-4 DE.” He said


A big, powerful back with offers from all major Florida schools in addition to Nebraska, Louisville, Virginia, Georgia Southern Mississippi State and others.

Peacock and Nebraska have a strong bond; will visit this summer.

“I plan on visiting (Nebraska) this summer down to a camp. Talk with the coaches and stuff. Build a bond and relationship with them. They’ve on my top 5 so I plan on talking with the coaches when I get there. Love their running style. Nebraska has established its dominance in running” Peacock said

“Actually I do almost every day,” When asked how often Nebraska keeps in contact. “Sometimes 2 or 3 times a day; Twitter, letters in the mail, talk (phone) to the coaches stuff like that.”

“I hear from the position coach (Reggie Davis), the head coach (Mike Riley) and other coaches on staff. Me and Coach Riley talk almost every day. He just said he can’t wait for me to get there, stuff like that.” Peacock said

Husker position coach Davis recruiting Peacock hard.

“Oh yea he’s (Davis) a nice funny guy. I can relate to him a little bit and he’s always somebody who can give me advice. He’s a big guy on tradition. He told me come to Nebraska and become a Heisman Trophy winner.” Peacock said

Nebraska is in Peacock’s top 5 along with; Louisville, Virginia, Florida State and Georgia Southern.

Louisville RB coach recruited Peacock early and often.

“Me and the running backs coach (Kolby Smith) really, really have a tight bond. He’s been recruiting me since my freshman year. He knowns actually what I what to do when I grow up and stuff. It would be like following his footsteps. I want to graduate, go to the league a little bit.” Peacock said

“I visited up there (Louisville) before spring. It was a 10 for me. I’m going to think about it (commitment).” Peacock added.


“I like Coach (Tim) Brewster and (Jay) Graham a lot. He’s (Graham) been recruiting me hard on and off. It’s close to home and I like it and they’re dominate in the ACC. Coach Graham definitely said I will get my chance to work up the ladder. I know he does not mean I will play right away; they have a lot of backs down there.” Peacock said

“Man all the coaches love me down there,” Peacock commented about the Virginia Cavaliers staff. “They show me a lot of love and they mean it. Some of the other guys they are recruiting, I’m the number one guy they are recruiting first (RB). I’m in their top five of the 2017 board. Stuff like that is really special.”

Georgia Southern has ties within the high school staff.

“I mean they led the NCAA in rushing and I’m a running back so, when you do stuff like that it really pops out. I visited them about 3 or 4 times the campus is really nice. Actually my high school defensive coordinator coached at Georgia Southern.” Peacock said

“I’m committing December 1 and I plan on taking all my 5 official visits. Of course (Nebraska) I already planned that.” Peacock said

“Peacock describes himself as a downhill runner, cut backs and makes it to the hole. Just does his job with very good fundamentals with first step.


“A fullback.” Miles stated what position he will play in college. “They (Nebr.) like my versatility when I catch the ball and my blocking. They say I’m similar To Andy Janovich. The ability to line up in different areas in situations with multiple personal groups – stuff like that.”

Husker spring game.

“I was impressed by the spring game. Both teams performed well, the fan crowd was crazy for a spring game. It was kind of like loud in the stadium. I will visit Nebraska in the fall for an official.” Miles said

“I love LSU because it’s where I grew up watching, but I going to do what’s best for me.” Miles said

“This summer I’ll probably take some visits in camp, but I don’t know which ones yet. I went to Boston College before I went to Nebraska. I liked the Coaching staff at Boston College; the schemes, the city, the school is awesome.” Miles said

“All three schools (including Navy) I visited fit schematically for me. I thought every school was tremendously prestigious.” Miles said

“A long time,” when asked for a commitment. “A long time a ways from now. Way after the season.”


“I think he is trying to visit schools between his track meets.” Says Terrance Banks head coach at Newton High of his standout player Jeremiah Holloman. “He hasn’t narrowed it down where he wants to see this summer, but there are certain schools that are sticking out right now.”

“He’s high on Tennessee, Georgia, Auburn, Nebraska and Oregon. I think those are kind of the ones that are sticking out that he likes. I think he will visit them himself by the end of the summer except Oregon and then he will narrow it down. ” Banks said

“If everything goes right he will probably make a decision during the season, because if all possible he would like to graduate early. That something he is looking towards.” Banks said

Nebraska academics has Holloman high on their list.

“I think the fact it’s a big time school that plays football.” Coach Banks explains Holloman’s interest in Nebraska. “That has a lot of history of producing guys in the NFL. It’s somewhere kids go to school and graduate. The type of offense where he things he can be a playmaker.”

“Those three things stick out a lot of ways he’s looking for. Be able to graduate, be able to make it to the next level, be an integral part of the offense.” Banks adds more about Nebraska chances.

NU wide out coach has made an impression.

“He is still building relationships with the (Nebraska) coaches. He thinks high of things what Coach Keith Williams has done the first year at the receivers and that kind of sticks out to him too.”

Tennessee has players on their roster that Holloman has competed with on the field. It’s a good fitting for him.

“I think closer to home (Tennessee). We have some kids from the area that play at Tennessee. They are people you grew up playing with and playing against. So being able to watch them play a lot and building Tennessee back to where it was. For him he sees a fit.” Banks said

New coach at Georgia has Holloman thinking about staying home. Kirby Smart has been recruiting him since the days at ‘Bama.

“Of course you know for the most part kids growing up in Georgia get a chance to play at home is something being playing in the home state. I thinks a lot of that too has to do with Coach Kirby Smart.” Banks said

“Coach Smart started to build a legacy with him back when he was at ‘Bama. The chance to play with Coach Smart is somebody he was building a relationship with before he got the job, that’s a plus too.” Banks said

Cam Newton’s 7 on 7, close to home school has Auburn up there with the best.

“He’s been to Auburn.” Banks said. “The same thing with Auburn….the big thing with Auburn he plays 7 on 7 on the Cam Newton Travel Team. So obviously the Auburn connection being there and seeing that the receivers at Auburn get a lot of one on one match ups. Same offense we run, that’s something he does well.” Banks said

“He is a complete receiver. Something he is already proficient at which is blocking. He has a chance to go to Auburn – close to home. The fact they throw a lot to their receivers and the league he has with Cam Newton.” Banks said

Ducks offense.

“No I don’t think distance is an issue for him and his family,” When asked if Oregon would be too far away to play college ball. “Oregon, what Oregon does on offense people try to down play, but it’s an exciting style of offense. They play what we run.” Banks said

“A chance to play fast get a lot of balls in your hands. Be a game changer for a team that has not won a National Championship. To get a kid over the next hump would be something he wanted to be a part of.” Banks said

What shows up on film is what coaches really like. Just a complete player.

“His best attributes is he’s very athletic. I think he is deceptively fast. People don’t realize how fast he is once gets the ball in his hands. I think he is a great guy on the field. His leaping ability the ball is in the air. He (defender) would have a hard time coming down with the ball over him.” Banks said

“I think one thing he does extremely well people don’t realize how he can block. If you watch his highlight tape you see about two minutes of him putting DS’s on their back. And for a high school kid that has that tenacity for blocking for his age, you don’t see often.” Banks said

Track Star.

“He was a state champion in the triple jump. He finished in the top 4 in the long jump and the high jump. He’s an explosive athlete. Our track team has a serious chance to win a state championship.” Banks said

“He’s a team player all around. He loves the teammates as much as he loves being successful for himself.” Banks said

School work.

“He’s a 3.25 GPA kid, made a 20 on the ACT as a sophomore. We are talking about a kid that is very smart. So, if he’s able to take care some of the classes this summer, he would definitely love to get to school early. So he’s working towards it right now.” Banks said


“It was just awesome just from everything about it; the campus, the academics side of it, the life skills that they have and of course the spring game. It was just like a real game. Like a college football atmosphere – 73,000 people that’s pretty impressive.” Jaimes said

“Me and my dad drove up about 11 or 12 hours. We stayed there until Sunday night then we drove to Omaha and spent the night over there. And then from Omaha flew back Monday morning.” Jaimes said

Brenden and his dad knew Nebraska was the place, then committed on the trip at the right moment.

“We talked a little bit about it (committing). What I was going to do if I was going to commit, is when I was going to do it. As soon as we saw the tour and stuff, I saw the facilities, saw everything about it that’s when I knew. It was a place where I wanted to get my education and play football for them.” Jaimes said

City of Lincoln was a factor similar to Austin.

“I think we both agreed it kind of reminded us of a smaller Austin that was pretty cool. Soon as we got there it felt like home.” Jaimes said

Nebraska O-Line Coach Mike Cavanaugh was thrilled with the good news.

“After the spring game we went into his office and we talked a little bit, that’s when I made the decision and you know he was pumped, he was excited. He was pumped, he was excited. He said it to the whole building and all the coaches were excited. It was good, it was fun.” Jaimes said

“After I committed me Coach Riley, my dad, Coach Cavanaugh had a meeting. We just talked about the future there. He congratulated me. It was good.”

It was like family.

“Every coach that walked by just said ‘Look at our new member of the family’, and I thought that was pretty cool. It showed me how much they care about the players. Just how much it’s family over there.” Jaimes said

Went home with Husker gear.

“Yea, I bought a couple of shirts, a couple of hats same with my dad and I. Bought some stuff for my family, not too much stuff were kind of on a budget over there.” Jaimes said


“It was great out there!” Thomas said of his visit to Nebraska for the spring game. “It was great in Nebraska. Actually I liked it all but my highlight was with John Parrella (NU defensive tackle coach.

Spring game experience.

“The game was crazy, it was crazy, 70,000 people. Jets flying over the stadium. Oh yea the scrimmage. It was crazy.” Thomas said

Coach Parrella has Thomas very interested.

“He’s full of energy, he’s just a great guy. He talked about football and also life after football; just everything. He said I’m big, have size, strong, I’m explosive. He was telling me that I’m a student of the game. I can understand blocking schemes, how I get off the ball. ” Thomas said

Upcoming trips.

“I’m going to take a few just to compare a little more. For sure I’m going to Arkansas and will visit a couple more places. I kind of want to check it out. I like the coaches at Michigan, great place to be. I like the weather, the town and also crazy with the fans. Pretty much the same thing.” Thomas said


“Yes I did.” Bell replied if he attended the Nebraska spring game last weekend. “I liked it a lot especially the fans how welcoming they were to me. The coaches were welcome also. And then the experience I had up there was just phenomenal.”

Husker fans support their team even for a massive turn out for the spring game.

“Oh yea I was very surprised 72,000 came out. When I see the crowd and everything it was just amazing. I came out with my dad he liked it also. He was shocked about how many people came out, just the fans and everything, and all the hype behind it and everything.” Bell said

“Coach (Keith) Williams he’s real funny, real funny and cool. I like him a lot, I like him a lot. Me and him have a good connection and bond. We talk about every other day. We just have regular conversations, just to see how I’m doing and kind of joke around.” Bell said

“I like the program (Nebr.) overall, but I like how they can switch up their type of schemes. Switch it up with the receivers all the time. They like my speed and route running things like that. My ability to get away from defenders and break tackles.” Bell said

Next up.

“I’m visiting Iowa this weekend to check out the facilities and the spring game, and then I’m planning on visiting Arizona and Michigan.”

“I really like their (Iowa) program,” Bell said. “but I really haven’t been up there. I’ve been talking with the coaches a lot too. So they are an attractive staff. The education program I really like. When I go up there I’m definitely looking into the education. That’s how I’ll know if I will like it or not. And then I will start looking into it more.”

“Michigan, it’s the Big House and (Jim) Harbaugh stuff like that. I just want to go up there and check out the environment. They have been keeping in touch too. I just want to see where I fit in the most.” Bell said

Arizona Wildcats came in late and could be a factor.

“Arizona is close to home for me. Its a couple hours away. I recently got an offer from them. The coaching staff have been in touch with me. That’s another big factor. I just want to go and see the atmosphere, put a name to the face with the coaches.” Bell said


“First education is the first thing. Where I fit in to the offense where I actually feel comfortable being there and things like that. Me being a factor into the program.” Bell said


Jaimes is the sixth know commitment for the Nebraska 2017 class. Aggressive player, nasty and fits the Nebraska mold what they expect in a lineman. Lake Travis head Coach Hank Carter shares the following the following to

How it came down.

“I know when he text me, felt like what he saw and heard things that he wanted to hear.” Carter said. “Obviously he know about the tradition at Nebraska especially for offensive linemen, but when he and his parents went there to visit they felt like it was the right decision. It felt like they may pull the trigger.”

“I think obviously they like (Nebraska) his size, his length on video. He’s a very aggressive kid, he’s nasty and gets after it. So that’s what everybody offered him liked.” Still growing might play tackle.

“Honestly I’m really not sure.” When asked what position Jaimes might play on the offensive line. “A tackle is the most difficult thing to find. I would imagine they would love him to be a tackle. He’s got a lot of growing left to do. I’m sure they are going to wait and see. Get him on campus see what the best fit is.” Carter said

It took everybody by surprise with the Nebraska commit; Cal. Berkeley was another possible choice.

“To be honest with you we were a little bit surprised that he committed on the weekend. He had a couple other trips he and his parent’s considered. And so obviously he felt something from there he was blown away, and felt like that it was going to be the right fit for him. He was going to look at Cal. University of California – Berkeley.” Carter said

“I think the academics. The fact we had a player that signed with them this past year." When asked what Cal. Berkeley had to offer. "I think it’s a pretty good program as well. They wanted him to take a look at it.”

Solid with Nebraska?

“Our guys understand if you make a commitment pretty much means you’re done looking. If they start looking again their commitment….the schools will start looking again.” Carter said

Did some traveling with in state schools.

“He’s been to several junior days. UT, A&M, Baylor, SMU and Texas Tech. Texas Tech has offered him, UT hasn’t, A&M hasn’t. I don’t think Baylor has either.” Carter said

“He’s a great kid. You know he plays multiple sports. He’s involved in track, throw the shot put, also played lacrosse growing up. He just quit playing lacrosse this year. He’s a fun loving kid, he has a great attitude and I’m excited for him that he’s made his choice.” Carter said


Allen committed to Nebraska last week and is considered the top prospect in the state. Distance was a factor becoming a Husker.

“You know I think location was important to him.” Said Aurora football Coach Kyle Peterson. “When it came right down to it the ability for his parents be able to watch him play on a weekly basis. Being a part (locality) with him was important with him, so location is big.”

“Honestly he had a lot of classmates that were probably fans as well. People can come down and watch him play. It will help those who are traveling and his family. It was a good fit in that regard.” Peterson said

Tight end was a need at Nebraska and Allen has an opportunity to play after possible redshirt year.

“You know Nebraska doesn’t have a lot of depth right now on that roster at the tight end position. Make an opportunity to find a niche or role with the program in the Nebraska future. So, all of those combined played right in making the decision.” Peterson added

Allen is unusually tall for a tight end, but Nebraska likes his abilities and mismatches.

“He’s every bit of 6-foot-8. He’s bare foot at 6-foot-8. He’s put on 15 pounds since football got over. He’s somewhere between 228 and 232 pounds given the day. In college he plans to play between 245 to 250 pounds” Peterson said

“You know I think he does present a one on one match up for a lot of people. What they like about him is his ability to get open. He’s been playing competitive basketball for a long time. He’s been applying his basketball skills to get open between linebackers; find holes. Know defenses really good.” Peterson said

“What may separate his talents from a lot other tight ends is just his ball skills. His ability to get open and catch the ball when he gets it.” Peterson said

“You know Coach (Tavita) Thompson was kind of the primary recruiter there and I think they were in contact the past several weeks. And I know he’s been on the phone a couple of times with Coach (Mike) Riley.” Peterson said

“Big Hug”

“I’ve never had a chance to talk to coach Riley,” Peterson said. “I’ve talked to a lot of other coaches on the staff. The only thing I asked Austin was how Riley responded (when committed). He said ‘He just gave him a big hug.’

"He got a big smile and he said ‘Give me a hug.’ That was kind of unique interaction there and I think Coach Riley with the commitment.”

Other offers may have been on the horizon.

“You know Iowa and Iowa State both have been on board for a long time. He received some very serious interest from UCLA here the last couple of weeks. There was probably an intended offer from them before he committed. And I guess Florida Central, Scott Frost down there, they have offered him a scholarship as well.” Peterson said

“He was getting lots of interest from all the major conferences where they have inviting him to camps and stuff like that this summer.” Peterson said

“If he kind of delayed this (commitment) out a little bit he would have gotten more offers. He was ready to get this decision over with and kind of move on with his summer. Kind of get that weight off his shoulders. He was on the phone every night with somebody.” Peterson said


"The last couple weeks he's been to Florida, Kentucky and Louisville." Said Gray's coach Todd Wofford

"It was actually his first trip down there." Coach Wofford explains Gray's visit to Univ. of Florida. "He liked the staff, he liked the facilities, he loved the weather too. How they made him a priority wise. Florida (Athens) is about 4 hours away it's not that bad."

"Florida likes his athleticism for his size and they love his wing span. He's got taller and bigger. He's 295-pounds, they like his upside."

Kentucky coaches impress Gray and teammates.

"He's been to Kentucky a couple of times and liked it. He likes the whole staff and everybody treated him well. He took a couple of teammates up there treated them like they are already on the team. Talk to them a lot. He's just gets a good vibe every time he's at Kentucky." Wofford said

Coach Wofford said Kentucky would like to get Gray up there early as possible. Get a chance to play early and learn the playbook. Gray has been to Louisville just that one time, watched a practice and likes Coach Bobby Petrino and his staff also the O-Line coach Chris Klenakis.

"Yea, yea he's been up there with the new staff and everything." Wofford comments about Gray's recent visits to Georgia. "He likes Coach Sam Pittman the O-Line coach. He talks to Tiffin a lot, he's been to you school a lot. He's got a good relationship with Coach Kirby Smart and Coach Sam Pittman."

Tech offered.

"Yea, actually two week ago Georgia Tech offered him. The thing Georgia Tech has is Ted Roof the defensive coordinator, actually graduated from Central Gwinnett. He's an alumn. Have of a lot inside coaching being from the same high school." Wofford said

Gray is a type of player that most teams look for.

"He's a good kid. He's driven to get better. He likes competing against the top guys. He's naturally strong." Wofford said


Sean has offers from some Power 5 schools; Arizona, Illinois, Maryland. And a few others from smaller universities.

Because of busy schedule and spring break Nelson will visit some schools this summer.

“No. Not yet.” When asked Willie Cannon if Nelson has made it out this spring on unofficials. “The majority of places that’s he going to visit most likely be over the summer. A lot of schools that offered him wanted to come up last weekend so, we were on spring break. He may go to Tennessee this week but I’m not sure.”

Auburn no offer, but interested.

“He was think about going down to Auburn,” says the coach. “Even though he doesn’t have an offer now, but they wanted him to come down and check him out; but he’s not sure if he will be able to do it. Auburn and Alabama wanted him wanted him to come down last weekend for a scrimmage.”

“Likes the weather.”

“You know to be honest it (Arizona) is a place he could see himself playing. So he did like it. For one he likes the weather, and he also likes the offense. The way they utilize the field as a spread offense.” Cannon said

“I know about Maryland,” Coach Cannon explains what Nelson likes about the Turps. “It was the first one (offer) he really got excited which made him excited. He likes Maryland a lot. A lot of family is up from New York, the New York area. So, it would be closer than Arizona.”

“A lot of his dad’s side of the family side of the family lives up in New York; would be closer with them. So that’s kind of intriguing to him.” Cannon said

Doing homework which schools are top of his list.

“He’s doing a lot of research on all the schools, which he needs to do to make sure where he wants to go. We haven’t had a chance to sit down and gone over everything. Right now I told him I need him to narrow somethings down so we can discuss what each one has to offer than others. That’s what he is working on right now.” Cannon said


“Army, Navy and Air Force right now.” Chapel Hill football coach Justin Deshon announces the three offers Walker has up to now. “I think he will have others jump on in the spring when we highlight him in different positions beside QB.”

“I think he will see the process out. I think he will be a late offer guy. Even at the end of the spring that’s still kind of late for some folks. Now that’s how recruiting works.” Deshon said

Power 5 schools like Walker on both sides of the ball. Chapel Hill will try Walker at different spots this spring to see how things go.

“Right now the academy schools like him as a triple option guy. Your bigger (Power 5 schools) right now figure him at receiver or defensive back. We are going to play him both ways.” Deshon said

“We play him some times at wide receiver in different packages. We will showcase him there in the spring for his benefit. We’ll definitely play him on defense. He will play him a little at corner and safety. He’s never played defense before.” Deshon said

“We’ve have been training him in the off season, so we’ll just see where he fits the best. If I had to guess right now I would bet corner.” Deshon added

Perfect fit as a Triple Option quarterback.

“Because of his athletic ability, how fast he is, his agility movement, just his overall size and arm strength; right now he is a big time division one quarterback. He can definitely run the triple at the academies’. Deshon said

“He’s got great speed, he has agility, he throws the ball well. He’s just 6-foot-1. He fits their type of guys they had and be able to do that. His GPA is a 3.8, a very smart kid, high character kid. So, he’s a great fit for us.” Deshon said

Former Navy QB family member has Walker considering the academies.

“I think he would be more than prepared to do that.” When asked if Walker would be OK playing with one of the academies. “Ricky Dobbs who was the great Navy QB is a family member of his. He was here in Douglasville where his school is located. Went to our rival high school. So, he has a family connection there.”

“I think at the end of the day knowing what that education means, he definitely would do it. I think his door is wide open. Stuff is beginning to happen for him. He’s going to see how it’s going to play out.” Deshon said

Others showing interest.

“We had most people from Conference USA, Sunbelt, a couple out of the ACC. Your Duke’s, North Carolina, North Carolina State. And then your division one’s around here; Georgia Southern, Middle Tennessee, Western Kentucky, all those folks. They are highly interested in him.” Deshon said

“He’s been all over the place taking unofficials.” Deshon said. “I think this year in April he’s been to the East Coast looking at a lot of schools in the ACC and all the way up in Pennsylvania some of those folks. He was up in Tennessee about a week ago. He’s been taking unofficials like crazy.”

“Oh. High, high character, 3.8 GPA.” When asked the plusses off the field. “When you have a high GPA like that those are your best kids – a team leader. Tremendous kid. Always willing to learn. I wish I had a lot more of young’s. He’s a great guy.” Deshon said


“Yes sir, Penn State and Nebraska.” Concord head Coach Greg Mitchell replies who Roberts’ top schools are right now. “I think he’s going to have a decision to make with the two. He likes them both."

Some other schools that offered were; Clemson, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Miami, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Maryland and West Virginia.

No stranger to Penn State campus. Great fit; chance to play early.

“He likes the coaching staff (PSU), it’s close to home, closer to home I would say. Yea I think he connected with the staff a little bit. He’s been there a couple of times and I believe he’s going back up there next weekend for the spring game as well.” Mitchell said

“I think he likes the opportunity to play early. I think he is connected with the linebackers coach (Brent) Pry a little bit.” Mitchell said

“You know we’ve had a kid from this school that is going there (PSU), we’ve had kids from the area that have players there too. That kind of appeals to him a little bit.” Mitchell said

PSU coaches likes his talents.

“Penn State thinks he’s physical, he’s got good speed, and he’s a tough kid. He’s a three year starter, he’s just a good player. Size wise I think he’s what they want. Same thing pretty much anybody else wants.” Mitchell said


“You know he went up there and visited last spring,” Coach Mitchell says about Roberts’ trip to Nebraska. “I think he enjoyed it. He went out there for the spring game last year. They show a lot of attention and he is connected with Coach (Trent) Bray pretty well. I just think he likes the atmosphere. Once again an opportunity to maybe play early there.” Mitchel said

“Pretty much said the same thing.” Coach Mitchell explains what NU coach Bray had to say about his outstanding linebacker. “He likes the way he plays, he plays down. He’s got good speed, good feet, and plays hard. Physically he’s just a good prospect.”

Roberts went to Rutgers and Maryland junior days and has been to Penn State earlier this spring.

“He’s going to make one (commit) in April towards the end of the month. I think he wants to concentrate on this senior year. He’s had a lot of stuff happen in the past two years or so. Feel really good about what he wants to do. I think he just doesn’t want that kind of stuff to happen as a senior.” Mitchell said


Cyrus has offers from Columbia, Eastern Washington, Hawaii, UNLV, Washington State and Wyoming according his head Coach Greg Calagno.

Liko liked his junior day visit to Cal Berkeley; would consider Huskers’ if interested.

“He went to a junior day at California-Berkeley. He liked it, he liked it. It’s pretty close to home and it’s a good academic school, but he is looking to keep all of his options open. Obviously if Nebraska came in the mix, it would be something he would take a look at.” Calagno said

“I think more and more schools are getting on him pretty quick and he’s pretty sharp in the class room. He’s a good character kid. He’s just getting bigger and stronger.” Calagno said Power runner.

“He’s a running back for us. He’s an inside and outside guy. For us we run a lot of I-Formation and power, so he runs between the tackles pretty well, but he can run outside.” Calagno said

“We spread him out in a spread set. If we have to he’s one of our slot guys and he catches it very well. Good speed, good explosiveness. Not only he’s quick but fast. He rushed for 1,500 yards and split with another running back. He averaged over 6 yards a carry, run a couple kicks back.” Calagno stated

Coach Calagno was asked what Cyrus likes about the Washington schools and others outside the PAC 12 conference.

“The competition. Out here in California it’s a pretty big conference for us. If he wants to say in California and play against the best schools. Football wise those are the best schools, but he is also looking at Utah, BYU, so that’s another area he likes.” Calagno replied

Looking for the perfect fit.

“For me as his coach, I’m trying to keep all of his options open and hopefully finds the best schools for him. Not necessary the best football team. Football is a bonus. School where he is an old man – have to take care of his family. Getting a degree it will continue to pay off year over year.” Calagno said


Poole has offers from most schools coast to coast. Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Florida State, California, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oregon, Pittsburgh and others.

And then there was two.

“He said Florida and Georgia are the front runners,” says Haperville Charter head Coach Winston Gordon. “I thought he was going to get it done (commit) but, I guess he will make a decision sometime in the spring. He said he wanted to commit and get it off his back before the season starts.”

Elite Talent and another one coming.

“He’s a lock down corner, island corner. We bump and run, so that’s what we teach the principals of our defense. Both of the corners have to be aggressive. We have another younger talent Chris Smith, another 4 star kid that’s highly recruited as well, but he’s just a sophomore. Both of those guys are big time guys.” Winston said

“He just went down there (Florida). With the new hiring and graduation rate that was some interest in him. He likes Florida to make a comment that they are one of the front runners.” Winston said

Bulldogs might be in the driver’s seat. Poole’s family are big Georgia fans and likes the new coaching staff.

“I think he has been always growing up being a Georgia fan, both mom and dad are Georgia fans and with the addition of Kirby Smart is one of those things that's a natural attraction to him.” Winston stated

“They (Georgia) like his size, length, just the way he gets after people. People don’t throw at him a lot. People are intimidated kind of makes things easy putting Chris Smith on the other side.” Winston said

Head West my friend.

“He went to a day after Georgia’s junior day, and a week later he went down to Florida. They were on unofficial days. It was him and a couple other guys. He’s been invited to the NIKE Opening in Oregon.” Winston said

“He’s a great kid, he will be the team captain this year along with Chris Smith. Both of these kids been in our program since 8th grade, and home grown talent. They are just hard workers.” Winston said

“Nothing was giving to him (Poole) he started as a freshman. He’s not one of these vocal kids, but he goes out there and puts in the work and never complains. Shows up for all season conditioning, and does everything in the class room. If you look for a kid to build your program around he’s that kid.” Winston said


Scott Mc Leod the father of Chance Mc Leod summarizes his sons’ recruitment. Chance has a couple offers right now from Kansas and Texas – San Antonio. It’s likely more offers will come later this spring and summer.

Chance plays baseball and has a conflict with some spring games. The family will visit more schools later in spring and summer.

“We’ve been to several junior days; Texas, Houston, Rice, UTSA and then he’s been invited to a bunch more but we haven’t been able to make it because he plays baseball. We’re trying to get to some more schools that invited us up in the spring or early summer that’s not close to me; Oklahoma State and Tulsa.” Mc Leod stated

Longhorn fan, hoping for an offer.

“Chance just liked the environment there (UT of Austin), especially discipline expectations, academic expectations, and they are very forward and very honest. That’s kind of refreshing. He grew up a Longhorn fan.” Mc Leod said

“They are going to evaluate him, they are a little slower.” Mc Leod explains UT’s recruiting process. “They are thorough on evaluations. I think they will evaluate more kids throughout the summer and the fall. They got one tight end that’s committed but I think they would like to sign two in this class. We’re going over there for a practice in a couple of weeks.”

“Yes,” Mc Leod responded if his family has been to any Longhorn games. “We’ve been to several the last couple of year as a recruit. He’s been kind of on the radar for a while. I think he will be to a lot of schools that messaged him. Some are coming down this spring to look at him.”

Houston Cougars.

“Chance liked the excitement and the enthusiasm of Coach Tom Herman got going overall. It’s a real exciting program. We are trying to make a practice there as well. Texas and Houston have spring games the same day when Chance has a big district baseball game, so we’ll not make the spring games. That’s why we are trying to make a practice at Texas and Houston.” Mc Leod said

Rice academics are right up there with the best.

“Just the academics of Rice and the Coach David Bailiff. All three of these schools coaching staffs are very transparent. There is not a lot of hype, just very forward, and of course the academics at Rice is off the charts.” Mc Leod said

“They (Kansas) like his athleticism as a tight end, catching abilities. We are going to do everything we can to get up there as well. It’s just finding the time to get up there. Coach David Beaty the head coach has been recruiting Chance himself. That’s who has been messaging him.”

Kansas coaches likes his versatility to play a several positions.

“Same thing, they (KU) like the ability to do so many things on the field. They use him in the slot and then use him as an H-Back and use him as a tight end. I think Kansas wants to use him as an 11 or 12 man. UTSA the new coach, I think they want to use him a lot 11 or 12 personal. Have one or two tight ends on the field often. They like how he pass catches as a tight end, and like him as a person.” Mc Leod said

“All three are equal.” Mr. Mc Leod replied if distance is a factor. “We are within 2 hours from each one of these schools we are 2 hours from Houston, we are 2 hours from San Antonio, and we are 2 hours away from Austin. It’s easy to get to all three of these schools. That’s why it’s been so easy to get up there for us. We go to Texas (Austin) a lot.”

Chance comes from a smaller school and area where recruiters want to see him in person. Check him out to see his skill set.

“Schools want to see him. Every school we dealt with want to see the kid unless you’re at a big time high school program. Where we are in Texas were not heavily recruited. So were not in Houston, Dallas, and Austin Metroplex.

"We don’t have college coaches coming all the time. These schools have to see him, be sure his measurables match up the skill. And several coaches said will come by this spring, so I know we’ll have 2 or 3 more offers by the time it’s done.” Mc Leod said

Returning schools this spring, and a bunch.

“Houston for sure is coming back in the spring. Tulsa I think will try to get down here in the spring, Indiana. We will go to Oklahoma State camp in San Antonio. I don’t know if they will get down here or not. Rice will be through here in the spring. Texas will be here through the spring. I’m sure there is others I’m missing. Louisiana – Monroe.” Mc Leod said

SOLOMON MC DUFFIE, from Stockbridge (Woodland), Georgia sent me the following.

Solomon is a 2016 Class prospect and is looking for some colleges to take a look at him. He’s 6'6 215lb ATH.

Has interest from Weber State, Louisville, Fresno State, Texas A&M Commerce. Raw 1 year experience player.

Very Quick feet, extreme leaping ability, 46' vertical, 4.3 40 time, great lateral movement. Low GPA takes a toll on recruiting process but he does have offers from a few Jucos.

Please contact the school if any college recruiter is interested in Mc Duffie’s talents.


Ian Thomas the head coach at St. Vincent Pallotti’s comments on Sullivan-Brown’s recruitment. Cameron has offers from; Boston College, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina State, Northwestern, Syracuse, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin and others.

Coach wants him to take his time trimming the list of schools and commitment.

“I believe it’s down to 22 (offers).” Thomas said. “I think he is getting closer to narrow it down, he’s just taking it all in. I like guys making sure that they can make a top 7. I don’t want them to look too far away and lose focus. This is the time to narrow it down and possible commit somewhere.”

“Not quite sure yet.” When asked some of his top 7 school. “Obviously it’s his decision where he wants to go and where he wants to choose. I know the schools he really likes right now and some school’s that like him as well.”

A few to mention high on his list.

“I know he likes Maryland,” Thomas said. “I know he likes Duke a lot, he likes Northwestern. There is a lot of schools that like him. I think he likes North Carolina State.”

“He likes Maryland because it’s the home state, also the new coaches that are there. He really likes the coaches particularly coach Aazaar Abdul-Rahim. He also likes (D J) Durkin. They are showing a lot of love and welcome him every time they see him. He just lives down the street, see the campus more, and the coaches a little bit more. That’s definitely an advantage for him.” Thomas said

Terp coaches like everything about Sullivan-Brown. He can play both ways. Just a great player.

“They (Maryland) love his abilities as a wide receiver. They really don’t know what position they want him to come in. Leaning towards defensive back. As a receiver they also love him there too; how dynamic his game is. The ball skills. They like his speed and how he covers ground. Just his technique and foot work. Me being his high school coach it’s hard to say which one he’s better.”

“He really likes Duke,” Thomas said. “He loves Duke. The academic part of it is a plus for Duke. His mom likes Duke as well. The success they have had recently there at Duke is really catching his interest.”

“He met the coaching staff when he went down to Duke on an unofficial. Walked around hung out with the coaches. So, he wants to make sure he makes the right decision.” Thomas said

Northwestern recruited Sullivan-Brown early on.

“Northwestern has shown how much they really like him. They invested a lot of time. They really feel that Cameron can be an impact player. They believe he can play early and make an impact. The skill set allows him to do a lot of things they are looking for. Either he is a defensive back or as a receiver. I know they like him at both as well.” Thomas said

Enjoyed Chicago.

“He really likes the school, the location, close to Chicago. We went out there I believe in February. He got the opportunity to drive to Chicago and see the school on the way to Northwestern. See Chicago and see the city. I think that attracted him along the coaching staff that carried themselves very professional. They are trying to recruit a certain kind of kid.” Thomas said

“The thing about Cameron not only does he do it on the field, but off the field in the class room. He has great character. He’s just the kind of athlete you want in your program. He can definitely fit into their."


Corker doesn't have any offers yet, but some schools are showing strong interest.

"The other day I got a call from Samford University." Corker said. "They DM'd me on Twitter when I was at home. I called them up and they liked my film and would like to get me up there for a visit. They were talking to me about the offense and how they throw the ball a lot. Coach Chris Hatcher said he is still evaluating me and would like to see me do some one on one drills."

"I was talking to Duke at one point and Wake Forest. They wanted me to call about their elite junior day's. I'm going those two schools for camp and South Carolina. They just want me to come to camp and might offer me on the spot." Corker said

"I'm thinking about going to Vanderbilt." He says. "The education and the area is real nice, and I like the coaches. I've been there before, I liked the facilities and stadium."


"I have an offer from Cincinnati. North Carolina State sends me mail every now and then, but I don't hear much from them anymore. Michigan State likes how I get the ball; my pass rushing. I have the ability to drop back and the ability to play hard on the line." Robinson said

"I took in a junior day at Cincinnati with my coach. The D-Line coach and my dad went to the same college, so he's pretty familiar with the area." Robinson said

Robinson said he plans on taking a bus trip with his trainer to Central Michigan, Michigan State, Michigan and Southern Illinois. He's looking forward to the tour and might get some offers.

He just came back from the NIKE regional camp in Bufford, Georgia with his trainer. Robinson tested really well with a score of 94. He had one of the top scores on the defensive line. Next month Robinson plans on attending NIKE combine in Charlotte.


Proctor has offers from; California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Miami, Mississippi, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Penn State, Virginia Tech and a few others.

Proctor will narrow his list down after he sees some schools.

“He’s got 26 (offers) right now,” Said John Lush head coach at Lackey High. “He’s probably been to about 12 schools at this point. He’s kind of sees the schools and meet the staffs, and probably during next football season he’ll probably narrow it down to a top 5.”

“He’s been to Penn State, he’s been to Virginia Tech, he’s been to Georgia, Miami. These are probably some of them. North Carolina. He’s been to Rutgers, but obviously they have some transition with the staff. He’s been to Wake Forest actually.” Lush said

Penn State visit went well. Virginia Tech showed a good impression.

“I just think he likes the atmosphere (Penn State). He really likes the family type atmosphere something that is really going to be important. I know he liked Virginia Tech a lot too because everywhere he went it was all about football, which is something he kind of enjoyed.” Lush said

Miami’s small campus and community is a big plus.

“It’s (Miami) the same atmosphere. You don’t realize how small the campus is. It’s kind of have its small population. Everybody likes the “U”, a lot of them down there, so he likes that a lot.” Lush said

Maryland is high on his charts.

“He’s pretty high on most schools boards. He actually visited Maryland, he didn’t like Maryland originally under the old staff, but he liked the new staff a lot. It’s all pretty much equal. He pretty much said he doesn’t have a top five. I know Maryland is number one on his board. I know Maryland is definitely after him. They are trying to keep in-state kids all together.” Lush said

Coach Lush says Proctor can play several positions on defense.

“It depends based what schemes they are running, but a lot of them like him in a 3-4 as an outside rush end. He’s kind of hybrid type of player. He’s got a big frame. He can play with his hand in the dirt a little bit. Even though we’ve haven’t shown to play, we’ve played him in the middle back.” Lush said

“He’s got a real quick switch, he’s long, he’s every bit 6-3 ½. He can get off the ball, he’s got a real high motor.” Lush added

What about Miami?

“Yep, yep, Miami likes him a lot.” Lush said. “Actually Coach Mark Richt he was at Georgia when he recruited him. Now he’s down in Miami, so I know he’s impressed, because Richt is down there now. “They (UGA) actually have a kid from the area that’s playing corner for them right now. It’s one of his good friends. They got a little connection down there.” Lush said

“I don’t think there will be too much going on with Wake Forest.” Lush said, “With North Carolina the same thing. He went down there actually for the Miami game. North Carolina kind of blew them out. He liked that atmosphere too. When he went down there he thought it was more of a basketball school. Here was really good fan support.”

