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Recruiting News 

Terry has offers from Arkansas State, Colorado, Houston, Indiana, Memphis, Nebraska, New Mexico State and UNLV

How the Husker offer started

“Soon as I got off the phone with Coach Mike Riley, I called my mom and told my coach. They were really happy for me.”

Familiar with Nebraska

“What I like about Nebraska they have a good program. I went down last June for a camp. I went to their campus and it’s a big place. I’m going down there in June to visit – see how it goes.” Wilson said

“I really don’t know much about them (Nebraska). I know when I was down there I loved it. They know how to play some football, so that’s the only think I know about them.” Wilson said

NU coaches like what they see

“What I like about Nebraska they have a good program. I went down last June for a camp. I went to their campus and it’s a big place. I’m going down there in June to visit – see how it goes.” Wilson said

“I’m a great player”

“He’s a great guy.” Wilson’s commented about NU quarterback Coach Danny Langsford. "I’m just ready to build a relationship with him. He had a one on one talk with my coach and stuff. Coach Danny Langsford told my coach I’m a great player.”


“Their (Colorado) head Coach Mike McIntyre said he’s going to recruit me hard. I can go in there and make a big impact on the team early. They want me to get down there too.” Wilson said

Wilson took a visit to Houston, might visit Indiana

“Actually last spring I just got back from a visit to Houston. I watched their scrimmage down there, I like them a lot. Indiana, I’m trying to make it out to Indiana, I don’t know if I can with the Nebraska visit coming up.”

“What I like about Houston is the coaches they made me feel like home. The coaches take care when I got there the minute I stepped in the door. They’re just great people. Wilson said

What type of quarterback are you?

“I really don’t like to call it a dual-threat. I’m a quarterback that can run. Some people get it mixed up as a dual-threat quarterback. Some dual-threats run first, don’t look to pass. I’m really a pass first guy, if I have to run I will.” Wilson said

Future Plans

“I’m trying to go down to Nebraska June 13 and Colorado later on, but I’m not sure. I heard from Colorado yesterday (4/22), that’s when I talked to coach. We are going to talk later down the road.”

“I want to commit before the season. I’ll take most of my visits during the summer or I can wait and take a visit in the fall, so I can watch a game while I’m on that visit.” Wilson said


Pookie has offers from BYU, Nevada, Oregon State, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Washington State and Wyoming.

Maka plans on taking some visits to Arizona State and USC.

“I like the defensive scheme Arizona State’s got down there and how they play the defensive ends. It’s like getting to the quarterback and be aggressive.” Maka said

“They (ASU) told me they wanted me to come down and visit them soon as I can. I like the Pac 12 conference and it’s not too far away from home from the other schools that offered me.” Maka said

“I took some visits to Utah, Utah State and BYU; they all want me to stay in state.” Maka said

“They (BYU) likes how I play, like I have my head on fire. The main thing is they are recruiting me as an outside linebacker, and are a school of my religion (Latter Day Saints). They will let me choose if I want to go on a mission or not. If I do go it’s for two years then come back.” Maka said

“I went to Utah for the Red and White game. It’s a really good area and their facilities are very nice. They tell me how I will fit in their defensive scheme as a defensive end, and they would love to have me down.” Maka said

“I think Utah’s facilities are way better than Utah State’s, I get a better vibe I guess.”


Kolby has several offers, some of the major ones are from Boston College, Maryland, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina and Pittsburgh.

Visits and more planned

“I recently visited Boston College, North Carolina, after school I’ll probably take more visits. I would like to plan a trip to see Wisconsin, Michigan, Stanford and some other schools.” Quansah said

“I’ve been to Boston College several times for camps and junior days. This time I went to see the academic side. What they offer than football.” Quansah said

Boston College wants to keep the Kingswood connection going

“They (B.C.) said they are trying to keep all the Kingswood guys close to home. One of my teammates Sharrieff Grice signed with Boston College all ready. Boston College is recruiting me the hard to come over there.” Quansah said

“Coach Steve Addazio said I’m a versatile linebacker, also drop in the zone, but basically as a standup linebacker.”

North Carolina

“I like how they (UNC) sends a lot of players in the NFL, I’m going back there and see the academic side. So far I saw the football facilities.” Quansah said

“Coach John Papuchis said he can vision me in the new defense at North Carolina. They haven’t been dominate on the defensive side of the ball. He said I could possible play outside.” Quansah said

“Maryland said I could play early, but it’s up to me there is always going to be competition. It’s something I would have to work hard on.” Quansah said


Car and Nebraska’s running back coach Reggie Davis are Twitter friends, and they have establish a good relationship. Coach Davis contacted Car’s high school coach to have Mulbah Car give him a return phone call. The phone call was a valuable one as Coach Reggie Davis offered Car a scholarship to the University of Nebraska.”

“Liked me on film”

“Coach Davis said he liked me on film, I’m a good player. They (Nebr.) have a new staff coming in with a new coach, so he let me know about that. He is recruiting the Austin area.” Car said

He likes to run

“He (Davis) said he likes how I run downhill - I’m aggressive. I’m a type of person with the ball and go downhill that’s what he likes about me. He wants to coach me. All we do in high school is run with the ball.” Car said

Would like to visit NU

“I’m hoping he (Davis) will send me an invitation so I can go there and check it out; that’s what my coach told me. I’m not sure yet (visit) they haven’t said anything. The thing they (Nebr.) did say they will come up here for spring ball and check me out.” Car said

“Coach Davis told me he likes me, we will talk more about it. It was the first time we talked; we will talk more and more. He said it’s good to call the players and communicate with them form a bond and call more.” Car said


Jacob has an offer from the University of North Carolina.

Offer from Tar Heels is still on the table

“I haven’t talked to them (UNC) in a while they liked me in camp as a quarterback. They like how I’m a pocket passer that’s what they are looking for. They say I have the smarts for a quarterback; keep my eyes down field, stay in the pocket as long as I can.” Hallenbeck

“I just went to UMass and I’m going to Rutgers Saturday. I went to Syracuse, and I went to UConn in early March.”

Hallenbeck made a previous trip to Rutgers for a football game, and is one of this top schools.

“I went down for the Michigan game last year and I really liked it. Coach Kyle Flood and I talk quite a bit. I just like where they are going. Coach Ben Mc Daniels really likes me from a big list of guys (QB’s). Obviously, when I go to their camp he can coach me up a little bit.” Hallenbeck said

Friends at Rutgers

“I do like them (Rutgers) quite a bit, I have some friends that play there and they tell me how it is, they don’t beat around the bush. They are straight forward and tell me all the things.” Hallenbeck said

“I really liked Coach Tim Lester (Syracuse) a lot we get along well. That program is headed in the right direction - It’s close to home too. Their new offense is going to pro style and stuff.” Hallenbeck said

“I do like the area (Syracuse) it’s not too far, it’s about 4 hours away. One of my Aunts went to school there. They have a good sports management program. That’s what I want to study.”

Spring time could be huge for Hallenbeck’s chances of more offers

“Hopefully, coming May when coaches come around to campuses I might get some offers. I’m hearing a lot from Syracuse, Rutgers and UConn. The Ivy’s have been contacting me, Harvard, Cornell and Dartmouth. I heard quite a bit from Holy Cross.” Hallenbeck said


Three offers for now; most likely more

As of now Alabama, Mississippi, and Mississippi have offered. Getting interest from Arkansas State, Auburn, Notre Dame, Clemson, Florida, Florida State and Arkansas.

“Greatest Thing”

“It was a lively visit (Alabama) I got to meet Coach Nick Saban it was the greatest thing. I liked the campus and fans up there. Coach Saban liked how I block, quickness and very athletic as a tackle, also my flexibility. I liked the area (Birmingham), was very small but lively.” Bardney said

“I liked the campus, football field and weight room.” Bardney added about his visit to Alabama. “My recruiter Bo Davis told me they really needed me.”

Keep the high school connection going

“I liked it a lot up there (Ole Miss.) I talk to Hugh Freeze a lot. I have some high school friends up there and they talk to me about Ole Miss all the time. When I go up to Ole Miss the coaches told me they wanted to continue the Callaway (pipeline) of players.” Bardney said

“Their (Mississippi State) environment has a lot of hype.” Comments about game day atmosphere at Miss. State. “It’s loud, I like their A-game type and their facilities. They also said they like my foot work, and I will play on the offensive side of the ball.”


Arizona State, Nevada, San Diego State, San Jose State and Washington State all have offered. Beck said Utah is close to offering, UCLA has shown some interest.

Sun Devils

“I took an unofficial to Arizona State, I was supposed to take a visit to San Jose State in a week or two.” Beck said

“I really liked everything up there (ASU), I liked the program, the setting, the environment. It just seems like a cool place.” Beck said

“Arizona State is real cool. Early on there were talking to me a lot, they seem that they want me and want me to play there. They told me I fit their system as a corner.”

“They (ASU) said I’m quick to the ball, they said I play with a passion for the game; they really like that about me. That’s why they want me there.” Beck said

Beck has a relative that attends San Jose State that has them as a possibility

“I really like their (San Jose State) DB coach (Donte Williams), they are one of the best defenses around. I’m going down there and see how things are, they are a cool school. I’ve been up to San Jose State before I have a cousin who is a student there.” Beck said

“I’ll definitely visit Washington State sometime in the summer. Their program is up and coming, they really need DB’s and hopefully start as a freshman.” Beck said.


Duke, Wake Forest and West Virginia has offered Slade. Penn State, Ohio State, North Carolina and North Carolina State are other possibilities, they want to evaluate Slade more in the upcoming months.

“I’ve been to Carolina (UNC) junior day and I’ve been to a practice at Wake. I liked Carolina a lot the environment and the school in general they said might offer later, they like my athletic abilities as an athletic.” Slade said

“I always been a big Carolina fan, I like the area too. I have friends in Raleigh and around that area, so it would be a good fit for me if I go there.” Slade said

“I like Duke far as education and I like the people there – the environment. The coaches there seem they care a lot. They want me pretty bad, they want me to play slot for them.” Slade said

Much to like about Wake Forest

“I like Wake Forest,” he says, “I probably talk to them most of all the schools and I grew up in Winston-Salem it’s my home town school. I see myself going there. I like the coaches they always talk about things. I like the campus, I like how it’s a private school where it’s not very many people.”

“They (Wake) want me to play defensive back and slot, a lot of positions, move me around as an athlete. They just want to get me on the field. I’m the biggest recruit for the 2015 – 2016 class.”

Buckeye’s keeping interest

“They (OSU) said they were going to offer me last summer, but they want me to come up there and see the campus, facilities, and practices and stuff like that. In the summer time I will go up there.” Slade said

Penn State just started to recruit Slade

“They are the last school to pretty much recruit me. I haven’t talked to them much. I talk to the quarter back coach Ricky Rahne, he sends me letters. I like Penn State – the competition they play.” Slade said


“I liked the coaching staff, the tradition, and the environment there, the campus things like that.” Said the Notre Dame commit

“I went up there the 21st (March) and loved it like a player. They were a welcoming staff. The coaches said I’m a versatile back that I can bring to the table. I can block, catch out of the back field and I’m a big back.”

“Coach Mike Denbrock (ND RB Coach) said I’m a big back that can move, that has good hands and all of that.” Jones said

“I liked them (ND) but my favorite team is Florida. They have been here a few times, think about me now and then.” Jones said

“I’m still hearing from South Carolina, Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Miami. I’ll probably visit them for my officials, but I don’t know which ones.” Jones said

Jones is originally from. St. Petersburg, Florida.


It all started in 1885, Lone Grove was established in the Chickasaw Nation of the Indian Territory.

Lone Grove had its share of tragedies.

In 1888 a major fire destroyed many of the businesses and homes. Then a tragic murder occurred on June 28, 1970 when an Oklahoma Highway Patrolman was killed by his own gun.

February 2009 an EF-4 tornado violently killed eight people and destroyed 114 mobile homes, and 46 people were injured.

Today, more than 8,000 people live in Lone Grove, which most residents commute to Ardmore for work.

Then comes Jeremy Lewis who was offered a scholarship by the University of Nebraska.

"They like my style of play," Lewis said. "I run hard, catch balls out of the backfield, great vision. I plan on visiting Nebraska this summer with my family. I might commit after my visit, but I would have to talk it over with my family."

Nebraska has had its share of great running backs, Lewis might me the next one.

"I like Nebraska," he says. "They are a good running back school every year. I like the tradition there and academics."

"Coach Reggie Davis (Nebr. RB Coach), called my high school coach last week for me to call him back. I did that and he (Davis) offered me a scholarship. He wants me to visit Nebraska this summer. I like him quite a bit he seems like a good guy." Lewis said

Proud Parents

"Some of my friends know I have an offer my Nebraska. My parents are proud of me that Nebraska offered, very excited."

"I'm considering all the schools that offered (Arkansas State, Tulsa and Nebraska). I hear a little from OU but not much. I hear from Wyoming a lot too."


As of now Jamal has offers from Michigan State, Old Dominion, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Temple and West Virginia. North Carolina said they will offer once they see him in person. Temple, also has offered in basketball; which the football coach said it was OK to play both sports.

Holloway said he has not made it out this spring to visit some school because of his tight track schedule. Holloway participates in the Long Jump, High Jump, 100 Meters, and 200 Meters. Once school is out Holloway plans on visiting the offered schools.

Holloway said he has not heard from Michigan State lately but he likes their style of play.

“I like Pitt,” Holloway said. “I visited them last year for a game. The coaches said they like how I come off the ball. They said I need to work on my hands more and my strength.”

Rutgers continues to make the strong pitch to keep in state talent.

“Of course I like Rutgers, but I’m wide open right now. I went there before for some games. They are recruiting me the hardest with mail and phone calls. They are trying to keep all the Jersey player in state.”

‘Cuse likely to get a visit

“I’m trying to make a visit to Syracuse next weekend,” he said. “It’s just that I have track and it’s up in the air right now. They want me to come down for a junior day or practice; I’m trying to get up there.”

“I’ve been to Virginia for a few games. The atmosphere was great and I have a good relationship with the coaching staff. It’s kind of family orientated.” Holloway said


Saivon committed to LSU this month over abundance of schools which included; Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Miami, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, and a bunch more.

“I liked the coaching staff.” Smith said of his future college. “Me and my dad had a good relationship with the coaches and the atmosphere is great.”

DB School

“At first I was a (college football) fan then when I turned to my recruitment, I did my research of the schools who produces the most defensive backs in the League, it was LSU. That played a factor into it.” Smith said

Future Visits

“I’m 100 percent committed to LSU, but Coach Les Miles said I could take my visits after my senior season. And enjoy my senior season that’s when I’ll take some of my visits.” Smith said

“They (LSU) like how I’m a play maker on the field, they like my character off the field. They like how physical I am off the line, they want me to work on my feet a little more and they like how strong my hands are off the line.’ Smith said

Academics played a big part

“I committed when I was up there. I liked LSU academic wise, the (Academic) facility is right across the football operations building. I like how they tutor for the freshman and its structure.”

“I feel like I can focus there (Baton Rouge) when I get there. There won’t be a lot of distractions, it’s not too far away from home if I need to come home with a quick trip. I’m originally from Atlanta, Georgia.” Smith said


Malik has several offers on the tables, some of the major ones include; Boston College, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Louisville, Oregon State and Wake Forest.

"I have interest in every school so far, I have to evaluate each of them. I can't give a hype about a school name yet. I have to evaluate what's best for me." Staples said


"I liked Auburn." Who Staples visited about two weeks ago. "It went fast, fast. The coaches were in a meeting room with them (players) and they liked me. The thing is they haven't seen me in person (spring practice), but they loved my film and everything."

"They (Auburn) have a young group of running backs and are only taking one running back in the class. I guess they are going to stop when they get a running back commit, but they are coming down this spring, hopefully that's when they will offer me. They do like me a lot" Staples said

"Auburn was nice, the facilities, the coaching staff is second to none - they are really cool. It was crazy to see Will Mushchamp in person. I was talking to the running backs coach Tim Horton he said all the players will get paid next year."

"They (players) will get 50 dollars a month in addition a student gets a Pell Grant and receive more money, I know it was passed in the Big 5 Conference schools."

Staples traveled a little

"I've been to Boston College and Georgia Tech and I've been to Wake Forest nice, but that was way before they knew me. I was like a freshman." Staples said

"It's cold up there"

"Boston College it's cold up there but I but I love Coach Al Washington, and that the program is on a rise. I love everything about it right now. Georgia Tech, I love about their team, you will get the ball. I would get the ball and they (Tech) have people in the NFL, so I know they will be successful. Their academics are second to none, outstanding academics." Staples

"Wake Forest it was real nice up there." Staples said. "I camped down there my freshman year, I looked at the stadium imagined myself playing there. They want me to come back and see the life style, because I've all ready been on campus. They want me to get a feel down there."

Mother supports his decision

"My mom said it doesn't matter where I go, but Iowa they are in the Big 10. It's a team that likes running the ball that's a big plus and they do a good job with their players. They are a program on a rise they just need a couple things around their program - get it back up."