“Virginia Tech is not too far to be honest. It’s about three hours. He loved Virginia Tech with the new coach coming in. Bud Foster has been there 20 some years running that same team defense and, one of our coaches actually played at Virginia Tech. So, he’s got a little connection as well.” Lush said

Proctor willing to leave state; originally from Georgia.

“He’s indifferent. He doesn’t really care one way or another to be honest. He’s not a home body. His family is originally from Georgia. He went down there for the spring game, it was a wild atmosphere.” Lush said

“He just blends in.”

“Great kid. Hardest working kid in the program. A lot of times when you have a talented kid he is not always the hardest worker. He cares about his teammates more than himself. He’s a big team guy. If you saw him in the hall way, you would know he’s a highly recruit, because he’s just a big kid. He sits with everybody at lunch; he just blends in.” Lush said


An undersized lineman that has an impressive list of offers; Arizona, Arizona State, California, Colorado State, Nebraska, Utah, Virginia, Washington State and a few more.

Virginia, Nebraska, California, Washington and Colorado State are his top five in no order. He also likes Arizona and Arizona State.

Went to Trojans’ camp and they want Nelson to gain some bulk before being considered.

“I went to USC junior day.” Said Nelson. "It was actually pretty cool. I talked to O-Line coach Neil Callaway. He showed me all around. We were with Zach Banner one of the O-Lineman who is graduating. It was pretty cool to watch him as a player.

“USC said I was a high recruit for them and they might offer if I get a little bit heavier my senior year.”

What Nebraska had to say.

“I call coach Cav (Mike Cavanaugh) once a week.” Said Nelson. “He seems to like me quite a bit. He talks about education, the facilities, playing time and my family. My future at Nebraska. They are recruiting me as an offensive tackle. He’s trying to get me to come up when I have free time. I’m hoping to find time to get up there.”

Lining up some visits.

“I’m thinking about taking a visit to Virginia on an unofficial later on. I’m going to USC, Arizona, Arizona State, try to visit Cal too. I really like to coaching staff at Virginia. I’m a history major; Virginia has a lot of history also one of the top 3 public schools in the nation.’ Nelson said

BYU staff members left for Virginia and the relationship carried over.

“They were at the staff at BYU when they left. They like how I move. I have a real good frame, I have excellent grades. I know how to do my job as an offensive lineman even though I may weigh less than other offensive linemen. They are bigger, but I can move and handle myself in the game.” Nelson said

Strong player for his size. Tested well with the very best at camps.

“I’m also very strong for my size,” he says. If you look on the film, he’s big but not like fat. People say “wow he looks put together really well.’” At The Opening (Los Angeles) I weighed 247 I believe, how I was stronger that other linemen there. If you saw me you would say ‘this kid is not as strong.’ Nelson said

Really liked Colorado State; area, staff, just everything.

“I went on an unofficial visit there last year and I absolutely loved everything I saw; the community, the school, everything. And I liked how they treat people. The coaches have talked to me over the years, so that was cool.” Nelson said.


Minor has offers from Duke, East Carolina, Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Temple, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and West Virginia.

Wake Forest rates Minor high on their board.

“I liked the campus (Wake Forest), it was a nice area and a small town. The coaches say I will be able to play multiple positions, my IQ was good. They like my size and the ability I have. I don’t know if there is a number or anything but Wake said they wanted me really bad. They are trying to get me to camp and try me out more.” Minor said

Duke upgrades facilities and hopefully football program.

“I also like the campus (Duke) there. The environment they are going through some rebuilding on their campus, so they want to improve that area. The academics is great, the football program is going up. The coaching staff shows that they have big seasons in the future.” Minor said

“I liked both Virginia Tech and Virginia,” Minor said. “It’s just like family down there. It came off like great energy while I was there.

“Virginia wants me pretty bad; they would just tell me how I can help the team what their intensions were. I have a chance to earn a spot as a freshman.”

“Virginia Tech said I could play all around. Play guard or tackle. I’m mobile, athletic, and they just see me helping their team as well. Maryland have been communicating with me. Sit around with the O-Line coach (Dave Borbely). He wants to build a bond with me. Create a family bond. Just take step by step with the recruiting process with them.” Minor said

“I’m looking for a school where I can say it’s like home. Be able to be comfortable not feel any other way. Not being uncomfortable when I pick a school.”


Boise State, Hawaii and Washington State all have offered. Neville is holding out for other possible offers. His coach believes later in the process more schools will follow.

"There is a lot of schools showing interest, University of Washington, UCLA, Arizona State, Wyoming, Georgia, Mississippi State; they all have been sending stuff. Actually it's still early in the process, he's just a little anxious.... I just keep telling him be patient things will come, just play the game and you will be fine." Said Wilsonville head coach Adam Guenther said

Oregon schools showing little interest at this time.

"He went down to junior days like Oregon State and a few other places have invited him. Oregon State is close to home, but they haven't shown much interest in him. He's been to their camp. He likes the atmosphere, that's probably about it right now." Guenther said

"Coach Matt Lubick (Oregon) has been up here the other day, they are keeping an eye on him. He's a pure pocket passer and Oregon likes the running quarterbacks." Guenther said

Neville can run with the ball; Only one QB at his level.

"He can do that in the high school level. If he goes down we are in world of hurt. So, we want to protect him as much as possible. We will be headed to a coaches clinic in a month and I know they (Oregon) will talk to us. I'll know know more than." Said Guenther

Neville's skills fits Washington State's offense.

"He loves Boise State. He likes the staff, the green field, how they run the ball. Washington State has been giving him the most love. It's one of the better places for him as a drop back passer. They (WSU) throw the ball 50 or 60 times a game. His technique is incredible." Guenther said

"He likes Washington State, the offense that they run. He likes coach (Eric) Mele, he comes and visits him when ever he can." Guenther said

"Washington State's offense and our offense is pretty similar the last couple of years. He likes the way it feels. I think he wants to see if a better school that will show interest in him before he commits. I just don't think he is quite ready to pull the trigger yet." Guenther said

"I think he is open to anything." When asked Coach Guenther if Hawaii is too far away to consider. "I think he would go look at anybody he wants too. Check out a few of other options. I don't think Hawaii is too far away. Nothing against Hawaii, but I think he would rather play in a better conference like a PAC 12 type of school."

College coaches appreciates Neville's skill set and makings of a great quarterback.

"With all the coaches I've talked to, his accuracy and arm strength is the biggest strengths. He sees the field very well. His progressions reads are like ear to ear. He has the ability to see the entire field. He can check his first options, to his second, to his third. That's how good his vision is." Coach Guenther added

"I know he wants to redshirt and learn the offense. I think he wants to get in their and play fir a minimum two or three years and see quite a bit of playing time." Guenther said


“It was like family there,” said the Cornhusker commit. “Every place I go, the coaching staff, Keith (Coach Williams), everything. Coach Williams is a winner everything he does. Just how he can relate to the players.”

“He can talk like slang and know what he is talking about.” McQuitty explains his relationship with NU receivers coach Keith Williams. “Just the things he says. I feel like I’m being coached not nobody knows about, so I’m getting a unique coach. He always pushes me as a receiver. If I had a bad day they would help me shake it off, it’s not mean just me being a good player.”

Coach Williams likes his abilities on the field and the family likes Nebraska.

“I guess he likes the size factor and be able to catch the ball and run up field. He’s a funny guy, he thinks he’s tough and all of that, so I have to beat him up. Everybody loved him down there, my mom, and she liked Nebraska too.” McQuitty said

How it started.

“I was sitting down in the office and I said to Coach (Mike) Riley ‘Let’s get the job done.’ He was like he didn’t know what I meant. And then I said I wanted to commit. Then he stood up and gave me like this big long hug. He talked to my mom how I would be in good hands at Nebraska and won’t be in harm’s way stuff like that.”

Been to Nebraska in the past, enjoyed the BYU game and spring game.

“I went last year,” when asked if he’s been to Nebraska before. “I went to the BYU game. It was like super loud, you couldn’t hear yourself think. It was really, really loud. All the fans were always screaming.” McQuitty said

“My sophomore year I went to the spring game,” he said. “It was like sold out 90,000 people for a spring game. I’m not use going to a spring game with a sold out spring game like Nebraska. Nebraska showed me that the fans are loyal to their team. It was a great atmosphere.”

California friends.

“Me and them (Keyshawn Johnson Jr. and Darnay Holmes) are pretty good friends. I spent the whole day with them just chilling at the offices. I’m not sure if they will commit we don’t talk about football. We try to get away from that just talk about anything – just about life.” McQuitty said


Pututau has offers from BYU, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah and Utah State. Many more schools will be visiting Cottonwood this spring and should attract more offers. He has great grades and the academic schools will be looking over him.

“BYU, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah, Utah State, California and Stanford came out and visited with him because he has a 3.7 GPA. So, he has Stanford and California coming back in the spring recruiting period. Stanford is sending their OC out and Coach Lance Anderson.” Said Mike Tidwell head coach at Cottonwood.

Not saying much about favorites, other than Stanford which Pututau likes a lot.

“Right now he’s been kind of quite. He did mention one to me if Stanford offered him he would commit. To them just because you know….like most people commit to them, that degree is worth quite a bit of money. That Stanford degree is something hard to beat.” Said Tidwell

“If he didn’t get any other offers than that one, I think he would probably lean towards Colorado or BYU. He really likes Colorado facilities. He likes the defensive coordinator (Jim Leavitt) the one who came from the 49’ers.” Said Tidwell

Coach thinks Pututau can play several positions in college because of his growth.

“I don’t think he (Taniela) he will play wide receiver in college, just because the size of everybody else in the family. His dad is like 6-foot-5, and all of his brothers are big guys. I just think he will be moved to the other side of the ball, he could possible fit into a tight end. By February I think he will put on a ton of weight.”

“He can be a defensive end, outside linebacker, wide receiver or a tight end. He could end up a tight end he is pushing 6-foot-4, get there in height and his hands are huge, and he has long arms. Not quite nasty of his older brother as playing defense, because it hasn’t come natural to him yet. He obviously played receiver through little league and stuff. He plays with a different mentality, but that can be learned.

“He’s a vacuum with the ball.”

“He a great receiver, he’s a great player. Just his high point at the ball, he just have those long arms, He can strip the ball, grab it with one hand. I scream at him and the coaches, I want to see him use both hands, but he has those big hands and put his body in between the receiver and the ball. Shield the defender, catch the ball in traffic, He’s just like a vacuum with the ball.” Said Tidwell

“He’s deceptively quick, he has just long strides, and he looks faster than he looks. He can dunk the ball, he’s pretty athletic, and he’s a good basketball player.” Tidwell added

Cottonwood to produce another great player in class of 2018.

“I’ve even have a better one for next year though. He’s just a sophomore. He has more offers than Taniela already. His name is Tennessee Pututau he is actually the first cousin. He is a 2018 kid. I actually had the Arizona coach texting me he will visit Tennessee in the spring and so are the two Washington coaches. Washington State and Washington.” Said Tidwell

“He’s a stud.”

“I think Tennessee is going to blow up. He’s just a beast and he’s so raw. He’s a stud. He plays on the defensive line, in high school we just don’t have any lineman, and I would put him at linebacker if I had a bunch of big dudes. I just don’t have the personal, but both of these kids are studs and they will keep getting offers.” Said Tidwell

“He (Tennessee) should start going to some junior days, they just don’t have a lot of money. So it’s hard for him. Taniela and Tennessee both been invited to the Rivals Camp Series, and also the NIKE Opening, but they don’t have enough money to do both. So they are going to the Rival’s one. I know it’s the Rivals one because Rivals gives you all that free Under Armour gear. Man they are two great players coming out of here again.” Said Tidwell

Big time schools already at the door.

“Tennessee is two years away he needs to be playing in one of the bowls if you ask me. All the big schools come through and talked to me about him. Arizona, Arizona State, Washington, Washington State will all be coming up here. UCLA, Stanford called and will come back in the spring.” Said Tidwell


“Colorado is trying to get their footprint in here and learn the LDS culture, just because Utah is starting to pump out some serious athletes. University of Utah just works magic with these kids. They recruit at one position and move them around to another position, it’s unbelievable.” Said Tidwell


Nebraska lands their first commit for the 2017 class.

“I can tell you Willie has good size, he has the speed, a very physical football player, and I think he’s got the burst to play inside and outside. He has instincts, a nose for the football. Versatility of coming off the edge and dropping down to the next level.” Said Doug Socha head coach at Oxbridge Academy.

Made well with NU staff.

“I think he is really comfortable with the coaching staff, he got an offer from Nebraska and really feels good about it. He was really excited it’s a story program, tradition. A high character kid that can work hard as anybody.” Said Doug Socha

Even though shortly committed to Nebraska, Hampton is still being recruited by like Iowa State, Wake Forest, UCF, and Wisconsin said the coach.

Has the size to play early.

“I really don’t know until he gets there, plays a position when he has enough size and strength. He just has to come in and learn the plays.” Said Doug Socha

“Oh, yes.” Coach Socha replied if more offers will follow. “I think all the Florida schools will offer him. I wouldn’t even doubt it if Miami offered him, Florida Gators.”

Coach Socha said Hampton had the number one SPARQ rating at the Miami NIKE camp.

He also said Nebraska linebacker coach Trent Bray liked Hampton’s size, strength, nose for the football, pretty much everything about him.


Sanogo has an offer from Rice and Indiana. He did take a visit to Indiana and had a great time with the coaches and surroundings.

Great times in Bloomington.

“Indiana was just a great environment as the student side of it. Great business school which I’m going to major in, and the football is great too. Get to come up and play the Michigan teams. Indiana likes how physical I am, how I get to the ball, I’m always around the play. They are recruiting me as a middle linebacker and a possible 3rd down pass rusher.” Sanogo Said

Sanogo said Kansas Jayhawks wanted him to come down for a junior day, but couldn’t make it. For now he just gets a lots of mail from KU. Sanogo did make it for a TCU junior day but the coaches didn’t say too much when he was down there. TCU coaches did like his film and hopefully will get an offer later.

No offer from Houston yet, but that could change.

“Houston, the coaches are recruiting me pretty hard.” Said Sanogo. “They’ve been to my school. Coach Major Applewhite he was just telling me about the program. He wanted to make sure I came out for a junior day. I did, I experienced it, and I liked it.”

Two more junior days; UT and Okie State.

“It was awesome.” Sanogo explains his junior day visit to University of Texas. “He (Coach Brian Jean-Mary) said he liked the way I play. He wants me to play without hesitating. I make the plays but with a little hesitation. They want that to go away. He said he will check me out during the spring and evaluate me and he will talk to Coach Charlie Strong. Possible offer this spring or summer.”

“It was really good, nice.” Sanogo said about his junior day experience at Oklahoma State. “I haven’t been there before, I liked the area (Stillwater). They have been sending me a lot of mail, so I went down there for a junior day and check it out.”


Keene has offers from Colorado State, Iowa State, Nebraska, and Virginia Tech according to head coach Bret McGatlin. Colorado, Oregon and Washington are also showing strong interest of offering.

Keene’s father played under Frank Beemer at Murray State.

“He did.” When asked Coach McGatlin if Dalton enjoyed his visits to Virginia Tech. “He’s got a little back ground there. His dad actually played with Frank Beemer when he was at Murray State. So he has some knowledge of the school he’s actually been out there before. He was out there last summer for a camp, they really liked him. There is still a coach or two that his dad knows. So he has familiarity to Virginia Tech football program.”

“This year Virginia Tech had a coaching change so the new staff wanted to back out, they wanted to evaluate his film. They liked him (on film) as well and the offer is still there.” McGatlin said

“You know, I really don’t know.” When questioned McGatlin if Nebraska is still interested in his player. “The recruiting process is so tough you can’t be really in school to talk to them. Rather than a phone call from one of the coaches. He just told me they (Nebr.) really like him on film, offered right there.”

What position does Nebraska like him at?

“Well. That’s a great question. He’s being recruited all over the place. I think Nebraska likes him on offense, Colorado State likes him on defense, Virginia Tech likes him on offense and Iowa State likes him on defense.” McGatlin said

“For us he plays everywhere on offense. If you watch his film you will see the kid does everything. So he starts at tailback at 6-foot-4, 220 pounds. We put him at H-Back where he gets the ball. On defense he plays a little linebacker and also plays defensive end for me, but he’s a real good ‘backer for us. He’s just a really good athlete that can play.” McGatlin said

Home state Buffalo’s has a chance, but Keene needs to do more research.

“Well, if you know Dalton he’s such a modest kid, humble kid that he doesn’t talk bad about anybody. He understand the process, he really has not had a chance with Colorado. It was his first time up there for junior day.” McGatlin said

“The family is open to everything with Dalton. I don’t think he is in love with any place. I think they will evaluate all the places. Dalton told me he would like to see the schools. Make sure who he ever chooses gets to see the campus.” McGatlin said

“Yea, I think they (Oregon) are pretty interested. They have a different process that other schools. They are very through. They came out and saw him, they really liked him. They make phone calls, call the administration, counselors; how he is doing in school. After the calls have been made…Dalton is a tremendous kid. He has a 3.8 gpa as well.” McGatlin said

Coach McGatlin said Oregon is still watching film on Keene and they like his abilities. Oregon plans on coming out this spring to evaluate him more.

Huskies coaches’ coming down this spring.

“Washington called and heard he got some big offers they really like him a lot. They will be out here this spring and visit with him. A lot of schools want to come and put their eye on him he’s 6-foot-4. I know that is huge. They won’t offer a kid until the head coach sees him.” McGatlin said

“I think they would like him to commit before the football season is over. I talked to his dad about it a little bit. They are going to relax and not worry about it a whole lot. So they are planning on traveling this summer. Get it all done before the season starts.” McGatlin said


“He has eleven offers, Arizona, California, Montana State, Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford, USC, Utah, Utah State, Washington and Washington State.” Said Lele Teo head coach at Juanita high school.

Ahmen likes home state school, but would like to hear from the Bruins.

“He likes Washington a lot.” Teo explains. “He really likes the coaches there, he’s built a strong relationship as well. I know one school he likes a lot is UCLA, but they haven’t jumped on it. They (Bruins) have been recruiting him pretty hard as well, but haven’t offered yet.”

“Close to home,” When asked what Ahmed thought of the Huskies. “He likes Coach Chris Petersen. He has a bunch of friends that play up there now. He’s being intrigued about staying home, but I don’t think he is tied down to anyone, play whatever.”

More offers, checking things out.

“He’s been a Huskie fan for a long time, but he’s pretty open. Early in the process it was Udub all the way, then when things (offers) begin coming in it was like I need to keep my eyes open and check this stuff out. He’s taken a hard look around. I really don’t know if he could make a decision right now. Take his time, take his visits and then sit down and think what he wants to do.” Teo said

Couple possible spring visits.

“He’s heading down to Stanford for junior day, I don’t know he just talked about it. And possible Notre Dame I’m not too sure. Notre Dame is in contact with him pretty constantly. I believe they offer him once he’s at camp, see where they are with him. ” Said Teo

“Stanford, they compare him to Christian McCaffrey and stuff down there. We’ll be able to get it done. He really likes the coaching staff and likes their academics the best. Get a degree from Stanford and your set for life.” Said Teo.

Play different positions.

“They (Stanford) are recruiting him as an athlete move him around and see what works for him. A lot of schools say we will get you in compete anywhere you want, running back or receiver or whatever.” Said Teo

“Coaches like his explosiveness, vision, just his size. He’s got good length for a kid his size and he’s pretty quick. That’s what they like he can make plays.” Teo said

“Unbelievable corner.”

“I really think he’s a really, really good offensive player, but I think he’s the best in the secondary. Unbelievable corner. He just locks people down, come up and physical. He’s definitely one of those kids that can have a bright future in the secondary.” Teo said


“He likes Oregon a lot,” Coach Teo explains. “He likes Coach Mark Helfrich what they are doing things down there. He liked the offense and likes their facilities.”

Utah’s involvement.

“He is not.” When asked if Ahmed is a LDS athlete. “They offered him pretty early in the process. They just went after him and take a shot at him. They (Utah) are kind of the running back that they are looking for. I’m not sure where they (Utah) fit in the picture as well.”

Has Ahmed hear from Nebraska?

“You know I think he has, I’m not sure. He’s been hearing from everybody. I know he gets ton of mail from LSU and a ton from Notre Dame, and a bunch of schools out east as well. So, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been hearing from Nebraska.” Said Coach Teo

Decision time.

“What I think he is going to do is maybe take some time this summer. Check some things out on his own dime. If he makes up his mind and decided what he wants to do it will probably before the end of our season or shortly after. I know if he wants to go that long in the process, you know I’m not sure, kids are kids.” Teo said


Clemson, Duke, Florida, Florida Atlantic, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Mississippi State, North Carolina, Ohio State, South Carolina, UCF, Virginia Tech and West Virginia, all offered Bryan

Bryan attended Miami and Florida state junior days.

“It was cool,” Bryan said of his Miami trip. “I’ve been there a couple times actually a lot of times. I just wanted to see how the coaching staff was doing with Coach Thomas Brown.”

“He (Brown) likes me a lot. He was recruiting me when he was at Georgia that’s when we built our relationship. He likes running backs like me, spread out running backs. Catch the ball, run the ball really good. I have a lot in common with him.” Bryan said

“It’s family over there (FSU) I liked it. It felt like home and they are recruiting me really hard. Coach Jay Graham, I talked to him like an hour or so I have a real good relationship with him also. They offered me my sophomore year.” Bryan said

Bryan said he’s going to visit Michigan, South Carolina, Clemson and West Virginia during the spring. He’s also going to take another look at Florida and Florida State and watch the practice.”

Michigan’s affinity puts them near the top.

“Well Coach (Jim) Harbaugh is a great coach. My former teammate Nick Eubanks, I’m pretty close to him, he’s like a brother. He told me they are really interested in me. So. I’m going there and check it out.” Bryan said

Florida’s affiliation with the SEC helps keeps them in the race. Clemson is popular with last season’s finish.

“Yea of course SEC. I heard from a lot that it’s a beautiful school. With Coach (Will) Muschamp being there, he recruited me when he was at Florida. I can’t wait to go to Clemson. I heard it’s real beautiful and I’m excited to go there and check it out. Coach (Dabo) Swinney he is pretty cool. I can’t wait to go there.” Bryan said

West Virginia Coach Seider showing a big impression.

“Coach (Ja’Juan) Seider, I’m real close with Coach Seider. I talk to him every day, every morning and every night. He tells me what I can do as a running back. He talks to me more than just football, about stuff like that.” Bryan said

Bryan said he’s going to take all five official visits, but my commit before the season. He will know after his spring visits.


Cory’s father Orlando spoke to me about his sons’ recruitment. Orlando is an assistant varsity coach at St. Joseph’s High School.

Cory is one of the premiere linebackers in the country and has numerous offers from school such as; Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Tennessee, UCLA, Virginia Tech and many others.

Immediate plans.

“We are just trying to enjoy the process right now check out a lot of schools as possible. So, we want him to finish school as possible as far as visiting them (colleges), meeting the staffs.” Orlando Malone said

Cory and his family took a trip to Notre Dame. The Irish are showing great interest and he’s a priority in their class like most other schools.

“Yes we went there (UND). We got a chance to sit down with the defensive coordinator Brian Van Gorder. Brian was talking about how he would fit into the defense. Talked to him about the overall vision for him, and how they see him in the 2017 class.” Coach Malone said

“They (UND) had a couple good players there that went through the recruiting process in the class of 2016. So, we had an opportunity to see those guys. Notre Dame is probably 30 minutes away from here, so it’s fairly close.” Coach Malone said

Notre Dame degree opens up lots of opportunities.

“For the most part just the overall tradition in terms of them be able to field a team.” As Coach Malone explains the overall benefits going to UND. “Not only have great football but great academics. A Notre Dame’s degree pretty much can do anything you want, whatever field, whatever discipline you select. It’s more (than football), so looking ahead how they would be beneficial both on and off the field. ”


“We’ve been out to Ann Arbor, it’s probably a good 12 hours from here. We ordered a van the last couple of years - multiple times. Went to the BBQ event they have every year. We have a good rapport with Coach Jim Harbaugh and those guys.” Coach Malone said

“They (Mich.) did have a defensive coordinator change, so we’re trying to evaluate with needs in terms how they will use him and how he would fit into the team. Try to have a better understanding.” Coach Malone added

“Most definitely.” When asked if Michigan was high on Corey Malone-Hatcher’s board. “For the position they are talking to him about is based Hybrid player. Be able to either stand or put his hand down and the rush the passer. Just use a lot more of his skill set more than just the traditional end.”

“We’ve been to Penn State, Alabama, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Michigan State, and Louisville. These maybe all of them we’ve been to thus far.”

Family ties in ‘Bama. Giving them a hard look.

“Alabama is a great football school. They bring in great recruiting classes every year. They play a great brand of football and I’m originally from there. So we have family that still lives there. We looked at their graduation rates. So you know when you get there, you know you will graduate. Have an opportunity to contend for titles and definitely will prepare to get you to the next level.” Coach Malone said

Alabama comparing Cory to other great players wearing the Crimson Tide uniform.

“Yea Alabama said they view him as a Courtney Upshaw he graduated a couple years ago and also like a Reggie Ragland type defensive end. That he’s a little bit smaller than the normal defense they would have. Lot bigger than your normal LB somebody they can move around, blitz more at different angles.”

What about the Lions?

“Penn State was a great experience,” Says Coach Malone. “They were one of the first schools to offer him. Ohio State was first and Penn State was second. Penn State has been pursuing him every time a dead period ends. Make sure they always had somebody at the schools. Penn State is about 7 or 8 hour trip for us. So they always made sure to make time and see him. They also make sure they stay in contact with him on Twitter.

“We had a chance to go out there (PSU) I think twice now. One was just for recruiting this past summer, one for a game against Ohio State past football season - the one before last. So we had a chance to see their White Out. They have great fans, they have a lot of good history. Coach (Sean) Spencer, coach (Charles) Huff does a good job recruiting him.” Coach Malone said

“They (PSU) have about 7 or 8 members (coaches) that follow him on Twitter regularly. They contact him every week, check in with him, and just continue building a relationship. They are definitely pushing hard to add him to the team.”

“We definitely understand the schemes how they (PSU) want to use him. So, Penn State has been a school that’s been good to him.” Coach Malone said

Ohio State first to offer.

They (OSU) were actually the first school to offer him. The first school he visited between his 8th and 9th grade was Alabama. The first chance we had to go to a ball game was at Michigan State. Coming out after his sophomore year to offer him was Ohio State”

“He had a chance to go to their (OSU) Midnight Camp. It was a camp with a lot of neat guys; they all been offered. He had a chance to go there and compete with drills and also one on one with Coach Larry Johnson. He loves his first step. He’s a kid that can come in and join the team. That would apply a lot of pressure at the DE position.”

Do you expect to hear from Nebraska?

“Actually yes. Were just haven’t had a chance to sit down and how he would benefit the team and different things like that. So, were still early in the process. They (Nebr.) offered him during the football season last year and I know they spent a significant amount of time try to close the 2016 group. We expect to hear a lot more from them here coming up.” Coach Malone said

Abilities and room for growth.

“Someone that can standup and play against the run. He’s (Corey) big enough and strong enough to do that. Right now he’s about 6-foot-3, 250 pounds. So they definitely imagine him at 6-foot-5 and keep ability and agility.” Tested high at camps.

“Last year for the 2017 class he had the number one NIKE Opening agility squat for all defensive linemen. Then when you factor in the linebackers still had a top 3 score for all the 2017 LB’s as well.”

“He’s not really in a rush,” When asked a time frame of a commitment. “Right now we are just trying to sit down and wait. He will be a kid that will graduate early. He’s finishing up on some of requirements too.”


Dan Appino coach at Auburn High said Illinois is Lowe’s only offer at this time. Lowe is hearing from other Big Ten schools, but right now he is just weighing his options and see what comes in.

Coach comments on Lowe’s visit to Illinois and the future of the program.

“He does like Illinois, he likes the recruiting coach down there. They obviously have some concerns about long term. Stability down there (Illinois). They want him to come down every chance he gets. Go down and visit for a day.” Appino said

Hawkeye’s could be the next offer, a few others want him to trim down.

“Iowa said they were very close to offering.” Appino said. “Two schools; Northwestern and Penn State said if he would drop 20 pounds they would (offer) right now.”

“Iowa likes his pass set abilities. They said they were close and might offer him by the end of the spring. So, I don’t know what else they said about him. I know when he went out there for a camp he did pretty well. Pass protection schemes things like that.” Appino said

Enjoyed trip to Iowa, Wisconsin somewhat interested.

“He did, he liked Iowa. He’s been meeting with Wisconsin off and on, but I haven’t heard yet if they are close to offering.” Appino said

“Gentle Giant”

“He’s a huge kid and he’s becoming more and more aggressive as a blocker. He’s got really good feet, he has long arms. He’s probably close to 6-foot-5 – he’s athletic. Kind of a gentle giant. He’s one of those kids who I’m sure next year I expect him to be one of the top lineman in our conference.” Appino said


Colorado, TCU, Oregon State, USC, Utah, Utah State and Washington have offered. Valor Christian Head Coach Rod Sherman believes more offers will be coming.

Father’s occupation has the family moved to Colorado from Utah.

“You know he just moved here not too long ago, they have been living in Utah and his dad is the Chaplin for the (Denver) Broncos.” Sherman said

Big strong kid.

“Obviously he’s got the God gift to size. He’s 6-foot-5, 330 pounds. Strength. He is just so powerful. Should play both offensive and D-Line for us this year. So when the family moved here Colorado has done a really good job recruiting him, but it’s not like he’s been a Colorado kid all his life.” Sherman said.

Father a Ute.

“Utah was actually where his dad went, so there is some initial loyalty there. I’m not saying he will go there but, at least there is a family connection there.” Sherman said

Still learning the game.

“As a D-Linemen he’s draw a double every play. He’s really growing his pass rush moves and his technique. Not able to bull rush yet, but continues to use his hands, plays with his hands.” Sherman said

Ellis is taking care of his grades for now, and then will check some schools out.

“He’s just been worry about making sure his grades are good. There will be a time this spring I think he will spend a lot of time with (college) coaches.” Sherman said


“I think (Nebr.) right now is still evaluating him. Non QB’s in the class of 2017 is a priority. I’m assuming the staff the next few weeks will continue the evaluation for that. The QB’s are just ahead of the other position group; just the national reality of QB’s.” Sherman said


The only offer Cody has right now is from Washington State Univ. Comments below about his offer and waiting from others schools to do the same.

“Obviously I have an offer from Washington State. They are one great program I really enjoyed it. The facilities are beautiful. I think Oregon facilities and the coaching staff are all good people. It’s a great environment to be around. So Oregon is a very pleasurable place to be. Academics they (Oregon) take care of their players and the same with Washington State” Kanouse said

“They like my aggressiveness - how I play.” Kanouse explains what the Cougars like him on film. “In a high aggression pace I play at a very physical level. I blow people up a lot. They commented on my level of using my length. I use my arms very well too on pass blocking. I just make sure people don’t get to the quarterback. My grades are good. I never had a problem with grades.” Kanouse said

Huskies might offer. Stanford still interested.

“University of Washington I’ve gotten a lot of interest from them. Stanford, I had a couple visits at the high school, looked around 7 or 8 times. Stanford is a very high level (academics) of a place. They are accessible to PAC 12 people. Playing in the PAC 12 championship, that’s obviously a great team. Academically it would be a good place to go. Just set me up for my future.” Kanouse said

“Just this past year, University of Oregon (Coach Steve Gatewood) worked with us and about seven other players at a camp. Coach Gatewood came out of the same high school as my head coach. He’s the Washington recruiter. I’ve been invited to a couple of the games this past year, it was very cool. University of Washington is a beautiful place, there coaching staff are great people.” Kanouse said

Few others to mention.

“Oregon State University also shown interest. I’ve been invited to their junior day just this past week which is very cool. And then UCLA and California I received a lot of letters from them. E-Mail through my coach. I’ve been recruited from the University of Arizona as well. Oregon State (Corvallis) seems like a small town still a nice feeling to be around.” Kanouse said

“I think we are going to California for some camps from schools there I’m not quite sure yet. I know my father talked about going back to Arizona. Go down there and look at the schools (Arizona and Arizona State).” Kanouse said

“University of Arizona is a very beautiful place,” Kanouse said. “The campus is beautiful, the facilities is beautiful. I would like to major in business, they have a pretty successful program. Their coaching staff is also fantastic. I was able to go down there on my last spring break.”

Very detailed what he expects selecting a school.

“Obviously I want to feel like family, being around good people. The huge point I would like to look into is academics. Like how a place can set me up after college. I’m not going to be playing football forever. How can the place I go to help me succeed after my career. Academically I would like to go to a place with a high (graduation) success rate. I would like to go to a place like Stanford, University of Oregon, even University of Washington.” Kanouse said


Dartmouth, Utah, Arizona State, Boston College and Tennessee all offered.

San Clemente head coach Jamie Ortiz said Jack took some unofficials to Oregon, Washington, UCLA and USC.

Past All-Americans at San Clemente.

“We had Sam Darnold here two years ago and was an All-American, and then going to USC. Jack’s right there so, I think there will be a lot of schools after him. And before him we had Travis Wilson. He just finished up 4 years at Utah. So we’ve had a pretty good run of quarterbacks here and Jack is with those guys.” Ortiz said

Sears taking his time; favorite schools this summer.

“I think he is wide open.” Said Coach Ortiz. “He’s just going through the process. Explore all opportunities. Once we get to spring ball, we will narrow it down a little bit. Get the ball rolling by July and August, before the season starts.”


Coach Ortiz said Jack Sears liked Oregon and they have already got their quarterback for the 2017 class. He went up there for the SPARQ Nike football camp. After training, he actually finished as the number one quarterback test wise.

Just recently (January) Jack was at the US Army Combine in San Antonio, he was the number of QB’s up there too.

“Actually that was a while ago,” Coach Ortiz comments on Jack’s trip to Washington. “Jack is just a football fanatic. Where he has an opportunity to meet different coaches, check out their programs and facilities, he will be there.”

LA schools uncertain if they will offer Sears later.

“I know UCLA is still interested in him. There is a couple of guys they are looking at and Jack is one of the top guys on the list. And I have not heard from USC to be honest with you.” Ortiz said

“I know they (USC) have a 2018 quarterback, but they haven’t received a commitment for a 2017. I know they know of Jack as being a quarterback. They pretty much have a brand new coaching staff on the offensive side of the ball.” Ortiz said

“Utah of course was his first offer as a sophomore. He’s excited about the opportunity, worked hard in the class room and on the playing field. He just has the opportunity to play at the highest level and with great grades.” Ortiz said

“Tennessee was just able to watch his film and evaluate him and make that decision (offer). From Boston (College) standpoint he’s attended their summer camp in the past, and he has family back east as well in the Boston area. So there is a little connection there.” Ortiz said

“Ivy League (Dartmouth) is just a great testament to him as an academic standpoint, where higher (academic) schools are pretty special to him what the education provides. And for him academics are pretty important along with playing football. It’s kind of Badge of Honor to get a scholarship from these schools. ” Ortiz said

Husker’s still thinking about.

“Coach (Danny) Langsdorf came out and watched Jack throw during the playoff run. I knew they have been in contact a little bit, but there has not been any constant contact with Jack Sears.” Ortiz said

“They (Nebr.) were watching Jack and continue to evaluate him. To be honest with you James, I think Jack could be easily a national recruit. There will be some big schools coming after him in the future, if not already.” Ortiz said

“I reach out to Ryan Gunderson and kind of check to see what their thoughts were with Jack. Hopefully we will get some progress with Nebraska as well.” Ortiz said


Pope John III head coach Brian Carlson wanted me to call about his standout player Dalyn Wade-Perry.

Dalyn has about 20 offers. Alabama, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Rutgers, Stanford, Tennessee, UCLA and Wisconsin and a few others.

Still checking teams out.

“No, not really. He has a ton of offers, so it’s kind of early.” When asked if Wade-Perry has some top favorites. “He likes Penn State, obviously Rutgers. I know North Carolina, Duke. He’s still investigating everybody.”

Trim list this summer.

“Later in the spring we will sit down and kind of narrow it down to 5 (schools). This way kind of focus on the season not be distracted and things like that, and really focus on 5. Doing that, is what we have been doing the five years I’ve been here. We’ve been lucky enough to get the kids down to five.” Carlson added

Wade-Perry visited Penn State and liked everything about it.

“He likes the tradition, it’s a great stadium, and they have a lot of history there. They do a good job recruiting kids so, he likes a lot about the school right now. Has family not too far from home. That might not matter too because he has interest from Stanford. Every college in the country has been here. You know what I mean?" Carlson said

Has Nebraska been around?

“No, no, I’m surprised! They were out 2 years ago (recruiting) Noah Brown; a kid that played his freshman year at Ohio State in the National Championship game. I talked to the coaches he should be a starter this year. And in the same class I had a tight end at Florida State, he’s starting their as a redshirt sophomore, Ryan Izzo, a big 6-feet-5 guy. I’m surprised they (Nebr.) didn’t come out for Dalyn. Carlson said

“Nebraska is in the Big Ten now and the only Big Ten schools have been out are Penn State, Rutgers, Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan and Michigan State, I’m surprised Nebraska didn’t come out.” Carlson said

“Just a creature.”

“He’s 6-feet-4, 320 pounds, benches 235 in 2 three weeks ago and squatted 460 for 2. I mean the kid is a dude. I mean he is a stud. I had a quarterback went to Virginia this year, but Dalyn…..just a creature. It’s the only kid that I have so far that that’s been offered by Stanford and Alabama.” Coach Carlson proudly says

This place goes crazy.

“When people (coaches) come back and see him this place is crazy, Alabama was in, South Carolina was in, Stanford flew out when they saw his film and then in person he looks different. I mean he’s a big man. I mean not that big, but big.” Carlson said

Duke and North Carolina will get a strong look because of academics. Stanford is in that mold and will get an unofficial this summer. Will take an official visit to Stanford if he wants to get a second look.

“Yea academics.” When asked Coach Carlson if academics are a priority. “He’s a strong academic kid. They are obviously two different programs. Duke academics will try to get you to the next level. He likes both (Duke & UNC), good academic schools. That’s what he is looking for.”


Moses has offers from Colorado State, Tennessee and Utah.

Few things planned this summer.

“I’m taking him to a couple college games.” Said Antelope Valley head coach Ron Wilson. “We are going to line up some unoffficials this summer from the schools that offered him. So we know for sure we will be going to those three schools on unofficials. If anything else comes up we will go to those too.”

“He likes all three.” Said Coach Wilson. “He’s kind of fair game kind of guy. He doesn’t have any favorites or anything like that. He’s just got excited going through the process, see how all the hard work has paid off. Grab some attention from some of the bigger schools around the country.”

Possible future offers.

“I think Oregon and Oregon State will be next. They have been on him the hardest lately. Doing all their research make a decision as things adds up. If I had to pin point two schools, I would say Oregon and Oregon State.” Wilson said

“Oregon likes him as a tight end and Oregon State likes him as a D-Lineman. The tight end coaches (OSU) are recruiting him, but he’s like 50/50 guy. He has the athleticism either side of the ball. It kind of matters where he goes when he fits in the best.” Wilson said

Trimming down the list.

“I believe by the summer I would like him kind of have at least his top 5 maybe top 3. Go on a couple official visits and then go and make a quick decision as soon as he can.” Wilson said

“He plays tight end and defensive line. He plays defensive tackle and defensive end, He excels pretty much at all three position.” Wilson said

Impressive player on the field.

“Man he’s a big body, very athletic, his length is crazy. He’s probably most impressive person on the field. At the same time he can probably take on the running backs catching passes down field. He’s the blocker when we are in the three point stance. He’s not hard to miss.” Wilson said

“He’ a great person,” Coach Wilson comments. “I would adopt this kid if I could. Have two younger kids so he’s going to be a great man. He’s got a great story to tell. He wasn’t dealt with the best hand, but he playing ahead with the cards in his hand. He’s going to have a great story.”

Moses' speaks.

“I like Tennessee.” Moses said. “I like that they use their tight ends a lot. I like the program that they have. Just everything; the coaches, the coaching staff that has been talking to me.”

“Yea, I like Utah too. They were the first school to offer me. I like their program also as well. They are a family orientated program. Colorado (State) I know they are trying to rebuild their team. The new coach and everything. I really haven’t been getting much attention with them but, I know a little bit about them” Moses said

“I like a lot about the Oregon schools,” Moses went on to say. “Oregon (Ducks) coaches have been showing me a lot of everything. They page me up every now and then. I just like them.”


Oregon State, Utah, Washington, Washington State and Nebraska all have offered.

Langsdorf and Huskers’ likes Bryant’s versatility.

“Danny (Langsdorf) and everybody loves that he is explosive, great with the ball in his hands. He’s a dual threat guy at tight end. I think he does things people can’t teach.” Said Eastside Catholic head coach Jeremy Thielbahr.

“She’s got these posters.”

“Danny Langsdorf is a good dude I know his dad. Mike Riley recruited me out of high school. I played at Wazzu I didn’t have much going. I have the biggest Cornhusker fan here on campus. Kay Nichols, she’s got these posters – it’s pretty funny. She is one of the Administrators and is a huge Cornhusker. She will be thrilled Hunter was offered.” Thielbahr said

Good fit at NU.

“I think he does.” When asked Coach Thielbahr if Bryant is high on Nebraska. “I think Hunter is going to find the best fit for him. I think he really wants to catch the football, he wants to play tight end and make plays. As the Pro-Style offense you (Nebraska) guys run, but I think the relationships with Mike Riley and (Danny) Langsdorf is a good fit.”

“He’s a very smart kid coming from Eastside Catholic, we’re a high Prep School, and he’s got a great GPA. I just think he fits the Nebraska Cornhusker’s mold.” Thielbahr said

Coach Mike Riley (Nebraska) knew of Hunter Bryant when he was at Oregon State and most likely saw him at their camp.

“He was an impressive freshman with them (OSU) at camp. So, they got to actually lay eyeballs on him while at Oregon State.” Theilbahr said

Coach Thielbahr believes Bryant will take an unofficial visit to Nebraska this summer.

Washington Schools.

“He likes Chris Petersen (Washington) and their staff. They did a great job, they offered Hunter pretty early. Obviously Washington State, I’m a Cougar followed the Cougars. He likes both of those, obviously close to home. Hunter is going where he feels the most comfortable. Thielbahr said

Ducks in the row.

“I think Hunter is a top recruit in the state of Washington and obviously he’s been to Oregon State a couple of times. Oregon State no longer has team camp, we camp at the University of Oregon now and they (OSU) got a good evaluation on him. I think Oregon (Ducks) is going to come in on him – that’s my impression.” Thielbahr said

“Oregon State is in the mix.” Thielbahr said. “He hasn’t been down there with the new staff, but was down there with Coach (Mike) Riley. I think he will take an unofficial at the local schools and probably take one to Husker Nation and see what that looks like this summer. There is a long ways to go, but I do really think he likes Nebraska.”

“Hunter can play offensive and defense it depends what he fits within those different teams. He can play over hang, outside linebacker or he could be a defensive end.” Thielbahr said

What coaches like about Bryant on the field.

“The ability to be explosive, the ability to run routes, just create space to be open.” Coach Thielbahr said. “Hunter is very athletic, plays on the basketball team as well. I think the sky is the limit for his athletic ability, absolutely.” Thielbahr said


Mr. Rook has offers from Kansas, Bowling Green and Toledo. Other schools that might offer; Minnesota, Western Michigan and Miami of Ohio.

Rooks will take some unofficial visits this summer, but the details have not been worked out.

Rooks and others getting some attention for this season.

“I’ve had a bunch of coaches come through so far this spring.” Said De La Salle head coach Michael Boehm. “Eye him (Rooks) up a little and some will come back later on in the spring.”

“He’s a big strong kid he runs two routes. Strong with the ball, goes up and athletic. I think at the next level could possible play down and play tight end.” Boehm said

“He’s a great kid, great family, hard worker in the class room. Very polite young man. It’s what we look for a student at De La Salle.” Boehm said

“I just think he would be a great addition what school he goes to. He’s a hard worker, he’s a quality kid. Great student, he would be an asset to any program where he goes to.” Boehm said

“I have a few more in their class of 2017. I have another big wide receiver Ryan James, now he’s getting some looks. And then I have two linemen (Solomon Smith and Ebrima Njie) both are 6 feet 2, 275 pounds. Two way players for us.” Boehm said


Dylan is a highly recruited quarterback that has offers from; Arizona State, Colorado, Duke, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Northwestern, Penn State, UCLA, Virginia and a few others. Dylan is the brother of Stanford running back Christian Mc Caffrey.

Christian and Dylan bring the same desire on the field.

“Christian was a pretty nice player it’s just he played a different position, obviously. Character, work ethic, leadership skills, desire to win, competiveness. Yes, they are very similar.” Said Rod Sherman the head varsity coach at Valor Christian.

Rod Sherman said Dylan had the opportunity to visit Nebraska and Auburn where his friends have committed in the last few years. He just wants to continue his graduation progress and continue research during the recruiting process.

Valor Christian is a pipeline for college players.

“Our program has send a lot (players) to different schools. Eric Lee of Nebraska, and Alex Kozan of Auburn. I think those are good connections for him. Talk to guys about schools.” Sherman said

NU’s Riley sends QB’s to the League.

“The tradition (Nebraska) is so strong, great loyal fan base, it’s really strong. Coach (Mike) Riley really develops quarterbacks. I think when you look at the quarterbacks that’s played for him that are in the NFL now. And he staffed that really well. Obviously academics is so strong.” Sherman said

Huskers’ OC made his way to Colorado many times.

“They (Nebraska) have been out here quite of few times between our season and the January time frame. Coach (Mike) Riley was out here himself and Coach (Danny) Langsdorf the OC been out here three times.” Sherman said

Stiff competition.

“He’s been in a lot of contact with Michigan.” Says Coach Sherman. “Has gone out in the off season and visited UCLA. Had a lot of conversations with North Carolina over the past two weeks. Auburn was just out in January. Colorado has been recruiting him hard. So, I think there is a lot of schools you know are recruiting him.”

Coach Sherman said UCLA coach Noel Mazzone left UCLA to coach at Texas A&M. The new Bruins QB quarterback Marquis Tuiaposopo is in contact with Dylan and they are still interested.

Hitting the books.

“It’s awesome that a young man like Dylan cares so much academically of the school he is going. In the day of age so many high school kids come out and academics isn’t a priority. It’s a real blessing to have a young man like Dylan care so much about academics.” Sherman said

Michigan; a lot to think about.

“Well I think with all the history with the Michigan program, Coach (Jedd) Fisch, Coach (Jim) Harbaugh have experience at the highest level of coaching quarterbacks. The system seems like a great fit and academically it’s really strong. Michigan degree means so much.” Sherman said

“He went out there (Michigan) this year for a game. They were out there for the Michigan and Michigan State game. The game Michigan was ahead; the punt at the end got blocked, stuff like that. I didn’t go with him, it’s hard not to. It’s really not that hard to not like that environment.” Sherman said

No Carolina Blues here.

“North Carolina, they just came out the last few weeks and really had a chance to Coach Larry Fedora. They are a little bit later in the game, but I think they are really interested in him. Have a Top 10 finish this year, I think that’s awesome.” Sherman said


Mr. Lenoir has more than 20 offers. Washington, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Louisville, LSU, Indiana, Michigan and UCLA are some on his list.

Lenoir visited all the PAC 12 schools with players from various high schools. Something they do every year.

“I went on the college tour and went to the whole PAC 12. Me, my coaches, and players all went. Oregon and Washington stuck out the most.” Lenoir said

“The facilities (Oregon) are nice, the coaches, the connection with the coaches and the players themselves. I like their Jerseys, NIKE affiliation and the school itself. It’s pretty quiet - stay focused. They still keep in touch with me. It was at a NIKE Camp when I was offered and was where Washington (offered) too.” Lenoir said

“The same stuff,” When asked about Washington. “but the city (Seattle) is a little bigger. It was a beautiful city. Washington said I’m a great corner, they want me to be a corner, to be a Huskie. I’m physical, quick, I can cover receivers from running deep.”

What’s Nebraska saying?

“The relationship with coach (Mark) Banker, I’ll be taking a trip up there soon this spring. He said I could play early, he wanted me to play field corner. He likes that I’m physical and I can read the receivers good.” Lenoir said

Will visit Michigan too; likes the Big Ten competition.

“Michigan, I’ll be taking a trip up there too. I really don’t know much about Michigan, but the coaches came by and see me every now and then. I like them because of the Big Ten, good completion like Ohio State, Michigan State – just the best out there.”

Lenoir said he developed a good bond with UCLA coach Dimetrius Hajimihalis. Being a local school, Lenoir said he’s wide open and actually liked LSU as his childhood favorite.

LSU sends DB’s to the League.

“The DB’s that’s the biggest thing. Tyrann Mathiew (The Honey Badger).” When asked why LSU. “Coming out they have a good source of DB’s that go to the League. I’m visiting them this summer. Coach (Corey) Raymond said he loved my film and showed it with the staff and they loved it too. They took it to the top and offered.”

Lenoir said he will definitely will take officials to Nebraska, Oregon, Michigan and LSU.


Jaylon has offers from Arizona State, Boise State, Colorado, Michigan, Oklahoma, UCLA, USC, Washington and Washington State.

“I’ve been to USC and UCLA for games, that’s about it right now. I don’t have any other plans. It was a great environment I liked it.” Redd said

Great ball skills.

“UCLA said they liked my IQ they liked the skills around the ball. They said the schemes at my school are perfect. They looked at my film and told me they liked everything about me as a corner. I’m fast and I have great ball skills. USC likes me because I’m physical and how I can go against big receivers.” Redd said

“I like ASU also.” Redd said. “I like their defensive back coach. I’m pretty high on their board because I was offered by the last DB coach. Now that they do have a new DB coach he has been in contact with me.” Redd said


“I like Michigan also. I like (Jim) Harbaugh. I like how Jabrill Peppers plays both sides of the ball as an athlete. I like Jim Harbaugh as a coach.” Redd said

“I like the tradition (Oklahoma), I like how their defensive game is. The defensive backs make plays, they try to keep them on an island and make plays.” Redd said

Visiting Cal-Berkeley this weekend.

“I’m going to Cal next week for junior days. I think they will offer.” Redd said. “I like Cal-Berkeley. I like the defenses coaches they asked me what position I wanted to play. They are recruiting me as a hybrid/slot receiver and that kind of stuff.”

“I play corner and running back in high school now. I have probably have four offers for running back right now the rest are corner.”

“I’m looking for someone (school of his choice) that can help me grow as a person and become a better person. “ Redd said

Redd said Cal-Berkeley, Tennessee, Arizona and Yale are close to offering.


Kolby has offers from; Arizona State, Louisville, Nevada, New Mexico State, Oregon State and Memphis.

Stanford and Northwestern are still actively recruiting Taylor. And he’s starting to hear from Arizona, Michigan State, Illinois, Colorado, Cal, Notre Dame, Michigan and Utah.

A couple offers possibly on its way.

“Northwestern is probably who I am talking to the most, of the schools that haven’t offered me yet. I’ve been talking to them a bunch. I’ve talked to them on the phone and everything quite a bit. They (Stanford) are a team that offers more in the spring. They really don’t do early offers.” Taylor said


“I’m wide open,” When asked if Arizona State was his favorite. “And yesI have gone to 2 or 3 of their games. They had a really big student section. It’s packed for most of the big games.”

“Coaches (ASU) said I have the smartness for the game. Quickness. Versatile where I can play a number of positions. I have good routing ability.” Taylor said

“I’ve been to Oregon State and Washington. It’s (OSU) was real nice. They were struggling last year didn’t have a great season, but I loved the city Corvallis itself. It was really nice.” Taylor said

Father played ball at Illinois.

“My dad went to Illinois actually played in the Big Ten and everything. I’m familiar with most of the schools – watch them on TV.” Taylor said

Taylor said he’s gotten letters from about every school including Nebraska. A Husker coach visited Taylor last year at the school.

Taylor wants to pick a school where he might be able to play his freshman year, but he knows it may not be possible. Wants a strong bond with the coaching staff. That was a big plus.


“I have five offers; UCLA, Washington, Arizona State, Utah and Boston College. I’m going (unofficials this summer) to Washington and maybe Arizona State and maybe UCLA.” Mc Kinney said

“They are a pretty good school.” Mc Kinney comments about the Sun Devils. “Their coaches seem pretty nice. They started recruiting me when I was pretty young, that’s why I like them. They like my size, they like how I cover ground in coverage. I have a great first step.” Mc Kinney said


“I like the coaches there (Washington) they are really good. I like them they are pretty good guys. I like where they are at (Seattle), it’s a pretty good city. They have one of the best business schools. I’ve been up there before its pretty cool.” Mc Kinney said

“I like Utah. I like the area (Salt Lake City) and Boston College it’s pretty far but I’m open to anybody. I’m hearing from Duke and USC.”

Mc Kinney said he’s also likes UCLA, knows the coaches well and has some friends that play on the team.


Another Dukie.

“Everything, it was close to home, the coaching staff, great environment, the locker room, the players, pretty much the whole package. Education wise too.” Gilbert said

“It’s (Duke) a hard school to get into, especially you’re trying to get in with academics. I’m glad they offered me on a scholarship.”

“Right now you can’t pick your major,” Gilbert said. “but I plan on going into finance. I like it here (when talking to Gilbert at his college dorm while at Walgreens), I’ve been here two weeks now.”

How is the transition going Mark?

“Not bad, not bad at all. It’s a big adjustment, especially come from high school but, I’m taking college courses. They don’t have any prerequisite courses that you have to take your freshman year.” Gilbert said

On the field.

“They like my length and my arms are long. I have a better shot to get some early playing time. Get up there before the other DB’s come in from my class. It’s all me, I got to work myself to get up there.” Gilbert said

What about your parents?

“It was a school they wanted me to go to. It was a school where at felt right for me too. So, it kind of worked out right. You have to have your grades up, they look at your high school transcripts. They just don’t just offer you a scholarship.” Gilbert said


A Dukie.

“I liked it, it was like home.” Said the Duke commit. “I liked the academics of course. The coaching staff that’s in place in the last 8 or 9 years. Obviously the facilities something I really liked.”

Duke likes his power and speed.

“They like my size that I bring to the table. They really like the power aspect, they really liked that, especially goal line situations. Wouldn’t have to rely on the quarterback to punch it in. Also, the speed that I can accelerate. Get a touchdown and not just a big 40 or 50 yard run.” Deveaux said

Home football games at Duke.

“I went to quite a bit of them. They are definitely (crowds) growing. From the way it once was. Coach David Cutliffe is trying to turn the program around for sure. It’s getting better and better every year and happy to be a part of it.” Deveaux said

School work.

“I want to major in finance and a minor in sports medicine. Their programs are top of the country. Definitely something I liked about the school. The aspect the connections you can make with students, past graduates. It’s a family - everybody looks out for each other.”

Family college grads of other ACC schools.

“My family is Pitt, Florida State and other schools. Each turned out with a degree. With (Duke) scholarship worth $65,000 a year, it’s something you just can’t pass up.” Deveaux said

The suitcase made many trips.

“I’ve been to all the in-state schools. Went to Boston College, visited Pitt a couple of times. Been to Georgia Tech, Rutgers. First thing I wanted to do is see all of the schools. That way you know when it comes down to decision time, it’s like ‘I wish I went here.’ So we went all over. Arizona and Arizona State, you name it, I mean was just about went everywhere – check out schools.” Deveaux said


Official visit to Pitt to reaffirm commit.

“I liked everything about it. It was a feel good process just to confirm about making the decision was pure. So I went on my official visit to confirm everything. I felt real good about Pittsburgh. I just wanted to follow through on my commitment.” Gilbert said

“I liked the atmosphere, I loved the campus. It’s a real nice city. Pittsburgh was pretty unique to me.” Gilbert said

Early playing time.

“I’m an early grad. Go to Pittsburgh and show them, so I can boost up my playing time is guaranteed my freshman year. Play next to Jordan Whitehead. If I do get big and get up like I’m predicted to, they will keep me outside and move Patrick Jones inside. Start dominating the pass rusher.” Gilbert said

“They love my ability to rush the passer on 3rd down and long situations.”

“I love the ACC. I grew up watching ACC; Chapel Hill, N.C. State and all the schools around here.”

“North Carolina backed off respectfully. Coach Larry Fedora knew he was satisfied, when I was probably going to Pittsburgh. They still offered me as a family member. It was a real good campus at Chapel Hill.” Gilbert said

Virginia Tech visit.

“I loved the atmosphere, the campus was awesome. Coach Frank Beamer was great when he was there. With the new coaching staff, the old staff went on their separate ways. Compared to Pittsburgh I had a better connection at Pitt.” Gilbert said


It’s all about the N.

“Nebraska was a great place to be when I was up there.” Says the Husker commit. “It felt like family, the team, a nice town, a big fan base. The University itself, being up there is really why I chose Nebraska.”

“I like the whole staff really. We (Coach Mike Riley) spoke for a couple minutes when I visited. They are happy to have me on board.” Bootle said

“The speed is definitely there for my size. I like to think of myself as a good lock down on defense, and try to get the ball back for the defense.” Bootle said

Bootle said some schools are still recruiting him because of all the de-commits and they want to fill their needs. He is committed to Nebraska and is solid with Nebraska.


“I just visited Washington State last week. It was good a little cold. The facilities are nice, the coaches are nice. The players are cool. It was a lot of fun.” Echols said

“They want me to play early at running back and slot a little bit. They like how I can catch the ball, being a running back for the whole team. Like every play. They (WSU) said I’m a complete back.” Echols said

“I’m going to Cal this weekend. It’s the same thing the coaches are good, the players are really nice. It’s also a great school for a degree – good education.” Echols said

“They (Cal.) said the same thing. I’m a complete player and can really help the team on the field.”

“I’ll probably decide (commit) right after my Cal visit. I want to see the campus and just figure it out.” Echols said


“I like the coaching staff and the campus,” said the Louisville commit. “Academics was big and also a reason to commit. I like Louisville there is a lot out there to do.”

Little has a great bond with Coach Garrick McGee.

Little said Auburn has not offered, but would like him to visit later in the month. It seems like he is solid with Louisville and looks unlikely other visits will be planned.

Little was accompanied with his mother on the trip to Louisville was weekend. She enjoyed it and has a lot of trust in the program.


“I love Ole Miss.” Said the future Rebel. “I like the family atmosphere and everything. It’s a good school to be at and I love the education. They have tutors and stuff. They really care what you do in school and everything.”

“It’s a beautiful campus there is no trash around it. Everybody is family friendly. It’s just a great place.”

“They say I’m physical but they love that I can play any place on the line. I think they will start me out as a guard when I get there.” Tuitt said

Tuitt said he doesn’t have any family living in Mississippi, but has a cousin that is a student at Ole Miss now. And knows a couple of players on the team now; Eric Swinney and Mike Hilton. He will take his official visit this week-end.


Once committed Gopher flipped to Oklahoma State.

“I have a lot of family down there (Oklahoma). The facilities are gorgeous and Coach Greg Adkins is a really good coach. He turns out offensive linemen the way it needs to be done.” Kegel said

Pokes’ coach high raves.

“Coach (Greg) Adkins said he can use me at guard or tackle. He said I’m aggressive, I’m at the size where I can be a guard or tackle. So he’s excited to get me see where I end up. He said he would work with me likes how aggressive I am - I keep my feet moving.” Kegel said

When did you visit OSU?

“I was there last weekend. I’ve been there 3 or 4 times before. I didn’t go this year, but I went to one last year. I went to one the year before that – I loved it. I love the small town feel and everything. It felt like home. It’s a campus that feels like nowhere else.” Kegel said

Thanks, but no thanks.

“All the other schools have backed off. I kind of made it clear I’m going to Oklahoma State at this point. And I changed my mind from Minnesota to Oklahoma State. I won’t change it anymore.” Kegel said

Liked home state school, but many factors came into play.

“I loved it (Minnesota) there. With the other coaching changes and everything I wasn’t 100 percent were the program was heading. I told Coach (Jerry) Kill that I didn’t want to steal from the university because I wasn’t 100 percent.” Kegel said


“I really liked their coaching staff, it was the place to be.” Said the Tulane commit. “They express education first. I grew up knowing education was first. It’s a place where I can reach my goals and become a real person, and be a successful man.”

Attributes on the field.

“They like how I get to the ball. I have good vision on the field. They like how I become aggression and have a desire to play the game.”

“Most (colleges) are recruiting me as a standup defensive end. Most people call it a jack backer or a hybrid.” Rainey said

Took in Tulane vs U of H game.

“I went to the University of Houston game. Pretty much all I’ve been too. I was a lot of fun. Got to know all my teammates, welcoming me. I felt like home, so it was a good place to be there.”

“They (Tulane) just told me it’s possible that I can play maybe my freshman year. It depends for me to put in the work, find a place and everything will speak for its self.” Rainey said


Whetzel’s top 3 in no order are: Maryland, Arizona and Univ. of Central Florida. He’s been to Iowa State on an official October 16 and plans on visiting Maryland this weekend. Indiana and Arizona are also scheduled later in month.

Terps making a late run for Whetzel will visit this weekend.

“Maryland offered me two weeks ago. They have a top recruiting class. They run similar plays on offense. They said I have a good work ethic, that’s why I was able to get an offer from them. I will visit there this weekend.” Whetzel said

“I’ll probably redshirt because I want to fill out my body a little more. Develop more as an athlete and then I can start my redshirt freshman year.” Whetzel said

Iowa State interest is not there with new staff. Will move on.

“Back out in October I took a visit to Iowa State,” he says. “I actually enjoyed the Iowa State visit, it was actually one of the most experiences I ever had. Frankly they (ISU) have a new coaching staff, that’s why they are not in my top schools any more. I haven’t heard from them.”

Arizona offered early, staying in the running.

“I heard a lot of good things about Arizona. I’m going on an official visit and check it out and see what I like about them. They have recruiting me beginning of this year. One of the first schools.” Whetzel said

“They (Arizona) say about the same thing Maryland says. A big play receiver, I’m a bigger wide receiver. I have good speed you know and I catch the ball eighty percent of the time.”

Scott Frost enter the picture at UCF.

“I have UCF and USF offers. UCF offered me about four days ago and actually what really intrigued me because they got their new coach from Oregon. I talked to him (Scott Frost) a couple days ago. He said I could play receiver and I can also play linebacker. To me I get my eyes open to stuff like that.” Whetzel said

“They (UCF) want me to visit before signing day like February 3. I don’t know if I will reschedule any of my visits.” Whetzel said

Whetzel went on to say he’s been to UCF several times to see games and stuff and doesn’t really need an official visit to know what it’s like.

Criteria making the right decision.

“I got to feel like I’m at home still. Be able to look at the coaching staff and see myself at that school the next four years. I got to really enjoy myself on the visit and feel like home. I will know where to go when I feel it.” Whetzel said


Texas commit has a chance to play early and is a solid commit. Unlikely to take other visits.

“I can go down there (Texas) and start for a starting position and it’s the greatest school academically. They are looking at me for a defensive tackle. They just had a player that decided for the draft, so now it would benefit me.” Wilbon said

“I visited Austin two times. The city is nice the facilities are really nice. It was just a great atmosphere.” Wilbon said

“I still hear from Miami, Georgia Tech and U of L. I don’t know if I will visit them; I’m pretty solid with Texas.”


Tulane commit.

“It’s one of the most prestigious schools in the South. They have a nice stadium and the facilities are nice. I’ve been there before, I live there and it’s nice to be close to home.” Hebert said

“They are recruiting me as a linebacker. How I can come down and make tackles in man coverage as an outside linebacker, safety and hybrid. In high school I played D-line, linebacker and safety.” Hebert said

“Southeastern (La.), Nicholls State and Wake Forest is still recruiting me. Wake Forest is visiting the 18 of January for a home visit.” Hebert said


“I went to the TCU spring game and they treated me like family. I just felt like home.” Hollins, the TCU commit said. “I want to go to a winning program. A place I’ve never been to, but I really like it down there; as far as the atmosphere.”

“They (TCU) like my football IQ. I can play any position on the offensive line. They really like my versatility, how I play in space. They will try me out at center and guard.” Hollins said

“I love the coaching staff at TCU. I take my official there January 15.”


“I committed to the University of Houston. It was an amazing atmosphere. I loved the city and the coaching staff. They like my size and speed. I can really cover the field.” Evans said

“I have one (visit) scheduled this weekend to UCF. I haven’t visited yet. The new coaching staff; the new coaching staff at Oregon. I just started talking to them. I really don’t know nothing about them.” Evans said

“I’ve been in contact with Texas A&M, Southern Miss, Minnesota and Texas Tech.” Evans said


Another Iowa commit.

“I was born as a Hawkeye fan and also really love the coaching staff. The brightest thing obviously is the players there. Yea, the coaching staff is really there for me. I went to every one of their games.” Hockenson said

Will he play early?

“They start redshirting at first. It depends if the think I’m ready to be playing then I will play. Coach (Reese) Morgan, he’s a great guy, He likes my personality across the table.” Hockenson said

Proved himself at camp; earned a scholarship.

“They (Iowa) likes that I can catch the ball. Honestly the biggest thing is blocking a lot. I went to camp last summer and I proved that I can block a lot, so that’s when they gave me my scholarship. I’m going to take my official visit their January 29.”

Keeping the instate players home.

“That was one of the big things for them; the instate guys. They said it means more to them being born as a Hawkeye.


“I liked the coaches and the atmosphere, and how it feels when I’m there.” Said the Iowa Hawkeye commit. “I just feel in love with it and it’s close to home. I’ve always loved the Hawks.”

“They (Iowa) like my aggression, I block through the whistle and I just keep going.” Williams said

“I was at all their home games. I loved all the atmosphere and all of that. My mom and my whole family loves that I’m going there.” Williams said

“For the most part they all have backed off.” When asked if other schools are still pursuing Williams. “Minnesota is hitting me pretty hard. I’m still going to Iowa nothing is going to change. They just want me up there and visit, but I don’t think I’m going to go. I’m committed to the Hawks and stay true to that.” Williams said


Davis is a legitimate 5 Star player he has offers from all over the Country.

“I took a visit to LSU, I really liked it out there. I really enjoyed the trip it’s the SEC. I like the campus and coaching staff. They like my range, my coverage skills and also step up to stop the run.” Davis said

Future visits?

“Yes sir. I’m going to Notre Dame the 13th, I’m going to Auburn the weekend of the 22nd. I’m going to Alabama the weekend of the 28th.”

Notre Dame’s tradition and early recruitment has Davis excited.

“Coach (Autry) Denson has been recruiting me since my 10th grade year, so we’ve been keeping in touch. I really like Notre Dame. A lot of people have been telling me about the tradition. They have a great thing going on, so I just can’t wait to check it out. They said I would get a chance to get early playing time.” Davis said

“In state school.” Davis comments about the Auburn Tigers. “I’ve been there a lot. I know the coaching staff. They are SEC football….Alabama another close to home school. Also, I’ve known them very well with the coaches. We’ll just have to see on Saturday.” Davis said

“They (Alabama) always win. They have great tradition going on. They always keep winning every week. I’m a winner, I like to win. I’ve been to Alabama games, it’s really a rowdy atmosphere and I enjoy it every visit.” Davis said


Butler visited Nebraska over the weekend and sounds like that's the place for him.

"It went well. I liked the campus really interesting place as well. The coaching staff is awesome. It's definitely a good system - I feel."

Living in Ohio, grew up in the Big Ten surrounds, is a big plus for Nebraska.

"I'm from Ohio, so the Big Ten is pretty good. Personally I'm in the Big Ten. It doesn't matter what conference for me there is going to be tradition at every school and Nebraska is definitely big. So, I would bring back championships and bring back the culture." Butler said

NU defensive back coach sees Butler as a top player.

"I know Brian (Stewart) pretty well. He's definitely a great guy, the coaching staff and everything. I definitely can grow as a player at Nebraska." Butler said

"I can play both (safety) positions. That was the big thing he (Stewart) was looking for. He said I could cover, he said I was one of those top priorities right now. So that was pretty neat. He said I have chance to play in the NFL." Butler said

Butler said he had a chance to talk to Head Coach Mike Riley. Thought he was a good coach. They had a good talk and he liked him a lot.


"No matter where I go I'm going to get my degree. That's definitely a plus. Definitely the higher the academics standards on my resume after football the better. Most schools have great tradition. A school like Nebraska is definitely good. After school I definitely have something to fall back on." Baker said

"They (Nebraska) are high in my list." He said.

Are they top on your list?



Johnson visited Minnesota over the weekend to reaffirm his commitment to the Gopher's.

“We (Coach Tracy Claeys) keeps in touch with me. He’s a pretty cool guy and is looking forward to coaching at Minnesota." Johnson said

"They are trying to get me to play safety but, they are looking at me both sides where I feel comfortable at.” Johnson said

“They like that I’m fast and a hard worker. All the schools have backed off since my commitment. I’ve always been a Minnesota Gopher fan and it’s close to home where my family can see me play.”


Turner explains his commitment to North Carolina.

“Going out there (UNC) being from the Midwest just head out East is a different experience to me. They are kind of East and South put together. It was a little different from the schools I’ve seen around here. Most of the Big Ten schools.” Turner said

“You rarely hear kids from the Midwest going out East to play football especially North Carolina. Next year I will be the only roster kid from Illinois, so that is something that caught my eye.” Turner said

Totally excited to be a Tar Heel.

“I visited there (UNC) last spring. The campus, like everyone can tell you is unreal. It’s beautiful, good weather. I love the coaches, the campus. I got a bunch of time to spend with the players. It was the whole package. It’s one of the best public universities in the country. That was another thing that caught my eye.” Turner said
BR> Former OU player on coaching roster.

“The tight ends coach Seth Littrell is down to earth guy. Real tough nose guy; he played fullback at Oklahoma. He likes the fact I can get my hands on a guy and bury him into the ground. Also, be able to run a pass route. It’s a mixture to have the ability to block and catch.”

“Most schools have backed off. I’m staying sure to my commitment. I don’t plan on starting off to any other school. I was just down there for the Miami game and January 16th I’m taking my official visit.” Turner said

Game day atmosphere incredible.

“It (game day) was an awesome experience, I mean it was beautiful. Being the end of November, 70 degrees, it was just unreal. With their improved record winning they are starting to fill the stadium, so awesome to see that, it’s an awesome coaching staff.” Turner said

Tough school to be admitted.

“That (academics) was the first thing being recruited by them, they asked about academics and all that kind of stuff. Out of state, if you’re not an athlete, it’s basically impossible to get into the school. I think out of state class is less than 10 percent to get accepted into school.” Turner said

“Academics are real important there. Always on the players getting their grades up and keeping them up. Most of the players told me it’s pretty hard to get into too.” Turner said


“Yep, last week or so.” Replied when the Husker’s offered. “They are recruiting me as a tight end. I played quarterback at my high school. They (Nebr.) say I run well. I’m 6-feet 7, 230 pounds.” Pojan said

“I’m taking my official (Nebraska) the 11th of December. I believe, but don’t quote me on that. I don’t know yet.”

More on Nebraska…

“I know they are a good school a really good football program. A lot of tradition of being great. They are definitely in my top 3.” Pojan said

Coaching change at Minnesota was costly for the Gophers.

“I’m de-committed from Minnesota; they had coaching changes. They lost their QB (coach) and offensive coordinator. When I was up there I fell in love with the coaches, that’s why I visited and committed as well.” Pojan said

Toledo coach and staff was hired at Iowa State. Might visit later.

“I haven’t visited there yet but, they have a new coach now. The Toledo coaches recruited me before I committed to Minnesota. I have a pretty good relationship with them.” Pojan said

ISU new head coach is pursuing Pojan hard.

“He (Matt Campbell) is definitely a really good guy. He likes his players and he’s a player’s coach.”

“I hear from Michigan State but not much from Michigan. I watched a practice (MSU) the other day and was talking with them.” Pojan said


"I went down to Syracuse last summer and was offered by Coach (Fred) Reed. We really sat down and praised me the whole game (film), and said they evaluated me. I fitted in their defense. After that I started looking into the program at the school. Then I just made the decision." Brinson said

"They like my abilities. The speed that I have, the way I play physical on the line and man to man coverage." Brinson said

"I like their schedule. How they play in the ACC. I visit Syracuse the 15th of January. This will be my first trip."

"Right now I'm committed to Syracuse, but I might take a couple more visits. Right now I'm going to Georgia Southern for a visit that's the only one so far. I just talked to Illinois and I talked to UMass over the break. Georgia State over the break and Jacksonville State." Brinson said

"They (Illinois) came by the school and they asked about Syracuse and stuff. I told them I'm kind of open. The linebacker coach (Al Seamonson) talked to me and the cornerback coach (Tim Banks) liked me a lot. They would like to offer, but they are going to wait two weeks to see who might commit."


California signal caller calls Nebraska home.

"The coaching staff is great, just the bases there is nothing really like it. I felt really in love with the school. The academics is solid. I kind of fell in love with everything." The Cornhusker commit said

"Yea, all of that." When asked if NU offensive coordinator Danny Langsdorf could take him to the next level and prior NFL coaching experience was a major factor. "Everything he's done a great job where he's gone. Also his coaching staff is similar what I have at my high school. He has a good relationship with my high school coach and school. I like that a lot."

"He's trying to run more of a pro style offense. I feel like it suits me how I have a strong arm. I can make any throw in the field. I feel like he (Langsdorf) sought after me that I would be a great fit for their system - for his offense." O'Brien said

What separates NU with other schools?

"Definitely tradition. I mean the fan base is amazing. They sell out like 53 seasons. Something like that. It's just a school to play for." O'Brien said

"I was there for the Wisconsin game. When I was there everybody wanted my autograph and every thing. I don't think many schools have that, so it made it so special."

O'Brien said he knows Keyshaun Johnson Junior a lot and he really likes Nebraska. He was at the Wisconsin game but traveled separately. Keyshaun father played for coach Riley.


"The program is on a rise." Says the Baylor commit. "Coach (Jim) Bush talks to me a lot. Says I can play early and make an big impact either on special teams or anywhere they can use me. They like me at strong safety, help out with the run or the pass."

Any other officials planned?

"I'm not planning any right now, but I guess I'll see with my dad. Just talk about officials and everything. To see what else feels right. Yea, anything is possible." Miller said

"I talk to Nebraska a lot, Oklahoma, Ole Miss, TCU. They all are trying to recruit me."

"They (Nebraska) pretty much tell me how I would fit into their program. Right now I bring everything on the table for a safety. They came down to the school just to see me practice and everything." Miller said

"I've talked to Coach (Brian Stewart), Coach (Mike) Riley. During the spring coach (Trent) Bray came down."

"Pretty much the same thing as everyone else." When asked about the Sooners interest. "Try to get me down there, just take a few visits to see the campus and the football program. Everybody aknows their tradition is pretty big." Miller said

"I talked to Coach (Kerry) Cooks. He recruited me early. We talk now and then making sure I'm doing good. And making sure I finish strong my senior year." Miller said

Ole Miss.

"I've talked to Coach (Corey) Batoon down there a lot. They have been pretty heavy on me, a lot of the coaching staff. They tell me what I can do at free safety, it's kind of another linebacker. They like my physicality. I can get down there and play any of the positions." Miller said


“Indiana and Virginia Tech have offered. Georgia, Louisville, North Carolina, Mississippi State; I would say these guys are pretty close. They all have a pretty good interest in me. I haven’t been offered by them yet – they are still in the hunt.” DeBiase said

Waiting for the right time to plan officials.

“I haven’t taken any officials, several unofficials so far. I really haven’t decided what I’m going to do far as my officials. I’m just kind of playing out this season. We are in the Final 4 right now.” DeBiase said

“Hopefully we will be playing in the state championship.” He added. “Right now my really focus is to win the state championship. When high school football is over I’m going to direct my attention to recruiting.”

De Biase visited Louisville, Georgia and Indiana on his own.


“I really like coach (Garrick) McGee and the head recruiting coordinator (Greg Brown). It’s (Louisville) just a really nice school, beautiful campus, big time football. It’s very intriguing for me.”

“They (Louisville) have the same mindset right now. They only have a couple games left in their season and they are really focusing on the last could weeks for a championship; before they take their mind for recruiting.” DeBiase said

Really likes Georgia.

“Georgia, it’s close to home, so I really like that. Coach (Mark) Richt, Coach (Brian) Schottenheimer, Coach (John) Lilly and Coach (Jeremy) Pruitt; I feel like I have built a pretty good relationship with these guys the past couple of years. I’ve been very specific with them. Going to a lot of their camps and everything. I think they like that.” DeBiase said

“I went to Georgia camp last summer and the summer before that. I went to a game this past weekend and went to one last year.” DeBiase said

“It’s great.” DeBiase explains game day between the Hedges. “They pack out the stadium. The fans are great, I got to do the Dawg Walk. It’s just a cool game day atmosphere.”