"I'll probably take my officials before I commit, so I don't have to de-commit to another school. I'm looking at a number of things. A great program, a school that makes me a better man. A school if all the coaches leave I want to be committed to the school. I'm looking for early playing time and also looking at academics." Staples said


Lucas, one of the top players in Arizona and the country. An overall athlete that can play both sides of the ball.

Arizona, Arizona State, California -Berkeley, Colorado, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oregon State, UCLA, Utah, Utah State and Washington are some schools that would like to sign Lucas next February.

Came back from Southern Cal visits

“I just got done visiting UCLA and USC last week, I love UCLA and USC. USC was talking to me about using me as a Hybrid. USC, I loved the coaching staff they showed me around (campus), showed me around the area, it was awesome. ” Lucas said

“Like to play both ways”

“UCLA did the same, showed me around campus, showed me the positions I will be playing. They’re a great coaching staff. UCLA asked me what positions I wanted to play in college, I told them I would like to play both ways. I would like to play some corner and some slot receiver.” Lucas said

Likes Bruin’s offense

“I like the offense, they (UCLA) are using the receivers on the fly. They use the backs as receivers and I would get hand off stuff, that’s the type of offense we used in high school. It would suit me well.” Lucas added


“I loved it.” Lucas comments about the surroundings around Pasadena. “The weather out there is perfect. The area around UCLA is amazing, close to Malibu and all that stuff. The people there are very nice, it just felt like home up there. I really, really liked what UCLA had to offer me.”

Possible Trojan offer

“I though they (USC) would offer me the other day when I went there, but I’m not sad about it or anything. I know they take their time with their recruits. Hopefully, they will offer me this spring or something.” Lucas said

“USC is just an amazing school,” he says. “The area around is not as nice as UCLA but they have rich tradition, other than that the campus is beautiful. They are really high on academics, that’s a big thing for me where I want to go to college.”

Lucas said he had visits lined up for California-Berkeley and Stanford but couldn’t make it. He will visit there at a later date. Cal recently offered Lucas.

Cal-Berkeley coaches likes his abilities too.

“They like how much versatility I have, I can play corner and play outside (receiver). Cal likes my body type, I’m at 180 pounds and long – have long arms. They like my action with foot work. They actually think I can play corner at the next level.” Lucas said


“I hear from them a lot, I really do like them. I like the coaching staff, Coach Mike Riley he just switched from Oregon State to Nebraska. He was actually the second coach to offer me when at Oregon State. When he took the Nebraska job he offered me on the spot.”

“That showed me that the coaches (Nebr.) really cared about me, they know what I can do on the field and help them out for the next level. That really stood out to me, he (Riley) doesn’t talk to me as much as other schools. When we do talk it’s for a very long time.” Lucas said

Like Mike.

“I really don’t talk to any other coach than Mike (Riley), I’ve known Mike for so long he was the second coach to recruit me. So, we have a really strong relationship. If I go to Nebraska I don’t know what position I will play, they just put me down as an athlete.” Lucas said

Is Nebraska too far?

“Oh now I’m looking everywhere in the country it doesn’t matter if it’s close to home or anything. I really want to go out to Nebraska, just get a feel for Nebraska just see how football is out there. I’m excited, hopefully take a visit sometime this year.” Lucas said

Environment is important to Lucas and Nebraska will have their turn.

“On my first visit (Nebr.) I would like to get a feel. Go on campus talk to all the coaches, get a feel for the area. Hopefully if I like it and if it’s a school I will go to, I’ll take an official visit.” Lucas said

OL Line tradition.

“I know they (Nebr.) have a fan base football team, they recruit a lot of linemen. As to me as a running back that’s what you can ask for. Linemen that push people back five yards down the field, find an open lane to make a touchdown. I know they are really big on their linemen and they are also big on their receivers.” Lucas said

“The fan base is ridiculous.” Lucas comment about the success Nebraska of putting fans in the seats. “They sold out like 300 plus consecutive games, that’s insane, it’s a college game. There is like 95,000 people every game; that’s a lot of support, that’s a lot of love that Nebraska has to offer. I’m going to take my time going and seeing Nebraska.”

Back yard schools.

“My home schools ASU and U of A. ASU was the first to offer me a scholarship my sophomore year.”

“They (Arizona State) will always be on my list. They like what I can do on the field that shows me I can actually go to their school as a receiver and a National Championship.” Lucas said

The plusses of being a Wildcat.

“U of A Coach Rich Rodriguez is an amazing coach. When N’Keal Henry (Chandler) and Byron Murphy (Saguaro) went there (visit), they were telling me how big the players were in the living room. I’m going U of A in the next couple months. Just to see what they have to offer me.”


“I love Notre Dame, I really do.” says Lucas, “They were my third offer coming out my sophomore year. That’s a huge, huge school. They actually want me to play corner at Notre Dame. They keep me updated with the team, they call me every week, the coaches’ care about me. I know Coach Bob Elliott, he’s the one who offered me; I talk to him once every week.”


Kory comes from a high school that produces every year, and this year is exception. Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Louisville, LSU, Miami, Mississippi, Mississippi State and Wisconsin are a handful of schools that want this athlete badly.

Talks big about the Seminoles

“I’ve been over there (FSU) like a bunch of times. I’ve been with Coach Lawrence Dowsy the receivers coach and pretty much the whole staff.” Charles said

“It’s a great environment at Florida State. They pretty much want me to come in and play as an athlete. Coach Charles Kelly wants me as a defensive back and receivers coach (Dowsey) want me to play receiver.”


“Florida, I like their facilities. I really haven’t had time really to see the campus, but I liked the area (Gainesville)” Charles said

“They (Florida) wants me pretty bad.” Charles said. “The main thing they want pretty much like an athlete on offense and defense. Pretty much like running back, receiver, taking kick offs.”

“I like Mississippi State, I like how they are pretty much involved down there, like the fan base. The school is real nice especially the coaching staff. They didn’t actually talk where they want me to play. It’s a nice little area too.” Charles said


Mississippi State and Washington State has offered, most likely more to come later.

"Washington State coaches want me to come up for a visit, but it's a little too far away from home. They do have a great program and all." Sailo said

"Coach Joe Salave'a (Wash. State) likes how I play and all of that. Wants to coach me up and all that stuff. He likes how mean I'am off the ball, good upper body strength, fly off the ball and all of that." Sailo said

"I like them too." Responds about Mississippi State Rebels. "I like how everybody goes to the games, how they get all hyped up, I went there for the Auburn game."

"Western Kentucky wanted me to go to one of their games but I didn't go it's too far away. Middle Tennessee State wants me to come to their summer camp. I'm not going to any camps I can't afford it and it's a long drive over there." Sailo said

"Coaches say I'm really quick for my size, they like how I get off the ball. I can play defensive end or linebacker."


Chandler is originally from Lawton, Oklahoma and is currently playing at Northeast Oklahoma Junior college. His offer list of Utah, Utah State, Nebraska, Arkansas State and Toledo, and is about to blow up.


“I haven’t been out there (Nebraska) yet but, I’m going there this spring and make it to a practice. I just know they have a good fan base. I don’t know much until I get out there. I do like the coaching staff and the tradition, and the style of play.” Chandler said

“I just know the coaching staff (Nebr.) when they were at Oregon State, they recruited me out of high school.” Chandler adds

Might visit SEC teams

Chandler said he’s going to try to take a couple unofficial visits this spring to Texas A&M and Missouri. The same situation like another school make an appearance and hopefully get an offer.

Chandler likes the style of defense A&M plays and with Missouri he would like to see how they play the corners.

Press Coverage his favorite

“They (A&M) like my abilities to play man coverage. Texas A&M plays bump and run. Press coverage that’s my favorite coverage. Missouri, they just like how I am as a cornerback. I like being one and one – an island type guy.” Chandler said

Seminoles come to visit; possible offer

“I might visit Florida State,” he says. “They like the way I play and they will come around this spring and watch me in person. I believe they will offer then.”

Chandler went on to say that Oklahoma Sooner haven’t shown much interest. He thinks LSU is another school that will offer. Texas likes Chandler a little bit, keeping an eye on him for now.


Carlin has 14 offers, big time player, touch decision to make. Some schools that offered; Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Georgia, Miami, Michigan, North Carolina State, Ohio State, South Carolina.


"I liked everything, the coaches, the players, the facilities, running backs coach Tim Harris," Fils-Amie explains his junior day trip to Miami. "He (Harris) said he would like to see me at the "U" and he thinks things will turn around at the "U". I spoke with coach Larry Scott and he also would like me at the "U".

The Hurricanes would like to make it a package deal with Carlin and his brother Tyler who has already committed to Miami.

"It would be great if I go be with my brother Tyler and like to see it happen. Every time I've been in the area (Coral Gables) it's really a quiet place. The campus is beautiful and at the same time go some place and have some fun. Go to the beach and be with the team." Fils-Amie said

Fils-Amie said he would like to visit Georgia, Ohio State and Michigan also a trip to North Carolina.

"It's (Georgia) a great running back school and the new (RB) coach Thomas Brown just came by and is a real funny guy, I just texted him that I'm thinking about coming this summer. He said he saw my film and he thought I was great. We didn't speak much he was busy at the moment." Fils-Amie-Amie said.

What about Ohio State?

"I wouldn't mind going there (Ohio State) because of coach Urban Myer, but I haven't really spoken to anybody there. I'll try to make it up there if I can. They have a great program and one of our backs, Carlos Hyde, went there that's what makes me interested in them. See him get that level (NFL) and go further on. They (OSU) would help push me as a player."

Might make the Michigan trip possible

"Coach D J Durkin (Michigan) came down a few months ago and we spoke with my brother beside me. He spoke about both of us going to Michigan, seeing the campus. And we (brother Tyler) were talking about going up there with one of the coaches (high school) if that was possible, and I wish I can make it happen."

Dual Residency.

"During the summer when I go visit my house, I will visit quite a bit of schools. I like it in Naples but I have another house in North Carolina. The running backs coach Larry Porter (UNC), I speak to him a lot he's a great guy really funny. I really like him."


Naquan is rated one of the top defensive tackles in the country, he has 14 offers so far. Illinois, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Purdue, South Carolina and Wisconsin are some of the schools that offered.

Jones listed Ohio State, South Carolina, Michigan, Michigan State and Wisconsin are the top schools so far.

March third was a busy day for Jones. Nebraska’s offer and took his ACT test. Now that the test is complete I expect Jones to start planning his summer visits.

“I really don’t know much about Nebraska,” Jones said, “Coach Hank Hughes contacted me on Twitter, asked me to call him (March 3) and was offered a scholarship on the phone.”

“He (Hughes) said they looked at my film, the whole coaching staff looked over, basically excited about offering. They want me to come down soon, that’s how I’m going to do my visits. I took my ACT today; I’m able to take my visits now.” Jones said

Good relationship with coaches’ goes a long way.

“They (Ohio State) have a good coaching. I have a good relationship with Coach Tim Ash he’s my recruiter. Michigan State I’m really close with the defensive line Coach Ron Burton.” Jones said

“Michigan they just see me where I can put me at on defense. I can play inside or outside. The like my speed.”

Jones said he’s has a good relationship with the Purdue coaches too. Jones said he feels that Michigan and Illinois is recruiting him the hardest.


Tommy has an offer from Boise State and is hearing from Washington, Washington State, Illinois, Indiana, Northwestern and Michigan State.

Jacobsson did visit Boise and explains what he liked.

“The practice facility, the campus, I have a real good connection with the coaches and now it’s time to think of me if I’m going to spend 4 years there. They (Boise) do like me a lot, I do feel like I’m welcome there. It’s definitely one of the top schools.” Jacobsson said

“They (Boise) really like how I’m on and off the field – in the class room. Try to be a leader out there for the group.”

“As far as I know it’s linebacker I guess.” When asked what position Boise plans on using him on the field. “It could change my dad is 6 foot 7, I’m only 6 foot 2 right now. Obviously if I was 6 foot 5 or 6 foot 6 it could change.”

Previous injury has slowed the offers but is sending tapes that his injury has been healed and ready to go.

“From last year, my junior season, I ended up injured in the fifth game. Some schools just want to see some film of me if I can come back 100 percent. I’m going to be doing some film work with one of my trainers. We are going to send the out to all the coaches. I do think some schools will offer once they see me in the report that I’ve done better since the injury.” Jacobsson said

Trojan Camp

“I went down to USC last summer spent some time there. It’s a high energy camp they seem to have interest in me as well. And I wanted to get up to Washington and see their school. It’s a beautiful campus.” Jacobsson said

Buffs' impressive facilities

“The whole campus (Colorado) blew me away it was just amazing, what they had to offer, and all the activities. The facilities that were to be recreated when I was there was amazing.” Jacobsson said

What about Stanford?

“Stanford was huge,” Jacobsson said. “It was amazing to look at too. Obviously the academics are above and beyond that anybody could want. So having the education that anybody would want along with top notch football is tough to beat.”

“I wouldn’t say (Stanford) extremely interested, they invited me to their junior day, so that was really nice because everybody who was there was top notch football players. I got the indication they are looking at me as an athlete than others. A bunch of other coaches want to see my film after injury.” Jacobsson said

And Nebraska

“I haven’t got any letter from them (Nebraska) yet. My coach talked to some of the coaches when they were at Oregon State. I believe they have been talking and keeping updates for them.” Jacobsson said

“Their (Nebraska) facilities are amazing I looked into them as well as the program.”

Its cold out there

“I don’t care about weather, I’m a Norwegian boy and I never been in the cold. I’m not worried about that at all. A lot of players would be afraid to go to a colder school; that’s not a problem at all.” Jacobsson said


Taylor, a sought after player in the Kansas City area. Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Missouri and Northwestern all have offered.

Nebraska offered A. J. March 4th, Coach Gunderson made the call.

“Coach Ryan Gunderson he had called me earlier in the day. And when I got to meet up with (H.S. Coach) he told me to give him a call. So I gave him (Gunderson) a call and it went down like that.” Taylor said

“He (Gunderson) was just like ‘we watched your film’, he definitely wanted me up their pretty soon. He definitely said he likes me as a running back. We would love to get you the ball and Nebraska was the kind of place that could really give you the ball, It was like ‘Yea’.

Great backs at NU

“I was compared to Ameer Abdullah and some other running backs that came to Nebraska. I would be a great offense to be a part of. He (Gunderson) didn’t say too much about it (offense) he just kind of told me they like to pound the ball, running the ball that opens up the passing game for us, so they need a good runner.” Taylor said

“I’m trying to make it to (Nebraska) spring game,” Taylor said. “That’s where he want me to make it too. I have to talk to my parents about it if it’s something we can afford to do.”

Nebraska has two former Rockhurst players on the roster now. That something Taylor takes a liking to.

“Yea definitely, they have two former Rockhurst players (Zach Hannon and Michael Rose) which is pretty cool. I think they could be good mentors for me and they definitely help get to the classes, they know what the transition is like from Rockhurst to Nebraska. I haven’t talked to Rose too much but I and Hannon were pretty cool friends.”

“I’ve only been there (Nebr.) once before. I went down for a game it was for Miami. It was a pretty good game, I liked the atmosphere, and I loved the big crowd. It seemed like everybody was into the game, everybody was hyped, and everybody loved it.” Taylor said

Huskers’ dominate football in state

“I do like how Nebraska kind of the only dominate football spot in Nebraska that adds that much to the fan base. And I also liked how the coaches were into it and the players are really into it.” Taylor said

Missouri on his tail

“Oh definitely, Mizzou there are in a good spot. My mom actually went there. I’ve kind of talking to Missouri since I was a freshman. I use to go to Mizzou football camp and all that stuff.” Taylor said

“Yes they are,” When asked if the Tigers are making Taylor a priority. “Missouri is recruiting me pretty hard. They actually slowed down a little bit but I have been getting mail a lot. I did go down to junior day, that was pretty packed pretty full of stuff. Then I’m going down for a game pretty soon. I’m getting my Mizzou attention.”

“Junior day, they (Missouri) are great at marketing: everybody was pretty welcoming. I like the coaches. You’re not supposed to fall in love with coaches but still like the coaches and everything. I like they are close to me. It’s (Columbia) not too far but it’s far enough and I just like their program – it can really develop athletes.” Taylor said


“I really haven’t been too much with the Iowa schools. Kansas I really went to junior day their which was cool. I also went to K-State for their junior day that was pretty nice too.”

“We really want you up there.” Kansas State coaches said to Taylor, “We could make you a good receiver, we really like your film, we want you to play slot.” Taylor said

Northwestern a serious contender

“Oh yea definitely, Northwestern will always be there. They are a great academic school. We are actually going up there next Friday March 14, and see a practice, stay up at Northwestern for a day.” Taylor said

“The fact they (Northwestern) are in Chicago is great. They have a nice little spread offense that was talking to the coach about. The running back can be like a receiver and also a running back to run the ball. That’s what I kind of like right there. It’s a nice little spot.”

“I’ll probably commit right before the season – so in July"

“I have some interest form Tulsa, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Illinois, Stanford and Oklahoma State.”


P J has offers from Alabama, Clemson, Louisville, Missouri, Nebraska and South Carolina

Blue attended Alabama junior day and it at Auburns’ this week end.

Tide very much wants Blue

“It was very well organized,” Blue said of Alabama’s junior day. They want me bad I’m a top priority for them and I can fit into their program. They are recruiting me as a safety or linebacker. They like how I play with high energy and how I play physical.”

Blue said he is enjoying his junior day trip so far at Auburn, it’s like a family atmosphere. He will have a meeting with the coaches Sunday to see if he gets offered. Blue said Auburn is recruiting him the hardest even though he has no offer. They have been in contact a lot lately.


“No, I’m considering them (Nebraska).” When asked if Nebraska is still in the mix. “I like they are a championship contender. I like the way things are looking good for them.” Blue said

“I talk to Coach Trent Bray (Nebr.). He told me that I could be a really good player for them. I could potentially play right away. They need linebackers in the class of 2016, and I have a chance to play right away.” Blue said

Blue said he would like to visit Nebraska this spring but he needs to talk to his parents about it.

“I like the school (Clemson), the campus and all of that. They told me I can help their football team and they think highly of me.”

“I’m going to take my visits (official), but I’ll probably commit before the football season. That’s what I want to do but I have to see what my heart says. I have to make sure.” Blue said


Another prospect with tons of offers, just to name a few; Alabama, Auburn, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Miami, Nebraska, USC, Mississippi, Mississippi State.

Dredrick said Ohio State, Auburn, Florida State and Florida are the top schools he’s concentrating on right now.

What do the Buckeyes have to offer?

“Everything, they throw the ball to the receivers, Coach Urban Myer is a great coach. They said I’m physical and I can make plays with the ball. I don’t have a problem with the Big Ten, it’s a National Championship team.” Snelson said

“Everything,” When asked about Auburn. “They are SEC, big receivers. They throw the ball too. I’m going to visit them this summer and find out more about them. They like everything about me. I’m a baby Anquan Boldin. Coach Rhett Lashlee just loves me.”

Snelson said he likes Florida State’s campus and academics. Coach Jimbo Fisher has talked to him a few times and Dredrick is high on his character. He likes the fact that FSU has a good business school, just over all a good place.

He likes Florida about the same reasons as FSU. The new coaching staff is pretty cool. Dredrick mentions that it’s a special place talks to the coaches a lot and want him to be part of The Gator Nation.

“I’m going to UCF on their junior day in March. I don’t have a problem with them they have a pretty good program. I have to learn more about the school.”

“Oh yea they (Nebraska) are still sending me letters. The Coach (Keith Williams) e-mailed me, the receivers coach. I was talking to him. We really wasn’t talking about football, we were talking about life, school, not much about football.” Snelson said

“He’s (Williams) trying to get me up there. That might be a little bit too far, but anything can happen, you never know what will happen. So, I’ll keep them in mind.”

“He loves me on film, he just said I’m a play maker. I do things with the ball and hard to tackle.” Snelson added more about Coach Williams’ conversation.

Snelson said he was thinking about committing June 4th at the NIKE’s The Opening in Oregon.


Nebraska, Wyoming and South Dakota State have offered Noah; Iowa State and Purdue have shown interest lately.

Fant’s phone conversation March 4th with Nebraska Coach Mike Riley made it official offer with an offer.

“Coach Riley said I have an explosive step off the ball, that I use my hands pretty well. I have some natural talent that you can’t teach kids and stuff. He said I have some good grades and I look passion what I do. They offered me at two different, but the tight end coach is recruiting me also. ” Fant said

Even though Fant lives in Nebraska, he elaborates what he likes about the program.

“I like the fan support, it’s a great program they are really focused getting better. The new coaching staff, they seem like great coaches and I’m really excited to get to know about Nebraska.” Fant said

“I’m going up there (Nebr.) March 14th for a junior day. They said we are going to have a meeting with the coaches, my family. We will sit down and talk about the offer and everything. Get to know one another and see where it goes from there.” Fant said

Ames this weekend

“I’m going to Iowa State on March 7th this Saturday. They have been talking to me a lot lately. It sounds like they are pretty close (offer).”

And Purdue

“They invited me up to a junior day March 28th. Actually don’t know much about Purdue. I’m going up there and learn, learn what their program is like, coaches and stuff. I’ excited to get up there meet everyone, know the coaches that are recruiting me.” Fant said

Fant transferred from Omaha Burke to South High.

“My brother and cousins started working at (Omaha) South. It was just an easier transit. I can ride with my brother at school, that’s why I transferred over.”

“The last couple year’s South football program wasn’t the best transferring into that. Some people were against it. Coming in working really hard, just try to change it around. I definitely think it’s moving in the right direction.” Fant said

“Their (South) is really nice, the weight room is pretty good. It’s great facilities and school.”

Film Room

“They (coaches) like my pass progressions, explosive off the ball, fast first step. I use my hands pretty well, I have some good moves to get to the quarterback, so they said that’s all pretty good.” Fant said


Andre has no offers but is hearing from; USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Cal-Berkeley and Washington State

“I’m thinking more schools will start offering around after spring. I didn’t know if you know recently I had an injury but right now I’m ready to go, but they (coaches) just want me on the field to see if I’m OK. So when I show it on the field I’m thinking schools will offer me.” Collins said

“I’m going to visit Colorado, Arizona and Arizona State. I might be taking a trip to Oregon and Washington State.” Collins said

Likes Colorado’s academics

“It’s (Colorado) a good program, I want to major in business, and they already have a good business school.” Collins said

“Mostly mail.” Collins said of Colorado’s interests. “And they been saying they want me to come up there and visit the campus, go to a junior day something like that. It’s a beautiful campus from what I’ve seen.”

Collins teammate at UCLA; good relationships with coaches

“I like UCLA too their good program I like Coach Eric Yarber I talk to him a lot. Actually of the Mater Dei Monarchs, Thomas Duarte, he’s up there right now I’ve talked to him. So’ it’s a good program and the coaches like me.” Collins said

“Coach Jim Mora (UCLA) visited the school recently we talked a little bit. He said he wants me to take a visit up there and talk to the coaches more, learn more about the program. I know a lot about the sports aspects but I really haven’t had the chance to learn more about the academic aspect.” Collins said

“That’s (academics) what my mother pushes very hard. She doesn’t care about the football that much – she wants to know about the academics.”

“I haven’t recently talked to Arizona State but Coach Chip Long wants me to take a visit up there soon. They send me some stuff about junior day.” Collins said.

“No I haven’t yet,” Collins said if he’s been up to Eugene. “but soon I will take a visit, and Washington State as well.”

“Oregon, their school is a beautiful campus. I know the coaches want me to take a visit. Washington State has been sending me mail about every day, they want me to come up and meet the coaches too.” Collins said

“It’s beautiful, beautiful campus.” Collins comments about the Oregon Ducks. “I like the school of business which is what I want to major in. They are number two business schools in the country. I just like the way it’s structured, how everything corresponds.”

“In the fall they (Cal-Berkeley) they said I was fast, they said they liked my speed. I have a 6 foot 7 inch wing span they (coaches) loved it. Being bigger target I can get up and get the ball and love the yardage after contact.” Collins said

“I don’t think I will commit early,” Collins said. “I want to see a school get a sense what the schools have to offer and what to offer in a school.” Collins said

“My mom and dad have four things to look for. (1) Does it feel like you can live there for four years? (2) What you want to major in and your education can offer you that. (3) What the community is like, is there a lot of trouble around you, will you get in trouble easily. Is it a quiet place and keep your head in school. (4) The football program; can you play there? Get a lot of reps.”


Nathan has lots of offers and is considered a top priority offensive tackle by many schools. Arizona, Arizona State, California – Berkeley, Miami, Missouri, Nebraska, Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, and Washington State are among the schools that want Smith to join their team.

Trips lines up

“I know I’m going to Miami in April and in March I’m going to Nebraska – a couple schools out there. We’re going to Mizzou over spring break drive around and see other schools.” Smith said

“The only west schools I’ve been to is Oregon and Oregon State. I’m going to visit USC tomorrow (March 1) and UCLA on March 14. They (Oregon) are very interested and they all same thing like Nebraska coaches say.” Smith said.

“It’s kind of a surprise to me I never thought it would get this big. I’m open to anyone. There is no preference for me right now. I’m just trying to find the right fit where I’m going to spend 4 or 5 years, make sure it’s the right choice.”

Family roots in Nebraska

“That’s (Nebraska) my dad’s end of the family that was his favorite team (childhood favorite). I never had a favorite football team until this year, but I don’t know it seems like they (Nebr.) are very good sending people in the NFL. They’re a very good team and a great area. The fans are the best in the business.” Smith said

“Yea, I mean I kind of have no choice how it is in my house.” Smith why Nebraska is one of his top schools. “It’s my dad’s favorite school team. So, I’m looking forward getting a good feel of the coaches.”

“He (his father) was born in Arizona traveled around a little bit with his parents. My dad’s dad is the one who’s up there, up around Nebraska. It’s just family he goes in Nebraska.” Smith said

“I know he loves the school, he tells me when he was a kid goes over his friends watching Nebraska games, loves the tradition, over his house every single game.” Smith said

Husker O-Line coach calls Smith then offers

“He (Mike Cavanaugh) was the one I got on the phone with – I got the offer. He said I’m really good offensive lineman and speed and all that stuff. He said I move around really, really well, my hips, my knees. I’m really looking forward getting out there.” Smith said

“Right now I’m at 6 foot 7, I’m any where’s between 265 and 270. I was up at 279 I was getting a little bit of fat, so I got rid of all the fat. I’m building myself up with a little muscle. I’ll probably play my senior season around about 270.”

Film Room

“I’m very long and fast, always finish my blocks, super aggressive. They (coaches) say I understand my leverage very well. My hands always finds the perfect spot to keep leverage. The main thing is usually how I play.” Smith said


So far Oshea has offers from Arizona, Kentucky, Univ. of South Florida, Kansas, Florida International U., Florida Atlantic Univ., Purdue, Iowa State and UConn.

Likes local schools

“I already went to South Florida a few times. I like that its close, the program, I love all the coaches, it’s real close to home.” Grant said

“I talked to a few people this week at USF. I talked to their safety right now Jamie Byrd, I talk to him a lot and close friend has committed there Danny Thomas from Tallahassee.” Grant said

Academic’s is a top priority

“I like them (Purdue) I’m going there March 7. I like the academics they have a real nice Sports Medicine major (program).” Grant said

“Purdue said I was their number one receiver, they really want me to come out there. I would be a great fit stuff like that. They really want me to come up there.”

Arizona still hot after Grant

“I’m going to Arizona (unofficial visit). I was actually committed to Arizona at one point in time. I de-committed right before the 2015 signing date. That’s my favorite coaching staff. Coach Bill Kirelawich is my favorite coach.” Grant said

“They (Arizona) like me as a safety, they want me to come and play safety. They said I’m a top player for them and I can run track if I want.” Grant said

“I have family up there in Arizona. One of my cousins actually goes to Arizona not playing sports just goes there.”

“I like their basketball program”

“Yes I like Kentucky.” Grant said. “Again the coaches. They were one of my favorite programs growing up, I like their basketball program. And I like Coach Chad Scott that’s my second favorite coach.”

“I’m high on their (UK) board. They had a player that signed that talked to me. They took a lot of DB’s in this year’s class; they will take one or two more.” Grant said

“It’s a beautiful area (Lexington) and I also have family on my mother’s side up there too. My grandmother and sister lives up there too.”

Possible offer; other schools interested

“I hear form Troy, Michigan, Florida State, Miami, a lot of bigger schools. I honestly think Troy will offer me Saturday when I visit them. They basically told me before they offer me they want me to be on campus. They want to offer me on campus. And Houston I’m going up there this summer, the same thing, they want me on campus.” Grant said.


A’Shan has offers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Miami (Ohio), Ohio U., Toledo, Western Michigan and Eastern Michigan.

“I don’t know too much about them yet,” Riggins said about Illinois. “I haven’t been out there to visit. The only schools I visited from my offers were Indiana, and Miami (Ohio). In March I’m going to Illinois.”

“They (Illinois) just like how athletic I am at the corner position and my size is a plus as a corner. Indiana really likes me. I think I can go there and play right away. I talk to them almost every day, and I’ve been up there a couple of times.” Riggins said

“Illinois really likes my film overall they didn’t say anything specific, they just like the fact I’m an athlete at that position.”

“It’s (Illinois) a really nice campus. They have really great facilities as far as the football program.” Riggins said

“I’m just now getting in touch with Coach Jim Reid with Iowa,” Riggins said. “Trying to get down there with this communication thing with Twitter. We’re starting to get a better relationship going.”

“I’ve known Iowa for a while. I’ve always seen them have great seasons and bowl games. It’s not all about school.”

“I think West Virginia and Purdue.” When asked what others schools might offer. “I like West Virginia, I’ve never been too big on Purdue.”

“My family is from that area (West Virginia). I feel my family followed them; like I’ve known West Virginia for a while, and I guy (Adam Pankey) who use to go to my high school went there. He plays there now.” Riggins said


Zacharius has no offers yet but is hearing from Boise State, Mississippi, Arkansas, LSU, Nebraska and Purdue. Boise state and Purdue are close to offering. Zacharius will visit Boise State April 4 and Purdue on March 27.

Nebraska has told Nash- Kelly hoping that he would have a great season and they might make it down there this spring.

“Honestly I like Amir Abdullah and the receiver Kenny Bell. They have a nice receiver corps.” Nash-Kelly said

“Boise, just out of nowhere just started sending me things, I’m going to see what’s going on over there.” Nash-Kelly said

“Just like Boise, they (Purdue) just started to recruit me out of the blue. Each school gave me a date to see what going on. I know Purdue’s academics are great.”

More schools interested

“I know when spring ball starts things will start to roll in. I have a couple schools say they are coming. Baylor came in and seen me a couple weeks ago, TCU and Minnesota.” Nash-Kelly


Ethan has offers from Boston College, Cincinnati, Eastern Michigan, Toledo, Bowling Green, Miami (Ohio) and Ohio U.

No offers, others looking

“I know Indiana and Kentucky are very close (offering). Other schools that are close are Duke, Michigan State. Ohio State and Notre Dame maybe; just go to spring practice to see more, know the coaches a little better, and maybe get an offer in the future.” Tucky said

“I like their (Indiana) coaching staff, right now they sort of reached out to me. The communications between them is a good feel that’s what I like now.” Tucky said

“I’ve never been to Bloomington before but I’ve heard great things about it. To see a college and see the area around it is pretty important too.”

“They (Indiana) said they looked how I play; my motor that kind of stuff. Be a good player out in the field, so I would be really helpful to their program.” Tucky said

Kentucky, Mom’s home state

“Lots of my mom’s family is from Kentucky,” Tucky said. “My mom has personal ties there. I definitely know they are turning around with Coach Mark Stoops and everything.”

“There (UK) in the SEC, a bunch of renovations right now. They are definitely my team in the future how they will have a big impact.” Tucked added

Will take official to Boston College

“I just haven’t visited them (Boston College) yet, just for the fact it’s a 12 hour drive there. It’s a pretty big commitment.” Tucky said

“Coach Al Washington (BC) is my recruiter I absolutely love the guy. I’ve met him a few times in person, I’ve contacted with him on the phone and stuff. He’s a really, really good guy. I have nothing but praise for him.” Tuckey said

“I will be doing an official there in the fall, I just don’t know actually when yet. The fact I can fly out there and be paid for.”

“Actually I do.” When asked if he likes Cincinnati. “Two of my pretty good friends are there now. So, I’ve been down there a few times. I went down there two years ago for the Louisville game, a really good atmosphere that’s what I liked about it.

New Linebacker coach

“I like how unique the campuses are – like urban campuses. It’s different than what I like about it. They also have a new linebacker’s coach Jeff Koonz. I really like how he does the recruiting. He talks to me, not too pushy about it, he’s honest and all kind of stuff.” Tucky said

“Right now it’s been the outside linebacker position. Some (schools) maybe if I gain a lot of weight I can play defensive end, but that’s kind of shot in the dark.” Tucky said.

Film Room

“Right now the overall consensus they like my speed, motor, my want to play, leaving it on the field right now.”

“I’m looking for the right fix. I’m going to spend 4 years maybe 5 at a schools. Being the right campus, like the coaching staff. A lot of small factors add up in the end.” Tucky said


Mason has offers from Boston College, UMass and Colorado

“They (Colorado) got to see me play in person which is cool because we played Valor, it was the last game of the season. After the game they offered me that following Monday as an athlete.” Moran said

“It (CU offer) was such a blessing and everything, it was really cool because Coach Mike Mac Intyre is a big time Christian guy.”

“Boston College that was my first offer. My sophomore year they (BC) pulled me out of class and offered me. They watched my film and they said they liked the way I played so they offered me as an athlete (QB or Safety).” Moran said

Moran has ties to the East Coast and would consider anything

“No. I mean I would consider all colleges because I’m actually from the east coast. So it would be like where I’m from; I’m from Virginia so I’m pretty much open to go anywhere.” Moran said

“I’m not sure,” When asked if Virginia will offer later. “I mean any offer is a good offer to me that’s the way I look at it. And for me I also don’t have a dream school even Virginia being my home town.”