“That’s (Dawg Walk) were they get off the busses at a certain point we walk a quarter of a mile, the band is playing. All the fans give the players high fives. It’s just walking into the stadium before the game. Everybody is really hyped up.” DeBiase said

Georgia and DeBiase to talk about plans.

“They (Georgia) liked how I improved over the years. I was actually up their past weekend and I talked to coach Richt and Schottenheimer. They said once they get through this Georgia Tech week and then we will get on the phone at some point after that. Visit with me on the phone and kind of discuss where I’m at with them and stuff like that. I love Georgia.” DeBiase said

Hoosiers’ first offer.

“It’s (Indiana) not too far away,” DeBiase said. “I love Coach (Kevin) Wilson. They were my first offer and that means a lot to me that they were the first. I like Bloomington. It’s really, really cool town. And the thing is the program is on a rise. Their offense fits my skill set very well, so I really like all these schools.”

Just what type of quarterback are you?

“I’m not really a duel threat quarterback, but I wouldn’t consider myself as a packet passer either. I’m able to move very well in the pocket. They (high school) have several zone reads for me, I’m not a guy that’s just going to sit back there.” DeBiase said.

A process what to look for in a college.

“Possible to play early what the school vision for me is. Sit down with the coach and ask him what you see for my future. It really comes down to where my family thinks what’s best for me and my future. Location, how many quarterbacks they have on the roster. If they start a freshman that year. They all come into play, but the same time you are making an agreement for 4 or 5 years of your life.” DeBiase said


Nworah is currently committed to Missouri. At this time he doesn’t want to discuss whether or not if he sign with the Tigers this February. Coach Gary Pinkel is resigning at the end of the season.

“It’s a good school (Missouri) academics and football. I like the SEC its an outstanding conference. With the process they are going through I really haven’t heard anything.” Nworah said

Nworah said he has not heard from the Missouri coaching staff since Pinkel’s resignation. He is waiting it out and see what happens and see if others schools are interested.

“I did visit Kansas and Kansas State before with some of my teammates. It felt like a good environment, like family.” Nworah said


Auburn, Mississippi, TCU, Texas and Texas A&M are his finalist. Cuffee did visit Notre Dame back in September but they are no longer in consideration.

"I went to the Notre Dame and Texas game. It was a great environment, I've been out there before. I wanted to go up there and see what it would be like (game day). I like them a lot. I like the education part and many kids graduate. They are not in the top 5 though." Cuffee said

"I like Auburn a lot." Cuffee said. "I went out there as well. I liked the coaching staff and how they play defense. The the SEC and everything. Play against the best."

"Ole Miss has been to my school and been recruiting me early. They spend a lot of time in Texas. I just love the coaching staff and might get to play early."

"Same thing about the other schools. They (TCU) show me a lot of love. The coaching staff is great; coach Patterson is a great person." Cuffee said

Cuffee went on to say even though Texas and Texas A&M are not having great years, he likes their coaching staffs. There is a lot of things that go into it. The records don't mean every thing.

"I'll take some more visits in December. Playing time is not a factor. I don't focus on that because it's my part and not theirs. They will tell me either way. I'm going to commit January 2." Cuffee said


“I’m going to visit Nebraska, Iowa and Wisconsin. I haven’t set up them officially.”

“They (Nebr.) recruited me pretty hard. Coach (Mike) Cavanaugh seems like a pretty nice guy. He said I’m very mobile. I’m an athlete. I hear from the almost daily. Like twice a week.” Jackson said

“Iowa is pretty good to me,” said the two sport athlete. I had a friend that committed to them last week. They have a lot of tradition sending offensive linemen to the NFL. I like them a lot.”

“Wisconsin, they are a pretty good team. Smash mouth football. They like to run the ball a lot. They like my ability.” Jackson said


Bayer is a North Dakota State commit. Nebraska offered Beyer last week and plans on visiting for the Iowa game on an unofficial visit.

Will focus on recruiting more after the season.

“Right now I’m committed to North Dakota State.” Beyer said. “I’m kind of focusing on my senior season right now. When that’s over I’ll get into more recruiting and see what happens with that, but that’s where it stands for now.”

“Actually I had a visit (unofficial) planned before they (Nebr.) offered me. I’m going to Nebraska for the Iowa game.” Beyer said

Nebraska seems like a good fit for Beyer.

“Yea! I’m definitely interested in them. I mean the tradition they have. There it’s great and their history. Just the way they play football. I like talking with their coaches they seem like good people.” Beyer said

“It would be excited to go down for a visit to talk with coaches.” Beyer said. “Seems like the atmosphere there (Nebr.) is amazing. I know the fans are pretty crazy, that’s pretty cool too. It will be my first time.”

“Coach (Tavita) Thompson contacted me on Twitter. He asked for my coach’s number, he talked with my coach for a while. Then my coach gave me his (Thompson’s) number; I’d gave him a call. That’s when he extended the offer.” Beyer said

Coach Thompson phone call with Beyer’s coach.

“He (Thompson) said he likes how I can move. He likes my speed. They use a lot of tight ends in their offense. I can fit in just right. The only worry in the beginning was that they didn’t offer me any earlier - if they would put a bunch of weight on me. That was kind of what the conversation was with Coach White.” Beyer said

“I’m about 6-5, 200 pounds. Shouldn’t have any problems putting weight on with my size and frame. Other than that Coach Thompson told my coach how I can pass block given I’m only 200 pounds.”

Beyer’s parents excited about NU’s offer as well.

“They both kind of shocked because it was kind of came out in the blue. Their very excited. It’s (Nebr.) the second FBS offer. I actual got an offer last week from the Air Force Academy which was pretty cool. It’s not anything I’m considering a lot, but it was pretty cool to get that first offer. Then when Nebraska with their history they were excited. I’m excited. It’s a pretty cool deal.” Beyer said

Air Force offer was great, but the commitment may not be there.

“I mean I think they are a great program, but I don’t think I want to commit the extra four years, because you have to stay with them for four years or five years. Then you have another four year commitment to the Air Force Academy. I don’t know if I want to do that.” Beyer said

Iowa schools.

“I get mail frequently from both probably Iowa a little bit more than Iowa State, but yea I’ve been in contact with both of them. I think there is a chance one of them could (offer). I mean I’m not counting on anything” Beyer said


Kongbo has offers from Arizona, Auburn, Louisville, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oregon State, Tennessee, Washington and a few others. He visited Mississippi October 18th, has a scheduled visit to Auburn November 20th. Would like to visit Nebraska at a later date.

Kongbo was born in South Africa (Congo). Moved to Canada played some football before transferring to Arizona Western CC.


“I know Nebraska has a rich tradition, their program in the past had lots of success. I guess that intrigued me the most.” Kongbo said

“They (Nebr.) just said they needed help rushing the passer. They like what I can do on the field. Like the fact I’m a big kid who can move well, aggressive, and I can get to the quarterback.”

“I actually took a visit to Ole Miss.” He says. “It was a real cool experience first time down south. It was great, I had a great time with the coaches. They need a lot of help on defense.” Kongbo said

“They (Ole Miss.) basically needed someone to come in with a little bit mature out of high school other than freshman.” Kongbo said

“I might, I might.” Deciding whether to visit Alabama. “A school I’m definitely looking into. To see if I can fit in. They like the size I bring and my athletic abilities. I use to hear from Alabama, but the last week or two I haven’t.


Drayton has more than 15 offers. So far he has Iowa and Nebraska set up for official visits.

Drayton was supposed to take an official to Nebraska November 7th but it was rescheduled to November 27th because his SAT test is the same day.

Drayton said Nebraska coaches’ likes his size, his leaping ability, covering the field and fits well in the Husker defense. Nebraska didn’t offer Drayton early playing time but, after watching them on TV he sees a good chance to start his freshman year.


“I think it’s the 14th (November).” When asked his visit date to Iowa City. “I like Iowa me and coach (Chris) White have a good connection. They begin recruiting me since I was a sophomore. We talk almost every week. Me and him (White) have a real strong bond. I really like Iowa is because of Coach White. I’m excited about getting up there.” Drayton said

“They (Iowa) like to play freshman immediately, one of the reasons why I like them. They have a pretty good season right now, so I wanted to keep that thong going. They like my size, they like that I can come down and hit people and just my leap in general.”

Other possible visits.

“I’m thinking about Indiana, and Miami and maybe Purdue, but I haven’t really set those up yet. Just Nebraska and Iowa.” Drayton said

Indiana recruits Florida hard and Drayton is taking a hard look at them.

“I love the coaching. They recruit hard down in this area. We got three guys over there from Largo. So, I mean it’s like a family over there. And Coach Noah Joseph…matter of fact coach (Greg) Fry and head coach (Kevin Wilson) we down at the school today (10/29) talking to us. So it seems like a big family. The coaches really connect with the players. Everything seemed pretty good.”

Miami is going through some hard times, but is Drayton still interested?

“Oh, yea definitely. Me and Coach Al Golden talked a few times but, mainly I talk with the defensive coach Larry Scott.”

“It’s (Miami) close to home. I like them to but, it’s crazy over there with firing and everything. I really haven’t heard from any of the coaches for two weeks.” Drayton said

“I really like Miami a lot,” Drayton said. “I actually went over there during the summer for a visit. I liked the facilities and everything.”


“Same thing I talk with the defensive back coach Taver Johnson. He said they need help at DB’s and I would be a good fit. See the team in general, chemistry, how they act in the locker room. One big family that’s what I expect in college.” Drayton said

What the coaches like on film.

“They like my hitting ability. I’m not afraid to stick my head in there. I’m physical. They said they would put a lot of weight on me like 200 or 210. So, I would be like a freak. I’m 6-3 so hopefully I will get up there to 200 by that time next year.”


Leguins is committed to Georgia. Wants to look around to give other teams a chance.

Georgia on my mind.

“Right now I’m looking at the schools the same. Like Georgia I want to talk to the coaches face to face. I don’t think it’s fair to other schools, they should have the same opportunity that Georgia has.” Leguins said

Husker visit.

“I liked everything - the atmosphere. Especially game day.” Leguins said about his official visit to Nebraska. “I really loved it, it was great. I saw that red in the stands and everything. They take football seriously at Nebraska.”

“They (Nebr.) like my athletic ability playing in the slot, and I can cover the end or put me outside and fill the gap. My rushing the passer abilities.” Leguins said

Is Nebraska too far to play?

“I don’t think distance will enter my decision. I just have to find the right coaches. Coaches recruiting me all across the country, and I have to let the Lord lead me. If Nebraska is a good fit I’m going to Nebraska.” Leguins said

“I hear from Nebraska (Bray) twice or three times a week (Twitter). Coach (Mike) Riley contacted me the other night.” Leguins said

“This Saturday I’m going to Kentucky.” Said Leguins. “I’ve been up there one time on a church visit and I just liked the surroundings and everything. The people were nice and everything. They are really trying to turn things around up there.”

LSU Leguins childhood favorite. Interested and will visit.

“Yes sir that’s one of these schools I kind of had a little thing for when I was a child - the opportunity. Definitely go there and look at everything. I have heard so many good things up there. They came in recruiting me late, but I’ll give them a chance like everyone else.”

Leguins closeness to the Bulldog program keeps them in the running.

“Just comfort really.” Leguins comments about his home state school. “I’m up here and everything where I grew up. Ten minutes from the stadium. Saw all the players – know everything, and they are recruiting hard. They (UGA) recruited me so hard early and just the relationships with the coaches.”


Tre is currently to the Kansas State Wildcats, but is going to check out some other schools. He will visit Minnesota this weekend and to Nebraska at a later date. He is also interested in Northwestern, Syracuse and Vanderbilt.

NU offers.

“Nebraska offered me last Friday.” Bryant said. “I hear from them twice a week (Twitter). They talk about my games and stuff.”

“They (Nebr.) like my style; how I am with the ball in my hands. I’m interested in Nebraska as well. I have to do some research on them and make sure I fit into their system. I’m very interested in them.” Bryant said

Familiar with Nebraska’s tradition.

“I definitely know about the fan support. I also know they are historically rich with football. They have five National Championships. I have to do some more work on their offensive system; watch some games. Other than that I’m interested in them.” Bryant said

Other possibilities?

“Right now I’m thinking about Northwestern, Syracuse as well, and most likely Vanderbilt. I have to decide which ones I will take my officials from.” Bryant said

“Definitely the education part of it.” Bryant explains his interest in Northwestern. “Northwestern degree is a big deal and they like to use their backs in a good way.”

Bryant likes the fact Syracuse has strong running back tradition. Vanderbilt, how the use their running backs in a good way too. They like physical backs.

“The kind of like the same with Nebraska.” When asked about the Gophers. “They like to utilize their running backs a lot. They would like to use me as a running back, but would use me in the slot a lot.”

“I’m mostly an all-purpose back, can go inside the tackles and outside the tackles. Catching passes out of the back field and also pass protect.” Bryant said

Bryant said he still hears from the Kansas State coaches and is still committed at this point.


Lorenzo has more than 15 offers, some of the major ones include: Arizona, Boston College, Colorado, Nebraska, Oregon State, Utah, Washington, Washington State and Wisconsin.

“I went to one unofficial in the spring to Utah, it was kind of visiting Utah and Webber State and after that I went on another unofficial to Colorado early summer. After that I really didn’t go anywhere else.” Burns said

Burns enjoyed his visit to Colorado. Buffalos athletic and campus upgrades should help in recruiting.

“I liked the atmosphere it was real nice, beautiful campus, beautiful place, building new facilities. I didn’t get to see the whole thing, but once they were done it would be a very nice university. On the athletic side and academic side. I loved the whole atmosphere; coaches and everything.” Burns said

“They (Colorado) told me that I was high on their board. If I would commit there it would be a thing I would try out on offense and if I want to go defense. They are recruiting me as an athlete.” Burns said

“They like the fact I’m a coaches kid, so I know to the game.” Burns said of the Buffalos coaching staff. “I know the game a lot. They like the fact I can go both ways. Also I do special teams; return kicks, punts, I play a little cornerback for them on defense. And they like the fact that I make plays at the quarterback position. I have good ball skills. I have fluid hips, I can cover, and I’m aggressive for my height and weight.”


“I also liked the atmosphere. One of my friends from school went with me, so I got to see the whole area. It seemed friendly up there, I was there about 4 days. The coaching staff is good up there and the DB coach.” Burns said

“Yes sir.” When asked if he likes Nebraska. “I keep in contact with Coach (Brian) Stewart often. He likes the fact that also I’m a coach’s kid, I know the game. They like my game day abilities as a defensive back, and I’m physical, my technique.”

“He (Stewart) wants me to go up there on an official visit; see the whole campus. Really get a physical feel for it. He’s recruiting me as a cornerback; that my hips are fluid. He likes that I can recognize pass schemes. That I know defenses, I’m able to put people in places in the secondary. Help each other out. Far as pass defenses goes he likes my speed and good foot work. ”

Overall really likes Nebraska.

“I like the fact they are a competitor every year. They are a big conference program. I did my research on the academics. As far as there athletic programs goes they are top notch. They play good football, they put out draft picks.” Burns said

“They (Nebr.) recruited somebody from Roosevelt a couple years ago who was about my size, height, and weight, and he’s in the league now which impressed me. And I know they played Wisconsin in the championship game.” Burns said

Eyeing Wisconsin; might visit.

“I like the fact they are physical, they are smart. I think the academics are very good. The get after it every year.” Big Ten Conference.

“I’m interested in it. It’s a physical conference, people get after it. Of course they have Ohio State up there right now. You also have teams like Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, Minnesota who also play good football every year.”

Planned visits.

“As far as family knows it’s going to be Nebraska, I’m going to try to visit Wisconsin, after that I’ll have to think about the other ones.” Burns said


Jordan said he visited Michigan State and Alabama over the summer neither one has offered but will follow his progress this fall. Alabama State, Appalachian State, Tulane, Vanderbilt have offered.


“I liked their (MSU) coaching staff. Michigan State said they like me a lot, but they don’t recruit a lot of players from Alabama.” Jordan said

“I like Michigan State’s defense and I know the cornerback coach (Harlan Barnett). I liked it up there it was a lot of fun and I have family that lives in Michigan. They want to see how I play, if the games are going good.” Jordan said

“They (MSU) might off. Nobody throws my way on defense. I try to be a lock down corner.” Jordan said

“Bama showed early interest.

“I visited Alabama in the spring,” Jordan said. “I know coach (Mel) Tucker he’s the DB coach. We talk a lot.”

“Alabama recruited me since the end of my freshman year – they show a lot of love. I’ve been to some Alabama games, I saw them when they played Mississippi State and the spring game. They have a lot of loyal fans.”

Michigan still has Jordan on the list.

“I know Michigan wants to see some film, so I’ll wait until the middle of the season and see how it goes. I know if Michigan State offers me they (Michigan) will probably turn it around.” Jordan said

“I hear from Missouri, Miami, Troy, Wake Forest and Georgia Southern.”


“I love Tucson.” Said the Arizona Wildcat commit. “I love the town. I’ve always been a Wildcat fan. I like the coaching staff; Coach Rich Rodriguez is out there.”

“I like the tempo of the practices and all the facilities. Everybody is like a community during game day. It’s a pretty good atmosphere.” Holt said

“I just need to get in there, work hard and make an impact right away. I can’t wait to get down there.” Holt said

“They (UofA) like how strong I’m up front, they like my motor. I just keep going.” Holt said


Jay has offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Minnesota, Mississippi State, Southern Miss and others.


“I just liked the atmosphere at Alabama, it’s close to home. Many students from my high school go there. I like their facilities and the nutrition program; it’s a family atmosphere.” Jones said

“Coach (Mario) Chistobal came up to my school, we built a relationship and he talks to me on Twitter. He said I’m pretty high on their board. He saw me at camp down there. I had an ankle injury, just went down there to check it out.” Jones said


“Coach (Gus) Malzahn likes me as a quarterback in the Wildcat formation. I went to their summer camp tried out at quarterback also as a wide receiver.” Jones said

“They (Auburn) are recruiting me for everything. I’ve played receiver before. I want to play receiver or cornerback in college. I’m making an official visit to Auburn for the Iron Bowl.” Jones said

“I like Mississippi State too. They had some players from my high school that played there.”


“They like how I can chase down the quarterback as an outside linebacker.” Said the Husker commit.

“I know they have a great fan base, just the fans being there. Just by the stadium itself. It’s something I really liked about it.” Alexander said

Changing positions at Nebraska.

“Coach Trent Bray (Nebraska) said I can make the transition about reads, coverage, read the tackle, cover the receiver and things like that. He thinks I can do it all. I play defensive end now and I will play outside linebacker.” Alexander said

“I’m still hearing from other schools that I will visit (officials). We (Nebr.) established that a while back on my visit. I told them that I was able to take as many visits as I like. If I could I probably take two more.” Alexander said

Alexander want to take officials to Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh along with Nebraska.

“Virginia Tech it’s a great place to play defense. They are one very defensive minded down there. It’s just a great place possible go to. They like my speed of the edge. Basically use me as a pass rusher. The schemes fit a lot would I do.” Alexander said

“At Pitt I really love Coach Pat Narduzzi and the D-Line coordinator (Josh Conklin). At Pitt it’s almost like Nebraska It’s just a great place to be. It’s where the Pittsburgh Steelers are from, I would be able to train with the Pittsburgh Steelers players. Things like that.”

Change of heart?

“I’m really sticking with Nebraska, it’s locked down but after that I’ll give my definite word.”

Aurora Jesuit Catholic opens up the season tonight at Cherry Creek. All eyes will be on Husker commit tight end JACK STOLL.

“I feel like we have the team that could take us to a state championship. We return a lot of players. Ready to go. I will be playing tight end and H-Back this year.” Stoll said

“I hear from Nebraska coaches on Twitter. Coach Mike Reilly and Coach Tavita Thompson. Most schools have backed off but I do hear from Texas.” Stoll said

Future Husker APHONSO THOMAS of Van, Texas, had an outstanding performance last Friday night. Rushed the ball 21 times for 161 yards and 2 touchdowns and caught one pass for a 35 yards and a touchdown. Van defeated Palestine 45-14 in the season opener.

“It was a touch game at first but we pulled away.” Thomas said

J D SPIELMAN, of Eden Prairie won last week over Edina 41-7. Eden Prairie stands at 2-0 for the season with the season opener 38 to 20 over Totino – Grace. Eden Prairie plays at Hopkins tonight.

The school does not release player stats until the end of the year, but it’s been reported (unofficial) season totals are 19 carries for 127 yards and 3 touchdowns. Caught 3 passes for 18 yards.

“Our defensive backs played really well. They gave the D-Line time to sack the quarterback. Our offense was pretty good, we put up 41 points. Our offensive line blocked well and gave lanes for the running backs.” Spielman summarizes the win over Edina.

“I play slot, running back, strong safety, and outside receiver. I will be playing wide receiver in college (Nebraska). I’m sticking with Nebraska. Most of the other schools have backed off.” Spielman said


“They like my skills at wide receiver.” Said the Texas Tech commit. “Like my height, I can go up and get the ball. They said I’m going to get bigger and faster; get older and things like that.”

Longhorn fan.

“My uncle (Nathan) played at Texas when he was at college. I’ve always been a Texas fan. They (Texas) recruited me until they did the coaching changes. I know Coach Les Koenning was recruiting me and left. And I didn’t hear from him at all.” Vasher said

Are you sticking with Texas Tech?

“My father told me commitment is something nice but just like they can take my scholarship; and I can de-commit. I figure it’s the word right now. I’m open until signing date.”

“I think the only place I went was SMU. It wasn’t too bad. It was a place I was familiar with, so it was pretty nice.” Vasher said

“We played Abilene Cooper this past Friday. We lost 38-32, we played pretty good. I had 8 catches for 160 yards with 2 touchdowns.” Vasher said


Buechele, a Texas Longhorn commit briefly explains of his decision.

“Just overall way the coaches are; beliefs and how they really caught my eye. I like how Coach (Charlie) Strong is with his players. Some people disagree what he believes in just in this last year. I think he and his coaching staff can do anything.” Buechele said

“I think they like my skill set, I can throw the ball but also make plays when the pocket collapse- just on a zone read option.” Buechele said

New ideas on offense.

“They (Texas) are putting in a new system, which we put in my high school. He (Coach Shawn Watson) said I will be a great fit for them in their offense.”

“I might go up there (official visit) for the California game. I know a couple of recruits in my class are going. I’ll take an official visit for sure but I just don’t know when.” Buechele said

OU fan growing up; Longhorns best fit.

“I wasn’t really a Longhorn fan, I was always OU fan growing up. My brother and my two sisters went to Oklahoma, I just grew up watching sports there. When I finally sat down looked at all aspects of the game of football and academics; I don’t think any school was good as Texas.” Buechele said

“No complaints.”

“I went to a couple (visits) during the recruiting process. I probably went 2 or 3 times at Oklahoma. I really liked it. There is different things about different schools. I have no complaints about their football program.” Buechele said


Kaden is committed to Stanford just waiting on transcripts to clear admissions.

Likes the combination of academics and football.

“I like the education and how they use the tight ends. They use a lot of tight ends. It’s one of the best colleges for football and academics.” Smith said

“I’m really excited, it’s hard but it’s one of the best universities in the country. I have a couple of cousins that live in L.A, and have one in Oregon. I just really like the place. It’s just something nice, great weather, good to play football in that.” Smith said

Smith believes Stanford’s use of tight ends will send him to the NFL.

“Stanford usually uses 2 or 3 tight ends. They have a balance where they are flexed out and block. Some schools just might be a receiving tight end, at Stanford it’s more balanced. Where you are NFL ready at college.” Smith said

“They like great tight ends like me, they are going to take another one in my class. They just want someone who can spread out and pass block.” Smith said

“I was the first tight end they offered. I think I was one of the first two they offered in my class. So yea they wanted me pretty bad.”

Great weather; just everything.

“The coaches are great I think I spent like four days there. I went up there this summer by myself. Yea the coaches are great and obviously the weather is beautiful. So leaving Texas would be a good change, it’s something I’m looking forward to.” Smith said

“I plan on taking my official in January or I might go out there for the Notre Dame game or the Oregon game.”

Smith said he is waiting to hear back a week or two if he is able to play ball at Stanford. If not he is keeping his options open for another school.

“I visited A&M and Baylor.” Smith said. “I kind of like to get out of Texas. I like Stanford’s style of offense. A&M is more of a receiving tight end and with Baylor they don’t do much with their tight ends much. I think I will be more NFL ready at Stanford.”


Michael has offers from Auburn, North Carolina State, Old Dominion, Rutgers and Virginia. He has narrowed it down to Auburn and Virginia pending that the Virginia coach will be there after this season.

“It’s (Auburn) a big time school, they show me love and they have great facilities. I’ve been there before worked out with the O-Line coach (J B Grimes). I got to hang out with the players, had a little cook out, that’s about it. It’s about a 12 hour trip.” Carney said

“Auburn wants me as an interior lineman; for a guard. They like how quick I’m on my feet. I’m a good player and have a knack for the game.” Carney said

“I’ve been to Virginia twice.” Carney said. “Things are a little shaky right now because of the situation with coach (Mike London). Some people are saying he will get fired after the season.”

Carney said that Rutgers is in constant with him and wants Carney to visit this fall. Penn State is looking closely at Carney and might extend an offer.

“My coach said I will get some more offers after a couple more games. Troy and Penn State are showing interest. I don’t hear from them (PSU) but, I do like Penn State.” Carney said


Kevin narrowed his top 5 in no order; Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Louisiana - Lafayette, Texas Tech and Texas.

Visit to the desert.

“I like the coaches (Arizona State) and the plans they have for me. I’m taking my visit October 30. I like everything.” Moore said

“They (ASU) like that I’m a great linebacker. I have great instincts; I can cover. I’m a good open field tackler. I can read (offenses). They told me I’m top of their board.” Moore said

Oklahoma State.

Moore said he talks with Oklahoma State all the time. He researched the school out and liked it. Moore said he would consider Oklahoma State because he has a chance to play early.

“They (OSU) said I’m a good play maker. Play side line to side line. They pretty much say the same thing.”

Louisiana – Lafayette, home town school still in the mix.

“I like it (ULL) because it’s my in town. I mean, it’s a great program. I like the coaches a lot. I’ve been there a couple times for games, it’s a great environment. I like the campus and the football team.” Moore said

First official visit around the corner with Texas Tech.

“I have a scheduled visit September 4th. It’s a great school Coach (Kevin) Curtis is my recruiter. I like the plan he has for me. I’m one of their top priorities and number one on the board (LB). Moore said

Moore said he went to Texas this summer, his last visit. He knows the coaches, loves the city (Austin). Showed a lot of love. When he got there he had conversations with the coaches.

Just before lunch it seemed like Texas was going to offer, but apparently changed their mind. Texas coaches told him they will watch him later this season, if they have an opening.


Baker has more than 20 offers. Arizona, Arizona State, Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, are among them.

LSU junior day’s didn’t result into an offer but Baker thinks he will get one later.

“It was OK.” LSU junior days. “They talked to me on the visit, I don’t have an offer from the yet. They (LSU) said I’m a good ball player, like my speed. I need to work on my pass rushing and everything.” Baker said

Baker said even if LSU did offer he’s wide open and will take all of five visits. He will make his announcement on signing day.


“Texas A&M was really nice. I liked everything where I go; the facilities and everything. Very good coaching staff.” Baker said

“All the coaches want me to come up there (official) and check it out. If I like it and if they like me, they want me to sign with them.” Baker said

A&M coaches pushing hard.

“Coach Terry Joseph and Coach Terry Price came out to my high school to watch me practice. They like my speed, how I are with my hands. (Terry) Joseph sat down with me and broke down film.” Baker said

“When they came to high school my coach gave me coach (Terry) Joseph and coach (Kevin) Sumlin’s phone number.”

Baker briefly comments on the Volunteers.

“The people they have their (Tennessee) are good. Their football team is in the SEC, a lot of competition. The campus is very nice. Everybody treats me well. They want me to come out during the season.” Baker said


Michael is a great linebacker. He has offers from schools such as Arkansas, Baylor, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Michigan, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Texas A&M and a few others.

Three visits set up for now.

“I’m going to make my decision after the season; enroll midterm. I’m taking all my officials during the season. I have three set up; Florida State, Texas A&M and Oregon.” Divinity

“I’m going to Florida State September 5; Texas A&M September 10 and Oregon September 25th.” Divinity added


“I love their (FSU) defense. Very physical practices and they have a great program. They want to get me down there and see me in person and see the whole coaching staff. Meet a couple of players and talk to them and see how it is out there.” Divinity said

“That’s not too far away from home.” Divinity said about the Texas A&M Aggies, which he will visit again. “I have a good relationship with coach (John) Chavis, (Terry) Joseph and coach (Mark) Hagen.”

“I had a wonderful time when I went out there.” Divinity said about his first visit to A&M. “It’s very nice out there and education wise they are great. They have nice facilities and will be finished (with others) if I were to go out there.”

“Texas A&M likes how I cover, I have speed, I’m good recognizing offenses and a lot of things. The only thing I need to work on is my hands more. They said that I’m going in at midterm was a good thing and I might get a lot of playing time. Get there and prove myself on and off the field.” Divinity said

What about the Ducks?

“Defense! They are a 3-4 team and I have a good relationship with coach (Erik) Chinander, the defensive coordinator too (Don Pellum). Go out there and see how everything is – the facilities and the coaches.” Divinity said

“They (Oregon) can see me play my freshman year and right now I’m building a good relationship with them.”

LSU, not sure where they stand.

“I went to LSU for a games last year with Ole Miss, Alabama and Mississippi State. Their football games are crazy. I hear from coach (Kevin) Steele, coach Frank (Wilson) and coach (Ed) Orgeron.” Divinity said

Divinity said he’s not sure if LSU will get an official visit. Wants to learn more about the staff.


Tate has a top ten in order of Mississippi, Louisville, California, Boise State and Louisiana Tech. Although Ole Miss is his favorite school they have packed off a little it. Arizona State has been in contact with Tate recently and wants him to visit.

"I went to Louisiana Tech and Ole Miss for a junior day. I liked the coaches at Ole Miss and it's a SEC team. I've haven't been talking to them much lately." Tate said

Sends players in the NFL.

"I like the coaches (LaTech). I like the D-Line coach (Rick Petri) he sends players to the NFL. I like how their program is going to the right direction. He hits me up on Twitter, tells me I'm high on their board as a defensive end. He likes how fast I'm off the ball, high on their board. It's close to home and I can see myself playing there." Tate said

"I like that they (LaTech) have a quarterly system with grades. The first quarter ends after football season."

Boise State.

"Coach (Steve) Caldwell is recruiting me hard. They (Boise) are graduating 7 on the D-Line, so if I go there I have a chance to play early. I like the program at Boise, I thing it's one of the winningest programs in the nation. They want me pretty bad." Tate said

Tate said Cal came by the school last spring and talked to him some. Enough interest he plans on visiting them this fall.

"Arizona State wants me to come up for a visit. They play in a pretty good conference; Arizona, Oregon all of them. And I like the D-Line coach Jacki Shipp. I hear from him about every other day. He just checks up on me to see how every thing is going." Tate said


Pernell has about 15 offers. Nebraska, Arizona State, Miami, Mississippi St, Missouri, Oklahoma, TCU, and Texas Tech are among the top schools.

Husker’s up first.

“I’m visiting Nebraska September 26. I like the tradition and environment. They are welcoming and it’s the only football school up there. And it’s a perfect fit for myself.” Jefferson said

Bray’s the man.

“We (Coach Trent Bray) talk about how the other commits to Nebraska how they finally realize it would be a great thing. He said I’m physical, get off blocks, I have a knack getting to the quarterback.” Jefferson said

“Coach Bray said I’m high on his board, I’m one of his top recruits.”


“I took a junior day to Oklahoma.” Jefferson said. “I liked it, it went really well. The coaches are nice and they want to win. My coach (OU assistant Tim Kish), he reaches out to Michael Divinity. He said he can help both and me.”

“Their (OU) indoor facility is right next to the stadium. You don’t have to go far, everything is right there.” Jefferson said

OU hoops.

“We went to a game (basketball vs Kansas). They were welcoming; all the kids were even talking to me. Everything was OU. It was a really good environment there.” Jefferson said

“I want to go where I can compete for my position and then I can compete against other teams that can fit me. Family atmosphere.”


Fowler, a LSU commit is thinking about looking around. UCLA will get a visit for sure.

“I liked the food.”

“I love the defense they (LSU) have. They fly around, make plays. I love the coaches they are like a family base, and I like the SEC. When I visited Baton Rouge I liked the food and the people were really nice.” Fowler said

“I’m a hybrid linebacker. I can come across and make the plays, fill the holes and rush the quarterback. They like my versatility that can take me to the next level.” Fowler said

LSU coach Bradley Dale Peveto is Fowler’s prime recruiter and has some good words to say.

“He (Peveto) can’t wait until I get there, he really likes my style of play, how I get to the quarterback. How I make plays all around the field. He said I can play multiple position.” Fowler said

LSU’s reaction of Fowler looking at other schools.

“They understand. They knew I was going to visit around; get the experience and everything. They’re not against it.” Fowler said

Other schools still in the mix.

“I still hear from a lot of schools: TCU, Baylor, UCLA, and Texas, all of them.” Fowler said

“I’m going to take all my visits I haven’t decided where yet. Texas is still recruiting me pretty hard. I considered UT but, I don’t know yet. UCLA will always be in my consideration, they were the first school to offer me. I’m definitely going to take one of my officials there.” Fowler said

“I like how they (UCLA) use the outside linebackers. I like the environment, it would definitely be life changing.”

“I’m looking for a place that I can feel like home. Family base environment.”


Drayden is committed to Cal - Berkeley but might take a visit to SMU and Wisconsin. He attended SMU's junior days and a couple of their camps. SMU is not backing off they are recruiting Drayden hard.

Drayden took an unofficial trip to Palo Alto mid June and assured himself that's where he wanted to go.

"I knew it was the right place." He said. "I liked the view, the campus is by the bay, the weather is perfect. I liked the environment, campus, along with academics. Also the coaches and players." Drayden said

"Not a lot from Texas (players) there, but they have a few coaches from Mississippi. Half of my family is from Mississippi on my moms side. There is a lot of people from Mississippi up there." Drayden said

California coaches likes Drayden's abilities. They like how he is physical at the line. How he moves his hips around, speed, plays smart and can read defenses.

"Cal came in the spring. When they came I knew more about their academics than football. I knew I would get a good education." Drayden said

"I do plan on taking an official there but I don't know when. Pretty much anytime I want. I can visit up there and see the campus, it's beautiful up there." Drayden said


Currently Trayveon is committed to TCU, but will take some officials visits the fall. Arizona State, Oregon State, Oklahoma and Texas are on his list for now.

Likes TCU's offense and environment.

“I liked everything about TCU; the conference, coaching staff and the program. I’ve been there six times for games, spring game and Under The Lights camp. It’s a camp of highly recruited players and commits.” Williams said

“I like the coaching staff definitely, I built a relationship with each one. They are all excited about me playing there.” Williams said

“I like that they (TCU) run the spread offense, hurry up offense. They throw the ball to the running backs.” Williams said

“They (TCU) like everything about me. I’m a natural play maker. The like my speed, how I make plays in open space. They want to get me out in space as a running back and catch passes in the slot.” Williams said

Sun Devils pushing hard; will get a visit.

“I talk to ASU coach (Todd) Graham a while back. He said I’m a good player in their offense. I have real good speed, good vision, and natural play making abilities.” Williams said

Oregon State.

“When I committed to TCU they backed off a little bit, but I built a good relationship the coach (Gary Anderson) and he’s been by my school. And I’ve been there before the middle of summer it’s real nice. Nice recruiting base and nice fan base.” Williams said

“I’ve been to Oklahoma (Sooners) before.” He says. “I have a cousin that goes to school there. They are still recruiting me hard. They told me I can see the field real good. Texas is still on me Charlie Strong is a great man.”

“I’ve been to (Texas) A&M many times. I went to the Lamar game, it was crazy, it was crazy! They’re not too far away.” Williams said


Zach has narrowed his list down to Kansas State, Arizona State, Oklahoma State, Illinois and Purdue.

KSU feels like home.

“I like the coaching staff and I like that its (Manhattan) is a small town. I’m from Ohio (Marysville) it has the same type of feel. They were my first offer when I was at a camp there.” Shackelford said

“They (KSU) said I’m a great run blocker, I’m athletic – get down the field. And I have a good technique for the most part.” Shackelford said

Okie State.

“I have,” When asked if he’s been to Oklahoma State. “I’ve been there twice. I liked the facilities, the coaching staff, and it’s a small town (Stillwater) as well. They are recruiting me pretty hard. I get a couple PM’s a day on Twitter, I get a lot of mail, so I get it both ways.” Shackelford said

Shackelford high on ASU.

“Yea I’ve been out there (ASU) actually once for a game when they played Stanford and I went for a couple spring practices this past spring.” Shackelford said

“It was crazy (ASU game day). Their student section is pretty wild. It’s (Tempe) is a nice school town. I liked the weather there too. They have great facilities and the coaches treat me pretty well.”

“Play guard there or maybe tackle if it comes down the road.” Shackelford comments what Arizona State sees him playing. “They play a couple 6-foot-4 tackles. They like their lineman around 310 pounds. And be able to move and be athletic. I think I fit that profile.”

How did the Illinois and Purdue visits go?

“Last month I went to both of those schools. I grew up watching Big 10 football that was pretty cool. Illinois and Purdue are trying to build around (the program). Both have great coaching staffs. I graduate early so, I would have a chance to play early there.”

Texas schools.

“TCU was recruiting me but they filled all their spots. So they got all the commits they need. I was unfortunate at TCU, but I got an offer from Rice and Houston. Texas was recruiting me for a while, but I don’t know what happen to them. A&M I had a response too. Shackelford

Retake visits.

“I’m going back to Oklahoma and possible see Oklahoma State and Texas. I think they (Sooners) will hold off for now. Oklahoma said they only wanted to take one inside guy and they already got that spot filled. I don’t know I guess I have to wait and see. I hear on and off from them (Sooners). They really haven’t been consistent.” Shackelford said


Evan has 12 offers he comments the major ones in his top 6.

“I have a top 6 right now but it’s subject to change. I’m still open whoever wants to show interest in me. I have WSU, Washington, Cal, Arizona, Utah and Boise State, but that’s not in any order, just running them off.” Weaver said

Visiting Arizona soon.

“I like Arizona coaches I talked with them - so far they’re great. I’m kind of taking it one step at a time and see what they have to offer when I’m down there.” Weaver said

“They (Arizona) compared me to Scooby Wright. The ability to make plays with my speed. Pretty much how I play the game. I love to play the game and my intensity and all of that.” Weaver said

“Earlier in the spring I visited California, Washington State, Washington, Utah and Boise State.” Weaver said

Washington schools.

“They both have great facilities and great coaching staffs and I like the defenses they play. I can succeed at both of their defenses. At Washington State I would stand up, outside linebacker or defense end. And at Washington more of a true back position where I would stand up and rush or drop down as a defensive back. There pretty similar.” Weaver said

“I’ve been to Washington State and Washington for football games,” says Weaver. “They both have great fans in the stands and great atmosphere. Everything is great. It would be a very good experience at both places.”

“I’m closer to Pullman (WSU). They have a new staff a year or two. The have a bunch of defensive coaches this years. I think they are moving in the right direction.” Weaver said

“They (WSU), multiple coaches told me that I’m their number one guy that they want there for this year’s recruiting class. They stay in constant contact with me; coach (Mike) Leach, coach (Roy) Manning, (Alex) Grinch, (David) Lose, coach (Joe) Salave’a and coach (David) Yost. They all communicated me to go there. They send me a lot of hand written mail. They like me a lot.” Weaver said

Weaver a priority at Cal.

“Yea, yea, I really liked California (Berkeley). The place was great - the coaches. That was the first time I met their coaches, they’re all awesome. Their facilities were really nice all brand new. I went there for a practice and I liked them well too. On the defensive line I’m their top priority for this year’s class.” Weaver

Utah another school recruiting Weaver hard.

“I liked the staff (Utah) coach (John) Pease seems like a real good coach. I like how he talks to his players, and how he coached in the NFL. They had a great defense one of the best teams last year. I just wanted to see what it was all about.” Weaver said

“They (Utah) really, really want me there. They are recruiting hard as a defensive end. Coach Pease really wants me there.”

“The area (Salt Lake City) was great when I was out there. It was a pretty nice day got to see everything. It was a much planned out city.” Weaver said

“Boise is a really nice place.” Weaver said. “I went to a spring game there. They have great fans and a lot of people were at the game. Coach (Eliah) Drinkwitz, coach (Marcel) Yates, coach (Steve) Caldwell; they are all recruiting me hard.”

Commitment time.

“I’m not really sure yet. I think I’m just going to see whenever the right time is. I will take my time, but if comes any sooner than it sounds good.” Weaver said


Boise State, BYU, Colorado, Oregon State, Utah, Utah State, Washington, and Washington State have offered.

“Actually last spring I went to BYU, Utah and Colorado.” Pututau said

Brother played at Utah.

“I actually I knew everything about Utah. I’ve been around football with my brother there. I liked the environment and the players. The coaches are cool too.” Pututau said

“I went to a few Utah games, it was pretty nice. They had a lot of fans, loud, the stadium is loud and it’s always packed. I saw them play Oregon and USC.”

“I don’t know.” When asked if Utah would offer to play early. “I’m going on a LDS mission for two years and then come back.”

“Utah told me I’m very athletic. They didn’t tell me what position I will play yet. I did some testing this spring and summer and I did well.” Pututau said


“BYU coaches the same thing, they like my athletic ability. It’s a nice place a little bit smaller than Utah. I talk with Brigham Young all the time. They just tell me about the school and how the practices are going.” Pututau said

Leavitt send players to the NFL.

“Colorado was great,” said Pututau. “I liked the atmosphere and I liked the mountains. I talk to the linebacker coach (Jim) Leavitt. He tells me how much they want me. He coached some players that are in the NFL right now.”

Will go on mission.

“Actually I’m going to have my top 5 beginning or middle of the season, and I will go from there. All the offers right now they know I’m going to take my two year mission and they are OK with it” Pututau said

Open where he wants to go, just wants to feel right.

“I really don’t think it matters. Just basically go where I feel good. I want a good relationship with the coaches and the environment at the school. A good education program.”


Loyal fans.

“One thing I liked about Nebraska it’s a top program and the coaches.” Said the Husker commit. “I really liked the city of Lincoln, I thought it had a good atmosphere. They have loyal fans. Anytime you have a football program that sells out 400 hundred consecutive games, you really don’t see that anywhere else. I really loved all the players, I really loved all the coaches.”

“Coach Tavita Thompson really likes me as a versatile player. He likes the way I’m a true tight end. One thing he has noticed I didn’t have to work on technique at the high school level - I can understand that. They like how I’m an all-around ability to catch and block.” Stoll said

“I was recruiting as a wide with my hands on the dirt. A lot of times flex me out to run routes. If they need me on third down pass plays, they will flex me out.” Stoll said

Danny knows football.

“He’s (Coach Danny Langsdorf) just a guy who knows football and trust. He’s got a great offensive mind. He has years behind him and knows what he is talking about. I can’t wait to be around with him the next 4 or 5 years at Nebraska.”

“Every time I talked to him (Langsdorf) he seems like he really wanted me. He came by here in Colorado, I would say early May and kind of talked to me a little bit, obviously not too much because of the NCAA rules.” Stoll said

Coach talks everybody listens.

“Langsdorf is a well-respected offensive coordinator, I respect every word he says. I’ll listen to him. Really close to me. He knows football. Everything he says about football people will listen. He’s been around the block, and he knows where I’m at.” Stoll said

“I was able to be up there for the spring game. First of all 77,000 people for the spring game I thought was unbelievable. Also, me and my dad were able to actually go up to the baseball game.”

Baseball game shows as much support.

“At one point I was telling my dad there is not one person out here that’s not wearing something Nebraska. Yea, Lincoln is a phenomenal town. I just can wait to see it the next 4 or 5 years.” Stoll said

“It’s (Lincoln) not too close to home. Far enough away that where I feel I know I’m not at home; where I can go home on weekends. I just can’t wait to see the city and state.” Stoll said

Riley; great guy.

“We were able to talk to coach Mike Riley for a while when I was out there for Big Red day sometime in mid-June. I think he’s a great guy. He’s going to put the program back on track.” Stoll said

“At Oregon State where he wasn’t given too much resources, now at Nebraska he will be getting really almost enough unlimited amount of resources.”

Win big things.

“So, I just can’t wait to see my career there. Hopefully, we’ll compete for a National Championship in the next four or five years. I just can’t wait when he turns the program around and winning a National Championship.” Stoll said


“I have 15 offers I made a top 10. Texas Tech, Arizona State, Boise State, BYU, Nevada, UNLV, Louisville, Utah, Utah State and Washington State.” Auwae said

Auwae said he went to The Opening regionals in Los Angeles and took a visit to USC and UCLA.

“I like how they (USC) practice. All the guys who go out there they get after it. It’s very nasty. Right now they have so many kids, but they told me they will keep watching me. Jordan Iosefa is from Hawaii and committed not too long ago.” Auwae said

“I was always watching USC since I was a little kid. They always have a great program. I like the head coach (Steve Sarkisian) and his ways. I like that a lot.”

“I liked UCLA,” he says. “I like how it’s a college town other than USC. They have a great guy (Coach) Kennedy Polamalu. Coach Polamalu contacted me to stop by and watch practice.”

Who’s recruiting you the hardest?

“Texas Tech and Louisville for now. I have been talking to the whole coaching staff (Texas Tech) since the ending of my sophomore year. They visited me a lot down here and offered.”

“I like the area (Lubbock). I feel like I can make an impact playing there. I saw Coach Lee Hays and Coach Cliff Kingsbury. They want me to come in early make an impact and be the starting center, and I think I can do that.” Auwae said

Early playing time at Louisville.

“Yea that’s what Louisville Coach (Chris) Klenakis tells me. I like what they did last year. Their first year in the ACC by beating Miami and Notre Dame. It’s not too far at all. I know it’s going to be a distance no matter where I go. A lot of Hawaiian kids play on the West Coast.” Auwae said

“I like Arizona State,” Auwae said. “They are in a good conference. That’s (PAC 12) is one of the top conferences in the nation – so that’s good.”

“I think I can play early there (ASU) too because I will be an early enrollee. So, I would be in spring ball and hopefully play as a freshman.” Auwaue said

“I like all the coaches at Oregon State; Coach Gary Anderson, T J Woods and Keegan Anderson. They were recruiting me when they were at Wisconsin. Then when they went to Oregon State, they offered back. So that was nice.” Auwae said

Auwae said the new Oregon State coaches have been recruiting Auwae since his sophomore year.

“Coach (Garett) Tujague (BYU) knew my high school when he was in college. I’ve seen him a lot when I took a visit up there last summer. I’m thinking about taking an official over there. I’m not a Mormon, but they had a lot of good teams. It was exciting to see them play last year.” Auwaue said

“BYU (Provo) is somewhat like Hawaii. The scenery is nice, I like the cool breeze. I was over there with my brother and other teammates. At 10 o’clock at night Coach Tyjague found out we were driving around; so he took us around the football complex.”


Utah, California, Washington, Washington State, Michigan, Nevada, San Jose State, Army, Navy, San Diego State and New Mexico all have offered.

“I plan on going up to Utah, UNLV and California that’s it right now. I’ve been to Utah already that’s the only place I’ve been too.” Viligent said

Utah recruited Viligent early on and pushing hard.

“Just the way their coaches are” When asked about Utah. “I like how they run the ball it’s just beautiful out there. I’m just waiting to take an (official) visit out there and Washington State too.” Viligent said

“I like the campus (Utah), it was quiet out there. I talked with coaches I have a good relationship with them that’s always a plus. They are recruiting me as a running back. They like my speed and just my effort, and the ability to move and cut.” Viligent said

“I’ve been talking with Utah ever since I was in 9th grade. So, they were always thinking about me."

Will visit Army in January.

“Army is more academic. I just want to be prepared after college too, and I really liked the coaches their too. Army said I can play early, Utah said I can play early. Most of the schools said I can play right now.”

Michigan will host Viligent for the Ohio State game.

“I plan on taking an official the week when they play Ohio State. It’s a new coaching staff. He (Harbaugh) is trying to change the program. I just want to be a part of it. The academics is great there too. They like me at running back and slot.” Viligent said

“I love their (Washington State) staff. They tell me what they want me as, and I have a cousin that goes there. They can be real with you so you can’t go wrong with that.” Viligent said

“I’m going to commit when I take all of my officials. I’m going to Army January 15. I will go to Utah, Washington State, Michigan and Nevada.” Viligent said

“I’m looking for a place where I can get a good education really. Football will one day will end and I just want to be prepared.” Viligent aid


Arizona, Iowa State and Washington State have offered Iakopo.

Tentative Arizona visit.

“I have an offer from Arizona and a visit set September 24, but I have to go over with it their recruiting coach at Arizona to make it official. I haven’t talked to him yet.” Iakopo said

“I like the coaching staff (Arizona) a lot they pretty much recruiting me out of high school. At that time they offered me to walk on. I didn’t qualify I had to go to junior college, but they loved my film. They like how I come down on the run; I can play the deep ball.” Iakopo said

“I like how the coaching staff comes together; they are real close. They like me on defense, they have great facilities, great academic support.” Iakopo said

“I’ve been to their (Arizona) campus twice one for a game and one for an unofficial visit just to go up there and check out the campus myself.”

“Just the atmosphere they have up there.” When asked about his trip to Tucson for a game.” Me and my friend stayed at a hotel, got to see some of the coaches, We went to the new facilities, the stadium, the new practice field.”

“We went to one of the games (UCLA) when there. We stayed in a section called Arizona Zoo. We were on our feet the whole game. It was just an exciting atmosphere to be around.” Iakopo said

Future plans uncertain.

“Right now I have no plans if I want too. I just don’t know if I will be able to because we play on Saturdays as well. The bye week is my open slot and that’s to Arizona, and that’s when I’ll only be able to go.” Iakopo said

Iakopo said he’s a midterm graduate and wants to sign in December. It’s possible he will visit other schools after the season is over. His coach told him to hold off for any commitment; wait and see where everything stands. Be patient the next couple of months.

“I’ve heard from Central Florida, Utah, and Arizona State. I’ve heard from other schools in the spring but I haven’t heard back.”


“I move fast, pretty good instincts for the ball. I read plays before they develop. I love watching film to see what I’m going up against the week before the game. I do all of that in one week just to make sure my team is prepared.” Iakopo said


“I narrowed it down to a top 5. Clemson, Tennessee, Nebraska, North Carolina State and North Carolina.”

“Every time I went down to Clemson I learned more about it. It’s a great program, great coaching staff. They are producing great wide receivers.” Overton said

When asked if Clemson was recruiting him the hardest.

“All coaches say I move pretty well, I have sure hands. They say I have a lot room to develop being since this is my first year back. That’s what they are looking for. I just start playing football since 5th grade. And like last year was my first year back.” Overton said

Tennessee stresses a need.

“I’ve been there once. Tennessee, I loved the environment and the coaches. It’s just a great atmosphere. The facilities are really nice. Tennessee said they are definitely looking for someone like me. They need a lot of tall receivers; they need a big target.” Overton said

“Home environment”

“I’ve been down to North Carolina State a couple of times and I liked it a lot. North Carolina State is just down the street. It’s like a home environment. I’ve always like North Carolina State, it’s close to home. I have the potential to play early there.” Overton said

“It’s pretty cool,” Overton said about game day at N. C. State. “The fans are definitely into it. It’s like that in every stadium, but I mean the environment is very good.” Overton said


“Not necessarily, no.” When asked if Nebraska was too far away. “They have just started recruiting me right now. Coach Keith Williams is recruiting me, I’m cool with him. He’s trying to get me to visit, he can develop me to my full potential.”

Williams; pretty cool person

“He (Williams) pointed out to a couple plays. He came down and talked to me. One of the plays he seemed to like the way I pick up the ball, I didn’t ever have to fight for it. He showed me a lot of little things that I can possible do to be a great wide receiver. He’s always hyped up, pretty cool person.” Overton said

“I don’t know much about Nebraska. Just what the coach tells me. I just want to get down there and see what it’s like.”


“I’m about 45 minutes from North Carolina. I’m closer to State. It’s (UNC) just a great environment. I went down there for The Freak Show camp. It was very up tempo offense. It was kind of a great atmosphere.” Overton said

“Coach Gunter Brewer (UNC) said it’s rare to find someone like me with the height and the way I move, catch the ball.”

“I’m definitely looking for a great wide receivers coach and also academics. I want to study sports medicine, and a great environment. That’s pretty much the thing.” Overton said


Appalachian State, Florida International, Middle Tennessee State, Nebraska, South Alabama, Temple and Central Florida all have offered.

Bootle participated at Florida A&M satellite camp June 16. Nebraska coaches were there to help out with the activities and he came away an offer.

Great time with NU coaches.

“I pretty much liked the coaches (Nebr.) when I was there, they teach me up a bit. It was a really good experience with coaches. I talked with most of the coaches. I was in contact with mostly when I was down there with Brian Stewart the DB coach; that was pretty neat.” Bootle said

Husker coach Stewart likes everything about Bootle’s abilities.

“We were just talking about what he was looking for at cornerback and about the program. He really liked my speed. That’s one thing he’s looking for a back that can tackle and cover. That fits my profile well.” Bootle said

Followed Nebraska. Taking his time.

“Nebraska is always on TV and I would watch then. I really liked the program. It’s one of these programs that play in a major conference. It’s Nebraska! It’s a good school. The athletes are a good fit for the program. I’m not any rush to make a decision. I’m just going to see what happens.” Bootle said

Bootle’s brother Devereaux is use to play football at University of Nebraska at Omaha. Enjoyed his time there and shared his thoughts to Di Caprino.

“He’s actually in Miami right now. He talked about the atmosphere at Nebraska if that was where I choose the next four years after high school. He said it (Nebr.) was a beautiful place. He said he really liked it though. As a brother he explained it to me.” Bootle said

“I went to Central Florida about a week ago that was nice. Nice clean campus. I really liked the school it was a beautiful place to be. The coaches welcomed me, it was a nice experience for me.”

Bootle said he has no favorites right now. He welcomes all the teams that offered.

“If a program welcomes you not just Central Florida, Nebraska, not just Florida International; all programs that offer me are trying to keep in touch with me like any other program would.” Bootle said

More opportunities to come.

“Me and my coach really don’t talk too much about offers, because were more focused on the season. My coach said there is not much I can do to make colleges recruit me until September.”

“So me and my coach work on what I can improve on rather than what schools will offer me. It’s not my game plan. Later on more will offer. What it is, what it is.” Bootle said

“I really don’t have any plans right now. As the year goes by I can choose where I want to go, I might make a visit up there (Nebr.).


Duke, East Carolina, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and Wisconsin are Jimmy’s major offers.

Everything together at Michigan.

“I went to Michigan two weeks ago,” Taylor said. “What I liked about it is the outside parts of the facilities. The weight room is connected around the corner with the academic support system. When I would go and study; that was important to me. I liked the library, they have class rooms all over the place. ” Taylor said

“Coach (Greg) Madison likes how I’m very powerful and how I use my feet. Coach (D. J.) Durkin said he liked my speed and how I get after it.” Taylor said

“They (Michigan) are only going to take two players at my position. They want an outside linebacker and a DE. They said I can play all positions. Michigan is one of my top schools.” Taylor said

“I went to Tennessee, North Carolina State. I’ve been to Penn State, South Carolina, I’ve been to duke before.”

Coach Chizik.

“I liked North Carolina,” he says. “It was close to home. I liked the coaches there, Coach (Gene) Chizik is who I really liked. Coach Chizik said he likes my size, how I play, and my feet. He’s looking for a player maker on the defensive side. Chizik said I was one of their top priorties.”

“I went to North Carolina State’s spring game.” Taylor said. “I went to their 7 on 7 camp. I liked their facilities everything is all spread out.”

Tennessee building a great relationship Taylor and it’s not too far form home.

“Tennessee was a good place, other than football it’s not too far away. I liked the facilities there and built a great relationship with coach (Tommy) Thigpen. He tells me what to do after football and academics stuff like that.” Taylor said

“They (Tenn.) want me pretty bad too, they know what they want. They see me as a good player and I’m high on their list. Tennessee likes my speed, rush the passer, also the coaches want to use me as a fourth down player.” Taylor said

“I went to Duke’s spring game,” he says. “I haven’t been up there since then but I’ll probably go again. I like the academics and stuff, but that’s the only reason why I would go there.” Taylor said

Wisconsin up for a visit.

“North Carolina State, Michigan and Wisconsin.” When asked who is recruiting him the hardest. I haven’t been to Wisconsin but I plan on going there in July.”

“It’s (Wisconsin) is a really good academic school and they have my degree (Engineering and Business). Thy want me to get up there and check out their facilities.” Taylor said

“I talk to Michigan on the phone almost every week. I hear from Virginia Tech a lot. I go down their July 25. I don’t know much about them; that’s why I’m going down there and explore.”


Freeman committed to South Carolina over; Wake Forest, West Virginia, Washington State, Virginia Tech and Georgia Southern.

Big stadium was a plus.

“I liked the coaching staff at South Carolina, I like Steve Spurrier and just the atmosphere when I went down there. I know of them because of the large stadium. When they offered me I pretty much wanted to visit.” Freeman said

Play early time.

“They (USC) told me that I would be playing my first year. I’m one of the top guys in recruiting that can play. They really wanted me bad. The running back coach Everette Sands told me everything they see me doing, and just how to use me in their offense.” Freeman said

“That’s one thing they (USC) liked about me; get me in open space. They see me like a real good guy not only as a tailback but, special teams game too.” Freeman said

Family approval.

“They liked it,” Freeman family thoughts of commitment. “It’s a nice school there, they’re happy for me. They really enjoyed it.”

“I visited Virginia Tech and Wake Forest. I haven’t been to Georgia Southern, West Virginia or Washington State yet but I’m going there later this summer.” Freeman said

Hookies one of first offers.

“Virginia Tech was actually one of my top schools before I committed to South Carolina. My teammate Mook Reynolds actually goes there now. It really came down the coaching staff, and the atmosphere at South Carolina (was better). Virginia Tech is a really good school – I liked it.” Freeman said

Down to earth coaches.

“I really liked Wake Forest.” He said. “It’s probably the best down to earth family based coaching staff. Wake Forest actually got a commit from another running back, so I think they are full of RB’s right now.”

Still in hot pursuit.

“Schools that are still recruiting me is Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Georgia Southern and news schools that are starting to contact me like; Louisville, Oregon, Auburn, schools like that. And they want me to come visit soon.” Freeman said

Trip to Washington State.

“I’m definitely going to make a flight out there (Washington State) this summer. I definitely would like to see the West Coast. They see me as being not only at the running game, but the passing game too.” Freeman said


Wake Forest commit.

“The coaches there treated me very well during the recruiting process, I built a good relationship with them. I like the opportunity to play running back there, also I love it because it’s close to home. The campus is 20 minutes from my house. It would be nice to be close to family.” Carney said

“I grew up going to a lot of games, it was kind of a team that was close too. I grew up going to a lot of basketball and football games at Wake.” Carney said

“It’s (Wake) a beautiful campus, and I like how they are upgrading their facilities, they’re building a nice indoor field and I love Winston.”

Third down player at Wake.

“They say I’m a pretty complete back.” Carney said. “I’m a huge guy I just coming down on 3rd downs and block, but I think I have the ability where I can play in different situations. If that’s what the game is called for.”

“Wake said I have every opportunity to play early; obviously they aren’t promising that I will start or anything. The opportunity is pretty much mine if I want to work and get the playing time.” Carney said

“I liked Georgia Tech. The campus is beautiful everything is state of the art. It’s a very nice campus. They liked me a lot they wanted me to play fullback.”

Other Carolina schools.

“North Carolina is only about 2 hours away. Coach Gunter Brewer, is the guy who recruited me, the wide receivers coach. I got a great relationship with him, I liked him a whole lot. Also I liked the position they recruited me to play – slot receiver. I liked that a lot.” Carney said.

“I think they will back off.” When asked if UNC will honor is commitment. “I think they understand I’m committed to Wake Forest and that’s on my mind.” Carney said

Didn’t want to play defense at State.

“That’s (N.C. State) about another 2 hour drive. Same as North Carolina they have great fans I liked that a lot. They have great facilities. The only think I didn’t like they wanted me to play safety, on the opposite side of the ball.” Carney said

“I went to some North Carolina State games in the past. It’s awesome, it’s definitely one of the best in-state schools I would say. They have some awesome fans.”

Comparing other schools.

“It’s pretty different State is more spread out. Raleigh is one of the bigger cities in State. Chapel Hill is very concentrated. The buildings over there are not very tall, they’re all built under the Bell Tower.”

“It’s (N.C. State) all laid out in low land and everything. There are smaller campuses, Wake is kind of outside Winston-Salem. Spread all over the place.” Carney said

“Georgia Tech is laid out in the middle of Atlanta. They are different all around. Duke is very nice, it’s beautiful. It’s got a big chapel – it’s just beautiful. I haven’t spent too much time through the campus (Duke), but the football facilities they are upgrading.” Carney said


Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Mississippi, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Old Dominion, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, and Wake Forest all offered.

Summer trips.

“This summer I’m going on a few visits to Ole Miss, Clemson, and South Carolina. Right now I don’t know too much about Mississippi until I get down there and get a feel for them.” Stallings said

“Mississippi has a solid football program. I will play safety if I go there, other than that I don’t know much about them.” Stallings said

“Mississippi said I’m a discipline player that can really move around; see the whole field. They like my speed going up hitting the ball.”

Return trip to Clemson.

“Coach Dan Brooks (Clemson) is my recruiting coach, he talks to me how bad they want me. I’ve been down to Clemson my sophomore year for a junior day. It’s been a long time since I’ve been down there. I’m looking forward getting down there again.” Stallings said

“The facilities at Clemson are very nice.” He says. “The coaches seem pretty cool, the atmosphere. Again, this summer I’ll get a chance to get to know the coaches even more. I feel like if I go to Clemson I can do good things in that program.”

“This will be my first time in South Carolina also. Coach Steve Spurrier spoke to me not to long ago. He seemed like a pretty nice guy and was excited talking to me.” Stallings said

“I would say North Carolina is recruiting me the hardest right now. They want to keep the in-state players in-state.” Stallings said

Stalling explains why leaving state is not all that bad.

“Well, like a lot of other players, they don’t want to go far away from school. For me its not a big deal to play in state. It won’t play a factor where I go. Everything is wide open on the table.” Stallings said

Looking for.

“I’m not sure where I’m going to take my officials yet. Early playing time is not what I’m looking for. It’s how I feel with the coaches, how I bond with the players. Education is important.” Stallings said


“I narrowed it down to Georgia, North Carolina State and North Carolina.” Walston said.

Other schools Walston considered; Boston College, Maryland, Northwestern, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest.

Going back to Georgia for a second look.

“I visited one tournament in Georgia and I plan on visiting them again this weekend. Athens, I like the whole town it's centered around the college. I like the coaching staff, Coach Mark Richt was telling me how I would fit in.”

“They (UGA) like how I can flex out. I can put my hands on the ground. They see me as an all-purpose back.” Walston said

Last weekend summary visits.

“I spent Friday night at North Carolina State and Saturday night at North Carolina. And spending this Saturday night at Georgia.”

Multiple formations using the tight end.

“I like the tight ends coach Seth Littrell at North Carolina. He’s also the offensive coordinator. I like Coach Larry Fedora. I like how they (UNC) use the tight ends; they spread them out, they bring them in tight, and they put them all the way out.”

“North Carolina said they wanted me to stay in state, they are keeping in touch with me. I like Chapel Hill. I’m about 2 ½ hours away.”

N C State first to offer, sophomore year.

“North Carolina State is about 2 hours away. They were my first offer and they have a good program. Coach Des Kitchings is my recruiter in this area. They have been recruiting me since my sophomore year. I use to have a friend that played for them, and was telling me all about it.” Walston said

Different colors.

“I’ve been both (Carolina schools) for games. I didn’t get around to tailgate and stuff. I was just there the check out the recruits. The fans in the stadium are similar just different colors – they both get all excited.” Walston said

“North Carolina is like more hills, everything is together. Small school that’s basically the town of Chapel Hill. North Carolina State is more spread out. The stadium they have is where the state fair is.”


Nicholas has offers from Auburn, Charlotte, East Carolina, North Carolina, Old Dominion, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

“In July I’m going to Florida State, Auburn, probably Miami and Duke.” Coe said

Repeat trip to Florida State.

“I like the campus (FSU) it was everything I wanted. I liked the coaching staff. Most likely they will offer me later on once I get there. They like my size, speed, and technique. I can get better and better from where I’m at right now.” Coe said

Coe’s roots trace back from Virginia and always been a Cavalier fan.

“Virginia Tech is recruiting me the hardest” Coe said. “I like the coaching staff. The campus was very nice, I liked how the campus is spread out. The day I visited I went to one of the wrestling matches I liked that too. It was Virginia Tech and Pittsburgh.”

“Coach Frank Beamer (VaTech) said he wanted me there. He feels like he can take me to the next level.” Coe said

“Virginia Tech is one of my top schools, I was born in Virginia. I was always a Virginia Tech fan when I was young.”


“I went to North Carolina for a camp. They said about the thing, ‘We want you.’, ‘You would be a great player.’

“I feel I will commit after football season. Take my official visits in fall.” Coe said


Upshur has offers from all parts of the country including; Alabama, Arizona State, Miami, Michigan State, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio State and Wake Forest.

With Upshur busy schedule he took a few minutes to discuss some schools he's interested in.

“I went to Temple it was close to my house. They want me really bad come in and play early. Upshur said

Treat him like a big brother.

“I have a good relationship with the South Carolina coaches. I’ve been there for a couple years some act like a big brother to me. I talk to the coaches a lot they basically said I get to play early.” Upshur said

“I like Michigan a lot,” he says. “They know how to get the tight ends the ball. They have a great coaching staff right now. They like how I can block a little bit.”

Southern Cal.

“I have an opportunity to play with them (USC) early too. Location doesn’t matter to me at all. I’ll probably take one of my officials out there, but I’m not too sure through.” Upshur said

“I like the tradition at USC its crazy out there. They have a great coaching staff also. The tight end they had was very good but he got hurt. I can fit in and get the ball.” Upshur said

“Oregon has a very impressive offense and they want to get me the ball too. Penn State are not one of my priorities. They are alright; they’re good.”


Another athlete who has a lot to choose from; Arkansas, Boston College, California, Florida, Houston, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas A&M, UCLA, Washington State and a few more.

“I went to Kansas State, Oregon State, Penn State, Missouri, Houston, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State.”


“I went to Arkansas in the spring the facilities are great. They were talking to me about coming back with my mom when I was with my coach.” Pennamon said

“They (Ark.) said I’m a great position to come in and play early. They are going to lose two running backs. Playing early would be my decision. They like how I can catch the ball out of the back field. They just want me to come back there and meet everybody.” Pennamon said

Made trip to Columbia with a bunch of friends.

“It (Missouri) was pretty cool, it was nice, and they had a nice campus. I went with a bunch of my teammates, so it wasn’t bad at all. It was nice up there I liked the scenery. The coaches said they would like to coach me and make me a better player.” Pennamon said

Brief notes on a few more teams.

“I went up there (Kansas State) to establish a relationship. I liked the coaching staff and they told me I can come in and play early.”

“I’m going to Florida the last week (June) with a bunch of my teammates. We’re going to make a vacation out of it. And maybe in a couple weeks I’m going to UCLA.” Pennamon said

“UCLA is not too far away. I was told I was one of their top running backs and they play in a tough conference.”


Shaka has offers from Buffalo, UMass, North Carolina, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse, Temple, Vanderbilt and West Virginia

“Me and my family are taking a visit to South Carolina, and then to North Carolina and Duke. North Carolina and a couple more schools with a couple of my friends.” Toney said

North Carolina coach really looking forward meeting Toney.

“I like the D-Line coach Tray Scott he’s very energetic. He’s very excited about me, he’s straight forward so, I like that about him. My family is from the Carolina’s. It will be exciting close to home. My dad has family in North Carolina. He’s from South Carolina a lot of his family moved up. He use to work at UNC.”

Toney’s father has passed away but wants to see his relatives.

“They (UNC) just wants me to get on campus see how it is like down there. They like my explosiveness, motor, pass rusher things.”

Intrigued by Duke’s academic standards.

“I’m an academic kid. I like that Duke showed interest in me. At first they didn’t offer but looking at more film they came to my school. I have an offer.”

“They (Duke) like how I come off the ball; how I can play against high competition. They like how I’m coming down to visit. Most college coaches are at camps right now and I get to meet the whole team. It will be like a vacation down there.” Toney said

“I like Rutgers it’s close to home. They are recruiting me just like the other schools are. I haven’t been in touch with them much. I don’t know if they are recruiting that much anymore.” Toney said

Backyard school.

“I love Penn State the coaches keep up on me a lot. They treat the players no matter what.” Toney said

“They (PSU) had a player that had a concussion but still honored his scholarship and finish school. I don’t know what most schools would do, but that really shows good for a player. That’s pretty darn generous if you ask me.” Toney said

Fundamentally sound.

“Penn State likes how I’m an open field tackler. Most of the guys go for the big hit, but I make sure I have the tackle. I go from side line to side line. Good foot work, disengage off the blockers. Being undersized player most of the time, I pride myself on that. Just a lot of little things that make a linebacker great.”

“I’m not really a big scene type of guy – like going out. I like the fact that State College is a little town that’s pretty cool to me. I like the atmosphere there, the stadium. The spring game they had more people than most have for home games. As a player and as a recruit a lot of people knew me up there (State College). They see my name.” Toney said

Penn State not necessarily the favorite.

“I only watched college football at the end of the season. I don’t have a team. All the schools are good or will get better. I just like football, I’m a New England (Patriot’s) fan but that’s about it.”

“I actually do like Pitt.” Toney said. “I like the energy I get from Coach Tom Sims the D-Line coach and Coach Pat Narduzzi. He (Narduzzi) will hit me up and ask me how you are doing, what up too. Not too many hear from the head coach.”

“Coach Narduzzi is more of a business type of guy. He wants to win, he wants players who want to win. And Coach Sims, he is real. He will tell you how he fills about you. He will tell you if you are too slow. He will tell you if you are too big and need to trim down a lot.” Toney said


Arizona State, Michigan State, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pittsburgh, USC, Virginia Tech and Wisconsin offered.

“I’ve been to most of them (offered schools) except Wisconsin, USC and Arizona State.” Brown said

“Just everything.” Brown commented about his experience visiting Penn State. “It’s family orientated, I love the campus, it’s a big school in numbers but the campus is very small – liked packed. I like their uniforms, I liked that a lot.” Brown said

Penn State to get official visit.

“I definitely would like to visit (official). I like where they are going so far, I like the scheme’s they run. The way they (PSU) talk to me they are really high on me. Depending on my weight is what position I will play.” Brown continues

Cold in East Lansing.

“I went to Michigan State for a game I saw them play Indiana or Rutgers. I definitely loved it their; there was a lot of hype over there. You can tell the people were really hyped up. It was a little uncommon - it was 23 degrees.” Brown said

“Coach Ron Burton (MSU) is who I talk to mostly. Don’t even know what position I will play; they just like my athleticism, my height for my size. See my body develop and see what they can do with me.” Brown said

Position up in the air.

“Most schools are recruiting me as an outside linebacker and some are still looking at me as a defensive end like Penn State and Duke. Some schools want whatever your body fills out.”

“Yea, I went to Virginia Tech,” Brown said. “I stayed a little bit before spring break, little before April. It was definitely good, I loved it, and I loved the energy. Coach Bud Foster was talking to me everything about it (program). I need to get back down there and see the academic side of it, but everything else was great.”

One thing is certain for sure Virginia Tech wants Brown to play outside linebacker.

“They (VaTech) are looking at me more as an outside linebacker. They think of me as more of a three down outside linebacker. Don’t have to take out for the nickel for pass protection, but I can also pass rush.” Brown said

Notre Dame

“South Bend, I went over there for spring practice too. It was after spring break. See everything over there for two days. Loved everything about it. I love the tradition at Notre Dame. Everything that comes down the pipe. Brown said

“I know some players up there (ND) already. They are recruiting me as a linebacker too, they want me just to bulk up.” Brown said

“I visited them (UNC) earlier in the year. Coach J P (Papuchis) was texting me how I can bring it together. They like my physique because they have a lot of small linebacker’s and looking for taller ones. I liked North Carolina. I like the campus life, it was lovely when I went down there.”

“I will probably narrow it down probably in August to about 4 or 5 schools. Them I’m going to decide (commit) before the season starts.” Brown said

Degree is important to Brown.

“I can fit into any defense, I just want to go through a school that can help me develop the right way - for the next level. Football is not really the main focus for me. Most football schools I’m looking at play on TV and everything. If the school evens out on football. I’m looking for what degree is good for me.


Air Force, Boston College, California, Colorado, Colorado State, UConn, Duke, Iowa, Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas State, Texas Tech, Toledo and Vanderbilt all have offered.

Early trips; more planned.

"I went to Duke that was the first school that offered me. Then I went on a trip to Texas Tech which was the 12th school to offer me. I went to some schools that did not offer; Baylor, TCU, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but they have been in contact with me." Miller said

"We're going to Iowa on the 19th and 20th of June for the Hawkeye Tailgate. We're going to Colorado State at camp Thursday (June 18), just hanging out and say hi. That's what we have lined up right now." Miller said

Early playing time at Duke, great education.

"Duke, I'm high on their board, they really like me. They really like my style of play, they like how I'am on the field what kind of motor I have. I would be on the field a lot my freshman year." Miller said

"Duke, academic program is really extremely good. It's a top 10 school and a degree from Duke you can you can do about anything you want after football. That's a real big thing, but they do play hard ball. They get after it every play; they make things happen. They are all around great school for academics and football standpoint too." Miller said

What did the Duke coaches say?

"They like how the high motor I have, I don't take plays off, I'm always getting after it. I have a big frame I can get after the ball carrier. I have a lot of speed I still can run a 4.6 forty."

Texas schools still interested.

"I liked Texas Tech in Lubbock. It's a real small town I had a lot of fun there. The coaches see me at a different role, they see me more as a pass rusher. At some schools I'll be 50/50. At Texas Tech I will be 70% rush, 30% drop guy." Miller said

"Baylor, they have a great program they do seem really interested. They are playing it really good by not giving me any hints. I've been out there multiple times, spring game, game day, junior day and things like that." Miller said

"They (TCU) have a lot of guys they picked up (committed) and a lot of guys that are returning. They could offer but I don't know know how much of a need about offering me. I can see one coming but I don't know for sure."

"It's (TCU) about 45 minutes from me. I know it's a real good place. It's a great college football there, they get after it on the field." Miller said

"I'm going to Iowa the 19th and 20 (June). They have their Hawkeye Tailgate. They invite a specific amount of guys that they offered; they take you around the campus and do all different things for two days. You hang out and see the players, you eat, see the stadium. They make it like a big family deal." Miller said

"Iowa is a good program there a team that's up in my top 5. They play good defense, get after it on the field. They're a contender for a championship every year."

"I've gone to OU and Oklahoma State - they haven't made an offer or made a visit. I've been to Oklahoma State three times, for a camp my sophomore year, one for a junior day and one for an unofficial visit. And then Oklahoma I've been their for a camp, junior days and they invited me me for their spring game." Miller said

"Arkansas is a great place it's a beautiful campus. I was real comfortable with the coaching staff when I went up there for a game day visit. I was with coach Jemel Singleton he's a real good guy. They want me to come to a camp and see how that goes. They are recruiting me more as a tight end than a defensive player. If I go up there for a camp that's more likely they will offer me." Miller said


Oluwolfe has more than 15 offers. He has narrowed his list to Penn State, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida, Florida State and Texas A&M

“I’ve been to Penn State and UCLA. I went to Penn State my sophomore year.” Betiku said

Dedication earned Penn State offer.

“I like the fact they (PSU) are a great attraction, great school, the fans always turn up for the games. Coach James Franklin is a great man he told me about himself. He likes how I’m a working person, how I play and everything.” Betiu said

Betiku didn’t play football until his junior year and based on his physical make up Penn State Coach James Franklin offered him a scholarship.

Lavar Arrington, former Penn State standout is Betiku legal guardian. Arrington’s connection with the PSU program was a big plus however; they both moved to Southern California. UCLA now enters the picture.