Film Room

“Just like pretty much like a nutshell. They (Coaches) like my speed, the way how I play the game. They like my durability to go both ways.” Moran said

“I’m just looking for the right place for me, I don’t know actually right now. Whenever that time comes it will come down with a lot of prayer, for the love of God, that’s where I end up going.” Moran said

Mason said Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Oregon State, Michigan State and Northwestern has shown interest.


Mayden has narrowed down his list down to three schools among several offers, TCU, Oregon, and Ohio State. Some schools that are; Alabama, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Nebraska, UCLA, Mississippi, and Texas.

“I like coach Patterson (TCU) and the defensive schemes seems to fit what I can do. It’s nice and a very cool place. Nice private school setting.” Mayden said

“They (TCU) likes my size and my speed and the foot work and stuff I have. They said I could make an immediate impact.”

“Me and Coach Chris Ash (Ohio St.) have been talking quite a while and Coach Kerry Coombs said I could bring a very good defense to Ohio State. And I’ve been up there twice. They have a good campus and Urban Meyer – I like him also. He (Meyer) said he was going to make me a top priority as a cornerback in 2016.” Mayden said

“No, but I’m visiting in April,” when asked if Oregon is too far away from home to play ball. “I’ve been talking to Coach John Neil since my sophomore year all the way into now and the conversations we had have been very good. Coach Don Pellum beginning of my junior year conversations to see how I’m doing. I have no problem leaving Texas.”


Darion has offers from Duke, Wake Forest and West Virginia.

Slade has good things to say about Duke, coaches very interested.

“Its home, the environment and coaches. I like Coach Jim Collins he’s more like a mentor type of coach. He comes down all the time and talks to me things like that.” Slade said

“They (Duke) have good academics, my mother keeps telling me to get a degree, and it opens a lot of things in life. Get a job and everything. With all my visits I’ve probably been there about four times.” Slade said

“I like Wake Forest too.” Slade said, “Coach Kevin Higgins comes and visits me all the time. I might go up there Sunday for their junior days. That’s home town (Winston-Salem). My family will be able to see me play things like that.”

“I went to the Wake Forest and Clemson game this past season. They bought out the Gold Helmets that was pretty cool.”

Wake coaches making Slade a priority

“The 2016 Class I’m the top recruit and they really won’t me to commit to them, bring commits to Wake Forest.” Slade said

Thoughts on West Virginia

“Big football school. Coach Lonnie Galloway, he’s real cool with my coach here at West Forsyth. I wasn’t able to get up there but I would like to go up there and see how it is.” Slade said

What’s most important

“I would like to have a good bond with the coach, somebody I could talk to for helping things.”


Javon has offers from Alabama, Clemson, East Carolina, Florida, Florida State, Louisville and South Carolina. Went on to say that South Carolina and Florida are his top schools right now.

“Its (USC) not very far away they are only an hour away where I live. They keep in contact with me stuff like that. I really don’t like them as a football team they are just always around. Always at my school checking up on me and stuff like that.” Kinlaw said

“I’ve been to two games and this year’s junior Days. There were a lot of people at the games and it’s really noisy.”

“I just like them (Florida) as a football team. I like their defensive schemes and stuff like that. I haven’t been to Florida (Gainesville) but I will make it there.” Kinlaw said

“It (Clemson) was alright,” Kinlaw said about his brief time at Clemson’s junior days. “They have a lot of tree’s up there. I really didn’t talk to the coaches, I left early.”

"Coaches like how I come off the edge, speed at the ball, get my hands up try to deflect the ball.”


Capra has offers from California-Berkeley, San Jose State, Utah and Washington State. And he’s hearing from PAC 12 schools, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Purdue. Distance is not a factor in his decision.

“Obviously, very academically, and academics come first. Every school has their qualities. I’ve been to a few games. Coming from Northern California it’s pretty close to home.” Capra lists a few things what he likes about California.

San Jose State

“I did. I went to a camp there (SJSU). They were my first offer. They were very friendly, family; coaching staff were pretty nice.”

“Absolutely!” When asked if he would consider Utah. “It’s not far at all. My brother he just signed with them yesterday and I went with him on his official visit as a family member.”

“It’s (Utah) nice I love the atmosphere up there it’s a nice school. I would not say they are my leader. Everybody has a chance, I just want to finish out my high school season.” Capra said

“They (Utah) want me both as a package but I have to look at all of my options.”

College coaches say they like how Jacob moves, his speed and athletic ability for his size.

Academics is his top priority when making a college decision. Wants a family atmosphere.


This weekend Nebraska will entertain South Carolina transfer Laiwan Lewis.

“That’s the plan,” when asked if Lewis will visit Nebraska for sure this weekend. “Coach Mike Riley will be here this week and talk about it. Nebraska is a good team and I like the opportunity to play there. Have the opportunity to play right away.”

“I like to go where they have a good D-Line which allows the linebackers to cover. Nebraska was in the top three in pass defense, they have some good DB’s, they’re pretty good. Coach Trent Bray (NU LB Coach) is giving an opportunity to play in their defense.”

Coach Bray said I would be a good fit for the defense. I would be a good fit for the Big 10.” he said

“It’s (Nebr.) probably the best fan base in the country.” Lewis said. “I like the swagger their defense has the black shirts. I like the tradition of the school, so I like it a lot.”

“I like using my eyes on the field – looking for the ball. I like to get to the ball.” Lewis said

Lewis said the Rutgers coaches will visit this weekend too to finalize a visit January 30.


Another original Oregon State commit that decided to look around once Coach Riley took the Nebraska job. Riley, and his staff has offered Talan as a Husker. See how it unfolds.

"It was a small college town." Talan comments on his visit to Nebraska. "It (Lincoln) was the capital so, and the stadium. I liked the fans how they were really involved, they love football. It was nice it does get cold there but it was nice. It wouldn't be Nebraska if it wasn't Nebraska Football."

"The facilities are Grade A. They had every thing you possible need."

"It was the same coaching staff that was at Oregon State, they wanted me their (Nebraska). They say 'Hey we offered you at Oregon State and you get an offer from Nebraska. We still want you.'"

Hey Trent..

"Oh yea Trent Bray that's my guy. Coach Bray he tells me that you are coming to Nebraska with me. Told me from the top. He said I'm fast, explosive and I'm physical. He said I would have a chance to play early, they (Nebr.) had a whole bunch of senior linebackers."

"I want to go somewhere a family atmosphere, a good academic school. I want to go somewhere I can learn football and be around some good guys." Talan said

Talan to visit TCU this weekend


A one time commit to Oregon State has opened up his recruitment.

Baber, who hit it off with Coach Mike Riley when at Oregon State is now the new head coach at DONU (Dear Old Nebraska U).

Baber doesn't have an offer from Nebraska, he waiting to hear back from Coach Riley after the dead period.

"He told me he will let me know if they have any scholarships available. When he got there (Nebraska) they already got a commit (safety). I hope to hear back in a week or so."

Riley's thought on Baber.

"He (Riley) said the way I play, I'm physical, my speed. They like how I go after the ball, that's basically it. I'm a smart football player." Enjoyed it at Corvallis.

"Yea, liked it up there. The coaches that were there I have a good connection with. The people were nice up there, the players, they treated me well, but the coaches left for Nebraska. That's when I decided to open up my recruiting process." Baber said


Jones Jr has offers from Florida, Nebraska, Tennessee, Akron, Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Indiana, Maryland and Ole Miss.

We weren’t able to speak to Sheriron the player but, his dad Sheriron Senior took some time out about the recruiting process.

“We’ll he hasn’t told me anything yet.” His father said about future recruiting visits. “He hasn’t spoken on schools it’s something as it goes. Everybody (college coaches) told him wait until after the bowl game (for visits). “

“Only one (visit) I know for sure possibly is Tennessee. He (junior) said he likes the coaches, the facilities, it’s a good environment and likes the offensive players.”

Sheriron’s dad said he took a trip to Tennessee and liked everything - the coaches, the facilities. The coaches were straight up with his son. The players were real friendly and he liked the players the most.

“He’s (junior) ranked as a dual/threat QB but he’s basically, in the last two years, he stays in the pocket. He runs only when he has too.”

“He’s been waiting to hear from Nebraska, but they went through a coaching change. We are just waiting it out to see if they will get back with him or how they were going to go.”

“He likes Nebraska. He likes their tradition when he spoke with coaches (former staff). He said they were good coaches and could see himself playing for them.”


Alston tripped at two schools so far. Cal Berkeley Oct 17; Oregon State Nov 28,

"I loved everything about them." Alston comments about the California Bears. "I know a lot of the players on their team. I like the players, the coaching staff. Coach Rob Likens is really a good coach; coach Sonny Dykes is really a good coach too. And the whole Southern California weather, especially academics as well."

"They (Cal) are telling me basically do what I have to do and I can play early. It depends how I play in practice just like any other program. I definitely have a chance to play early if I went to another school."

Beavers still interested

"I still like Oregon State," Alston said. "I talked to coach Gary Anderson he's a really good guy, he's a winning coach. I don't know too much about him. He and coach Brent Brennan are coming in after the Holidays for a home visit, so I'll be able to talk to him a little better."

"Yes, it's beautiful." Alston raves about the city of Corvallis. "I like the college atmosphere. I went to a Civil War (Oregon and Oregon State game), so everyone in Oregon was at the game. I like Corvallis a lot."

Nebraska just offered

"They offered me a few days ago. I like coach Mike Riley a lot. I liked him a lot when he was at Oregon State. Hopefully when he gets a new receivers coach - get in contact with him. Also talk to coach Riley because I only talked to him on the phone since he's been at Nebraska. I'll see what happens." Alston said

"I'm a receiver I don't like their (Nebr.) tradition running the football. It's a new head coach so it's up to him (Riley) and their new offensive coordinator.....knowing coach Riley from Oregon State he likes throwing the ball and run a pro style offense that's all ways good, but traditionally they don't throw the ball a lot." Alston said

Alston said he plans on taking a visit to Nebraska before signing day and will make it up to Washington State and Utah.

Cougars air it out

"Washington State throws the ball more than any other team in the PAC 12, so throw the ball a lot. I also like their receivers coach David Yost he's a good guy he came to visit me and my family. Utah, I'm in contact with coach Taylor Stubblefield, he's the receivers coach at Utah. I knew him since my junior year. I just been in contact with him, hopefully I will be visiting them soon." Alston said

The Film Room

"They like my speed, the explosiveness, my ability to run routes, catch the ball consistently. And they also like my special teams, my punt returns and kick returns. I'm a pretty good package for the college coaches."

"I'm looking for a program that fits me perfectly that I can learn from the head coach and the receivers coach. A team that will give me the ball early If I prove myself in practice. And a team that will get me to the next level which is the NFL." Alston said


Dreyer has offers from Arizona State, Brown, California, Colorado, Dartmouth, Harvard, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon State, Utah, Washington State, Wisconsin and Yale.

Camped at Stanford

“The only camp I’ve been to was the Stanford Cardinal summer camp. Obviously like Nebraska, Stanford is noted for their offensive line. They have big facilities, big legacy, they win especially the past few years.” Dreyer said

Stanford coaches told Dreyer they liked what they saw and they wanted to keep in touch. No time frame but Stanford might offer later

“They pass the a lot”

“I love the PAC 12 and the Big 10 for different reasons,” Dreyer said. I liked the PAC 12 a lot from growing up on the West Coast - they pass the ball a lot. A lot of people from my high school division ended up in the PAC 12.”

“A lot of fun playing with them, but I also like the Big 10 a lot. It’s a great conference on the other side of the country. There are a lot of other schools other than Nebraska are known for their O-Linemen.”


“Since I’ve been offered (Nebraska) I haven’t had much communications; nothing really frequent. I think they are still interested is just the period they are digging in for the summer.” Dreyer said

“I conversations I had they (Neb.) wanted me get out this summer. I can’t say if I will have an opening this summer to get out there for a trip. I really like Nebraska football, the legacy they have, the record for the most consecutive sellouts. They have a great fan base as well and they are successful to play football in. I place where I can develop and be successful.”

“I’ve been out to Cal several times,” Dreyer said, “I have a great relationship with the O-Line coach. Obviously the facilities are very nice as well. Oregon State was the first school to approach me. They have a great coaching staff and they are in the PAC 12. I really don’t have anything bad to say about them, but I can’t really say school has taken my interest above one another.”

“Right now I’m interested in all the schools that approached me because obviously being from different locations in the country; they have different things to offer. All coaching staffs have different approaches. Right now I’m doing my home work for every school.” Dreyer said


Morehead has offers from Charlotte, Clemson, East Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Tennessee, Wake Forest, Old Dominion and Georgia Tech.

Morehead said he liked the camps at Wake Forest. The education would be great because the class rooms are small so you actually learn more than a big group of students.

Wake Forest coaches said Morehead is an aggressive player and can identify the plays before they happen.

Morehead said he likes the coaching staff at North Carolina State and they told him if he committed he can bring a lot of recruits in.

"They (NC State) said they like I'm quick and fast. I'm a big DB (safety). I'm 6-2 and I can back pedal which they really like." Morehead said

"They are recruiting me as a corner," Morehead said of East Carolina. "I really don't know much about them until I go down there. At first they recruited me as a receiver, then asked me what position I would be more comfortable with, and it was like corner."

Morehead said he's been to North Carolina before and they made him feel like home. He said he's been there a couple of times and have seen about 4 games.

"Clemson is in my top 4. I went there my freshman year to a camp. The school is real nice, all the coaches I met were all cool. I need to go down there and visit (official)."


Fuller has offers from Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, North Carolina and Texas A&M.

Fuller plays baseball and doesn't plan on taking any unofficial visits this spring/summer.

"North Carolina, I like the offense you know. My high school runs the same offense; that would kind of be easy for me to make the transition. It's an offense I would be comfortable in. Texas A&M is another school with an offense where they throw the ball around a lot. That's always a plus." Fuller said

"Coach Chris Kapilovio (UNC) is the guy I'm talking with all the time, he says I'm the number one guy on the board as far as receivers go." Fuller said

"Ways out there"

"I like Nebraska but it is a ways out there. I'm going to try to set up one of my officials visits to Nebraska. Get up there and check them out before I make a decision." Fuller said

"Yes sir." When asked if Charlton Warren was his recruiter. "He was the one who talked to me about the offer. He was messaging me about 3 or 4 times before he offered me over the phone." Fuller said

"I was kind of excited he (Warren) kind of threw a hint out there about an offer. We were messaging one day on Facebook. He said call when you can I have good news for you. I kind of get the gist what he was saying." Fuller said

"He (Warren) is a real nice guy he's from Georgia, more on my side of the family south of Atlanta. We can relate to some things. He said I would be a big part of their offense. The first year or two I will play special teams."

"The fan base, the game day experience." Fuller commented what he knows so far about the Clemson Tigers. "I've never been to A Clemson game before but seen it on TV and can see the big time atmosphere. I know they have some big time receivers there." Fuller said

"You know they (Georgia Tech) don't throw the ball as much, but when they do throw they can make big plays. With him (Coach Al Preston) he wants me to come and play receiver."

Relatives pushing academics; Duke

"I'm a real big academic guy my parents and grand parents instilled in me; academics, academics, academics. When I was in 9th or 10th grade they were like we need to check out Duke. To them coming with an offer that was a plus." Fuller said


Williams has offers from Cincinnati, Kentucky, Mississippi State, South Alabama, Southern Mississippi and University Alabama - Birmingham.

"It was a cool atmosphere." Williams said about his recent visit to Kentucky. "I know the coaches they said I could come in and start as a freshman. They know I can move for my size and they really want me."

"I'm visiting UAB it's close to home and we use to live in Birmingham. They are really showing that they want me. They're a good academic school and the coaches are wonderful. They get in touch with me about every day." Williams said

"They (Mississippi State) have high expectations of me and a center. They said I'm smart what I do, I make the right line calls, tell the quarterback who to read and not to read." Williams said

"I went to a Auburn last March the offensive line coach thought highly of me. They want to come out and see me in the spring game. Auburn is a good fit for me I know their linemen pull and the offensive line coach likes me." Williams said


Davis has offers from Arizona, Florida State, Kentucky, Miami, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Vanderbilt and Washington State.

Davis said he going to visit Central Florida this week and going to Miami next week. Those are the only two lined up. Most schools are recruiting him as a slot receiver.

The pluses of Miami

"The coaching staff, the tradition, the offense they play, just every thing about them. Academics and the relationship I have with the coaches." Davis said why Miami is one of his schools.

"Slot receiver they get their slot guys out in space - slot passes." Davis comments what he likes about Miami's offense and how he fits in. "They run corner routes, seam routes, get smaller guys out in space."

"They (Miami) like my change of direction. I can make almost every man miss, I can score at will. They just like how I can cut on a dime, ny elusiveness, my speed." Davis said

"I hear from them (UM) three times a week. They are one of the schools recruiting me pretty hard, also Florida State, Nebraska, Michigan State, Washington State, UCF, USC is coming on, Clemson. Oh gosh it's crazy so many of them."

Huskers' make Davis a priority

"I definitely like how they get their smaller guys in space. They don't care too much about height, they want play makers on the team. I have a great relationship with Rich Fisher and Bo Pelini and all those guys. They are recruiting me pretty hard." Davis said

Davis comments what NU coaches foresee in their offense

"I can help change the program around and they want Florida kids in the program. In the Big 12 I would be an explosive player like De'Anthony Thomas. They said I would be like that guy in the Big 12." Davis said

Many reasons to like Nebraska

"Everything, I just like the whole program,the fans, the coaches, they just have a new swagger to them. They are trying to win a National Championship. I'm liking what I'm seeing so far and hopefully I'll get a chance and visit them soon." Davis said

"Rick Fisher (Nebr.) told me I'm number on on the board. He said he's going to recruit me the hardest, he likes me, he loves me, he wants me. He's trying to get me."

Florida State

"I grew up loving them, even when my brother went there. I actually grew up living in Miami." Davis said

"I like how they (FSU) play they have a swagger. People in the past want me to go there. I like the offense, I just like every thing about them."

"Of course I like that (FSU Championship), but that doesn't mean while I might go there. At the end of the day you want to somewhere and play - be seen. Them winning the National Championship is not going to be a factor because because of it." Davis said

"Kentucky, coach Chad Scott, we have a great relationship. They were my first offer; me and him just bonded together. The stuff he tells me makes me want to visit pretty soon." Davis said


Petitbon has several offers; Alabama, Boston College, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Maryland, Nebraska, Ohio State, Tennessee, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Wisconsin and many more.

Alabama on top so far

"Oh yes, actually my top school right now is Alabama, but I like 4 or 5 other schools; Maryland, LSU, Penn State. These are my top schools so far." Petitbon said

"I also like Boston College. Just because I haven't visited Florida, Tennessee and Ohio State I'm very much interested in them. I'm going to be taking some visits with my family and stuff. My top schools could change in the spring and summer." Petitbon said

Great Degree

"I went to Boston College, in the winter I play basketball, we had an off weekend so me my mom and dad went to Boston to meet with Coach Steve Addazio and Ben Albert and the offensive line coach Justin Frye. When you think of Boston College you think of great offensive linemen and it's just a great degree." Petitbon said

"When we went down there (Alabama) last summer with my dad, I went to the camp and competed. Coach Nick Saban offered me a scholarship I was so excited. The campus is so beautiful, the people, facilities are very nice." Petitbon said

"Obviously they play great football. The barbecue and food is great down there; I definitely love to eat. Alabama is really a nice place I like it a lot."

"Coach Nick Saban, coach Mario Cristobal and coach Lance Thompson said I'm the guy who can compete on the offensive line, tackle, guard and center. They said my best thing is my run blocking, stay low. How I fire off the ball." Petitbon said

Maryland one if firsts to offer

"My dad played football at Maryland." He says. "I've been around Maryland for ever. The first football game I went to was a Maryland game. Maryland school is one of my tops. Coach Randy Edsall is a great coach. Maryland was an offer that I got early on."

Family from Louisiana

"LSU, my whole family is from the state of Louisiana. My dad was born there, my aunt and grandmother both went to LSU. I have LSU in my blood lines it feels like home. Coach Jeff Grimes is actually the one recruiting me. He was at Virginia Tech and recently went to LSU. I have a good relationship with him." Petitbon said

"Obviously at Penn State there was a big coaching change. Coach James Franklin came and I already had a great relationship with him. I'm surly excited to get back up to Penn State and visit." Petitbon said

"Penn State was my first big offer. It's a school I like a lot. I went up in the fall when coach Bill O'Brien was there. Coach Franklin is really excited about the future at Penn State."

"Most people want me to play tackle others say I can fit in at any position on the line. I have the quickness from the edge, the leadership and the smarts at other positions."


Edwards has offers from Illinois, Indiana, Vanderbilt, Iowa, Wisconsin and Syracuse.

"I went to Illinois junior days," say Edwards. "I liked it a lot I've been down there a few times before just get a feel for the coaching staff, get to know them better."

"I think they want me, it's definitely a school I'm interested in. They want me to play tight end, and I just want to build a strong relationship from here on out." Edwards said


"I do." When asked if he likes Indiana. "Actually my father played football at Indiana. I like the commitment to excellence, the winning attitude they are trying to build there. I think it's a great academic school." Edwards said

"It's (Ind.) more of a spread they utilize their tight ends a lot. Their tight end (Ted Bower) was on the John Mackey Watch List. They see me as a tight end and I can flex out a little bit." Edwards said

"Absolutely!" Edwards responded if academics was a major attraction to Vanderbilt. "It's a really cool campus and its right in the middle of Nashville. I went down there (Vandy) in the summer with coach James Franklin. I have a opportunity to go back with the new coaching staff."

"Absolutely." When asked if Iowa is one of his top schools. "They are recruiting me to play tight end. Their track record for tight ends speak for its self. Their pro style offense they use the tight end a lot. Definitely a school I'm interested in for sure." Edwards said

"They (Iowa) liked my toughness I played quarterback in high school so they can see my athleticism. They like guys like me that are athletic and can teach them how to block. The only thing I would have to learn the next level definitely the position and how to block." Edwards said

"We run the Houston (Cougars) offense split back veer so I run the quarterback position. I've never played tight end."

Been to Wisconsin?

"I have. The atmosphere at Camp Randall is pretty cool. Obviously it's a great academic school. The campus is right in the middle of Madison.

Is Syracuse too far away?

"No, no! They want me to play tight end. All the schools are great academic schools. Syracuse just came off their bowl victory Big Ten team Minnesota." Edwards said

"I would like to commit during the summer I'm going to visit all the schools. Definitely sit down with my family and coaches to see what's the best decision is." Edwards said


Nagel has offers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Purdue, Bowling Green, Univ. of Northern Illinois, Miami (Ohio) and Western Michigan.

"I've been to just two Elite junior days, one at Iowa State and one at UNI. Other than that I haven't gone or visit this off season, but I'm still trying to find out what visits I'm going on. What schools make since for me and my family. Still trying to find out that schedule out." Nagel said

"I liked the Iowa State one a lot. When I went up there it was about a week after they offered me and I went up there to meet all the coaches and everything, see all their facilities." Nagel said

Really liked Cyclones weight room

"The facilities and everything was unbelievable. We got into the weight room, it was just one of the nicest weight rooms I've seen. It had about everything possible, it had a ton of stuff for speed training, treadmills, high speed treadmills, high inclines. The weight room was unbelievable." Nagel said

"When we went to position meetings, I talked to wide receiver coach Tommy Mangino, it was definitely a good experience. After they we ate and headed over to the basketball game."

"It (BB Game) was unbelievable just what it is like on game day (football). You take that crowd at the basketball game and multiply that by five; you have a football game there." Nagel said

Chance to get a great degree at Purdue

"Purdue just offered me," he says. "I like not just football at Purdue but academics. I'm going into engineering school and Purdue has the best engineering school. I'll be able to get a degree which would be unbelievable. I'm going to college with a great degree and play football." Nagel said

"I like the coaches (Purdue) and it's only two and a half hours away so my family and friends will be able to watch a game."

Nagel frequent visitor at UNI

"It's nothing new to me, I've been there 5 or 6 times. I went to Elite 11 and stayed over night. I got to hang out with a lot of the players there to see what their opinion was as a player." Nagel said

"I do like Illinois I'm comfortable with the staff there. I define tell can see what I can do in their offense, they put up some big numbers last year. Their defense is getting better in the off season." Nagel said

"I camped at Indiana my sophomore season and went to a game. The offense put up some good numbers, spread the ball around to the receivers."

"Indiana told me they need me back on campus, they can see me as a return guy. It's good to hear to play other positions than wide receiver." Nagel said

"Coaches like my speed, quickness, ability to get open, brains to play football. I'm not the biggest wide receiver but I work on my speed and strength."


Roberson has offers from Arizona State, Colorado State, Oregon State, San Diego State and UCLA

Roberson suffered a knee injury last season but is still hearing from other schools. USC told Roberson at junior days they wanted to wait and see how his injury is before making a decision.

"They (ASU) like my speed how I am out out of the backfield and as a receiver type - like a Hybred. They told me to get in shape and in fit" Roberson said

Oregon State and UCLA pretty much told Roberson the same things.

Roberson said he's hearing from Nebraska, Indiana and BYU.

"Coach Rich Fisher (Nebraska) knew about my injuries, they have filled their needs (RB) in a way. They gave me information on the spring game."

"Indiana is more in the mail. A lot of mail, a lot of information. They want to find out who I am as a person." Roberson said


Mc Ginnis has has offers from Georgia, Nebraska, Louisiana-Lafayette, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Texas Tech and UCLA

Mc Ginnis said he's been to LSU and Texas A&M junior days. Even though he doesn't have an offer from LSU they seem to very interested.

"It was great I loved the campus (LSU), I love the coaches, I would love how they would use me on defensive. They want to use me as a outside linebacker. They told me they are going to my spring game, evaluate me and go from there." Mc Ginnis said

More on LSU

"They have a winning streak, they put people in the draft, it's a very good academic school, because I plan on majoring in business. And they have a good business program over there. Me being a native of Louisiana, being from New Orleans, I grew up loving LSU." Mc Ginnis said

Nebraska just offered

"They love how aggressive I am on the field. They (Nebr.) said they like my speed and me being a hybrid going down or going down in coverage be an impact in their defense." Mc Ginnis said

"They want me to try to come up there for the spring game, and I'm ever high in their board." Mc Ginnis comments more about Nebraska

"I love the campus." Mc Ginnis says about Texas A&M. "Every time I go their there is something new to see, rebuilding there whole football area. I love the coaching staff and how they would use me as a strong side backer, so I could go down in the tight end or put me in coverage."

"They (A&M) want me pretty bad. I went there and the thing about it they didn't try to force me to commit. They were all cool about it. They told me how much they wanted me and I let them know how I felt about them." Mc Ginnis said

Longhorns gaining interest

"They are starting to recruit me hard too; they are trying to get me up there. I was suppose to go up their fir junior days it was right before Texas A&M junior days, but I had a camp to go to." Mc Ginnis

West Coast

"No not at all," Mc Ginnis remarks if UCLA to too far away to consider. "They are up coming program. They had a good season last year, it's a nice position even though I've never been out there."

"I got family members out there (California) so they tell me about it. It's a nice area," Mc Ginnis said

"I like Georgia I only spoke to coach Mike Ekeler he was just telling me how he loved my film and how he would use me."

"I'll probably take all 5 visits, but far as committing it might be during my senior year or on signing day. I would like to visit UCLA, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia and some other schools."


Wimbush has tons of offers; Boston College, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, and a few more.

Wimbush said he will trim his list some time this month once he gets a real perspective of the schools. He wants to attend Ohio State's spring practice, North Carolina spring game or Virginia.

"I want to visit schools that I haven't visited. Penn State and Ohio State obviously visited. I definitely want to get down to others that have shown interest." Wimbush said

"I'm going to do my best to get out there for spring practices, spring games. I know it's going to be hectic and a lot of money" Wimbush said

Knows some about Nebraska

"My brother (Sean), he runs track for Rutgers, he was out there (Nebraska) and loved it. He told me about it, we have a couple of frat brothers out there. They (NU coaches) have always tried to get me out there. I have connections out there I guess. It definitely be on my mind to take a visit." Wimbush said

Huskers' show lots if interest in Wimbush

"They hit me up probably 3 or 4 times a week, they are really excited about me. They called me the number one guy, so that always puts me in a good place with them." Wimbush said

"Mostly with coach (Tim) Beck." Wimbush says which Husker coach he hears from the most often. "I fit their offense, I fit what they are trying to do the next up coming years. He likes how the ball releases off my hand and it's just natural and he would be able to work with me to improve all of my other assists for me to be able to succeed at just a high level."

Ohio State

"I can't go to a school just because of the coaching staff," he says. "Coach Tom Herman is an awesome, the school is great, big school. Urban Meyer is an awesome coach he developed his football team such as a dynamic football. I like the all around program."

"Actually I just started talking to them," Wimbush says about the Tar Heels. "I'm starting to build a relationship with them. More the relationship, I'll be able to get to know. Definitely get down there and take a visit. I know it's the best of both worlds academically and athletically."

Is there an interest in Va Tech?

"Yea definitely. Coach Scott Loeffler has had a bunch of experience with great quarterbacks and he said he wants me very bad. That's an honor to know because he's worked with some great players that were the best. To realize I'm one of the best in the country it's an honor." Wimbush said

Likes South Beach

"Yea, I mean it's Miami. You really can't not like much. The facilities are great, it's a small school 10,000 kids and it's private. The coaching staff really loved me when I was down there."

"These coaches like the fact that I can throw, and I feel like I take pride being throw first guy and then if the play breaks down I may run with the ball."

Wimbush said he's going to a Nike and possible work his way into the Elite 11 and maybe Under Armour camp for the game.


Heirs has offers from Kentucky, Mississippi State, Nebraska, South Florida, Miami, North Carolina State, Syracuse, Louisville, LSU, Ohio State and West Virginia.

Heirs said in April he's going to visit Mississippi State, Louisville and Kentucky.

"They need me"

"It's not just they (Mississippi State) want me they need me. They tell me I have a shot to play early on the line. That's really attracted to me because you know early play time is my biggest thing." Heirs said

"I'm a pretty good leader on my team - just my leadership. Being physical is probably my biggest think." Complements from MSU coaches

Familiar with Coach Petrino when at Arkansas.

"Coach (Bobby) Petrino. My cousin was recruited by Arkansas when he was there he sounds like a pretty personable guy. He took Arkansas from not being to hot, I think he will bring Louisville not being too hot to maybe content for a National Championship."

"My cousin went there (Louisville) on an official in 2005. He took pictures but, it probably changed a whole lot. He ended up walking on at Florida in 2006, and played for University of Florida from 2006 to 2009." Heirs said

"They act like I'm number one of their board," Heirs says about the Kentucky Wildcats. "I talk to coach Mark Stoops everyday, talk to him on the phone every week. They said if I work hard enough I can play my true freshman year."


"I went down there (Miami) last year, I liked it. When I went down there they stopped recruiting me a little bit, but they picked back up. They want me to come down there this spring, but I'm not sure about it." Heirs said

Are the Huskers in the mix?

"Oh yes sir! Yes Sir. That would be the farthest I go. I like coach John Garrison the offensive line coach. He's pretty cool I got to talk to him a few times on the phone and Facebook and what not."

What attracts Nebraska

"It's the tradition of Nebraska Football. You just think about it, oh man they have been good for ever. It would be pretty cool to be at a place like Nebraska." Heirs said

"I think I'm pretty high on their (Nebr.) list. I talk to coach Rich Fisher and coach John Garrison every other day or so and they seem like they are trying to get me up there." Heirs said

"I'm going to visit University of South Florida," he says. "My parents went there. I can play early there, stay close to home. I haven't met the new offensive line coach, but I love the coaching staff. Coach Willie Taggart sounds like he will bring the program back up."

"Michigan State, Kentucky, Penn State has been recruiting me pretty hard." Heirs said

"I don't know if they (PSU) will offer me or not but if they do I might go up there and look. They have been telling me that they are really interested in me and hope I'm interested in them." Heirs said

Heirs said Penn State requested his transcripts and if they like what they see he might get an offer.


Carter, the Class of 2015 recruit has offers from Bradley, De Paul, Memphis, Providence, Xavier and Virginia Commonwealth.

"I don't have a top 5 or 10 right now. I'm pretty much wide open. I really don't plan on making my decision after the AAU season, some time in August or September." Carter said

"Keep the Chicago players in Chicago"

"The only place I've been to is De Paul," says Carter. "De Paul is really a good school, has a really good campus. I really like the coaching staff, they really want me at the school. I can come in and play a lot of minutes. They want to keep the Chicago players in Chicago, it's our city and try to build a big dynasty."

"I really like Memphis, their coaching staff over there. Coach Jason Gardner is recruiting me the hardest. I was going to go there for Midnight Madness but we didn't make it get out there we ended up having a game." Carter said

More Big East

"Providence is a really good school. I like the way they play and the coaching staff. The coaches pretty much text me about every day. I really like the coaching staff Coach Ed Cooley and coach Bob Simon. They are recruiting me very hard." Carter said

"I like the way they (Xavier) play; they play fast, high tempo. I like coach Rick Carter and coach Chris Mack. Those are some real cool guys they text me every day to see how I'm doing. I've seen them play (TV) some games and I like the way they play. They invited me to a couple games but I haven't been able to get up there." Carter said

"I like VCU. Coach Shaka Smart - he's one of the best coaches. I like the way they play as well."

And then there's Creighton

"Creighton is recruiting me," Carter said. "I've talked to the coach he came up to one of our open gyms. I get about 5 letters from them every day."

"I see them (Creighton) play on TV. Coach Greg Mc Dermott, I see his son Doug. He (Doug) is really good and to see how he develops. It's good to see him play at these capabilities and score like that. Creighton seems like a really good school, a really good program. It's a school I can fit into." Carter said

"I'm a very versatile player I play the 4, but I can play any position the coach needs me. I think of my self as one of the best defenders in the country. I can go out from 1 to 5, but I can go up and down and be able to guard a 5-9 guard. Also my play be able to knock down any jump shot. I'm also a big shot blocker and rebounder." Carter said


"I've been hearing from Stanford, Oregon, USC and Cal." Katnik said despite any offers as of yet. "Just a couple other schools but mostly PAC 12. Only a couple Midwest schools I believe Texas and Nebraska."