Plenty to like at Westwood.

“Yea, I’ve been to UCLA. It was good, it was good. I liked Coach Jim Mora, Adrian Klemm and Angus McClure. The whole coaching staff showed a lot of love. The players were real happy they were like family. They all welcomed me like on Twitter, follow me, and all that stuff. They are pretty much one of my top schools.” Betiku said

“I like the school (UCLA), I like Westwood. I think the players are real nice, they showed a lot of love – I like that. I like the coaches also they are recruiting me pretty hard.” Betiku said

Notre Dame

“I like Notre Dame,” he says. “They send a lot of guys in the Pro’s. I like the tradition and like the school. They are recruiting me as a defensive end. I like the defensive coordinator (Brian VanGorder) he has lot of experience. I like their weight training program. I can play stand up or play on the dirt.”

Sunshine States

“I like Florida and Florida State. Florida State is always winning. I like their defense I like playing off the edge. At Florida State I would be a wide 5, I just want to be on the edge rushing.” Betiku said

“They (Florida) do a good job of coaching. They are in SEC and have great tradition. I don’t know much about Florida I have to research them; just know they are a prestigious program.”


Clarence has 14 offers including; Arizona State, California, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Rice, SMU, Tech Texas, UCLA and Washington.

Baylor shows interest.

“I went to a Baylor camp not too long ago. They said they liked me a little bit, they like my foot speed. Baylor will be watching me this season; that’s about it. I do like the facilities, the football stadium and it’s just close to home.” Henderson said

“Not yet, I plan on going out there this weekend.” When asked if he’s been out to Texas Tech. “I really haven’t been able to pinpoint what I like about them. Maybe this time when I go out there, I might like what I see. I might have some more information.” Henderson said

“They really want me.”

“Texas Tech has been saying they really want me, that’s one of the schools that’s paying attention to me. They like my aggressiveness, my tenacity, my speed, how I play. How I compete with other people. Just overall a good player.” Henderson said

“I’ve been planning on to narrow down my decision probably the week of the season, so I would probably say by September.” Henderson said

“My team of choice when growing up was Texas – the Longhorns. That was the school I was watching since I was little.” Henderson said

Henderson has been visiting schools that are close by for unofficials. He likes California and Arizona State but distance and finances are a problem.

Henderson said he might takes officials there but wants to commit before the football season. California and Arizona State are recruiting him the hardest, they like him as an athlete.


Chris has offers from Houston, Kansas, North Texas, Texas Tech, Texas – San Antonio, California, Utah State, Montana State, Stephen F Austin and Montana State.

Hughes trip to UT beneficial but no offer.

“I went to UT (Texas) camp they just looked at my size, they didn’t say anything about an offer. Just went to learn some drills and techniques. The coaches seemed nice and said they will keep in contact with me later. I have two brothers that play for Texas.” Hughes said


“I like Kansas,” Hughes said. “I have family that lives in Kansas City.”

“They (KU) likes how I play. I’m very athletic and energetic. They told me I would be a nice addition to their team. I would be able to take accountability with the team.” Hughes said

“I could possible play early at Kansas, but I would have to earn my spot. They are looking at me as an offensive player. Some teams are looking at me as a defensive end too.” Hughes said

“I like Texas A&M. I been up there several times, very frequently. I like the coaching staff and the facility are great. They say the same thing like my athleticism and my motor.” Hughes said

“If A&M did offer I’m not sure if they would be the leader. I’m wide open where to go. I wouldn’t mind leaving state, because I do like Cal probably take on official there later. They do like me a lot as a defensive end too.” Hughes said


Houston, Lamar, Missouri, Northwestern, Purdue and SMU all offered.

A&M coaches not much to say.

“I just went to A&M for a camp. The facilities and everything was nice. They didn’t say much to me right now, just that they will keep in touch. The coaches didn’t talk to me.” Winfield said

“We just did some drills overall. I did real well on one-on-one. Afterwards, we just broke up and the coaches said thank you guys and we will keep in touch.”

Chicago was cold.

“I went to Northwestern,” Winfield said. “It was cool, just cold, that was the bad part. They just said keep working hard and try to make it up this summer when you can. That was pretty much it. They like how I can create turnovers; take away the ball.” Winfield said

“It (NU) would be a challenge academically but it would be good in the long run.”

“I think SMU is recruiting me the hardest. They just want me to get on campus and check me out. I like it because it’s close. The facilities are real cool. I just like the place.”


Sanford commit Bisharat likes everything he saw.

“I pretty much based it perfectly on academics and how the play offensively. I really like Coach David Shaw; the facilities are amazing. Those are some of main factors. And it’s a half hour drive.” Bisharat said

“I called Coach Shaw he was really excited and he said welcome to the Stanford family."

Were you always a Stanford fan?

“No I use to hate them because my dad played at Oregon. That was a few of the teams I disliked, so I didn’t like The Cardinal. In the back of my head, they didn’t start recruiting me until a month or two, that’s when they offered. I wasn’t really thinking too much about it, then I finally decided that’s where I wanted to go. ” Bisharat said

“Academics was also a factor,” he says. “For me some times football will end.”

“They (Stanford) have me at running back. They kind of compare me to Toby Gerhart and Christian McCaffrey; my running style. Just a downhill runner and make moves in the open field. They want me at running back and not play defense. Some schools are looking at me at safety and outside linebacker.” Bisharat said

Improves grades; gets offer

“They (Stanford) did visit me one time and said my grades weren’t really up to par before they can recruit me. My freshman year I was doing really well in the class room; there I am I guess.” Bisharat said


“Yea, I took a visit there during my spring break.” When asked if he did visit Oregon.” I liked it a lot they wanted me to play defense so, they wanted me to play safety and linebacker. I told them I wanted to play offense. UCLA wanted me to play defense too, and I really didn’t want to do that.”

Other visits, but Stanford was the place.

“I loved it,” The Spartan’s that is. “They wanted me to play running back. We didn’t spend much time there they had spring ball. I got to get on the field and meet the team. It was fun I liked it a lot it’s just Stanford was a better offer to me.”

“Washington kind of wanted me to play defense too, Washington State wanted me on offense at running back and wide receiver. They (WSU) wanted me pretty bad. They were one of my first offers; rolled out the red carpet for me, but at the end of the day Stanford was the best fit for me.” Bisharat said

UCLA wanted Bisharat to play defense too and didn’t want any part of it. His parents told him to hold off.


Devon committed to the University of Arizona over Boise State and UCLA. Other schools that were in the mix; Arizona State, California, Utah State, Washington State and a few more.

Likes their offense

“I liked the coaches a lot and the offense they run. The coaching staff really stood out to me, also that was where I wanted to go. They run a spread offense it’s past pace football. I like that a lot. I like that I’m more of a passer; that I can throw on the run.” Modster explains why he’s going to be a Wildcat.

Modster was a high priority to UCLA class.

“I liked the school (UCLA), the coaches talked to me for a while. I was beginning to build a relationship. I was high on their board; they were recruiting me for a while. The definitely wanted me to go to UCLA.” Modster said

“I went to the USC and UCLA game last year. I really wasn’t a Bruin fan, I was just wide open.”

“I went to Washington State. It’s just that they play a lot of wide sets during the game. It’s a pretty good place to play quarterback. Coach Leach was fun to talk to, I really didn’t get to spend a lot of time with him.” Modster said


Luke has a bunch of offers including Nebraska but has trimmed his list; Michigan State, Boston College, Ohio State and Penn State. He likes Notre Dame a lot and is hopeful that the Irish will offer down the road. He went to Boston College, Penn State and Ohio State over spring break.

Spartan’s different way of doing things.

“I like Michigan State’s offense and I have a good relationship with Coach Jim Bollman. The coaches their have a different philosophy everything they do. Just a good relationship with the coaches.” Farrell said

“I like how they (MSU) go along with recruiting a lot of different ways than a lot of Division I schools. I can tell they mean it when they want me and stuff. They are not going to BS me. I know they won’t be lying about anything. They are just nice coaches and everything – just straight up.” Farrell said

Penn State

“I talked with the academic advisor looking at their grade rates. I like their level of play and their stadium is huge.” Farrell said

“They (PSU) told me I was their number one guy for my position. They like the versatility I have, my frame. I’m a tight end and I can come down and block, split out with my athletic ability – catch passes. Boston College said the similar stuff. They feel like I’m a steal and they are definitely recruiting me pretty hard.” Farrell said


“I was at a practice at Ohio State earlier in the year. I’m going to Michigan State in June.”

“They are really impressed with me,” Farrell says about his visit to Ohio State. “They are talking to me every day. They want me to call every day tell me how they want me there and how much I can help them.”

“I was really following them (OSU) when I was growing up but, I wasn’t a diehard fan. I didn’t watch too much sports growing up, but growing up I’ve been around Ohio State fans.” Farrell said

Keeping his choices open.

“It’s all pretty close. I mean I have a chance to leave state even if I’m from Ohio. I like all the colleges that are in my final four.”

“I don’t know for sure.” When asked if Notre Dame will extend an offer. “I know Coach Scott Booker the tight ends coach will be coming. Hopefully come in and see me visit, and I don’t know if he is going to offer me then; but an offer from Notre Dame would be something to consider.”

“I went to a game last fall at Notre Dame, the North Carolina game. I like all the tradition they have, just a number of fans from all across the board.”

Where to fit in.

“I did look at depth charts a little bit, it doesn’t come in play very much at the schools I’m looking at. Hasn’t played much of a factor.” Farrell said

“Full package”

“A lot of them (coaches) say I have the full package. I’m not just an H-Back, but I can move around. I can be a traditional tight end spot with my hands on the ground. I can block a lot as well – run good routes.” Farrell said

“I want to commit before my season starts end of the summer; like the end of August. I’m looking for a relationship with the coaches – academics is big for me.”


As of now Chacho has listed 5 schools as his favorites. The list will be revised at a later date. In no specific order; Arizona State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Stanford and Vanderbilt.

“I went to Stanford for their junior day a couple weeks ago in May. I went on an unofficial to Arizona State in March. I went to Notre Dame in April while I was going to Chicago for a 7 on 7. Then we took an unofficial up there (ND).” Ulloa said

“Feel the history”

“The history of Notre Dame makes you feel the history and vive of it. The coaches are cordial, respectful, up front and open. That’s one thing I really liked. I liked everything, locker room, the academics, mostly everything about Notre Dame.” Ulloa said

“At first they (ND) were telling me I have to earn my scholarship. Talking to the defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder, kind of chalk talk with him a little bit, I did what I’m supposed to do. He told me if I meet all those requirements I’ll get an offer.” Ulloa said

“I was in the room with him (VanGorder) and watched film and everything. Watched film on a couple plays; he asked me what I would do on this coverage, I answered all the questions. He was really impressed the way I was talking.” Ulloa said

Irish has much to say about Ulloa’s abilities

“They (ND) like my versatility. I think almost every college that talks to me says that the most. I can get to the ball anytime during the game, because I can both cause fumbles and interception. Versatility, like a nickel type I can be the free safety role. I can be a strong safety and be in the box. I also come off the edge and support the run game. I can play physically like a lot of players can’t do.” Ulloa said

Ulloa goes in detail with the 7 on 7 camp in Chicago.

“It was good I mean I won’t lie about it the competition in Chicago wasn’t that great, as great that I’ve seen in Miami or in Los Angeles. I mean it was good to see what kind of competition there is around Chicago and the Midwest.”


“The weather was great out there,” Ulloa responds to his visit to Stanford. “I liked the coaches I liked the defensive back coach Duane Akina. He was talking a lot how he coaches up his players. I mean, I loved the campus. It was nice, nice stadium, nice field and everything. The academics belong with Notre Dame. I mean it’s like get a degree from Stanford your set for life.” Ulloa said

What the Stanford coaches liked on film.

“Yea, mostly every college likes to say the same thing; my physicality, versatility and just the way I can get the ball out at any given time. They like my athleticism and my angles. The coach (Stanford) Akina actually liked the angles I take. A lot of players don’t take the right angles. Thankfully I was coached well.” Ulloa said

“He (Alamar) was the one who offered me. Coach Duane Akina, Coach Lance Anderson and coach Pete Alamar; I have a good relationship with them. They said I’m the right fit and can be a part of their defense. Coach Alamar is the special team’s coordinator but he recruits my area. He’s the one who extended the offer.” Ulloa said

The Arizona desert was hot; Arizona State.

“It was a little hot but, I mean it liked it. Coach Todd Graham, Coach Mike Norvell and Coach Chris Ball all received me like they rolled out the red carpet. I like their campus, I also like the dorms for what they showed me. I talked with a couple of the players, they were really good kids - It’s where I can fit around them. ” Ulloa said

Spartans pulling back a little.

“Michigan State I’m not sure about anymore they got their second safety commit, so I don’t know. I mean I’m pretty excited but I’m not highly available with their two safety commits. Maybe I can play outside linebacker.” Ulloa said

“Vanderbilt, I won’t be able to take the trip like ASU and Stanford, because they were not that far. And with Notre Dame one of my family member’s friends want me to go there, so that’s the only way I’m going out there. We’re going to the Irish Days the end of June.” Ulloa said

Now that Michigan State is about done with safeties, a few schools come to mind for consideration.

“I mean Nebraska. A couple schools that offered me a little later like Nebraska, I’ve been talking to Purdue also. I’ll make another top 5 before the season. Just honor the schools trying to get me to visit. Nebraska is still in the mix.” Ulloa said

“Purdue if they offer me they will be there. I’m still open to recruiting. Most of the schools that offered me are in my top 5. I feel like Nebraska and Purdue are still in it.”

Hasn’t heard much from Nebraska after his original top 5. Now that has changed and he still likes the Huskers.

“Not as much anymore because I made my top 5. Coach Mark Banker and Coach Brian Stewart, I’m going to be in contact with them a little. I haven’t because of finals and football. I’m going to be texting the coaches this Thursday or Friday. That’s when my finals are kind of over. I’m going to kind of step up my recruiting back.” Ulloa said

“He loves it there”

“I don’t know a lot about them they (Nebr.) just offered me. Coach Brian Stewart I heard is a great coach. What I hear from Patrick O’Brien one of the quarterback commits; he said he loves it over there. He loves the fan base and everything, that’s why he committed over to Nebraska.”

“He (O’Brien) was on my 7 on 7 teams actually. Roomed with him both in Chicago and Miami, we’ve talked a lot. He is trying to recruit me like all the players have committed – want to recruit their fans and all of that stuff.” Ulloa said

“Like what every coaches has said.” When asked what the Husker coaches like him on film. “My versatility, physicality, just getting to the ball out in space. I hear that a thousand times from every place.”

NU likes his character

“A lot of coaches like the type of person I am. My character that’s one thing Nebraska likes. They went to my Showcase and came and watched. It was at my school. My high schools coach hosts one every year only like the top prospects. I was one of them. They (Nebr.) wanted to see me play man.” Ulloa said

Will call Purdue

“They (Purdue) have been in contact with me lately. They want me to call them this week or next. They want to look at my film and see what they want to do. To see if they will extend an offer or not; this week or next.” Ulloa said

“I’m going to make up another top 5 in July. I will make a couple official visits probably October and November, and after that I will make my commitment.”


“I personally don’t like the beach.” When asked what he does for fun. “I go to Disneyland with my girlfriend. We kind of go there a lot. Other than that I like to eat, I go out a lot basically.”

“I get a season pass (Disneyland) so I get to go when ever. I go after school some days. It’s somewhere to hand out other than being at home and all of that stuff. I don’t go on the rides most of the time. I’m not there the whole day, like a half a day get something to eat or do something else.” Ulloa said

“I go to Hollywood, a museum something like that. The Board Walk, I mean there is so much stuff to do you just can’t name them all. Just whatever kind of person you are, that’s what you are going to do. Go to the beach if you’re a beach person.”


“I have 13 offers I won’t narrow my list down for a while. I’ve haven’t visited any schools in the spring but I’ve been to three schools previously which was West Virginia, Wake Forest and Penn State.” Scott said

Arizona, Boston College, California –Berkeley, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan State, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, Washington State and Wisconsin are among Scott’s 13 offers.

“I liked it (West Virginia) a lot. It was a pretty cool experience. I went down there for their spring game, so I only got to see the football portion of it. It was pretty cool.” Scott said

West Virginia coach Mitchell has a strong relationship with Scott

“I talked to the defensive back coach (Brian Mitchell) he pretty much said he liked my film and stuff. They liked what they saw and are still waiting to offering me. He really liked my size. A lot of corners now of days don’t have my size. I have an advantage being 6-4 playing corner. I like to press a lot, I liking bumping a lot off the line, so they really enjoyed that as well.” Scott said

“It was a pretty cool area (Morgantown). It wasn’t too bad there - a lot of mountains. It took me about 4 ½ hours.”

Wake Forest: “I’m their number one guy”

“They said I’m their number one guy.” Scott comments what the Wake Forest coaches are saying. “That they are trying to get me right now. The coaches always call on the phone always talking - stuff like that. Derrick Johnson is one of the (Wake) coaches that really likes my play and stuff. Likes my size and all of that.” Scott said

Scott likes the small setting at Wake Forest and the academic support.

“Wake Forest it’s a real good school they take care of their academics very seriously. They have a lot of academic support. It’s a pretty small school. The type of person I am I really like it I can see myself there. I think it’s a good fit for me. Wake. It’s a really cool place, they really do want me down there. They contact me all the time.”

Like family at Penn State

“Penn State was a real cool place,” he says. “When I went out there they really wanted me to know the prospects and stuff. Get to know all the prospect’s by face. They really showed that they cared. They just didn’t want to just go up there and visit them. I really liked the coaching staff (PSU), I even got to meet James Franklin the head coach, and he was a pretty cool guy.” Scott said

“I just like the program at Penn State. I like where their program is going and stuff. I believe with their coaching staff they will be a top contender for a championship.” Scott said

“They (PSU) want to offer me but, they are waiting as well. I believe they said they are taking like 4 corners this year, they offered like 3. So they are just waiting for to find out, but I’m pretty sure they will offer me later.”

Future visits.

“I will be getting down to Michigan State this summer and I don’t know any other schools right now. Michigan State that is a guarantee.” Scott said

“When I go up there (MSU) it will be my first time visiting, but I do like the football program. Their football program is pretty successful and stuff. I just have to wait and see until I visit and get some more information about their school and stuff. I want to see it for myself.” Scott said

“I have to get down there and visit. I talked to Coach Steve Addazio (MSU) before, so he really likes me as well. I have to take one of my visits to see what kind of football program they have. It’s not a bad school I wouldn’t mind going down there.” Scott said

Scott would like to visit California and is it too far away to play football.

“Not at all I’m form the West Coast. I’m from California (Sacramento). Just going back there that would be great. I’m also definitely making my way to California – Berkeley. I’m going to wait on an official visit.” Scott said

“I don’t know too much about the school (Cal). Just me being from California, I have to go back. I know their head Coach Sonny Dykes. I’m pretty sure the football is up on a rise. I have to wait until I visit.” Scott said


California, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Mississippi State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wisconsin all have offered plus a few others.

Haskins a highly recruited QB who committed to Maryland and wants others to follow

“Dwayne Haskins was big for Maryland. He’s one of my good friends; h e’s really excited about it (commitment). He’s trying to get a bunch of guys with him and do big things. He’s been pushing me to go to Maryland, but he realizes it’s up to me to make the decision.” Simms said

West Coast trips

“I went out to Stanford on my spring break. I liked it a lot I got to see (David Shaw) in person. I met a lot of the players. Sounds like they want me pretty bad and they came out to my school.” Simms said

“Cal-Berkeley was a lot of fun too,” Simms said. “There were only three coaches up there but I got to meet the players. The facilities are really nice, afterword’s I got to see the campus.”

“They (Cal) said I’m pretty high on their board for a linebacker. The D-Line coach (Fred Tate) liked my film so the linebacker coach (Garret Chachere). They are recruiting me as a Hybrid right now.”

No Irish offer yet

“Notre Dame, they want me as a Hybrid as well. Coach Scott Booker came up to my school, he’s recruiting me pretty hard. I like Notre Dame I can see myself fit in that school.” Simms said

“They (ND) have great football tradition. Academics at Notre Dame is one of the schools make sure you have. My parents always watched Notre Dame. My dad followed Notre Dame growing up and I watched them too.”

Michigan. “It’s just a great school.”

“I’ve haven’t been up there (Michigan). I know coach Jim Harbaugh is up there he’s really going to turn that program around. It’s a place that the recruits really like. It’s a great fan base – it’s just a great school.” Simms said

“Michigan is recruiting me as a Hybrid too and a linebacker. I think a lot of it for now; see how big, how much I weigh. If I stay the same I will play linebacker, If I weigh more I’ll probably play D-End with my hands down.” Simms said

“I visited them.” Simms said in reference to North Carolina and North Carolina State. “I visited them over spring break. I like North Carolina a lot. I like the coaching staff and they were one of my first offers. They’ve been on me for a long time. I like Chapel Hill it was pretty nice. I stayed by (UNC) and it was a nice area.”


Tino has more than 15 offers. Right now he’s taking a close look at Maryland, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest and West Virginia.

“Those are the schools I’m looking at the most. I really haven’t narrowed it down. They are not my final 5, I’m just looking at those schools a little more. I went to a couple spring visits to Rutgers and West Virginia for a spring game.” Ellis said

Ellis favors Rutgers style of offense.

“At Rutgers I’ve been talking to the offensive coordinator Ben Mc Daniels. He’s done a great job with the program. It’s the best style of offense it’s more like De Matha’s. That’s what I like about Rutgers.” Ellis said

“If I go there (Rutgers) I can start early and play an important role. They said I run good routes, like how I can run vertical.”

“Yea, definitely I like West Virginia. I went up there and saw the coaches and I like the fast pace offense. They run a good spread offense. Look for me to get out in space and make plays.” Ellis said

“They (WVU) said I can play my freshman year they are looking for some receivers.” Ellis said

“I liked Morgantown it was kind of calm, cool place, and peaceful.”

Walking distance.

“I like Maryland,” Ellis said. “I watched them when I was little they are my home state. Also, it’s like walking distance from my house. I’m always up there. I’m pretty much wide open where I go.”

Terp coaches recruited Ellis early on.

“They (Maryland) said I can come in and play early just like the other schools say. They can see me run the sweep. They recruited me at a very young age, I have a great relationship with the coaches. They want me to play inside or out, play a little slot.”

“I went to Virginia Tech with my parents it was a great time I met with the coaches. My high school plays the similar offense. I definitely like the surroundings there. Cam Phillips use to play with me at De Matha he’s at Virginia Tech now.” Ellis said

A few others.

“Virginia Tech is looking at me as a slot receiver. I like slot I can make plays in space. I played some slot in high school.” Ellis said

“I was supposed to make it to Wake Forest. I talked to their coach (Adam Scheier) a couple days ago when he was at the school.”

Nebraska recruiting Ellis; likes him at Wide out and safety.

“I hear from Nebraska they still talk to me. For Nebraska the coach I hear from most is Brian Stewart. He wants me up there sometime this summer. I think I can make it this summer, I just have to talk to my parents.” Ellis said

“They only thing I know about Nebraska, the conference they are in, they produce good wide receivers. I see Kenny Bell going into the draft. Coach Stewart is also looking at me as a defensive back; he’s looking at me as a safety. They said I can make big plays at safety.” Ellis said

“I want to compete as an incoming freshman and I want a good relationship with the coaches. I plan on committing July 31 this summer. It’s not a special date it’s just the right time. The next day I start two a days. I just want to get over with, so I can focus on my senior year.” Ellis said


Devery has lots of offers. He has to sit down and talk to his parents and coaches about what schools make the cut. Clemson, LSU, Ohio State, Michigan State, Notre Dame, South Carolina and Wake Forest are a few schools hope to make the cut.

West Coast trip

“I went out to Stanford April 3 and 4 for junior day. I thought it was beautiful, the weather was nice first and foremost, but also the campus and academics. Stanford is a good school academically, I wanted to see it firsthand. I’m definitely interested in Stanford, also my dad has some friends there.” Hamilton said

“Pretty much the regular stuff.” When asked what the Stanford coaches had to say. “They did say they want me. I have a pretty good relationship with the coaching staff. The coach (Peter Hansen) that is recruiting me answered all the questions I had. And I talked to Coach Mike Bloomgren who is the recruiting coordinator and the offensive coordinator.” Hamilton said

“First and foremost my size, my legs, they like my foot work.” Response what the Stanford coaches think of Hamilton’s abilities. “They are recruiting me as a defensive tackle.”

Michigan making a strong push.

“I was just up there (Michigan) about a month ago. We toured the campus got to see all the important stuff. I really enjoyed it; I definitely enjoyed Michigan.” Hamilton said

“Harbaugh is a great guy. I talked to him on the phone a couple of times. I think me, Coach Harbaugh, Coach Tim Drevno; we have a good relationship.” Hamilton said

“He (Harbaugh) talked about the experience he had as a coach, obviously he’s a good coach. Told me about the recruiting class and they expect to do good things in the next couple of years. They are trying to fill out their recruiting class; I wish I was there.” Hamilton said

Alabama has more to offer than football.

“I think there is more than meets the eye at Alabama. The school is overlooked at the academic side of things down there. When you talk about Alabama it’s the football program.”

“I think Coach Nic Saban is a great coach. His message to recruits over there are good. I got to sit down with a one on one with him, I really feel like Alabama is a great program. I think they will over later.” Hamilton said

Local schools.

“They (Maryland) definitely been recruiting me pretty hard. They got a commitment from Dwayne Haskins. They really want to make sure I know which quarterbacks they offered. It’s going to be a good class. They got a couple more commits after Haskins committed. So they definitely do preach the stay at home.” Haskins said

“I guess Virginia is a good school they have great academics. They have a player (Darius Jennings) was who drafted by Cleveland Browns. I couple other guys went down there and said it was great.”


Ellison has a bunch of offers some to mention are; Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Old Dominion, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia Tech and West Virginia.

“My recent trip was to Virginia Tech. I’ve been to Maryland, Rutgers, Old Dominion, North Carolina and Penn State. I’m trying to get up to Michigan State.” Jordan said


“I went to Virginia Tech on my birthday,” Jordan said. “It was cool got to see all the coaches, went to a spring game. It was really cool. They said they will keep my eye out on me, they want me back down again and hopefully I will. I want to see the studio, so I might go down and see that.”

“Virginia Tech likes how I get off the line and have a good motor too.” Jordan added

Maryland is loaded with prospects every year. The Terps want to keep that talent home and be competitive in the newly Big Ten Conference.

“It (Maryland) was cool they talked to me about being on the field, liked my movement. I give it a lot of effort.” Jordan said

“Maryland is trying to keep all the in state players from going to other schools. Dwayne Haskins is a good friend he committed to Maryland, but that doesn’t mean I have to commit to Maryland.” Jordan said

UNC might be falling off.

“Last year I had a good relationship with Ted Gilmore but he went to Notre Dame. I’m going to see if I can get back down there. I don’t know if they still want me down there for college. They send me like little tiny letters. I haven’t talked to the defensive line coach yet. They haven’t come by my school anything like that.” Jordan said

“That’s one school (Michigan State) that’s on my mind that I would like to visit, but I’m not really sure. My parents talked about it, I hope to get out there for a visit. They were my first offer.” Jordan said

Car problems.

“We didn’t get a chance to see the whole campus.” When asked about his trip to West Virginia. “We had car trouble. The towing company were nice and took us to West Virginia campus. It was all good.”

West Virginia coaches did take some time out to talk with the Jordan family.

“I talked to Coach Lonnie Galloway and the defensive coordinator (Tony Gibson). The head coach (Tony Holgorsen) went to North Carolina for a Nike thing. It was all cool.”

“I haven’t been up there.” Jordan comments about Boston College efforts. “Coach always wants me up there but I can’t make it to every school, there is so much you can go to. I can’t see everyone.”

What’s your school days like?

“I get up at 5 AM and I don’t get back home until 8 PM. My dad drops me off at the bus stop and it takes me to Baltimore, might do some homework but mainly sleep and listen to my music.” Jordan said

“It’s (Baltimore) pretty cool bit I live in the D.C. area (Upper Marboro). Baltimore is OK I like it. I’m not a Baltimorean but it’s pretty cool.”

So, what’s important picking a school?

“First my social life where I can fit in at school. I’m looking at academically support. Make sure the coaches will be there if I need anything. Athletically everybody want to win a championship, but I want to be successful on and off the field. Playing time I don’t know about that. I’m not sure about playing time, I just want to compete and see what happens.” Jorda said


Boston College, Connecticut, Duke, Iowa, Nebraska, Rutgers, Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest all offered plus a few others. Eric visited Duke and Wake Forest and will plan more visits soon.

Duke a serious player

“I loved it.” Burrell said of his visit to Duke. “I even went to one of their basketball games. I liked all the coaches they showed me a lot of love. They have great facilities and it’s a great academic program.”

“They (Duke) are taking one safety and they want me to be that guy. I’ve been talking with the coaches about every day and staying in touch.” Burrell said

“They think I attack the ball well.” Burrell comments what the Duke Coaches say about his abilities. “They like guys like that, that can be a ball hawk back there. They need them to step up and distribute.”


“It’s pretty much the same think with Duke,” In reference to the coaching staff at Wake Forest. “I toured there and I really liked the facilities, it’s a beautiful campus, they pretty much push academics stuff. That’s because academics is really important too.

“I like the coaches there (Wake), I talk to Head Coach Dave Clausen, I really like him a lot. I went on their field. I like their field.”

Burrell said he is going to visit Nebraska, Rutgers, Wisconsin and Syracuse later this summer.

Big Ten, Nebraska, Stewart

“It’s the Big Ten.” Burrell responded what he likes about Nebraska. “I’ve been talking to a coach (Brian Stewart) on Twitter. He said he really wants me to get there, he just came down to see me.”

“They (Nebr.) really like how I attack the ball. He (Stewart) wants a guy to put in there and get the job done. Once I call you, I’m going to call him and stay up on me.” Burrell said

“I told him (Stewart) all the offers I have, he said I really don’t care about that, he just wants me to be there. I’m going up there (Nebr.) in June I don’t know what date yet. Me, my dad and my coaches will sit down Thursday (today) and decide when I can get out there.” Burrell said

“I’m not a home boy,” Burrell said. “I would like to get out to explore stuff. Whatever the best fit for me. I will travel.”

Rutgers: They recruited his brother

“I like all the coaches (Rutgers) I’ve been keeping in touch with. My brother was actually recruited by them, I’ve been up there before. I’m going back up there I just need to figure out what date on Thursday. I’ making out my all my schedule Thursday.” Burrell said

“They are trying to build a great program.” Burrell says about the Rutgers program. “They pretty much said the same thing, get me out there soon as I can and show me what Rutgers has to give me.”

“Big Ten”

“Oh, yea I love the Big Ten!” Burrell’s continued praise of the Big Ten Conference. This time it’s about Wisconsin. “I love coach Daronte’ Jones he’s the defensive back coach I’ve been keeping in touch with. He’s really a good guy and wants me to get out there.”

“I’ve been to Penn State when they played against Temple,” he says, “It was a crazy atmosphere, the coaches were there but I really didn’t get to talk to them. I just went up there in the morning ate breakfast went down stairs and go on the field. I talked to James Franklin on the field. Couldn’t really say anything because he was getting ready for the game. I loved it!”

Why the Big Ten?

“It’s one of the best, go up against high talented people. I would to go against my friends, most of them committed to the Big Ten. So, it’s like for me to be in the Big Ten. It is good competition and I love the big stadiums.” Burrell said

Future plans determined today

“I’m pretty much going to figure everything out on Thursday. My dad I think wants me to commit after season, but I don’t know what my coaches feel.” Burrell said


Ryan has offers from Air Force, Nebraska, North Texas, Northwestern, Rice, SMU, Texas Tech, and University Texas – San Antonio. He was able to visit Texas, UTSA, Texas State and SMU this spring.

Texas Longhorn’s want to try out Becker in person before making a decision where to go from here.

“They (Texas) didn’t offer because I didn’t play tight end in high school. They want me to come to a summer camp; go there and see me catch. They don’t have any film on me playing tight end. I played tackle my sophomore year and a little bit of defensive end here and there.” Becker said

“When I grew up I followed the Longhorns they have always been around and have been good. Texas has been just a big school, it’s prestigious around here in Texas.” Becker said

“I would still be wide open.” When asked if Texas would be leader if offered. “I would like to know what playing time I would get, who’s all in front of me. Look at the coaches more, go visit, make sure I like the school. I still have to do my research.”

Nice coaches; nice school

“It (UTSA) was cool they didn’t have a lot of nice stuff; it’s an upcoming program. The coaches are nice in a couple of years they will be pretty good. So, the school I liked it a lot.” Becker said

“I have a pretty good relationship with coaches up there (UTSA). They’re cool I like them a lot. They are recruiting me as a defensive end.”

“They looked at me as a tight end too.” Becker said what the plans are with Texas State. “The campus is pretty nice. Its campus is pretty nice how it’s set up, it’s just real small. I liked that part of it that was pretty cool. They want me to go to camp and see how I move around.” Becker said

The Pony’s

“I went up there (SMU) it reminds me of my high school campus. They lost some players but, they will be good the couple of years. I could possible play earlier that’s definitely a plus.” Becker

Now Nebraska

“It’s a really good offer (Nebraska). I need to get up there and visit the school and keeping up with the coaches and all of that stuff. It’s just far to visit, I do need to go up there and check it out. I’ve talked to Coach Tavita Thompson the tight ends coach the most. I need to visit and learn more about him.” Becker said

“They (Nebr.) are a base school, football is a big, big deal up there in Nebraska. It’s kind of like Texas everybody in Nebraska knows the Cornhusker's in the NFL. Nebraska, the big deal to me is the atmosphere and how everybody is bought into the program.” Becker said


Arkansas State, Houston, Kansas, Louisiana Tech, Mc Neese State, Memphis, Mississippi State, Tulane, Tulsa and Utah all offered.

Two trips

“Recently the only trips I’ve taken were TCU and Texas A&M. I went their (TCU and A&M) for a practice or spring games or whatever,” Prater said

TCU might be the team to beat

“They (TCU) are recruiting me mostly. Which has a lot of value for me. It’s something to be said about being wanted. They are recruiting me the hardest, them and Mississippi State.” Prater said

“TCU said if you want a place we have a spot for you. I mean there is an opportunity anywhere. They (TCU) also said we are not going to put you out there and not be ready for college football. I’m considering on graduating early, so that would do pretty good head start.” Prater said

“The TCU campus itself is so nice. It’s smaller it’s not like LSU or Alabama. Just real good nice people and it’s a good education.” Prater said

“TCU said they like my feet, my hips, quickness, intelligence and more stuff.”

Is TCU too far away to play ball?

“In comparison to some of the others it’s pretty close, it’s about 3 ½ hours away. LSU is pretty close about 4; Alabama and Mississippi State are all 6. TCU is pretty close university.” Prater said

“I actually talk to them on Facebook.” When asked if he hears from Texas A&M much. “They came to my spring practice last week. They said they were really impressed, but far as inside interior linemen they are waiting to see who they will offer. If they offer another inside guy.”

Mississippi State

“I talked to Coach John Hevesy (MSU) last week, He said I want you for sure. I want you to be a Bulldog. He thinks I can play center and control their offensive line which sounds exciting to me.” Prater said

Roll the film and let’s take a look.

“Basically the same everybody said. I have quick feet, flexible hips, football smarts, and intelligent play. Majority of the schools project me as a center in college. I’m not long enough to play tackle. I think center will suit me well.” Prater said

No future plans

“I’m taking a class this summer so I can graduate midterm. That take up most of my summer.” Prater said


Keion has offers from Cincinnati, Indiana and Kentucky. He took some spring visits to Florida, Purdue, Tennessee and Indiana.

“They are taking the recruiting process slowly in evaluating me,” When asked if the Gators might offer later. “They were very impressed with my film, like what I do with ball when I get it. They run the same offense like my high school – the spread.”

“They (Purdue) really like me and I am high on their list. The same thing with my play making ability. They like me as a receiver, I can play both the slot and wide receiver in college. It doesn’t bother me which to play I do like the slot more. You’re out there in space more and create a miss match.” Wakefield said

“I loved Tennessee.” Wakefield said. “It’s not the best (overall) I’ve seen, because I’ve been to Alabama and Oregon too. I like the offense at Tennessee and they treat you like family.”

“I’m very high on them (Vols) and they are coming to see me in the spring. They like my play making ability and my route running.”

“Indiana is close to home and they are like family too. I’m a family orientated guy that’s what I love about Indiana. There is good competition in the Big Ten.” Wakefield said

“I’ve been to Alabama to see a game mostly because my brother plays at Kentucky. He wants it to be my decision where I want to go. He won’t have an influence on it.” Wakefield said

“Kentucky is very nice, I haven’t met the coordinator yet since they changed it. Coach Stoops and everybody is like family too. They (KY) said I’m a great route runner and I can take over a game any second.” Wakefield said


Jack is a good reliable offense tackle. He has narrowed it down pretty much to four schools; Clemson, Georgia Tech, Mississippi and Tennessee. Schools like Illinois, Miami, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, and Virginia Tech have also offered.

“I’ve been to Clemson, Georgia Tech and Mississippi. I plan on visiting Tennessee this summer.” DeFoor said

Likes Clemson hurry up offense

“I like Clemson they like how athletic I am. They play with a hurry up offense and no huddle. That’s what we do in high school. I like the environment there and the coaches are really nice. I met Coach Dabo Swinney we talked about things other than football. It sounds like they are in a need for tackles.” DeFoor said

“I like Georgia Tech it’s my home state. With their education I can get a good job after football.” DeFoor said

“Last year I went to the Miami and Clemson games. It was a white out for the Miami game they (Ga. Tech) won the fans stormed the field. Their fan base isn’t real big, but from what I saw they showed up.” DeFoor said


“I liked it (Mississippi) there, I have a good relationship with the O-Line coach (Matt Luke). The SEC West is the best conference in football. I feel like they are going to have a good season. I just like the fact it’s SEC football.” DeFoor said

“They (Ole Miss.) have facilities too that are nice. I like their business program which I’m interested in.”

“I’m going to Tennessee soon as I can when the coaches get back from their evaluations. I want to go up there.” DeFoor said

NU coach: "He's Really A Good Guy"

“Coach Mike Cavanaugh (Nebraska) came this summer. He was the first coach to call me. He’s really a good guy, you can tell I would enjoy being coached by him. I talked to him (Cavanaugh) a couple weeks ago and pretty much told him who I narrowed it down to.” DeFoor said

“I’m not sure.” When asked if this is his final four schools. “I really liked the people I narrowed it down. If someone else comes in the picture depending who they are I might consider, but I’m really content with the people I have.”

“I want to commit before the season, so I’ll probably only take an official visit to the school I’m committed to.”


Aaron is another athlete that has plenty of offers. Some to mention are; Duke, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Virginia and Wisconsin

“I went on a couple visits this spring, I went to Penn State and Ohio State. When I went down there (Penn State) they offered me. They kind of showed me that I can use my talents over there. I’m very athletic, just complements my play.” Hansford said

PSU short on numbers; wants Hansford

“I’m Penn State’s priority because they are getting their scholarships back. They had a lot of players that weren’t on scholarship so the depth was not that strong. They could really use me over there that’s what they say.” Hansford said

Ohio State pushing hard

“I did they actually offered me too.” Hansford comments about his Ohio State offer during his visit. “Pretty much what Penn State did, I’m a priority guy for them. Players like me don’t come along at my position with my speed and athleticism. They really want me over there and will keep in touch and build a relationship.” Hansford said

“I loved the facilities (OSU), the practices, the coaches up there are great and they treated me pretty well. And they are a very competitive school. They won a national championship, they beat Alabama, beat all those high profile schools. They made a statement.” Hansford added

“I’ll probably commit sometime after football season. I want to wait for my official visits. Go on visits and get a better understanding what’s goes on – campus life other than football.”


Nationwide prospect has a lot of school to choose from. Alabama, California, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Stanford, Tennessee, Wisconsin and many more.

His own list

“I narrowed it down myself personally, but I’m not going to make the list publically. This spring I went to Notre Dame, Ohio State and Michigan. I’m headed to Tennessee this weekend.” Mack said

Notre Dame

“Notre Dame was awesome.” Mack said. “It was probably one of the most impressive visits I took. I have a former teammate there and hung out with the players; feel out Notre Dame. Their moto is 4 for 40. Four years of education is like time after football. It’s not the best entertainment place (South Bend) but, it’s close to home.”

“They (ND) were looking at me when I was there. The coaches were telling me I can really fit their system. Come in and play my freshman year. Coach Mike Denbrock is a humble guy, the receivers coach, hopefully can make me some minutes.” Mack said

Met Doc at Ann Arbor

“It (Michigan) was pretty neat. I went up there got to meet a doctor head heart surgeon with pediatrics. I got to talk to Coach Jim Harbaugh and told me what to do to be successful. He’s (Harbaugh) a pretty nice guy likes to talk about other things than football.” Mack said

What did Michigan say?

“Basically the same thing, sounds like I’m their (Michigan) number one priority as a receiver. They are trying to make a class to bring it back up. Be a part of a class like that puts you over the top.” Mack said

Buckeye’s popular with Championship

“You know its (Ohio State) really popular right now they just won the championship. The fans are great, probably one of the best fans around. They are one of my favorite football staffs, and they like to throw the ball. The facilities are one of the best, but you don’t want to base things off facilities.” Mack said

What’s the deal with Alabama?

“Being in the south, actually it (Alabama) was really awesome. The players were really respectful, see how they work their system. How they do things out there. It’s something I really noticed when I went on my visit. The facilities are more spread out. Like Michigan you have more in door facilities.” Mack said

“Since they (Alabama) offered me they are really high on my route running. Skill wise I’m high end compared to some other receivers.” I’m pretty polished as a high school receiver. I’m really good with my routes.” Mack said

“Yea.” When asked if Mack is still interested in Nebraska. “It’s just a matter of keeping communications with Coach Keith Williams, which I have. I’ve been talking to him every so often. And hope to get up there for a visit.”

“He’s (Williams) telling people what he’s done in the past – his career. Just telling me who he is as a person and as a coach.”

“I’m committing June 7.” Mack said


Kofi is highly recruiting athlete that has a lot of offers to choose from. Arizona State, Arkansas, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Houston, Iowa, Texas Tech, Washington, Kansas and Colorado are among some.

SEC visit

“I talk to the coaches at Mississippi. I’ll probably make a visit down this summer or an official visit for a game. They want me to play slot receiver for them, they are looking for a slot receiver.” Boateng said

“Coach Grant Heard wants a big tall receiver; they are looking for more athletic receivers for the slot. That’s what they said after watching my film.” Boateng adds more about the Mississippi situation

Arizona State looking to play both positions

“I’m going to make a visit there (ASU) at the end of the summer, I like the weather there. I like the offense I’ve talked to Coach Del Vaughn Alexander. He said I was a priority, by watching my film they want me as a slot receiver, but they also like me wide too. I like the offensive style of throwing the ball.” Boateng said

“It doesn’t matter to me where I play, I just want to find the best spot for the future.”

Play with the best

“If they (Maryland) were still in the ACC it wouldn’t be as bad but in the Big Ten I would go up against the National Champions and other big schools, so that makes it better.”

“I talked to coach Brent Pease (Washington). He said they wanted me to come there and play possibly wide out. They need two fast athletic wide receivers; to build a foundation for the team. Need someone to run routes well also.” Boateng said

Home schools

“I’ve been looking into Texas A&M, Texas Tech and Baylor. I have an offer from Texas Tech. The only other Texas school that has offered is Houston. I visited them (Texas and Texas Tech) earlier, so I want to talk to the coaches more and see what’s going on.” Boateng


Colorado and Nebraska are Kentrell’s only offers so far. He said Oregon State, Washington and Arizona State are close.

Coach Banker expresses his need to land Love

“They (Nebraska) have a great football team and the coaches are pretty good too. I’ve just started hearing from them lately. Coach Mark Banker wanted me to call him and that’s when he offered me. He told me I’m physical and likes my length. And a couple other coaches started talking to me on Twitter.” Love said

“He (Banker) said I’m a lock down corner and he wants me to go up there and press all the time. He tells me there is some Cali kids that went out there (Nebr.) now.”

“Coach Banker offered me when I was in the house. Then I went upstairs and told them (parents), they were excited as well.” Love said

Colorado offered Love but shows a little love

“I haven’t heard from Colorado much,” Love said. “They did come down and see me and offered me. Coach Tony Neinas said he also liked my film and how tall I was too. He wants me to come down in June, but we don’t know yet.”

“Arizona State told me they are coming down for my Showcase and watch me. Hopefully, they will offer.” Love said

“I’m going to try to make it to Nebraska and Colorado this year. I really like Nebraska they’re not too far away.”


Greg has currently committed to Miami but has strong interest in Nebraska. Keeping it wide open as he looks around.

Just Wonderful

“One of my mentors Coach Wonderful Monds played for Nebraska in the day, he’s also went to my high school. He was telling me about the time when he played at Nebraska – he loved it actually. He was an All-American at Nebraska. Ultimately I want to get out of Florida and just see the United States,” Simmons said

“I talked to Coach Trent Bray (Nebr.) he likes how I move and I can play all three linebacker positions, Mike, Will and Sam. I’m really high on Nebraska.” Simmons said

“He (Bray) actually said I could play right away if I want to it’s my decision to play or just to redshirt; know the system, know what I’m doing. Time after my redshirt I will know everything and the ability to play well.” Simmons said

Where is the sun tan lotion?

“Coach Bray a few days ago came up for a practice he waited in the hot sun. He stayed four hours just to talk to me after practice, so I just take that into consideration. I know right there he was serious about me and we just took it from there. I talk to him about every day on Twitter.

“He cared about me”

“He (Bray) showed how much he cared about me. When he stood in the sun about four hours and didn’t really complain about it and at the end he was still there and it was real from there.”

“I hear from Coach Brian Stewart and Coach Mike Riley. I hear from Riley from time to time. He tells me about the system and about their tradition of winning stuff like that. We talk about the environment and have to come up there and see it for myself.” Simmons said

“Nebraska has a lot of history by its school.” Simmons said. “I’ve never hear anything negative, great coaches they had. They graduate great players that go to the NFL.”

“I like the tradition and the ability to graduate more than 70 percent of the athletes and many go to the NFL to be great. They (Nebr.) have the ability to play in big time games like Ohio State - the Big Ten conference.” Simmons said

Plans to visit Nebraska

Simmons said he needs get by the clearing house before he plans a visit to Nebraska after his spring game. Was asked if he came to Nebraska and liked it would he flip his commitment to Nebraska.

“I mean anything can happen. Like I said I’m going to keep my eyes open with my options anything can happen.”

Simmons said he didn’t have any other plans just his visit to Nebraska this spring. Went on to say Miami will not get an official visit because he wants to see schools he’s never been to.

NU up first

“I plan on taking all my five official visits. My first will be Nebraska from there I’ll decide later.” Simmons said

Simmons said He’s hearing from USF, Penn St, a lot of west coast teams, Temple, North Carolina State and Mississippi State.


“I just got my 11th (offer) last week from Fresno State. I’ve got offers from Miami, Tennessee, UCLA, Washington, Colorado, Washington State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Tulane, Utah and Fresno State.” Lee said

“I went to an unofficial visit to UCLA, I’ve been to Washington two week ago go to see a practice and checked out their facilities.” Lee said

Really liked his trip to Westwood

“The atmosphere was nice, the players seemed nice they enjoyed me out there it was a fun experience, and it’s a job out there which I liked. The coaches were nice talking to them we got a good idea where I can fit into their system. Where their program will be in the next couple of years.” Lee said

Lee elaborates what he means it’s a job at UCLA

“I’ve talked to a lot of the college players and they said that coming from high school it’s more of a commitment. And it’s pretty much your job when you get to that point, because that’s how you are being paid to get through that school. So in sense it does become a job of a commitment, but it seems like a fun commitment at UCLA.” Lee said

“It seems like I’m high on their (UCLA) list.” Lee said. “I think they knew where I can fit in the things they said to me. I appreciate them and agree I can fit into their program.”

Lee comments the fit process with the UCLA coaches

“Mainly I told them (UCLA) I wanted to play quarterback and Coach Eric Yarber said he would talk to head Coach Jim Mora about it. I could have a chance to go in pretty much try at the quarterback position. Right now they are most interested in receiver.” Lee said

Let’s talk about Nebraska

“I talked to Coach Keith Williams a couple of times. I called him a couple of times on the phone and I had Coach Mark Banker come out and see my coach the other day at my school. He talked to Coach Ed Croson (Chaminade) for a while. I got a little face time how the program was and he was a very, very nice guy. Seems like he knows a lot about his program, he has a lot of confidence in his team.” Lee said

“He (Banker) is recruiting me as a wide receiver as well. I could enter into their system nicely, because they would like to get the football in the air. They say I’m a sure handed target. Whatever comes my way they have confidence in me.” Lee said

“Just on the phone, I don’t think he recruits this area.” Lee says about his conversation with Nebraska wide receivers coach Keith Williams. “I think he understand how I am as a player. He said he would love to have me out there. Its big time football out there and their conference.”

“And they (Nebr.) have a lot of people come out very week and see the games, and it’s going to be a very exciting atmosphere. And if I’m up for it then I have a position.”
Is Nebraska too far?

“I’m really not afraid to travel anywhere. Nebraska could be a good option for me. I have family out there. I’m actually from Texas. I’m familiar with the terrain out there and the weather. It’s a bit colder in Nebraska but that shouldn’t be a problem. It could be a good option for me and I going to see where it goes.” Lee said

Would like to visit NU later

“The first chance I get I would love to come out there (Nebr.) they had their spring game so, I won’t get a chance to see them live until there next practice whenever that is. I would love to come down and see the campus, the town around it and get a feel if that would be the place for me.” Lee said

“I know it’s a football town. I know if I’m there the whole stage will be on my back. I have a player, Terrell Newby, he is there now he came from Charminade the same school I’m at. I knows he loves it. “

“I’ve seen him (Newby) on TV and two. They show him a lot of love, they give him the ball in the open space. It looks like they know how to use their players.” Lee adds

Would like to hear more from Miami

“I’ve seen their coaches around our campus a few times, but I really haven’t had any real contact with them. We haven’t spoken on the phone recently, but I would like to have some contact with them.” Lee said

Do you like the Sooners?

“I do and it seems they like me. Their receivers coach actually went to the University of Texas. I am not sure where they want me or not. I need to go and talk to their coaches and find out how they are ranking them (Wide receivers) with the recruits.” Lee said

Lee really wants to play quarterback in college bit if it doesn’t work out wide receiver would be OK

“Quarterbacks would be the biggest position if you look in the NFL; their guy everyone looks too. I feel like I can be a reliable person, someone to look up too on the team no matter where I am. So if I don’t have the ability and tenacity to play quarterback at the next level, I am always willing to play wide receiver as well.” Lee said

QB Qualities

“They like to call me a dual-threat quarterback, but I do have the ability to stand in the pocket and drop back deliver the ball accurately and effectively. I can also run the ball because I do have some athleticism, but I don’t like to rely on that. I like to rely on reading the defenses, connect with open receivers.” Lee said

“I think so it depends on where the other schools are with their recruits.” Responds when he might narrow down the list. “Every school is still trying to get the guy they want, so I don’t want to be too late get caught out with the school I want to go to. I’ll narrow it down once I get to visit more schools, talk to some more coaches, and understand what they have to offer. But for a set date I don’t have a set time where I want to narrow down the list and make a decision.” Lee said


Arizona State, Arkansas, Baylor, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech offered Jordan with a bunch others.

“I like Texas it’s great tradition and a great place to be. They want me pretty bad could come in and make plays. I like Texas but I’m wide open.” Carmouche said

“I like LSU (no offer) me and my family are from Louisiana. It was great visiting my state. The linebacker coach Bradley Dale Peveto said he was coming to check up on me.”

“I like Baylor coaches Art Briles and Chris Achuff,” Carmouche said. “They both told me I’m a top priority and they want me pretty bad. They like how I can play sideline to sideline. I make a lot of play.”

“I have a chance to play early at Baylor. It doesn’t have to me an upperclassman to get playing time; anybody can get a spot.” Carmouche said

“Arkansas was good, it’s in the SEC, good competition. The coaches are great I just love it down there. They showed a lot of love when I was down there. I was a priority.” Carmouche said


Thomas has offers from all over the country, solid player originally from Austria. California, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Stanford and Wisconsin to list a few

Taking his time

“I’m trying to see places that are close, I’ll narrow it down during the summer and have a Top 10. Over the course of the season I’ll probably narrow it down to a Top 5, then schedule my official visits.” Schaffer said

“This summer I’m going home to my home country Austria, when I come back (Fall) I will consult some of my friends, former coaches, just everybody what they know about the schools.” Schaffer

Pro coach draws interest

“I went on a visit (Illinois) once and talked to the coaches. It’s a good program it seems like it’s on the rise. I like the D-Line coach Mike Phair he came from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I like him he’s a pretty good coach, seems like he has a lot of experience. They like to recruit the in-state players first then the other areas.” Schaffer said

What about Nebraska?

“It’s a good program it’s the Big 10. I hear from the assistant coach Mike Cavanaugh once in a while over Twitter. They are recruiting me now and then.”

“I heard Nebraska is one of the schools everybody want to go to because of their legacy and everything. I just know some schools are dream schools like Nebraska, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State, but I really don’t know why. I’m kind of unbiased.” Schaffer said

“I’ve been to Northwestern, I went to Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Iowa.”

“They’re good (Northwestern) I went to a scrimmage. They really get into it and the coaches are really nice. They have some good guys for next year – see how they do.” Schaffer said


“Obviously they (Michigan State) are one of the best programs. I talked to the strength coach, the O-Line coach, D-Line coach, the head coach; all of these are great guys.” Schaffer said

Wisconsin seems like a good fit

“I like the coaches at Wisconsin, I liked the whole campus, and it was a great experience. They have very good facilities and the team is always ranked.” Schafer said.

“They (Wisconsin) want me to be a defensive lineman for them. They like my athleticism and my size. They like the schemes I run, like a downhill lineman, and just my dominance on the defensive line.” Schaffer said

What side of the ball

“I only have a few that specially want me to play O-Line. Like Michigan State want me to be O-Line but also wants me as a defensive lineman. With Nebraska and Pittsburgh they only O-Line, but I have Oregon, Stanford, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, are just looking at me as a D-Lineman. California for example offered me as both.”

“I’ll finalize that by the end of the summer, like what I want to play and what I would be good at and most succeed; what ultimately makes me happy in college.” Schaffer said

“I will take all my visits, go home for the winter (break), and maybe back home I will announce it (commitment). And maybe it will take a while for my thought process; might announce it sometime in January.” Schaffer said


Terry has offers from Arkansas State, Colorado, Houston, Indiana, Memphis, Nebraska, New Mexico State and UNLV

How the Husker offer started

“Soon as I got off the phone with Coach Mike Riley, I called my mom and told my coach. They were really happy for me.”

Familiar with Nebraska

“What I like about Nebraska they have a good program. I went down last June for a camp. I went to their campus and it’s a big place. I’m going down there in June to visit – see how it goes.” Wilson said

“I really don’t know much about them (Nebraska). I know when I was down there I loved it. They know how to play some football, so that’s the only think I know about them.” Wilson said

NU coaches like what they see

“What I like about Nebraska they have a good program. I went down last June for a camp. I went to their campus and it’s a big place. I’m going down there in June to visit – see how it goes.” Wilson said

“I’m a great player”

“He’s a great guy.” Wilson’s commented about NU quarterback Coach Danny Langsford. "I’m just ready to build a relationship with him. He had a one on one talk with my coach and stuff. Coach Danny Langsford told my coach I’m a great player.”


“Their (Colorado) head Coach Mike McIntyre said he’s going to recruit me hard. I can go in there and make a big impact on the team early. They want me to get down there too.” Wilson said

Wilson took a visit to Houston, might visit Indiana

“Actually last spring I just got back from a visit to Houston. I watched their scrimmage down there, I like them a lot. Indiana, I’m trying to make it out to Indiana, I don’t know if I can with the Nebraska visit coming up.”

“What I like about Houston is the coaches they made me feel like home. The coaches take care when I got there the minute I stepped in the door. They’re just great people. Wilson said

What type of quarterback are you?

“I really don’t like to call it a dual-threat. I’m a quarterback that can run. Some people get it mixed up as a dual-threat quarterback. Some dual-threats run first, don’t look to pass. I’m really a pass first guy, if I have to run I will.” Wilson said

Future Plans

“I’m trying to go down to Nebraska June 13 and Colorado later on, but I’m not sure. I heard from Colorado yesterday (4/22), that’s when I talked to coach. We are going to talk later down the road.”

“I want to commit before the season. I’ll take most of my visits during the summer or I can wait and take a visit in the fall, so I can watch a game while I’m on that visit.” Wilson said


Pookie has offers from BYU, Nevada, Oregon State, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Washington State and Wyoming.

Maka plans on taking some visits to Arizona State and USC.

“I like the defensive scheme Arizona State’s got down there and how they play the defensive ends. It’s like getting to the quarterback and be aggressive.” Maka said

“They (ASU) told me they wanted me to come down and visit them soon as I can. I like the Pac 12 conference and it’s not too far away from home from the other schools that offered me.” Maka said

“I took some visits to Utah, Utah State and BYU; they all want me to stay in state.” Maka said

“They (BYU) likes how I play, like I have my head on fire. The main thing is they are recruiting me as an outside linebacker, and are a school of my religion (Latter Day Saints). They will let me choose if I want to go on a mission or not. If I do go it’s for two years then come back.” Maka said

“I went to Utah for the Red and White game. It’s a really good area and their facilities are very nice. They tell me how I will fit in their defensive scheme as a defensive end, and they would love to have me down.” Maka said

“I think Utah’s facilities are way better than Utah State’s, I get a better vibe I guess.”


Kolby has several offers, some of the major ones are from Boston College, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Visits and more planned

“I recently visited Boston College, North Carolina, after school I’ll probably take more visits. I would like to plan a trip to see Wisconsin, Michigan, Stanford and some other schools.” Quansah said

“I’ve been to Boston College several times for camps and junior days. This time I went to see the academic side. What they offer than football.” Quansah said

Boston College wants to keep the Kingswood connection going

“They (B.C.) said they are trying to keep all the Kingswood guys close to home. One of my teammates Sharrieff Grice signed with Boston College all ready. Boston College is recruiting me the hard to come over there.” Quansah said

“Coach Steve Addazio said I’m a versatile linebacker, also drop in the zone, but basically as a standup linebacker.”

North Carolina

“I like how they (UNC) sends a lot of players in the NFL, I’m going back there and see the academic side. So far I saw the football facilities.” Quansah said

“Coach John Papuchis said he can vision me in the new defense at North Carolina. They haven’t been dominate on the defensive side of the ball. He said I could possible play outside.” Quansah said

“Maryland said I could play early, but it’s up to me there is always going to be competition. It’s something I would have to work hard on.” Quansah said


Car and Nebraska’s running back coach Reggie Davis are Twitter friends, and they have establish a good relationship. Coach Davis contacted Car’s high school coach to have Mulbah Car give him a return phone call. The phone call was a valuable one as Coach Reggie Davis offered Car a scholarship to the University of Nebraska.”

“Liked me on film”

“Coach Davis said he liked me on film, I’m a good player. They (Nebr.) have a new staff coming in with a new coach, so he let me know about that. He is recruiting the Austin area.” Car said

He likes to run

“He (Davis) said he likes how I run downhill - I’m aggressive. I’m a type of person with the ball and go downhill that’s what he likes about me. He wants to coach me. All we do in high school is run with the ball.” Car said

Would like to visit NU

“I’m hoping he (Davis) will send me an invitation so I can go there and check it out; that’s what my coach told me. I’m not sure yet (visit) they haven’t said anything. The thing they (Nebr.) did say they will come up here for spring ball and check me out.” Car said

“Coach Davis told me he likes me, we will talk more about it. It was the first time we talked; we will talk more and more. He said it’s good to call the players and communicate with them form a bond and call more.” Car said


Jacob has an offer from the University of North Carolina.

Offer from Tar Heels is still on the table

“I haven’t talked to them (UNC) in a while they liked me in camp as a quarterback. They like how I’m a pocket passer that’s what they are looking for. They say I have the smarts for a quarterback; keep my eyes down field, stay in the pocket as long as I can.” Hallenbeck

“I just went to UMass and I’m going to Rutgers Saturday. I went to Syracuse, and I went to UConn in early March.”

Hallenbeck made a previous trip to Rutgers for a football game, and is one of this top schools.

“I went down for the Michigan game last year and I really liked it. Coach Kyle Flood and I talk quite a bit. I just like where they are going. Coach Ben Mc Daniels really likes me from a big list of guys (QB’s). Obviously, when I go to their camp he can coach me up a little bit.” Hallenbeck said

Friends at Rutgers

“I do like them (Rutgers) quite a bit, I have some friends that play there and they tell me how it is, they don’t beat around the bush. They are straight forward and tell me all the things.” Hallenbeck said

“I really liked Coach Tim Lester (Syracuse) a lot we get along well. That program is headed in the right direction - It’s close to home too. Their new offense is going to pro style and stuff.” Hallenbeck said

“I do like the area (Syracuse) it’s not too far, it’s about 4 hours away. One of my Aunts went to school there. They have a good sports management program. That’s what I want to study.”

Spring time could be huge for Hallenbeck’s chances of more offers

“Hopefully, coming May when coaches come around to campuses I might get some offers. I’m hearing a lot from Syracuse, Rutgers and UConn. The Ivy’s have been contacting me, Harvard, Cornell and Dartmouth. I heard quite a bit from Holy Cross.” Hallenbeck said


Three offers for now; most likely more

As of now Alabama, Mississippi, and Mississippi have offered. Getting interest from Arkansas State, Auburn, Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida, Florida State and Arkansas.

“Greatest Thing”

“It was a lively visit (Alabama) I got to meet Coach Nick Saban it was the greatest thing. I liked the campus and fans up there. Coach Saban liked how I block, quickness and very athletic as a tackle, also my flexibility. I liked the area (Birmingham), was very small but lively.” Bardney said

“I liked the campus, football field and weight room.” Bardney added about his visit to Alabama. “My recruiter Bo Davis told me they really needed me.”

Keep the high school connection going

“I liked it a lot up there (Ole Miss.) I talk to Hugh Freeze a lot. I have some high school friends up there and they talk to me about Ole Miss all the time. When I go up to Ole Miss the coaches told me they wanted to continue the Callaway (pipeline) of players.” Bardney said

“Their (Mississippi State) environment has a lot of hype.” Comments about game day atmosphere at Miss. State. “It’s loud, I like their A-game type and their facilities. They also said they like my foot work, and I will play on the offensive side of the ball.”


Arizona State, Nevada, San Diego State, San Jose State and Washington State all have offered. Beck said Utah is close to offering, UCLA has shown some interest.

Sun Devils

“I took an unofficial to Arizona State, I was supposed to take a visit to San Jose State in a week or two.” Beck said

“I really liked everything up there (ASU), I liked the program, the setting, the environment. It just seems like a cool place.” Beck said

“Arizona State is real cool. Early on there were talking to me a lot, they seem that they want me and want me to play there. They told me I fit their system as a corner.”

“They (ASU) said I’m quick to the ball, they said I play with a passion for the game; they really like that about me. That’s why they want me there.” Beck said

Beck has a relative that attends San Jose State that has them as a possibility

“I really like their (San Jose State) DB coach (Donte Williams), they are one of the best defenses around. I’m going down there and see how things are, they are a cool school. I’ve been up to San Jose State before I have a cousin who is a student there.” Beck said

“I’ll definitely visit Washington State sometime in the summer. Their program is up and coming, they really need DB’s and hopefully start as a freshman.” Beck said.


Duke, Wake Forest and West Virginia has offered Slade. Penn State, Ohio State, North Carolina and North Carolina State are other possibilities, they want to evaluate Slade more in the upcoming months.

“I’ve been to Carolina (UNC) junior day and I’ve been to a practice at Wake. I liked Carolina a lot the environment and the school in general they said might offer later, they like my athletic abilities as an athletic.” Slade said

“I always been a big Carolina fan, I like the area too. I have friends in Raleigh and around that area, so it would be a good fit for me if I go there.” Slade said

“I like Duke far as education and I like the people there – the environment. The coaches there seem they care a lot. They want me pretty bad, they want me to play slot for them.” Slade said

Much to like about Wake Forest

“I like Wake Forest,” he says, “I probably talk to them most of all the schools and I grew up in Winston-Salem it’s my home town school. I see myself going there. I like the coaches they always talk about things. I like the campus, I like how it’s a private school where it’s not very many people.”

“They (Wake) want me to play defensive back and slot, a lot of positions, move me around as an athlete. They just want to get me on the field. I’m the biggest recruit for the 2015 – 2016 class.”

Buckeye’s keeping interest

“They (OSU) said they were going to offer me last summer, but they want me to come up there and see the campus, facilities, and practices and stuff like that. In the summer time I will go up there.” Slade said

Penn State just started to recruit Slade

“They are the last school to pretty much recruit me. I haven’t talked to them much. I talk to the quarter back coach Ricky Rahne, he sends me letters. I like Penn State – the competition they play.” Slade said


“I liked the coaching staff, the tradition, and the environment there, the campus things like that.” Said the Notre Dame commit

“I went up there the 21st (March) and loved it like a player. They were a welcoming staff. The coaches said I’m a versatile back that I can bring to the table. I can block, catch out of the back field and I’m a big back.”

“Coach Mike Denbrock (ND RB Coach) said I’m a big back that can move, that has good hands and all of that.” Jones said

“I liked them (ND) but my favorite team is Florida. They have been here a few times, think about me now and then.” Jones said

“I’m still hearing from South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Miami. I’ll probably visit them for my officials, but I don’t know which ones.” Jones said

Jones is originally from. St. Petersburg, Florida.


It all started in 1885, Lone Grove was established in the Chickasaw Nation of the Indian Territory.

Lone Grove had its share of tragedies.

In 1888 a major fire destroyed many of the businesses and homes. Then a tragic murder occurred on June 28, 1970 when an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman was killed by his own gun.

February 2009 an EF-4 tornado violently killed eight people and destroyed 114 mobile homes, and 46 people were injured.

Today, more than 8,000 people live in Lone Grove, which most residents commute to Ardmore for work.

Then comes Jeremy Lewis who was offered a scholarship by the University of Nebraska.

"They like my style of play," Lewis said. "I run hard, catch balls out of the backfield, great vision. I plan on visiting Nebraska this summer with my family. I might commit after my visit, but I would have to talk it over with my family."

Nebraska has had its share of great running backs, Lewis might me the next one.

"I like Nebraska," he says. "They are a good running back school every year. I like the tradition there and academics."

"Coach Reggie Davis (Nebr. RB Coach), called my high school coach last week for me to call him back. I did that and he (Davis) offered me a scholarship. He wants me to visit Nebraska this summer. I like him quite a bit he seems like a good guy." Lewis said

Proud Parents

"Some of my friends know I have an offer my Nebraska. My parents are proud of me that Nebraska offered, very excited."

"I'm considering all the schools that offered (Arkansas State, Tulsa and Nebraska). I hear a little from OU but not much. I hear from Wyoming a lot too."


As of now Jamal has offers from Michigan State, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia. North Carolina said they will offer once they see him in person. Temple, also has offered in basketball; which the football coach said it was OK to play both sports.

Holloway said he has not made it out this spring to visit some school because of his tight track schedule. Holloway participates in the Long Jump, High Jump, 100 Meters, and 200 Meters. Once school is out Holloway plans on visiting the offered schools.

Holloway said he has not heard from Michigan State lately but he likes their style of play.

“I like Pitt,” Holloway said. “I visited them last year for a game. The coaches said they like how I come off the ball. They said I need to work on my hands more and my strength.”

Rutgers continues to make the strong pitch to keep in state talent.

“Of course I like Rutgers, but I’m wide open right now. I went there before for some games. They are recruiting me the hardest with mail and phone calls. They are trying to keep all the Jersey player in state.”

‘Cuse likely to get a visit

“I’m trying to make a visit to Syracuse next weekend,” he said. “It’s just that I have track and it’s up in the air right now. They want me to come down for a junior day or practice; I’m trying to get up there.”

“I’ve been to Virginia for a few games. The atmosphere was great and I have a good relationship with the coaching staff. It’s kind of family orientated.” Holloway said


Saivon committed to LSU this month over abundance of schools which included; Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Miami, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and a bunch more.

“I liked the coaching staff.” Smith said of his future college. “Me and my dad had a good relationship with the coaches and the atmosphere is great.”

DB School

“At first I was a (college football) fan then when I turned to my recruitment, I did my research of the schools who produces the most defensive backs in the League, it was LSU. That played a factor into it.” Smith said

Future Visits

“I’m 100 percent committed to LSU, but Coach Les Miles said I could take my visits after my senior season. And enjoy my senior season that’s when I’ll take some of my visits.” Smith said

“They (LSU) like how I’m a play maker on the field, they like my character off the field. They like how physical I am off the line, they want me to work on my feet a little more and they like how strong my hands are off the line.’ Smith said

Academics played a big part

“I committed when I was up there. I liked LSU academic wise, the (Academic) facility is right across the football operations building. I like how they tutor for the freshman and its structure.”

“I feel like I can focus there (Baton Rouge) when I get there. There won’t be a lot of distractions, it’s not too far away from home if I need to come home with a quick trip. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia.” Smith said


Malik has several offers on the tables, some of the major ones include; Boston College, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Louisville, Oregon State and Wake Forest.

"I have interest in every school so far, I have to evaluate each of them. I can't give a hype about a school name yet. I have to evaluate what's best for me." Staples said


"I liked Auburn." Who Staples visited about two weeks ago. "It went fast, fast. The coaches were in a meeting room with them (players) and they liked me. The thing is they haven't seen me in person (spring practice), but they loved my film and everything."

"They (Auburn) have a young group of running backs and are only taking one running back in the class. I guess they are going to stop when they get a running back commit, but they are coming down this spring, hopefully that's when they will offer me. They do like me a lot" Staples said

"Auburn was nice, the facilities, the coaching staff is second to none - they are really cool. It was crazy to see Will Mushchamp in person. I was talking to the running backs coach Tim Horton he said all the players will get paid next year."

"They (players) will get 50 dollars a month in addition a student gets a Pell Grant and receive more money, I know it was passed in the Big 5 Conference schools."

Staples traveled a little

"I've been to Boston College and Georgia Tech and I've been to Wake Forest nice, but that was way before they knew me. I was like a freshman." Staples said

"It's cold up there"

"Boston College it's cold up there but I but I love Coach Al Washington, and that the program is on a rise. I love everything about it right now. Georgia Tech, I love about their team, you will get the ball. I would get the ball and they (Tech) have people in the NFL, so I know they will be successful. Their academics are second to none, outstanding academics." Staples

"Wake Forest it was real nice up there." Staples said. "I camped down there my freshman year, I looked at the stadium imagined myself playing there. They want me to come back and see the life style, because I've all ready been on campus. They want me to get a feel down there."

Mother supports his decision

"My mom said it doesn't matter where I go, but Iowa they are in the Big 10. It's a team that likes running the ball that's a big plus and they do a good job with their players. They are a program on a rise they just need a couple things around their program - get it back up."

"I'll probably take my officials before I commit, so I don't have to de-commit to another school. I'm looking at a number of things. A great program, a school that makes me a better man. A school if all the coaches leave I want to be committed to the school. I'm looking for early playing time and also looking at academics." Staples said


Lucas, one of the top players in Arizona and the country. An overall athlete that can play both sides of the ball.

Arizona, Arizona State, California -Berkeley, Colorado, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Utah State and Washington are some schools that would like to sign Lucas next February.

Came back from Southern Cal visits

“I just got done visiting UCLA and USC last week, I love UCLA and USC. USC was talking to me about using me as a Hybrid. USC, I loved the coaching staff they showed me around (campus), showed me around the area, it was awesome. ” Lucas said

“Like to play both ways”

“UCLA did the same, showed me around campus, showed me the positions I will be playing. They’re a great coaching staff. UCLA asked me what positions I wanted to play in college, I told them I would like to play both ways. I would like to play some corner and some slot receiver.” Lucas said

Likes Bruin’s offense

“I like the offense, they (UCLA) are using the receivers on the fly. They use the backs as receivers and I would get hand off stuff, that’s the type of offense we used in high school. It would suit me well.” Lucas added


“I loved it.” Lucas comments about the surroundings around Pasadena. “The weather out there is perfect. The area around UCLA is amazing, close to Malibu and all that stuff. The people there are very nice, it just felt like home up there. I really, really liked what UCLA had to offer me.”

Possible Trojan offer

“I though they (USC) would offer me the other day when I went there, but I’m not sad about it or anything. I know they take their time with their recruits. Hopefully, they will offer me this spring or something.” Lucas said

“USC is just an amazing school,” he says. “The area around is not as nice as UCLA but they have rich tradition, other than that the campus is beautiful. They are really high on academics, that’s a big thing for me where I want to go to college.”

Lucas said he had visits lined up for California-Berkeley and Stanford but couldn’t make it. He will visit there at a later date. Cal recently offered Lucas.

Cal-Berkeley coaches likes his abilities too.

“They like how much versatility I have, I can play corner and play outside (receiver). Cal likes my body type, I’m at 180 pounds and long – have long arms. They like my action with foot work. They actually think I can play corner at the next level.” Lucas said


“I hear from them a lot, I really do like them. I like the coaching staff, Coach Mike Riley he just switched from Oregon State to Nebraska. He was actually the second coach to offer me when at Oregon State. When he took the Nebraska job he offered me on the spot.”

“That showed me that the coaches (Nebr.) really cared about me, they know what I can do on the field and help them out for the next level. That really stood out to me, he (Riley) doesn’t talk to me as much as other schools. When we do talk it’s for a very long time.” Lucas said

Like Mike.

“I really don’t talk to any other coach than Mike (Riley), I’ve known Mike for so long he was the second coach to recruit me. So, we have a really strong relationship. If I go to Nebraska I don’t know what position I will play, they just put me down as an athlete.” Lucas said

Is Nebraska too far?

“Oh now I’m looking everywhere in the country it doesn’t matter if it’s close to home or anything. I really want to go out to Nebraska, just get a feel for Nebraska just see how football is out there. I’m excited, hopefully take a visit sometime this year.” Lucas said

Environment is important to Lucas and Nebraska will have their turn.

“On my first visit (Nebr.) I would like to get a feel. Go on campus talk to all the coaches, get a feel for the area. Hopefully if I like it and if it’s a school I will go to, I’ll take an official visit.” Lucas said

OL Line tradition.

“I know they (Nebr.) have a fan base football team, they recruit a lot of linemen. As to me as a running back that’s what you can ask for. Linemen that push people back five yards down the field, find an open lane to make a touchdown. I know they are really big on their linemen and they are also big on their receivers.” Lucas said

“The fan base is ridiculous.” Lucas comment about the success Nebraska of putting fans in the seats. “They sold out like 300 plus consecutive games, that’s insane, it’s a college game. There is like 95,000 people every game; that’s a lot of support, that’s a lot of love that Nebraska has to offer. I’m going to take my time going and seeing Nebraska.”

Back yard schools.

“My home schools ASU and U of A. ASU was the first to offer me a scholarship my sophomore year.”

“They (Arizona State) will always be on my list. They like what I can do on the field that shows me I can actually go to their school as a receiver and a National Championship.” Lucas said

The plusses of being a Wildcat.

“U of A Coach Rich Rodriguez is an amazing coach. When N’Keal Henry (Chandler) and Byron Murphy (Saguaro) went there (visit), they were telling me how big the players were in the living room. I’m going U of A in the next couple months. Just to see what they have to offer me.”


“I love Notre Dame, I really do.” says Lucas, “They were my third offer coming out my sophomore year. That’s a huge, huge school. They actually want me to play corner at Notre Dame. They keep me updated with the team, they call me every week, the coaches’ care about me. I know Coach Bob Elliott, he’s the one who offered me; I talk to him once every week.”


Kory comes from a high school that produces every year, and this year is exception. Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Wisconsin are a handful of schools that want this athlete badly.

Talks big about the Seminoles

“I’ve been over there (FSU) like a bunch of times. I’ve been with Coach Lawrence Dowsy the receivers coach and pretty much the whole staff.” Charles said

“It’s a great environment at Florida State. They pretty much want me to come in and play as an athlete. Coach Charles Kelly wants me as a defensive back and receivers coach (Dowsey) want me to play receiver.”