"Oregon and Cal are at the top of the list. I think one of them (offers) will come soon. Right now I'm just waiting. I'll go to some camps like Cal and Stanford, Oregon, Oregon State and Washington, and a couple in my home town like USC."

Oregon and Cal seems to be the best possibility for upcoming offers.

"They just been telling me they've seen my highlight tape. Cal and Oregon came down to see me work out one time." Katnik said

"I call Cal pretty often," he says, "I talk to offensive line coach Zach Yenser. He's says he likes the way I move, likes the way I pull. He said he needs authorization from the offensive coordinator and an offer should me coming."


"He (Coach Steve Greatwood) said I would fit into his offense. My offense in high school is similar is what they do. I also talked to the grad assistant (Joe Benrnardi) there too. I've had conference calls with him, we've talked about the work outs and try to get up there on an unofficial visit." Katnik said

Nebraska has been sending letters. They like how well he moves, create spaces and has good foot work.


Cain has offers from Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Indiana, Miami, Louisville, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ohio State, South Florida, Syracuse, Tennessee and Central Florida.

"No right now." He said about narrowing his choices down. "I haven't taken any visits to the school right now. I'll probably narrow my list at the end of summer. Clemson, Ohio State, Florida State, Miami and North Carolina are recruiting me the hardest."

"I'm thinking about taking a visit March 1 to Florida to watch spring practice, then Miami spring practice and USF." Cain said

What about them Gators?

"Close to home. They have a new offensive coordinator, I think I can fit into their offense and school wise. They are recruiting me as a athlete."

"Miami is a good school they have a good coaching staff. I pretty much know the atmosphere at Miami. I don't know too much about the offense right now find out when I get down there, but I know the coaching staff is pretty good." Cain said

"No, I'm interested in them (Nebraska)." Cain responded if Nebraska was too far away to be considered. "When I talk to coach Tim Beck he was talking to about the offense, about them, things about Nebraska if I go there."

"He's (Beck) trying to set up a little visit probably during the summer. I really don't know (if possible) I have to see how the funds are." Cain said

Many schools are recruiting Cain as a wide out, but Nebraska is really high on him as a QB.

"Beck loves that I'm a quarterback for his offense. I can really make plays on the offense. He likes my agility of being mobile."

FSU close by and use to live there.

"They are the National Champs, when I get up there it's like home again, because I'm from Tallahassee. I use to go up there and go to the games. The coaching staff is good up there. I almost hear from Coach Lawrence Dawsey about twice a week. He wants me to get up there for a visit. They want me as a receiver." Cain said

"Actually right now I just know about the coaches," Cain says about The Ohio State Buckeyes who is recruiting him as a receiver. "I guess when I visit them I can see what kind of town and stuff, but I love their offense."

"I like Clemson, I love the coaching staff and the atmosphere up there is good. The offensive schemes (receiver) are perfect for me. I know I can be a playmaker when I have the ball." Cain said


James has offers from Arizona State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oregon, UCLA, Utah, Utah State, Washington, Washington State and Wisconsin


"Oh they really had a nice campus. I really enjoyed their campus and I liked the coaching staff, so I just enjoyed everything. UCLA is coming hard and with Oregon the place is beautiful." James said of his recent visit to UCLA.

"I actually use to live in Eugene so I'm use to the area. I'm open but when I was little I lived in Eugene I was an Oregon fan."

NU not too far away

"I really don't know much about them (Nebraska). I really like coach Ron Brown because he is recruiting me right now. Coach Brown contacted me on Facebook and he wanted me to give him a call. Nebraska is definitely not too far away." James said

"He (Brown) told me the whole coaching staff was really fired up about my tape and they like the way I play ball. They like the way get off the ball. They can teach me everything about pass blocking and the way they run the offense. They said I would be a great fit into their offense." James said

"I really like them," Grant comments about the Sun Devils. "They were the first team to offer me Coach Chip Long is the coach I'm hearing from."

Friends with Frison

"Oklahoma is a team you always hear about. I love coach Bob Stoops and how much he wins and I want to be apart of a program that is winning. At OU there is something in the air there. I have ties to Oklahoma, I'm great friends with Kenyon Frison, he goes to Granger. He just committed (signed) there." James said.

"Washington was one of those schools I was talking to. Coaches Steve Sarkisian and Marques Tuiaosopo left for USC so I so I was kind of left there a long time without being recruited by them (USC). I really liked the skyline (Seattle) they have pictures that look beautiful." James said

"I really don't know much about Washington State," he says. "I just really like the coaching staff they are really great guys. I would love to go and visit there, really don't know much about them."

"With Gary Anderson (Wisconsin), he was originally from Utah, they have them playing physical. They like I get off the ball with my run blocking."


Grant has an offer from Utah and is hearing from Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA, Michigan State, Nebraska, and Boise State.

Grant comments about Utah

"Well obviously Utah is recruiting me pretty hard. I camped out there last year for their 2 day prospect camp, that's when they finally offered me. I got to check out their new facilities. When I visited them (2nd time) they played Stanford this year, beat them at home which was awesome." Grant said

"I got to talk to coach Kyle Whittingham and coach Jim Harding quite a bit and actually discuss how I would fit into their offense. Got to see Salt Lake a little bit I enjoyed it a lot."

Optimistic for more offers

"I can potentially get an offer, I just got done visiting U of A. I felt good about the opportunity I enjoyed it a lot so did my parents, but yea I feel good about the process."

"The new facilities that they (U of A) just built in the summer was real impressive, just the campus, the campus atmosphere. How they want to build a big program down there and big a real big powerhouse." Grant said

Arizona State

"I watched film a little bit with offensive line coach Chris Thomsen. He told us how each one of us would fit in. We answered questions about the process and how he recruits. It was real informative." Grant said

"I camped at Arizona State a little bit," Grant says. "Also it's not too far from my house. I've been to a couple games as well on unofficial visits. I have a lot of family down there that's important. Academically I feel I can fit right in."

"March 9th Nike Camp in Los Angeles," Grant said when asked if he's going to any camps this year. "Some time in Los Angeles me and my dad were thinking about taking a trip to UCLA."

UCLA graduate assistant working on Grant

"Coach David Marsh he's an GA right now he coached high school ball around my area and Arizona. He contacted me and tried to see if I'm interested in the Bruins. Wanted me to get out for a visit check out the campus. Check out what they have to offer facilities wise, meet the coaches things like that." Grant said.

"He (Marsh) told me I'm high on their board the offensive line coach (Adrian Klemm) likes me. They evaluated me a little more since the 2013-2014 class ended. I like UCLA I like the area Los Angeles and California. Excited where my recruitment goes with the Bruins." Grant said

Spartan's Bowl win intrigues Grant

"Well, there are Rose Bowl champs," Grant comments about the Michigan State Spartan's. "There is a lot to like about Michigan State. Really like to go out there if I had a chance and check out East Lansing - Spartan Football."

"Coach Brad Salem (MSU) contacted me on Facebook. They sent me some cards and stuff. Campus information, stats from their last game"

Huskers interested

"Coach Ross Els (Nebraska) came to see me this past season. He told me he really liked me. He liked my film. He loved how I can get out in space, make a play, get that key block to spring the running backs for a long run. Just really liked how I pull as an offensive lineman." Grant said

Grant said he would definitely like to make a trip out to the Midwest to visit Nebraska and Michigan State.

"I have not been to Boise. I've been invited to junior day early in April. There offensive line coach Scott Huff actually played at my high school. So I'm pretty familiar with Boise. He was also one of the first coaches to stop by my school about playing for the Broncos." Grant said

Summer plans

"Me and my dad have been talking about going up to Washington and Oregon and maybe Boise in April. Maybe thinking about camping at Nebraska and Michigan State in the summer."

Variety of things for making a choice

"Coaching relationships is really the key, getting to know my coaches that I will be playing for the next career through out college. Academics of course is the biggest part the student athlete. I guess tradition no one likes to loos. Playing for a winning program have a chance to win a championship." Grant said


Boudreaux has offers from Iowa, Iowa State, De Paul, St. Louis, Boston College, Northwestern and Bucknell. Boudreaux has been to all these schools except Bucknell and Iowa State.

"I saw them watching me this summer at a couple events they send me letters all the time." Boudreaux said of the Creighton coaching staff.

"I really like them (Iowa)," says the 2015 basketball prospect. "I really like their coaching staff. I like Coach Fran Mc Caffrey and what he is doing there. I think Iowa has a chance to be really good in the future. Iowa sounded like they really wanted to make me a priority that's really important to me."

De Paul

"They have been on me for awhile. One of the assistant coaches, his younger son goes to my school, so I know them really well. Obviously they are a home team school being in Chicago. I definitely like what they have to offer."

"Their recruiting class was really good. Tommy Hamilton you obviously know, they have been getting some recognition in the Big East this year. I definitely think they are on the rise."

Not feeling the Blues

"Actually when I was going up to St. Louis to the Nike Elite 100 they offered me a scholarship; on the way down there."

"When I went down there (SLU) they were really interested in me, they showed me around and everything. I really had a good time down there. I even got to stay in the dorms, I got a good feel what it is like to stay in St. Louis." Boudreaux said

"They are always a competitive team they find a way to win games in the conference and tournament. I think the winning tradition they built there is really big." Boudreaux said of the Billikins.

"They (Boston College) were my second offer back when I was a sophomore. They are one of the hardest schools on me of all the coaching staffs that have been in contact with me. I built a good relationship with them." Boudreaux said

BC coaches likes his basketball skills

"They are really high what I can do on both sides of the ball, creating mismatches and rebounding. They made me one of their priorities in the class."

"I like Northwestern a lot. Obviously they shown a lot of people they can win games. They are only going to get better."

"Coaches tell me they love the fact that I'm a real tough rebounder and I can go out there and grab a bunch of boards. On offensive end I can create a lot of mismatches, going inside, posting up guys, going outside, shooting the ball, shooting off the dribble."


Okwarabize has offers from Southern Miss, Illinois State, Southern Illinois, North Dakota State and Southern Illinois - Edwardsville.

"Creighton has been coming down for some of my games, but they haven't offered yet." Said the Class 2015 basketball recruit. "Southern Illinois recruited me through out the summer. I visited them (SIU) and Edwardsville. I liked the people there the coaches are really nice." Okwarabize said

"Right now I have not made up my mind about official visits. What I'm doing right now is being with my team. I was suppose to go to the Iowa and Michigan game I couldn't make it because I had a game on Friday. I have to reschedule Iowa, I don't know if they will offer though." Okwarabize said


Fox has offers from Boston College, Connecticut, Georgia, Miami, Nebraska, Rutgers, Vanderbilt and Virginia.

"Right now I'm focusing on school and just going on visits stuff like that. I haven't narrowed it down. We have a week off in February I plan on visiting a couple of schools and this spring I definitely plan on more visits." Fox said

"I'm going to Visit Nebraska, I want to visit Virginia and definitely Miami. A lot of schools that are on my list."

J P Papuchis

"I really like their defensive coordinator (J P Papuchis)," Fox explains what he likes about Nebraska. "I like the style of football they play, they are very physical. I like the coaching staff, I like the school. I'm just really very excited to see their campus."


"It's a great school academically. I've been out there for a camp last summer. I like the campus and the coaches as well. I like the atmosphere. I love coach Mike London he's a great guy. Virginia is a great school all around." Fox said

"They (UVA) really want me bad. They definitely want me to get my parents down there to see, because once you experience Virginia you start to like it. They like me a lot." Fox said

Hurricane Experience

"I've been down there last summer with Brandon Wimbush for a camp. It's beautiful down there, the weather, the facilities, the coaches. That was a great visit too."

"I like Miami. I definitely would go back there for my parents to see, so they can see what it is like. Miami is a great program they send so many players to the NFL. Coach Al Golden is a great guy." Fox said

"Coaches say I'm a strong athletic linebacker. I'm good at pass rush and in coverage. I definitely can play inside or outside."

Academic School a Priority

"Definitely a great academic school, my brother goes to Harvard now and he likes it there. It would be a great academic school that fits me the best, then football aspect. Get to know the coaches and their relationship with the team players. I want to get a perspective from the players how they like Nebraska, how players like Miami." Fox said


Key has lots of offers some include Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Miami, Nebraska, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vanderbilt. Key said he's been to Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Vanderbilt.

"It's a different type of environment," Key said of his visits to South Carolina. "It's kind of like in the country most is in the city type. Coach Lorenzo Ward is from Newnan where I'm from we really communicated with one another. He knows where we're coming from."

"He (Ward) said I'm the number one guy they are recruiting for 2015. I have a chance to come in and start." Key said

"I went to the LSU game and the crowd was pretty much into it. They (Georgia) wants me pretty bad. Coach Jeremy Pruitt a couple days after he got the job."

"I'm looking for early playing time," he said. "A school where I can fit in. I'm looking for a place where I feel the love. I want to go where where I can have a great relationship with the coaches, where it would be like a father figure to me."

Key said he hears from Nebraska once a week. No mention if he is interested in Nebraska.

Khalil Davis and brother Carlos visited Nebraska last weekend for junior days. Khalil is a 6-3, 255 pounder defensive tackle and Carlos stands at 6-3, 260 pounds and plays defensive end. They both attend Blue Springs high school in Missouri.

The brothers have six offer from the same schools; Kansas, Kansas State, Missouri, Nebraska, Arizona State and Indiana. Khalil indicated they are a package deal and will play college ball together.

"They treat you like your family, make you feel like at home. They are really, really nice people." Khalil said of his trip to Lincoln last weekend with his parents. "We went last year for a game, we've been there a couple of times. I just like the atmosphere - unbelievable. You can't hear anything (Game Day). I just love to play."

"They (Nebraska Coaches) like how fast we are, the weight we are at. They like our first step off the ball and we play low - aggressive." Khalil said

"They didn't ask us to commit I feel like they wanted us to. We really like Nebraska though." Says Khalil

"Number One!" Khalil said with certainly that Nebraska is his top college

The Davis bothers are going to take some visits this summer to Kansas and Kansas State before making a decision. They want to get is over with before football season starts.

Carlos said he like the atmosphere at Nebraska too. He singled out the coaches, the facilities and very thing else.

"My mom liked it up there she just had a lot of questions. They liked the campus and everything, school and academics." Carlos said

"They (Nebraska Coaches) like our work ethic we play hard and physical. We play 100 percent - high motor." Carlos said

Carlos added that Nebraska's facilities are the best he's seen. Everything is just up to date - it's new.


Harris has offers from Bradley, DePaul, South Carolina, West Virginia and Creighton. A 2015 recruit and plans on signing in the spring.

Harris said Creighton coaches really want him and they text all the time.

"They shoot the ball well," Harris said of the Creighton Bluejays. "They score a lot of points, they go up and down. I like conference (Big East) and the coaching staff. I hear from them (Creighton) pretty much - every day. I hear from coach Greg McDermott and coach Steve Lutz." Harris said

Creighton coaches said Harris would be a good fit into the program and be a great player. They like his athletic ability to score and assist.

"It's (DePaul) a local school they have a lot of fans. It's really cool I've been their a few times, I like their facilities and dorm size" Harris said

"It's not too far," Harris explains what he likes about the Gamecocks. "I like the SEC it's a nice conference. It's a program that is trying to get back up to one of the top programs in the SEC. It's (South Carolina) nice because of the warm weather than the cold."

Harris said he likes Minnesota because they play up and down too, they press and play fast. West Virginia is not too far away he likes the area there. The West Virginia staff has been to one of his practices and they text him a lot.

"I'm looking for early playing time, winning tradition and possible go deep into the tournament , good academics and good coaching staff."


Barefield has offers from Creighton, Boston College, Connecticut, Fresno State, Kansas State, Memphis, Missouri, San Diego State, San Jose State, Baylor and Oregon

Barefield, a 2015 star prospect said schools have been busy with their season and hasn't heard much lately. Baylor, Kansas State and San Diego State have kept regular contact.

"Ever school is recruiting me as a point guard, Barefield said. "Baylor, Missouri, Kansas State, Creighton, all of them. A lot if coaches like the fact that I can score as well and get my teammates involved. They like my ball handling skills, the ability to create. I think they like that a lot."

"Amazing Player"

"Oh definitely." Barefield responded of his interest in Creighton. "They are having a great season I love their style of play and what the coach is doing over there. Doug McDermott is an amazing player I've been watching him. I just love the way they (CU) play."

"They (Creighton) recently offered me. I don't have my phone a lot, they have been texting me, they have been calling me a little bit." Barefield said

"I haven't paid much attention to it." Barefield said when asked about the Big East Conference. "I know they are in the Big East now. I watched them play against Arizona State I'm a big fan of Jahii Carson and they (Creighton) did a good job with him.

Thoughts on Baylor, Kansas State and San Diego State.