“Florida, I like their facilities. I really haven’t had time really to see the campus, but I liked the area (Gainesville)” Charles said

“They (Florida) wants me pretty bad.” Charles said. “The main thing they want pretty much like an athlete on offense and defense. Pretty much like running back, receiver, taking kick offs.”

“I like Mississippi State, I like how they are pretty much involved down there, like the fan base. The school is real nice especially the coaching staff. They didn’t actually talk where they want me to play. It’s a nice little area too.” Charles said


Mississippi State and Washington State has offered, most likely more to come later.

"Washington State coaches want me to come up for a visit, but it's a little too far away from home. They do have a great program and all." Sailo said

"Coach Joe Salave'a (Wash. State) likes how I play and all of that. Wants to coach me up and all that stuff. He likes how mean I'am off the ball, good upper body strength, fly off the ball and all of that." Sailo said

"I like them too." Responds about Mississippi State Rebels. "I like how everybody goes to the games, how they get all hyped up, I went there for the Auburn game."

"Western Kentucky wanted me to go to one of their games but I didn't go it's too far away. Middle Tennessee State wants me to come to their summer camp. I'm not going to any camps I can't afford it and it's a long drive over there." Sailo said

"Coaches say I'm really quick for my size, they like how I get off the ball. I can play defensive end or linebacker."


Chandler is originally from Lawton, Oklahoma and is currently playing at Northeast Oklahoma Junior college. His offer list of Utah, Utah State, Nebraska, Arkansas State and Toledo, and is about to blow up.


“I haven’t been out there (Nebraska) yet but, I’m going there this spring and make it to a practice. I just know they have a good fan base. I don’t know much until I get out there. I do like the coaching staff and the tradition, and the style of play.” Chandler said

“I just know the coaching staff (Nebr.) when they were at Oregon State, they recruited me out of high school.” Chandler adds

Might visit SEC teams

Chandler said he’s going to try to take a couple unofficial visits this spring to Texas A&M and Missouri. The same situation like another school make an appearance and hopefully get an offer.

Chandler likes the style of defense A&M plays and with Missouri he would like to see how they play the corners.

Press Coverage his favorite

“They (A&M) like my abilities to play man coverage. Texas A&M plays bump and run. Press coverage that’s my favorite coverage. Missouri, they just like how I am as a cornerback. I like being one and one – an island type guy.” Chandler said

Seminoles come to visit; possible offer

“I might visit Florida State,” he says. “They like the way I play and they will come around this spring and watch me in person. I believe they will offer then.”

Chandler went on to say that Oklahoma Sooner haven’t shown much interest. He thinks LSU is another school that will offer. Texas likes Chandler a little bit, keeping an eye on him for now.


Carlin has 14 offers, big time player, touch decision to make. Some schools that offered; Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina State, Ohio State, South Carolina.


"I liked everything, the coaches, the players, the facilities, running backs coach Tim Harris," Fils-Amie explains his junior day trip to Miami. "He (Harris) said he would like to see me at the "U" and he thinks things will turn around at the "U". I spoke with coach Larry Scott and he also would like me at the "U".

The Hurricanes would like to make it a package deal with Carlin and his brother Tyler who has already committed to Miami.

"It would be great if I go be with my brother Tyler and like to see it happen. Every time I've been in the area (Coral Gables) it's really a quiet place. The campus is beautiful and at the same time go some place and have some fun. Go to the beach and be with the team." Fils-Amie said

Fils-Amie said he would like to visit Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan also a trip to North Carolina.

"It's (Georgia) a great running back school and the new (RB) coach Thomas Brown just came by and is a real funny guy, I just texted him that I'm thinking about coming this summer. He said he saw my film and he thought I was great. We didn't speak much he was busy at the moment." Fils-Amie-Amie said.

What about Ohio State?

"I wouldn't mind going there (Ohio State) because of coach Urban Myer, but I haven't really spoken to anybody there. I'll try to make it up there if I can. They have a great program and one of our backs, Carlos Hyde, went there that's what makes me interested in them. See him get that level (NFL) and go further on. They (OSU) would help push me as a player."

Might make the Michigan trip possible

"Coach D J Durkin (Michigan) came down a few months ago and we spoke with my brother beside me. He spoke about both of us going to Michigan, seeing the campus. And we (brother Tyler) were talking about going up there with one of the coaches (high school) if that was possible, and I wish I can make it happen."

Dual Residency.

"During the summer when I go visit my house, I will visit quite a bit of schools. I like it in Naples but I have another house in North Carolina. The running backs coach Larry Porter (UNC), I speak to him a lot he's a great guy really funny. I really like him."


Naquan is rated one of the top defensive tackles in the country, he has 14 offers so far. Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, South Carolina and Wisconsin are some of the schools that offered.

Jones listed Ohio State, South Carolina, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin are the top schools so far.

March third was a busy day for Jones. Nebraska’s offer and took his ACT test. Now that the test is complete I expect Jones to start planning his summer visits.

“I really don’t know much about Nebraska,” Jones said, “Coach Hank Hughes contacted me on Twitter, asked me to call him (March 3) and was offered a scholarship on the phone.”

“He (Hughes) said they looked at my film, the whole coaching staff looked over, basically excited about offering. They want me to come down soon, that’s how I’m going to do my visits. I took my ACT today; I’m able to take my visits now.” Jones said

Good relationship with coaches’ goes a long way.

“They (Ohio State) have a good coaching. I have a good relationship with Coach Tim Ash he’s my recruiter. Michigan State I’m really close with the defensive line Coach Ron Burton.” Jones said

“Michigan they just see me where I can put me at on defense. I can play inside or outside. The like my speed.”

Jones said he’s has a good relationship with the Purdue coaches too. Jones said he feels that Michigan and Illinois is recruiting him the hardest.


Tommy has an offer from Boise State and is hearing from Washington, Washington State, Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern and Michigan State.

Jacobsson did visit Boise and explains what he liked.

“The practice facility, the campus, I have a real good connection with the coaches and now it’s time to think of me if I’m going to spend 4 years there. They (Boise) do like me a lot, I do feel like I’m welcome there. It’s definitely one of the top schools.” Jacobsson said

“They (Boise) really like how I’m on and off the field – in the class room. Try to be a leader out there for the group.”

“As far as I know it’s linebacker I guess.” When asked what position Boise plans on using him on the field. “It could change my dad is 6 foot 7, I’m only 6 foot 2 right now. Obviously if I was 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6 it could change.”

Previous injury has slowed the offers but is sending tapes that his injury has been healed and ready to go.

“From last year, my junior season, I ended up injured in the fifth game. Some schools just want to see some film of me if I can come back 100 percent. I’m going to be doing some film work with one of my trainers. We are going to send the out to all the coaches. I do think some schools will offer once they see me in the report that I’ve done better since the injury.” Jacobsson said

Trojan Camp

“I went down to USC last summer spent some time there. It’s a high energy camp they seem to have interest in me as well. And I wanted to get up to Washington and see their school. It’s a beautiful campus.” Jacobsson said

Buffs' impressive facilities

“The whole campus (Colorado) blew me away it was just amazing, what they had to offer, and all the activities. The facilities that were to be recreated when I was there was amazing.” Jacobsson said

What about Stanford?

“Stanford was huge,” Jacobsson said. “It was amazing to look at too. Obviously the academics are above and beyond that anybody could want. So having the education that anybody would want along with top notch football is tough to beat.”

“I wouldn’t say (Stanford) extremely interested, they invited me to their junior day, so that was really nice because everybody who was there was top notch football players. I got the indication they are looking at me as an athlete than others. A bunch of other coaches want to see my film after injury.” Jacobsson said

And Nebraska

“I haven’t got any letter from them (Nebraska) yet. My coach talked to some of the coaches when they were at Oregon State. I believe they have been talking and keeping updates for them.” Jacobsson said

“Their (Nebraska) facilities are amazing I looked into them as well as the program.”

Its cold out there

“I don’t care about weather, I’m a Norwegian boy and I never been in the cold. I’m not worried about that at all. A lot of players would be afraid to go to a colder school; that’s not a problem at all.” Jacobsson said


Taylor, a sought after player in the Kansas City area. Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri and Northwestern all have offered.

Nebraska offered A. J. March 4th, Coach Gunderson made the call.

“Coach Ryan Gunderson he had called me earlier in the day. And when I got to meet up with (H.S. Coach) he told me to give him a call. So I gave him (Gunderson) a call and it went down like that.” Taylor said

“He (Gunderson) was just like ‘we watched your film’, he definitely wanted me up their pretty soon. He definitely said he likes me as a running back. We would love to get you the ball and Nebraska was the kind of place that could really give you the ball, It was like ‘Yea’.

Great backs at NU

“I was compared to Ameer Abdullah and some other running backs that came to Nebraska. I would be a great offense to be a part of. He (Gunderson) didn’t say too much about it (offense) he just kind of told me they like to pound the ball, running the ball that opens up the passing game for us, so they need a good runner.” Taylor said

“I’m trying to make it to (Nebraska) spring game,” Taylor said. “That’s where he want me to make it too. I have to talk to my parents about it if it’s something we can afford to do.”

Nebraska has two former Rockhurst players on the roster now. That something Taylor takes a liking to.

“Yea definitely, they have two former Rockhurst players (Zach Hannon and Michael Rose) which is pretty cool. I think they could be good mentors for me and they definitely help get to the classes, they know what the transition is like from Rockhurst to Nebraska. I haven’t talked to Rose too much but I and Hannon were pretty cool friends.”

“I’ve only been there (Nebr.) once before. I went down for a game it was for Miami. It was a pretty good game, I liked the atmosphere, and I loved the big crowd. It seemed like everybody was into the game, everybody was hyped, and everybody loved it.” Taylor said

Huskers’ dominate football in state

“I do like how Nebraska kind of the only dominate football spot in Nebraska that adds that much to the fan base. And I also liked how the coaches were into it and the players are really into it.” Taylor said

Missouri on his tail

“Oh definitely, Mizzou there are in a good spot. My mom actually went there. I’ve kind of talking to Missouri since I was a freshman. I use to go to Mizzou football camp and all that stuff.” Taylor said

“Yes they are,” When asked if the Tigers are making Taylor a priority. “Missouri is recruiting me pretty hard. They actually slowed down a little bit but I have been getting mail a lot. I did go down to junior day, that was pretty packed pretty full of stuff. Then I’m going down for a game pretty soon. I’m getting my Mizzou attention.”

“Junior day, they (Missouri) are great at marketing: everybody was pretty welcoming. I like the coaches. You’re not supposed to fall in love with coaches but still like the coaches and everything. I like they are close to me. It’s (Columbia) not too far but it’s far enough and I just like their program – it can really develop athletes.” Taylor said


“I really haven’t been too much with the Iowa schools. Kansas I really went to junior day their which was cool. I also went to K-State for their junior day that was pretty nice too.”

“We really want you up there.” Kansas State coaches said to Taylor, “We could make you a good receiver, we really like your film, we want you to play slot.” Taylor said

Northwestern a serious contender

“Oh yea definitely, Northwestern will always be there. They are a great academic school. We are actually going up there next Friday March 14, and see a practice, stay up at Northwestern for a day.” Taylor said

“The fact they (Northwestern) are in Chicago is great. They have a nice little spread offense that was talking to the coach about. The running back can be like a receiver and also a running back to run the ball. That’s what I kind of like right there. It’s a nice little spot.”

“I’ll probably commit right before the season – so in July"

“I have some interest form Tulsa, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Illinois, Stanford and Oklahoma State.”


P J has offers from Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina

Blue attended Alabama junior day and it at Auburns’ this week end.

Tide very much wants Blue

“It was very well organized,” Blue said of Alabama’s junior day. They want me bad I’m a top priority for them and I can fit into their program. They are recruiting me as a safety or linebacker. They like how I play with high energy and how I play physical.”

Blue said he is enjoying his junior day trip so far at Auburn, it’s like a family atmosphere. He will have a meeting with the coaches Sunday to see if he gets offered. Blue said Auburn is recruiting him the hardest even though he has no offer. They have been in contact a lot lately.


“No, I’m considering them (Nebraska).” When asked if Nebraska is still in the mix. “I like they are a championship contender. I like the way things are looking good for them.” Blue said

“I talk to Coach Trent Bray (Nebr.). He told me that I could be a really good player for them. I could potentially play right away. They need linebackers in the class of 2016, and I have a chance to play right away.” Blue said

Blue said he would like to visit Nebraska this spring but he needs to talk to his parents about it.

“I like the school (Clemson), the campus and all of that. They told me I can help their football team and they think highly of me.”

“I’m going to take my visits (official), but I’ll probably commit before the football season. That’s what I want to do but I have to see what my heart says. I have to make sure.” Blue said


Another prospect with tons of offers, just to name a few; Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, USC, Mississippi, Mississippi State.

Dredrick said Ohio State, Auburn, Florida State and Florida are the top schools he’s concentrating on right now.

What do the Buckeyes have to offer?

“Everything, they throw the ball to the receivers, Coach Urban Myer is a great coach. They said I’m physical and I can make plays with the ball. I don’t have a problem with the Big Ten, it’s a National Championship team.” Snelson said

“Everything,” When asked about Auburn. “They are SEC, big receivers. They throw the ball too. I’m going to visit them this summer and find out more about them. They like everything about me. I’m a baby Anquan Boldin. Coach Rhett Lashlee just loves me.”

Snelson said he likes Florida State’s campus and academics. Coach Jimbo Fisher has talked to him a few times and Dredrick is high on his character. He likes the fact that FSU has a good business school, just over all a good place.

He likes Florida about the same reasons as FSU. The new coaching staff is pretty cool. Dredrick mentions that it’s a special place talks to the coaches a lot and want him to be part of The Gator Nation.

“I’m going to UCF on their junior day in March. I don’t have a problem with them they have a pretty good program. I have to learn more about the school.”

“Oh yea they (Nebraska) are still sending me letters. The Coach (Keith Williams) e-mailed me, the receivers coach. I was talking to him. We really wasn’t talking about football, we were talking about life, school, not much about football.” Snelson said

“He’s (Williams) trying to get me up there. That might be a little bit too far, but anything can happen, you never know what will happen. So, I’ll keep them in mind.”

“He loves me on film, he just said I’m a play maker. I do things with the ball and hard to tackle.” Snelson added more about Coach Williams’ conversation.

Snelson said he was thinking about committing June 4th at the NIKE’s The Opening in Oregon.


Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota State have offered Noah; Iowa State and Purdue have shown interest lately.

Fant’s phone conversation March 4th with Nebraska Coach Mike Riley made it official offer with an offer.

“Coach Riley said I have an explosive step off the ball, that I use my hands pretty well. I have some natural talent that you can’t teach kids and stuff. He said I have some good grades and I look passion what I do. They offered me at two different, but the tight end coach is recruiting me also. ” Fant said

Even though Fant lives in Nebraska, he elaborates what he likes about the program.

“I like the fan support, it’s a great program they are really focused getting better. The new coaching staff, they seem like great coaches and I’m really excited to get to know about Nebraska.” Fant said

“I’m going up there (Nebr.) March 14th for a junior day. They said we are going to have a meeting with the coaches, my family. We will sit down and talk about the offer and everything. Get to know one another and see where it goes from there.” Fant said

Ames this weekend

“I’m going to Iowa State on March 7th this Saturday. They have been talking to me a lot lately. It sounds like they are pretty close (offer).”

And Purdue

“They invited me up to a junior day March 28th. Actually don’t know much about Purdue. I’m going up there and learn, learn what their program is like, coaches and stuff. I’ excited to get up there meet everyone, know the coaches that are recruiting me.” Fant said

Fant transferred from Omaha Burke to South High.

“My brother and cousins started working at (Omaha) South. It was just an easier transit. I can ride with my brother at school, that’s why I transferred over.”

“The last couple year’s South football program wasn’t the best transferring into that. Some people were against it. Coming in working really hard, just try to change it around. I definitely think it’s moving in the right direction.” Fant said

“Their (South) is really nice, the weight room is pretty good. It’s great facilities and school.”

Film Room

“They (coaches) like my pass progressions, explosive off the ball, fast first step. I use my hands pretty well, I have some good moves to get to the quarterback, so they said that’s all pretty good.” Fant said


Andre has no offers but is hearing from; USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Cal-Berkeley and Washington State

“I’m thinking more schools will start offering around after spring. I didn’t know if you know recently I had an injury but right now I’m ready to go, but they (coaches) just want me on the field to see if I’m OK. So when I show it on the field I’m thinking schools will offer me.” Collins said

“I’m going to visit Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State. I might be taking a trip to Oregon and Washington State.” Collins said

Likes Colorado’s academics

“It’s (Colorado) a good program, I want to major in business, and they already have a good business school.” Collins said

“Mostly mail.” Collins said of Colorado’s interests. “And they been saying they want me to come up there and visit the campus, go to a junior day something like that. It’s a beautiful campus from what I’ve seen.”

Collins teammate at UCLA; good relationships with coaches

“I like UCLA too their good program I like Coach Eric Yarber I talk to him a lot. Actually of the Mater Dei Monarchs, Thomas Duarte, he’s up there right now I’ve talked to him. So’ it’s a good program and the coaches like me.” Collins said

“Coach Jim Mora (UCLA) visited the school recently we talked a little bit. He said he wants me to take a visit up there and talk to the coaches more, learn more about the program. I know a lot about the sports aspects but I really haven’t had the chance to learn more about the academic aspect.” Collins said

“That’s (academics) what my mother pushes very hard. She doesn’t care about the football that much – she wants to know about the academics.”

“I haven’t recently talked to Arizona State but Coach Chip Long wants me to take a visit up there soon. They send me some stuff about junior day.” Collins said.

“No I haven’t yet,” Collins said if he’s been up to Eugene. “but soon I will take a visit, and Washington State as well.”

“Oregon, their school is a beautiful campus. I know the coaches want me to take a visit. Washington State has been sending me mail about every day, they want me to come up and meet the coaches too.” Collins said

“It’s beautiful, beautiful campus.” Collins comments about the Oregon Ducks. “I like the school of business which is what I want to major in. They are number two business schools in the country. I just like the way it’s structured, how everything corresponds.”

“In the fall they (Cal-Berkeley) they said I was fast, they said they liked my speed. I have a 6 foot 7 inch wing span they (coaches) loved it. Being bigger target I can get up and get the ball and love the yardage after contact.” Collins said

“I don’t think I will commit early,” Collins said. “I want to see a school get a sense what the schools have to offer and what to offer in a school.” Collins said

“My mom and dad have four things to look for. (1) Does it feel like you can live there for four years? (2) What you want to major in and your education can offer you that. (3) What the community is like, is there a lot of trouble around you, will you get in trouble easily. Is it a quiet place and keep your head in school. (4) The football program; can you play there? Get a lot of reps.”


Nathan has lots of offers and is considered a top priority offensive tackle by many schools. Arizona, Arizona State, California – Berkeley, Miami, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington State are among the schools that want Smith to join their team.

Trips lines up

“I know I’m going to Miami in April and in March I’m going to Nebraska – a couple schools out there. We’re going to Mizzou over spring break drive around and see other schools.” Smith said

“The only west schools I’ve been to is Oregon and Oregon State. I’m going to visit USC tomorrow (March 1) and UCLA on March 14. They (Oregon) are very interested and they all same thing like Nebraska coaches say.” Smith said.

“It’s kind of a surprise to me I never thought it would get this big. I’m open to anyone. There is no preference for me right now. I’m just trying to find the right fit where I’m going to spend 4 or 5 years, make sure it’s the right choice.”

Family roots in Nebraska

“That’s (Nebraska) my dad’s end of the family that was his favorite team (childhood favorite). I never had a favorite football team until this year, but I don’t know it seems like they (Nebr.) are very good sending people in the NFL. They’re a very good team and a great area. The fans are the best in the business.” Smith said

“Yea, I mean I kind of have no choice how it is in my house.” Smith why Nebraska is one of his top schools. “It’s my dad’s favorite school team. So, I’m looking forward getting a good feel of the coaches.”

“He (his father) was born in Arizona traveled around a little bit with his parents. My dad’s dad is the one who’s up there, up around Nebraska. It’s just family he goes in Nebraska.” Smith said

“I know he loves the school, he tells me when he was a kid goes over his friends watching Nebraska games, loves the tradition, over his house every single game.” Smith said

Husker O-Line coach calls Smith then offers

“He (Mike Cavanaugh) was the one I got on the phone with – I got the offer. He said I’m really good offensive lineman and speed and all that stuff. He said I move around really, really well, my hips, my knees. I’m really looking forward getting out there.” Smith said

“Right now I’m at 6 foot 7, I’m any where’s between 265 and 270. I was up at 279 I was getting a little bit of fat, so I got rid of all the fat. I’m building myself up with a little muscle. I’ll probably play my senior season around about 270.”

Film Room

“I’m very long and fast, always finish my blocks, super aggressive. They (coaches) say I understand my leverage very well. My hands always finds the perfect spot to keep leverage. The main thing is usually how I play.” Smith said


So far Oshea has offers from Arizona, Kentucky, Univ. of South Florida, Kansas, Florida International U., Florida Atlantic Univ., Purdue, Iowa State and UConn.

Likes local schools

“I already went to South Florida a few times. I like that its close, the program, I love all the coaches, it’s real close to home.” Grant said

“I talked to a few people this week at USF. I talked to their safety right now Jamie Byrd, I talk to him a lot and close friend has committed there Danny Thomas from Tallahassee.” Grant said

Academic’s is a top priority

“I like them (Purdue) I’m going there March 7. I like the academics they have a real nice Sports Medicine major (program).” Grant said

“Purdue said I was their number one receiver, they really want me to come out there. I would be a great fit stuff like that. They really want me to come up there.”

Arizona still hot after Grant

“I’m going to Arizona (unofficial visit). I was actually committed to Arizona at one point in time. I de-committed right before the 2015 signing date. That’s my favorite coaching staff. Coach Bill Kirelawich is my favorite coach.” Grant said

“They (Arizona) like me as a safety, they want me to come and play safety. They said I’m a top player for them and I can run track if I want.” Grant said

“I have family up there in Arizona. One of my cousins actually goes to Arizona not playing sports just goes there.”

“I like their basketball program”

“Yes I like Kentucky.” Grant said. “Again the coaches. They were one of my favorite programs growing up, I like their basketball program. And I like Coach Chad Scott that’s my second favorite coach.”

“I’m high on their (UK) board. They had a player that signed that talked to me. They took a lot of DB’s in this year’s class; they will take one or two more.” Grant said

“It’s a beautiful area (Lexington) and I also have family on my mother’s side up there too. My grandmother and sister lives up there too.”

Possible offer; other schools interested

“I hear form Troy, Michigan, Florida State, Miami, a lot of bigger schools. I honestly think Troy will offer me Saturday when I visit them. They basically told me before they offer me they want me to be on campus. They want to offer me on campus. And Houston I’m going up there this summer, the same thing, they want me on campus.” Grant said.


A’Shan has offers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Miami (Ohio), Ohio U., Toledo, Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan.

“I don’t know too much about them yet,” Riggins said about Illinois. “I haven’t been out there to visit. The only schools I visited from my offers were Indiana, and Miami (Ohio). In March I’m going to Illinois.”

“They (Illinois) just like how athletic I am at the corner position and my size is a plus as a corner. Indiana really likes me. I think I can go there and play right away. I talk to them almost every day, and I’ve been up there a couple of times.” Riggins said

“Illinois really likes my film overall they didn’t say anything specific, they just like the fact I’m an athlete at that position.”

“It’s (Illinois) a really nice campus. They have really great facilities as far as the football program.” Riggins said

“I’m just now getting in touch with Coach Jim Reid with Iowa,” Riggins said. “Trying to get down there with this communication thing with Twitter. We’re starting to get a better relationship going.”

“I’ve known Iowa for a while. I’ve always seen them have great seasons and bowl games. It’s not all about school.”

“I think West Virginia and Purdue.” When asked what others schools might offer. “I like West Virginia, I’ve never been too big on Purdue.”

“My family is from that area (West Virginia). I feel my family followed them; like I’ve known West Virginia for a while, and I guy (Adam Pankey) who use to go to my high school went there. He plays there now.” Riggins said


Zacharius has no offers yet but is hearing from Boise State, Mississippi, Arkansas, LSU, Nebraska and Purdue. Boise state and Purdue are close to offering. Zacharius will visit Boise State April 4 and Purdue on March 27.

Nebraska has told Nash- Kelly hoping that he would have a great season and they might make it down there this spring.

“Honestly I like Amir Abdullah and the receiver Kenny Bell. They have a nice receiver corps.” Nash-Kelly said

“Boise, just out of nowhere just started sending me things, I’m going to see what’s going on over there.” Nash-Kelly said

“Just like Boise, they (Purdue) just started to recruit me out of the blue. Each school gave me a date to see what going on. I know Purdue’s academics are great.”

More schools interested

“I know when spring ball starts things will start to roll in. I have a couple schools say they are coming. Baylor came in and seen me a couple weeks ago, TCU and Minnesota.” Nash-Kelly


Ethan has offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio) and Ohio U.

No offers, others looking

“I know Indiana and Kentucky are very close (offering). Other schools that are close are Duke, Michigan State. Ohio State and Notre Dame maybe; just go to spring practice to see more, know the coaches a little better, and maybe get an offer in the future.” Tucky said

“I like their (Indiana) coaching staff, right now they sort of reached out to me. The communications between them is a good feel that’s what I like now.” Tucky said

“I’ve never been to Bloomington before but I’ve heard great things about it. To see a college and see the area around it is pretty important too.”

“They (Indiana) said they looked how I play; my motor that kind of stuff. Be a good player out in the field, so I would be really helpful to their program.” Tucky said

Kentucky, Mom’s home state

“Lots of my mom’s family is from Kentucky,” Tucky said. “My mom has personal ties there. I definitely know they are turning around with Coach Mark Stoops and everything.”

“There (UK) in the SEC, a bunch of renovations right now. They are definitely my team in the future how they will have a big impact.” Tucked added

Will take official to Boston College

“I just haven’t visited them (Boston College) yet, just for the fact it’s a 12 hour drive there. It’s a pretty big commitment.” Tucky said

“Coach Al Washington (BC) is my recruiter I absolutely love the guy. I’ve met him a few times in person, I’ve contacted with him on the phone and stuff. He’s a really, really good guy. I have nothing but praise for him.” Tuckey said

“I will be doing an official there in the fall, I just don’t know actually when yet. The fact I can fly out there and be paid for.”

“Actually I do.” When asked if he likes Cincinnati. “Two of my pretty good friends are there now. So, I’ve been down there a few times. I went down there two years ago for the Louisville game, a really good atmosphere that’s what I liked about it.

New Linebacker coach

“I like how unique the campuses are – like urban campuses. It’s different than what I like about it. They also have a new linebacker’s coach Jeff Koonz. I really like how he does the recruiting. He talks to me, not too pushy about it, he’s honest and all kind of stuff.” Tucky said

“Right now it’s been the outside linebacker position. Some (schools) maybe if I gain a lot of weight I can play defensive end, but that’s kind of shot in the dark.” Tucky said.

Film Room

“Right now the overall consensus they like my speed, motor, my want to play, leaving it on the field right now.”

“I’m looking for the right fix. I’m going to spend 4 years maybe 5 at a schools. Being the right campus, like the coaching staff. A lot of small factors add up in the end.” Tucky said


Mason has offers from Boston College, UMass and Colorado

“They (Colorado) got to see me play in person which is cool because we played Valor, it was the last game of the season. After the game they offered me that following Monday as an athlete.” Moran said

“It (CU offer) was such a blessing and everything, it was really cool because Coach Mike Mac Intyre is a big time Christian guy.”

“Boston College that was my first offer. My sophomore year they (BC) pulled me out of class and offered me. They watched my film and they said they liked the way I played so they offered me as an athlete (QB or Safety).” Moran said

Moran has ties to the East Coast and would consider anything

“No. I mean I would consider all colleges because I’m actually from the east coast. So it would be like where I’m from; I’m from Virginia so I’m pretty much open to go anywhere.” Moran said

“I’m not sure,” When asked if Virginia will offer later. “I mean any offer is a good offer to me that’s the way I look at it. And for me I also don’t have a dream school even Virginia being my home town.”

Film Room

“Just like pretty much like a nutshell. They (Coaches) like my speed, the way how I play the game. They like my durability to go both ways.” Moran said

“I’m just looking for the right place for me, I don’t know actually right now. Whenever that time comes it will come down with a lot of prayer, for the love of God, that’s where I end up going.” Moran said

Mason said Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Oregon State, Michigan State and Northwestern has shown interest.


Mayden has narrowed down his list down to three schools among several offers, TCU, Oregon, and Ohio State. Some schools that are; Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Nebraska, UCLA, Mississippi, and Texas.

“I like coach Patterson (TCU) and the defensive schemes seems to fit what I can do. It’s nice and a very cool place. Nice private school setting.” Mayden said

“They (TCU) likes my size and my speed and the foot work and stuff I have. They said I could make an immediate impact.”

“Me and Coach Chris Ash (Ohio St.) have been talking quite a while and Coach Kerry Coombs said I could bring a very good defense to Ohio State. And I’ve been up there twice. They have a good campus and Urban Meyer – I like him also. He (Meyer) said he was going to make me a top priority as a cornerback in 2016.” Mayden said

“No, but I’m visiting in April,” when asked if Oregon is too far away from home to play ball. “I’ve been talking to Coach John Neil since my sophomore year all the way into now and the conversations we had have been very good. Coach Don Pellum beginning of my junior year conversations to see how I’m doing. I have no problem leaving Texas.”


Darion has offers from Duke, Wake Forest and West Virginia.

Slade has good things to say about Duke, coaches very interested.

“Its home, the environment and coaches. I like Coach Jim Collins he’s more like a mentor type of coach. He comes down all the time and talks to me things like that.” Slade said

“They (Duke) have good academics, my mother keeps telling me to get a degree, and it opens a lot of things in life. Get a job and everything. With all my visits I’ve probably been there about four times.” Slade said

“I like Wake Forest too.” Slade said, “Coach Kevin Higgins comes and visits me all the time. I might go up there Sunday for their junior days. That’s home town (Winston-Salem). My family will be able to see me play things like that.”

“I went to the Wake Forest and Clemson game this past season. They bought out the Gold Helmets that was pretty cool.”

Wake coaches making Slade a priority

“The 2016 Class I’m the top recruit and they really won’t me to commit to them, bring commits to Wake Forest.” Slade said

Thoughts on West Virginia

“Big football school. Coach Lonnie Galloway, he’s real cool with my coach here at West Forsyth. I wasn’t able to get up there but I would like to go up there and see how it is.” Slade said

What’s most important

“I would like to have a good bond with the coach, somebody I could talk to for helping things.”


Javon has offers from Alabama, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Louisville and South Carolina. Went on to say that South Carolina and Florida are his top schools right now.

“Its (USC) not very far away they are only an hour away where I live. They keep in contact with me stuff like that. I really don’t like them as a football team they are just always around. Always at my school checking up on me and stuff like that.” Kinlaw said

“I’ve been to two games and this year’s junior Days. There were a lot of people at the games and it’s really noisy.”

“I just like them (Florida) as a football team. I like their defensive schemes and stuff like that. I haven’t been to Florida (Gainesville) but I will make it there.” Kinlaw said

“It (Clemson) was alright,” Kinlaw said about his brief time at Clemson’s junior days. “They have a lot of tree’s up there. I really didn’t talk to the coaches, I left early.”

"Coaches like how I come off the edge, speed at the ball, get my hands up try to deflect the ball.”


Capra has offers from California-Berkeley, San Jose State, Utah and Washington State. And he’s hearing from PAC 12 schools, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Purdue. Distance is not a factor in his decision.

“Obviously, very academically, and academics come first. Every school has their qualities. I’ve been to a few games. Coming from Northern California it’s pretty close to home.” Capra lists a few things what he likes about California.

San Jose State

“I did. I went to a camp there (SJSU). They were my first offer. They were very friendly, family; coaching staff were pretty nice.”

“Absolutely!” When asked if he would consider Utah. “It’s not far at all. My brother he just signed with them yesterday and I went with him on his official visit as a family member.”

“It’s (Utah) nice I love the atmosphere up there it’s a nice school. I would not say they are my leader. Everybody has a chance, I just want to finish out my high school season.” Capra said

“They (Utah) want me both as a package but I have to look at all of my options.”

College coaches say they like how Jacob moves, his speed and athletic ability for his size.

Academics is his top priority when making a college decision. Wants a family atmosphere.


This weekend Nebraska will entertain South Carolina transfer Laiwan Lewis.

“That’s the plan,” when asked if Lewis will visit Nebraska for sure this weekend. “Coach Mike Riley will be here this week and talk about it. Nebraska is a good team and I like the opportunity to play there. Have the opportunity to play right away.”

“I like to go where they have a good D-Line which allows the linebackers to cover. Nebraska was in the top three in pass defense, they have some good DB’s, they’re pretty good. Coach Trent Bray (NU LB Coach) is giving an opportunity to play in their defense.”

Coach Bray said I would be a good fit for the defense. I would be a good fit for the Big 10.” he said

“It’s (Nebr.) probably the best fan base in the country.” Lewis said. “I like the swagger their defense has the black shirts. I like the tradition of the school, so I like it a lot.”

“I like using my eyes on the field – looking for the ball. I like to get to the ball.” Lewis said

Lewis said the Rutgers coaches will visit this weekend too to finalize a visit January 30.


Another original Oregon State commit that decided to look around once Coach Riley took the Nebraska job. Riley, and his staff has offered Talan as a Husker. See how it unfolds.

"It was a small college town." Talan comments on his visit to Nebraska. "It (Lincoln) was the capital so, and the stadium. I liked the fans how they were really involved, they love football. It was nice it does get cold there but it was nice. It wouldn't be Nebraska if it wasn't Nebraska Football."

"The facilities are Grade A. They had every thing you possible need."

"It was the same coaching staff that was at Oregon State, they wanted me their (Nebraska). They say 'Hey we offered you at Oregon State and you get an offer from Nebraska. We still want you.'"

Hey Trent..

"Oh yea Trent Bray that's my guy. Coach Bray he tells me that you are coming to Nebraska with me. Told me from the top. He said I'm fast, explosive and I'm physical. He said I would have a chance to play early, they (Nebr.) had a whole bunch of senior linebackers."

"I want to go somewhere a family atmosphere, a good academic school. I want to go somewhere I can learn football and be around some good guys." Talan said

Talan to visit TCU this weekend


A one time commit to Oregon State has opened up his recruitment.

Baber, who hit it off with Coach Mike Riley when at Oregon State is now the new head coach at DONU (Dear Old Nebraska U).

Baber doesn't have an offer from Nebraska, he waiting to hear back from Coach Riley after the dead period.

"He told me he will let me know if they have any scholarships available. When he got there (Nebraska) they already got a commit (safety). I hope to hear back in a week or so."

Riley's thought on Baber.

"He (Riley) said the way I play, I'm physical, my speed. They like how I go after the ball, that's basically it. I'm a smart football player." Enjoyed it at Corvallis.

"Yea, liked it up there. The coaches that were there I have a good connection with. The people were nice up there, the players, they treated me well, but the coaches left for Nebraska. That's when I decided to open up my recruiting process." Baber said


Jones Jr has offers from Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Akron, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland and Ole Miss.

We weren’t able to speak to Sheriron the player but, his dad Sheriron Senior took some time out about the recruiting process.

“We’ll he hasn’t told me anything yet.” His father said about future recruiting visits. “He hasn’t spoken on schools it’s something as it goes. Everybody (college coaches) told him wait until after the bowl game (for visits). “

“Only one (visit) I know for sure possibly is Tennessee. He (junior) said he likes the coaches, the facilities, it’s a good environment and likes the offensive players.”

Sheriron’s dad said he took a trip to Tennessee and liked everything - the coaches, the facilities. The coaches were straight up with his son. The players were real friendly and he liked the players the most.

“He’s (junior) ranked as a dual/threat QB but he’s basically, in the last two years, he stays in the pocket. He runs only when he has too.”

“He’s been waiting to hear from Nebraska, but they went through a coaching change. We are just waiting it out to see if they will get back with him or how they were going to go.”

“He likes Nebraska. He likes their tradition when he spoke with coaches (former staff). He said they were good coaches and could see himself playing for them.”


Alston tripped at two schools so far. Cal Berkeley Oct 17; Oregon State Nov 28,

"I loved everything about them." Alston comments about the California Bears. "I know a lot of the players on their team. I like the players, the coaching staff. Coach Rob Likens is really a good coach; coach Sonny Dykes is really a good coach too. And the whole Southern California weather, especially academics as well."

"They (Cal) are telling me basically do what I have to do and I can play early. It depends how I play in practice just like any other program. I definitely have a chance to play early if I went to another school."

Beavers still interested

"I still like Oregon State," Alston said. "I talked to coach Gary Anderson he's a really good guy, he's a winning coach. I don't know too much about him. He and coach Brent Brennan are coming in after the Holidays for a home visit, so I'll be able to talk to him a little better."

"Yes, it's beautiful." Alston raves about the city of Corvallis. "I like the college atmosphere. I went to a Civil War (Oregon and Oregon State game), so everyone in Oregon was at the game. I like Corvallis a lot."

Nebraska just offered

"They offered me a few days ago. I like coach Mike Riley a lot. I liked him a lot when he was at Oregon State. Hopefully when he gets a new receivers coach - get in contact with him. Also talk to coach Riley because I only talked to him on the phone since he's been at Nebraska. I'll see what happens." Alston said

"I'm a receiver I don't like their (Nebr.) tradition running the football. It's a new head coach so it's up to him (Riley) and their new offensive coordinator.....knowing coach Riley from Oregon State he likes throwing the ball and run a pro style offense that's all ways good, but traditionally they don't throw the ball a lot." Alston said

Alston said he plans on taking a visit to Nebraska before signing day and will make it up to Washington State and Utah.

Cougars air it out

"Washington State throws the ball more than any other team in the PAC 12, so throw the ball a lot. I also like their receivers coach David Yost he's a good guy he came to visit me and my family. Utah, I'm in contact with coach Taylor Stubblefield, he's the receivers coach at Utah. I knew him since my junior year. I just been in contact with him, hopefully I will be visiting them soon." Alston said

The Film Room

"They like my speed, the explosiveness, my ability to run routes, catch the ball consistently. And they also like my special teams, my punt returns and kick returns. I'm a pretty good package for the college coaches."

"I'm looking for a program that fits me perfectly that I can learn from the head coach and the receivers coach. A team that will give me the ball early If I prove myself in practice. And a team that will get me to the next level which is the NFL." Alston said