"I really like them (Baylor) a lot. I like how they play up and down too. They get a lot of pro players too and their in a great conference. I've been hearing from them a little bit." Barefield said

"I'm pretty cool with coaching staff over there (Kansas State), Coach Chester Frazier and all of them. They like me a lot and I like what the coaches do with the players. They are really about development and a plan to get better" Barefield said

"I'm pretty excited with the coach staff (San Diego State). They don't get a lot of recognition but they have been playing some good teams. I just like the way they play." Barefield said

What Barefield is looking for at the next level.

"A team that gets up and down, sets a lot of ball screens. Where I have a lot if fun while I'm on the court." Barefield


Williams has offers from Creighton, Iowa State, San Jose State, Houston, Tulsa, Texas A&M and SMU. He made it to Creighton on an unofficial to see the Bluejays win over Nebraska.

"I enjoyed the atmosphere and the environment like how basketball is a priority on campus. I got to know the coaching staff and the players. He (Coach Greg Mc Dermott) said I could come in early and be an impact early in my career really that's all I can ask for. I'm definitely looking forward keeping in touch with them." Williams said

"I love the Big East," Williams said. They have competition something I really look forward too. I want to be on the biggest stage possible - Big East is one of the biggest stages in the country."

"I think Creighton is recruiting me the hardest right now. I talk to Coach Steve Lutz basically on a every day basis. He came down to see my high school team and he really expressed his desire to have me in a Creighton uniform, join the team." Williams said

Impressed with the Century Link Area where the Bluejays play.

"I think it's (CLink) right up there with the NBA feel." Williams said. "I can definitely feel that why the gym can be packed especially for the right games."

CU likes his options to play different positions

"They (Creighton) said they like my versatility, I can play pretty much every position on the floor. I'm a good offensive player as well as a good defensive player. They think I have what it takes to be a real good scorer in their offense and the Big East." Williams said

"I can play the post in high school, I've played played every position nearly. In college I will be a player at the 1,2 and 3."

Williams said if every thing works out he will take an official visit to Creighton. Williams want to sign during the early signing period November 2014.


"I know Creighton is pretty well know for their business degree and all that stuff. I'm looking forward in majoring in Marketing, so it would be a great program for me to be in." Williams said

Williams said he made other unofficial visits to Michigan, Michigan State and Texas A&M.

Michigan, I just like how they run their offense. They spread the court pretty well and I feel like I fit there pretty well. And Michigan State I have the opportunity to be coached with Tom Izzo, that's always a plus."

"Really want to come in my Freshman year and be an impact as much as I can what ever school I go to. You have to have a bond between players and coaches, you don't want to be butting heads." Williams said


Haldeman has no offers yet but is hearing from, Iowa, Drake, Iowa State, Cornell, Colgate, Loyola-Chicago, Indiana State, North Dakota State, UNI, Leigh, St Joseph's and Creighton.

Although Creighton didn't offer he was here (Omaha) last week on an unofficial visit. Haldeman said he has some friends in the Omaha area, so he would stop by and check the Bluejays out.

Haldeman, the 2015 class recruit, said he saw Creighton practice and they want him to try to make a game his year.

"Creighton likes how I shoot the ball, like my basketball IQ and I play hard. They are always looking for shooters. I love the arena they play in its huge." Haldeman said

Haldeman said he plans on visiting Chicago-Loyola and Indiana State soon.

"It's (Loyola) a nice campus and it's on Lake Michigan. They have some nice buildings and it's (Chicago) only a three hour drive."


"Everything." Cuney, a Texas Longhorn commit explains what he likes about the 'Horns. "It's a great school, I like the program and the coaching staff. They know me personally I've been up there several times."

"I loved Texas growing up so there wasn't anything I didn't know. I already knew what to do once they offered." Cuney said

"They like the fact that I'm mobile; they just love me as an offensive lineman. As a freshman I can come in and play even though it would be a lot of work." Cuney said

"I do still hear from other schools. Oklahoma State, Oregon, Texas Tech and Oklahoma. They basically send me letters - general stuff. They would like me to come down for a visit. I'm solid with Texas." Cuney said

NOTE: Sorry I have not been posting much news here. My mom died last April and my dad passed away in May. I've gone through some really bad times. Jim.


"It's great down there," said the Kentucky commit. "They're a program on the rise and I'm excited to see how they do this year."

"I went down there 4 or 5 times and I just felt it was the place for me. I've talked to coach Vince Marrow and coach Mark Stoops, they told me I would fit into their defensive schemes. They are excited about my speed - 4.5 and that I can play in the SEC." Hendrix said

"I have an opportunity to be a starting linebacker," he said. "I will be there this January and be listed on the program. Be able to play in the spring game."


"Yes I am." Pettit said he will sign with Virginia Tech next February. "I like a lot of things about Virginia Tech. They have a great coaching staff, it's a great school and there is a lot of tradition there. I pretty much honestly fell in love with the school when I was down there."

"I like Coach Jeff Grimes. He's a Christian man I met his family waste as out there. I like the fact I'm in his first offensive line group. He likes that I'm athletic and have room to grow." Pettit said

"It's a very pretty campus, a very pretty area around there. Especially that its an outdoorsy feeling. Being in Virginia and being out doors, I'am an out doors guys."

Pettit said he wants to major in engineering and Va. Tech has a great engineering college.


Wilkins has offers from Boston College, Connecticut, Maryland, Central Florida and Florida Atlantic.

"I'm definitely going to take an official at UCONN, Maryland, Boston College and Rutgers." Wilkins said

"I've always been to Boston College (camps) since my sophomore year," Wilkins said. "Boston College is always a nice inter city area - the campus is beautiful. I have a couple of teammates that are there now. Same thing at UCONN I have some teammates. I have an opportunity to play at UCONN."

"They (UCONN) are actually my dream school. I just immediately connected with coach George De Leone he's just like my coach. When he wants something done he's very demanding. Outside football and every thing he's really a good guy. He expects a lot out of people, that's what I like and that's what I need." Wilkins said

"From what I've heard he (De Leone) put a lot of people in the NFL. What better coach that's coached at the NFL level for multiple years and is at a college now." Wilkins said

"Coach Keith Dudzinski (Maryland) is also a really nice guy. I would probably go their for offense, he's a defensive coach." Wilkins said

"You just don't have to go off campus at Maryland they just about have everything - stores on campus. I just felt like home that's the biggest thing I want, go to college where I feel like home. I like the students, the team it's like family and they have good academics." Wilkins said

Wilkins said that Rutgers will probably offer they are waiting for his transcripts.


"About six." When asked how many offers are on the table. "Marshall, North Carolina State, Georgia Tech, Coastal Carolina, Mississippi State, Middle Tennessee State. I have one from Duke but nothing really serious."

"I went to Vanderbilt, Middle Tennessee State and University of Tennessee." Taylor said

"I loved Vanderbilt it was very homey place, a fun place to be around. They have very nice people and they have a great coaching staff. They are recruiting me as an offensive tackle, they like my wing span and size." Taylor said

"Coach James Franklin (Vandy) wanted me to get down to camp, I didn't make it. He wants to get my early season film. Coach Franklin is high on me very much." Taylor said

"I like the coaching staff (MTSU) also. I like that its not in a big, big city (Murfreesboro). The people up there are really nice, the coaching staff seems to know what they are doing. They seem to be on the rise they beat Georgia Tech. I'm looking forward to see how their season goes. I'm on top of their board and all that good stuff." Taylor said

"I liked it at Tennessee." He said. "They have a lot of great facilities, the fans are amazing, but their coaching staff didn't seem very interested. There was just one coach that was interested in me."

"I do love North Carolina State. I really loved their last coaching staff and I like the coaching staff hey have now, but I don't feel like Coach Mike Uremovich feels into me." Taylor said

"I love the Raleigh area I've been down there multiple times and plus I have family that is right there. I felt very home with somebody around." Taylor said

"Georgia Tech has an offense that is identical to the offense that I ran my freshman, sophomore and junior years, so I know their offense when I went down there." Taylor said

"I sat in with coach Mike Sewak and his offensive linemen to watch film with them and watched film (second trip) with my family and I was able to point out in their offense things that they were doing wrong. I felt comfortable with their offense." Taylor said

"Actually I haven't been down there (Mississippi State) to visit yet. I have a friend that want down there and he absolutely loved it. He said coach John Hevesy is a really nice guy." Taylor said

"I think I will get more offers because we're running more pass offense this year."


Demery has offers from Charlotte, Creighton, East Carolina, Georgia Tech, Jacksonville, Miami (Fla), Oklahoma State, St. Joseph's, Tennessee and Virginia Tech.

"I'm going to St. Joseph's on September 5th on an official visit that will be my first trip right there. Coach (Phil) Martelli is a great coach I have a great relationship with the coaches. I like the system with all the offensive plays. It would be a great fit." Demery said

"They (St. Joe's) want me pretty bad I can come down there and be able to play, they just want me to be in their program. They are recruiting me as a combo guard."

"I like Creighton I like the coaches down there." Demery said

"Yes sir." Demery said if we was going to visit Creighton later. "Right now we still need to get a date. When school gets started we will have a lot of practices with my basketball team. Need to pick a date and get up there fast as I can."

"Coach (Greg) McDermott said, like the rest of them, pretty much would like to have me in their program, that I can come in and help them." Demery said

"Make the team better"

"It's a great thing." Demery responds when asked about Creighton's move to the Big East. "The Big East is more competitive it's a big step for them, a chance to bring the program up. It's a big adjustment for him (Coach McDermott), that's an opportunity to make the team better."

A couple more trips in the future

"I have one for Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech. I don't have my dates right now just working with the guys (coaches) to get it right." Demery said."

"Coaches Brian Gregory (Georgia Tech) and Bill Schmidt are great coaches they understand the continuity. They are always checking up on me how I'm doing. I feel like I can play for Georgia Tech. Coach James Johnson (Virginia Tech) is trying to build up the program." Demery said

"I'm more of a slasher I can get to the basket and be able to guard anyone out there. I'm a good scorer. I'm athletic." Demery said


Wren has offers from Arizona State, Cincinnati, Illinois, Kansas, Memphis, Missouri, New Mexico, Northern Illinois, Purdue and Toledo

"I thing Nebraska's (offer) is coming on the way," Wren said. They said they have great news when I call them back."

Husker coach Rich Kaczenski left a message on Wren's Facebook account asking him to call. Wren called twice but coach K was out with the team practicing. Wren said he will try again tonight hopefully with an offer.

"I have to find more information about them (Nebraska), I don't know too much yet. I know they have a great football team and the campus is big."

"I am." When asked if he is interested in Arizona State. "It's far away from home the campus is big too, they have a lot of diversity. They said I would be great on the team, work hard and might get early playing time."

How about the Jayhawks?

"It was a very good visit I was welcomed there, big campus, great environment. Football is what attracted to me but I'm keeping my options open. Hopefully make my decision at least in December or January." Wren said

"We'll they (Michigan State) are pretty far away about 8 hours away but they are a nice football team. I haven't been to their campus yet, but I'm looking for them to offer."


Delp has offers from Arizona, Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, San Diego State, UCLA, Utah, Washington, Washington State among others.

"I don't have any favorites but I recently visited UCLA. I haven't narrowed it down to a Top 5 or a Top 10. I'll probably do that with the family during the season."

"I pretty much liked the whole background of UCLA." Delp said. "I like the academics it's high standard, just being around downtown L.A., Hollywood, Beverly Hills. I got to hang out with some of the players out there that played for UCLA on the offensive line. They kind of gave me an insight how UCLA is. I'll probably visit again and see how things go."

"They (UCLA coaches) want me pretty bad. I almost had the whole coaching staff come in and say something to me. It was a good experience for the coaches to come up and see me. They mentioned about me hopefully come in and play early. I can compete at the next level early and start as a freshman." Delp said

Delp said he's also been to San Diego State and Cal Berkeley. Cal has not offered yet but might later.

"It was pretty nice I do know a lot of people out there," Delph said of his trip to San Diego State. "They showed me around - the campus. I love their weight lifting program, well trained, it was high intensity especially. I met all the players on the team, so they showed me a good time. It was like a place away from home.

"Oh it was nice." Delp said of his Berkeley trip. "I got to see where they practice, I was on the field when they were practicing. I got to meet the head coach (Sonny Dykes) he's a fun guy. I was with the offensive line coach (Zach Yenser) all day."

More from Cal

"They just showed me around I was pretty much amazed by the whole program. I got to see the rugby coach they know I play rugby. They know if I come to Cal-Berkeley they will probably let me both sports. I love the rugby program and the football program."

"I'm pretty much open," Delp reply's where he might go to college. "I have interest from Ole Miss we will probably see from there. They are my only SEC offer. Almost all offers are from the West Coast."

Heard from....

"Also from Nebraska. One of the coaches contacted me on Facebook. We talked about practice, about we will be going full pads. Just went back and forth. I do get a lot mail from them. They talked to me how they like me on film pretty much the basic things." Delp said

"I like Arizona State I have two close family members that are up there now they are for the Class of 2013. I've pretty much talked to them; they tell me to come down and visit them too. I'll probably take an unofficial before the season start, hopefully. It's only a six hour drive." Delp said

"Washington has been showing a lot of love," he said. "They were my second offer. Me and all the Polynesian coaches and coach Keith Hayward been going back and forth. I have family that stays in Tacoma."

"Washington State I know coach Joe Salave'a and coach Mike Breske. I love those guys they are my boys right there." Delp said

"They (WSU) are pretty excited because I have friends committed this year to them. All three of us have been talking when I'm going up there and visit. They know I'm pretty excited about the coach."

"Lot of coaches like Washington State, Arizona State, Oregon State are all impressed with my mobility for a big guy. I can play both ways, they asked me my preference on what side of the ball. I told them I pretty much don't care as long as I can get on the field." Delp said

"Academics is a strong thing. I want to major in sports communications that kind of interests me. That's what I want to do when I go to college."

Delp will commit at the Semper Fidelis game January 5th.


Lauderdale has offers from Arkansas, Arizona State, Illinois, Miami, Nebraska, Tennessee, Wisconsin and a few more.

Still a Vol commit?

"Yea it's like a soft verbal. Yea I'm just chilling right now I don't know where I'm going to take my visits to. I still have offers on the table, I haven't talked to that many schools since I committed to Tennessee. I did talk to Washington and Nebraska."

"They (Washington) want me to come up on a visit. The receivers coach (Eric Kiesau) said they will offer me later after the season is over. Its up to the head coach to puller the trigger (offer) but they are recruiting me hard." Lauderdale said

"I like Washington they throw the ball, the plays are made for the receivers. I watched them, I watched them. Their offense gets the ball to the receivers and their running backs get the ball too." Lauderdale said

"Caught me off guard"

"I heard from Nebraska." Lauderdale said. "I like their program I talked to Coach Rich Fisher, he wants me to come up for a visit but I only talked to him one time. I like the program a lot the spread offense. They caught me off guard really but I really like Nebraska."

Still In Touch With Tennessee

"I talked to them I'm going to take some visit elsewhere. Actually I was straight up with them take some visits and shop around. Even though they are not taking it players de-commit every day." Lauderdale said

"I really do like Tennessee but I didn't get to look at the other schools like I was suppose to do. As a JUCO wide receiver I only have a few years to play. I did look into Tennessee they have a lot of young receivers."

"I really don't have any top schools right now." Lauderdale said. "I'll figure that all out at he end of season. There won't be too many probably about four (schools)."


Utah, California, Arizona State, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Washington, Oregon State, Nebraska, West Virginia, Houston and Northwestern are among some of the schools that offered Pickett.

Pickett said he's already visited California, UCLA, USC, Stanford and Northwestern.

"California-Berkeley is a good school it's real close. I like the coaching staff and I know some of the players on the team. USC and UCLA have good coaching staffs also. I know Kenny Walker wide receiver who is a player on the team (UCLA)." Pickett said

"They whole coaching staff from Cal loves me I can come in and play right away. Help them out in a major way. They like me as a defensive back and they need a lot of DB's. They like that I can play big and real physical. I can lock down on wide receivers." Pickett said

"Stanford is a great academic school and a great coaching staff and Northwestern too. They (NU) are close to Chicago I was out there for a camp this summer. I like being out there I really like Chicago." Pickett said

"Stanford University is Stanford," Pickett said. "They like me a lot Coach Derek Mason is a great coach."

"They (Northwestern) like my versatility, they like me as a corner that's where I have an opportunity to play early. They need me."

"My brother played against Taylor Martinez (Nebraska) at De La Salle. Nebraska (state) is the only university that has a football team - they are competitive." Pickett said

"I like Coach Terry Joseph a lot they came down to our school talked to me and stuff. I like him a lot. Coach Joseph said he likes my versatility I play physical and come in and help them out." Pickett said


Curtis has a bunch of offers Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Washington just to name a few.

Curtis said he's been to UCLA, USC and Arizona on unofficial visits.

"I liked everything. I liked the campus of course it's beautiful, tradition and the coaches," Curtis said of his trip to UCLA. "They want me really bad. I'm a big guy, I'm athletic not too many guys my size can do what I can do. Athletic wise I'm strong and can run."

"USC is one of those colleges where it takes them awhile to evaluate guys stuff like that. They will offer me some time soon though." Curtis said

"USC was my favorite school growing up they have great tradition and a winning program. They play pro style."

Curtis said he hears from Coach Ron Brown (Nebraska) and Oklahoma is high on his list and might check them out. He said Arizona is close to home, he likes the facilities there and they are recruiting him pretty hard.


Moss has offers from Kentucky, Mississippi and Mississippi State

"I really like the coaching staff at Kentucky I'm going to visit them sometime this month." Moss said

"I like both Mississippi schools I've been to them twice. They have big stadiums, the fans are great. They just love their football. The coaching staffs are really nice and I have a change to get some early playing time."

"Last year I played quarterback," Moss said. "This year I'm going to play tight wand and linebacker. I'm hoping that coaches will notice my versatility and and maybe get more offers."


Brown has several offers from teams like Florida, LSU, Michigan State, Colorado, Mississippi, Oregon and Wisconsin, but one school he favors right now is Oklahoma.

"I like the fact they pass the ball a lot" Brown said of the Sooners. "They were number 5 for passing and I like the coaching staff there. Oklahoma doesn't have a lot of receivers on the team and they need more. It would be a great opportunity for me to come in and play early."

Big Receiver

"I like the receivers coach (Jay Norvell) he just told me with other schools Oklahoma is different. He liked it that I'm a big receiver. I'm going to play H and can do a lot of things." Brown said

Brown said he will make his first trip to Norman later this month. If Brown really likes it there he might commit, but would like to take some officials visits to Oregon, Michigan State and West Virginia.

"My first official will be Oregon they want me to come up on my bye week. Oregon runs he spread offense and they have great athletes and I like the coaches there. Michigan State said I have a chance to start early and West Virginia too. I'm fast for a big guy for my size. I have great hands."


Johnson has offers from Arizona State, Baylor, Iowa, SMU, TCU, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Washington, Washington State, Colorado State and Kansas. Johnson said Texas Tech, TCU and Iowa are the schools that stand out the most.

"I feel like I can play early," Johnson said about Texas Tech. "The coaches are nice I have a good relationship with them. They like how I can come down and cover a lot as a safety. They like my speed and how I tackle."

"TCU's defense is a 4-2-5. I would get a chance more on the field with 5 DB's all the time. I have a great relationship with the coaches and I like that its close to home." Johnson said

"Iowa sends DB's in the league the last 6 or 7 years. The coaches at Iowa said if I come down I can play right away."


Hilliman has several offers he's narrowed it down to Ohio State, Michigan, Rutgers, Alabama and Miami

Buckeyes Hope To Land Hilliman

"He's (Urban Myer) is a good coach and has a lot of great players. On their offense they have what fits my style of running. So it's a good fit." Hilliman said

"I went up there on an unofficial visit," Hilliman said about his recent trip to Columbus, Ohio. "I got to see everything, talked to the coaches and their families. I got to see how they are on and off the field. And their facilities are great."

Trip to Michigan later this month

"I've been talking a lot to coach Curt Mallory (Michigan). I'm going up there the 28th of this month and probably stay the weekend. Michigan said I would have the opportunity to play early; I would have to work for it like a lot of other schools. Playing early would be big get in there and help the club." Hilliman said

Looking at instate school

"Yea I like Rutgers," Hilliman said. "They have a lot of recruits that I've known for a long time. I know some personally on the team. Going to Rutgers is an established program it's instate. Going to Rutgers they have a great academic program."

"For the fact they (Alabama) are in the best conference, probably the best team as of now. Their academics are better than they get credit for. The coaches said I have an opportunity to play early there too." Hilliman said

Hilliman said when he talks to the Vanderbilt coaches its usually about academics. They did say he could play as a freshman. Hilliman said Miami recruited him early and still has some contact with them.


"I de-committed from Green Bay," said the class of 2014 recruit. "I have offers from Oregon State and Wisconsin-Milwaukee. I think as times goes by in July I will get more offers. I'm getting looked at by Marquette, Iowa, Minnesota, California-Irvine, University of Washington, Tulane, Toledo and Florida State."

"I think Marquette was looking to offer me but when I committed to Green Bay all the schools have backed down." Deberry said

Deberry said Creighton has not offered. They did show interest up till the time he committed to Green Bay. He has not received any phone calls or letters from Creighton yet.

Likes The Hawkeyes

"I have visited Iowa I kind of like Iowa so far," Deberry said. "Iowa would be in my top 3 or 5. I went to their game when they played University of Indiana I like how the crowd was into it. I like the coaches at Iowa how they play - high tempo. When they get the ball they push it up."

"I like Marquette because I live in Milwaukee I've been their many times. There is nothing I don't know about Marquette. They want to see how I do in the tournaments this summer." Deberry said

Deberry to show his talents in South Carolina

"I'm going to South Carolina for a NIKE tournament next week. It's the same time I'm going to the Peach Jam Tournament. Now that I've de-committed I'll see how I do in July. I'm just keeping every thing open, working hard see what I can get. I plan on making my decision in April (2014) said Deberry

"They say I'm a good scorer and I'm one of he best scorers in Wisconsin. I'm a good rebounder, a good defensive player. I'm a combo guard - shooting guard."


Benson visited Nebraska and Creighton. No other trips are planned so far.

"It was good," Benson said of his recent trip to University of Nebraska. "I got to talk to the coaches, tour the facilities - which are top notch. They were kind of telling me where I would fit in on their team. And how I would help their team."

Benson said Nebraska coaches could see him play early as a freshman. He liked Lincoln which is a college town and they have great fan support. Thought it was a cool place.

Bluejays have a lot to offer too

"They (Creighton) obviously have great facilities. They are building a new practice facility it's going to be top notch as well. Their arena is very, very nice they sell out for every home games. Playing before a pack house would be awesome." Benson

"Yea definitely," When asked if he was impressed with Century Link Arena. "It seats 17 and a half thousand - it's sold out. It's a top arena it's like a NBA arena."

Creighton's style of play is a plus

"Yea definitely their style of play fits me and the way I like to play. They set a lot of ball screens, a lot of guard movement off he ball. They have shooters that can spread the floor and take shots. They also like to push tempo get up and down." Benson said

"Yea definitely it's a great opportunity. Obviously they are going to the Big East Conference now. They will be playing a lot better teams; I'll have an opportunity to play on a national level." Benson replied when asked playing in a major conference would help him become a Bluejay.

Bouncing the ball around with CU players

"I got to play with their team, got to hang out with some of he guys, just really bunch of good guys."

Benson also likes Stanford. They have a solid coaching staff and has a great relationship with them. Benson said he needs test scores to get in and its a process going through admissions. Benson said he plans on signing in November, but doesn't know when he will commit.


Rogers has offers from Kennesaw State, Kent State, Loyola Chicago, Mississippi, Nebraska, Northern Illinois, and Valparaiso

Rogers has already visited Chicago Loyola, Valparaiso, Ball State and Nebraska. He plans on a trip to IUPUI this Thursday and Tennessee Friday.

"I loved it there," Rogers said of Loyola Chicago. "The coaches are really cool. It's good to have a good relationship with the coaches that was a high part of it. They told me not only I have the talent but I'm a high character guy. That's another reason why they offered."

"I really liked Valparaiso because the coaches they have are really, really cool. I went to one of the open gyms and got to play with some of the players, and I like their style of play."

"I like to play up and down," said he 2015 recruit. "I can play half court but I like up and down where I can push the ball, more aggression and I'm more of a threat when I'm pushing he ball up the court."

"Nebraska's campus was ridiculous. They had TV's, they had 45 inch TV's everywhere. I got to talk to the academic advisors. I got to talk to Coach Tom Osborne which is a legend so I really had a really good time up there." Rogers said

Rogers's father Felix play ball against Coach Tim Miles in college. Felix played at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. Miles played for University of Mary (N.D.)

Rogers said he's going to return a visit to Kent State they were the first team to offer. Rogers has been to Mississippi several times, he has relatives living there and plans on going back to see some games.


Jo Jo has offers from Rice, Texas A&M, Auburn, Houston and Nebraska

"I went to Baylor during the basketball season. The facilities were the best that I visited besides A&M. The coaches are really cool and I like the conference they are in." Anderson said

"They have a great academic program it's close to home and the coaches know what they are doing. They would let the players play right away." Anderson said of his visit to Rice

Anderson said he visited Texas A&M and liked the facilities there. His father has a lot of contact with the A&M staff. He doesn't know too much about Auburn right now.

Anderson said Nebraska is recruiting him the hardest.

"The visit (Nebraska) was good, they have great facilities, and they really like me a lot. Lincoln was nice but there wasn't a lotto do there" Anderson said

"They (Creighton) didn't offer. The (visit) was real cool, the coaches, the facilities they are working on seem pretty nice. It's a basketball school that's what I like. It's a private school they have a lot shooters out there."

Anderson said Creighton might offer later in the summer after hey evaluate him more.


Leonard has lots offers among them are; Arizona, Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, Mississippi, Nebraska, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

"I've narrowed it down to Clemson and Florida State." Leonard said

"I love the fact I will start out at defensive end, they had the second ranked defense in the nation. My dad went there, it's a great program and great city. Coach Sal Sunseri coached in the NFL. It's just good football." Leonard commented about the Seminoles

Will his dad have an influence becoming a 'Nole

"That has nothing to do with it he helped me about the school and stuff - it's changed a lot. With my dad going there has nothing to do what decision I make."

"Same thing they (Clemson) want me to come down and play early. They have a great education just a great school. It's more than football, great academics, great people. Coach Dabo Swinney I got to talk to him while I was there someone I would want to play for he stands for his morals a good Christian base."


Burkett has many offers; Florida State, Georgia Tech, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Purdue, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Virginia and others

"I really haven't narrowed it down too much I do have a Top 10. I would say Nebraska is in there and then there is Florida State, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Stanford and North Carolina, all are pretty high up there." Burkett said

Burkett said Florida State is high on his list its close to home so his parents can see him play. He was down in Tallahassee last spring to see a practice. He saw Purdue and Vanderbilt for some games last fall; he went with his family and they enjoyed the trip also.

"I will be to North Carolina on the 15th (June). I had that planned for awhile and I'm going out to Stanford end of July." Burkett said

High on UNC academics

"Really the academic aspect is definitely the most important thing I'm looking for in a school and they have a great reputation that appeals to me. They (UNC) seem excited about me they like my athleticism I can move really well."

Burkett singles out what he likes about Stanford

"Definitely the academic side and also their football program is doing really well. They haven't offered me yet I'm going up to camp this summer. They like my speed, most coaches say they like how I move." Burkett said

Not sure about visiting Nebraska

"We'll personally I'm considering their (Nebraska) engineering program a little bit. Coach (Barney) Cotton has sent me the information I've kind of looked at it." Burkett said

"Definitely Nebraska has tradition for linemen that's a great place for me. The tradition is appealing its a great football program." Burkett said

"I think I will commit before football season starts so I'm trying to get to many places possible early summer." Burkett said


Gaulden has offers from Duke, Illinois, Louisiana-Lafayette, Memphis, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee and Vanderbilt

"I went to Rivals camp about a month and a half ago. It was a lot of fun I got a chance to compete against a lot of good guys. Highly rated guys in the nation. I took a lot from that it actually helped my rankings on Rivals." Gaulden said

"I had a good time learned some new techniques. They taught a lot to keep in our tool box as a defensive end. Have those things and try to hold on to them." As Gaulden comments more about his Rivals camp

Nike Football Training Camp

"They do sparq testing, they do the 40, shuttle and all of that stuff. You do 1 on 1's and 7 on 7's. They put you one on one with wide receivers you go up against the best. Every camp is a good experience you take some good things out of them." Gaulden said

"Yes I have." Gaulden comments that he's been to Knoxville. "Tennessee is a great atmosphere it's really life, Leland Stadium. I'm high on their recruiting board they are relentlessly recruiting me. I'm just going to take my time with this recruiting process." Gaulden

"It's not," Gaulden said that Nebraska isn't too far for consideration. "I'm definitely going to take a trip up there, it's not too far away at all."

"I talk to Terry Joseph (Nebraska) every once in awhile. He recruited me every since my sophomore year. He saw my film he offered me immediately. He keeps in touch with Facebook, he definitely wants me to come up with a visit. He likes my instincts and basic knowledge." Gaulden said


Elmore has offers from Iowa State, Michigan State, Minnesota,Nebraska, North Dakota and Wisconsin.

"Everyone I met was real nice, and genuine." Elmore said of his visit to Iowa State. "They have nice facilities and I'm one of the top players that they are recruiting. Iowa State feels like I can be a great player for them."

Do some great things at NU

"Pretty much like any other school they (Nebraska) have really great coaches, great system and they have some of the best facilities in the country. Nebraska said they need a guy like me, I can really do some great things for them. I'm someone they need to get into this class." Elmore said

"When I went to Nebraska they talked to me about why its a good fit for me and would be a good place to be in. They were talking to me about all the things I'm looking for at Nebraska. Nebraska can put me in a position where I can be the best player I can be. They said I'm a every down player." Elmore said

Coach Beck pushing hard

"I've talked to coach (Bo) Pelini, coach (Barney) Cotton the tight ends coach and I got to talk to coach (Tim) Beck the offensive coordinator. He (Beck) was the one who talked to me why Nebraska should be he right place for me."

"Beck said they have all the things to help me succeed. I would fit into their offense, relativity close to home." Elmore said

Number one TE at Wisconsin

"Wisconsin said I'm their number one tight end target right now. They've talked to me about some of the things I can do there. I've been to Wisconsin twice once was for a basketball game and the other was just for a visit." Elmore said

"Wisconsin has a really good football atmosphere there. They have great tradition and I know a bunch of guys there too. That would be a good situation." Elmore said

Elmore said he will be going to Indiana, Michigan State then Ohio State next week.


"I have 34 offers," Newell said. "I'll be narrowing it down June 1. I'm going to release it about 5:30 PM. I think I'm going to commit on August 30."

"This summer I will be at Nebraska for Big Red weekend and I'll probably visit South Carolina once. Nebraska has been there from the beginning for the recruiting process." Newell said

No Stranger to NU

"I'm very comfortable up there, I've been up there a few times, the games went really well and I enjoyed it. I really like Lincoln there is really a lot to do and it's a very safe city." Newell said

"I went to the Penn State and the Michigan games. Their (game day) is nothing like that I really enjoyed it. It was really cool with they do with the player walk before they go out on the field. They have the recruits do it as well. There were several people reaching out to me calling my name when I went out there" Newell said

Brother gives Bo a hug

"They (Nebraska) are one of the few staffs where I have a relationship with each of the coach they are very interested in me. Me and coach (Bo) Pelini kicked it off right after the bat. Not just me and coach Pelini, but my family as well. My little brother (six years) would always run and give coach Pelini a hug stuff like that; which is what most people don't get to see." Newell said

"There is nothing like Nebraska's facilities," Newell said. "It's top notch they seem to keep on getting better every year."

USC visit coming up

"South Carolina, you know my dad use to live in that area." he says. "It's pretty down there you know it's in the SEC. You know that the program is growing in he right direction just like Nebraska is."

"I like South Carolina's coaching staff, I like all the people down there; the facilities are a perfect fit." Newell said

Newell said distance isn't a factor. He wants a college where he can make it to the NFL.


Benson has offers from Arizona State, Boise State, Boston College, Colorado, Creighton, Nebraska, Oregon, St. Mary's and USC.

Benson said Nebraska, Oregon, Creighton and Stanford are recruiting him the hardest. He has already visited Stanford and Oregon and will visit Creighton this summer.

Two schools not being considered

"Arizona State just got a point guard from my class as well as Colorado. For my class the two obviously are not in the picture anymore. St Mary's is recruiting me a little bit and Boise State." Benson said

"I went on a visit a long time ago to Boise State. They have a real good environment; obviously had a great season. They really have nice facilities like Oregon and Stanford." Benson said

"It (Eugene) was a college town, great atmosphere, they standby behind their program. They obviously had a great season this year. It's just a real good environment." Benson said

"Oregon likes my size, they like what I have to offer. I'm a bigger guard; I'm a point guard but I can also score."

Stanford close to offering

"Stanford is recruiting me very hard the thing with them there is a huge admission process. You have to get in through the school at first, once you get admitted they can offer you. It's a different animal type of thing." Benson said

"Stanford likes that I'm a bigger guard too. They like my versatility I bring. They say the same like the others."

"I've grown up watching the PAC 12. I've watched a lot of basketball, I watched the PAC 12 my whole life. That's the conference I live in." Benson said


"I fit well with their program," Benson said of the Creighton Bluejays. "Their style of play, team chemistry, the team plays real well together. The way they play kind of fits me and the coaching staff are great guys. I've gotten to know them."

Close relationship with Creighton coach Greg McDermott

"He's been recruiting me a lot. He's an awesome guy he makes the college atmosphere really fun. He has a good relationship with his players."

"Obviously that says a lot for his son he had a chance to go to the NBA. That shows how much he liked playing there. The speaks volumes for the program." Benson comments on Doug McDermott coming back for his senior year.

Benson comments about Creighton being a top notch program when it comes to fan support.

"That's definitely one of the best fan supports in the country they sell out about 17000 every night. Its a pretty awesome atmosphere to play in. Its pretty neat to have that kind of support." Benson comments about Creighton being a top notch program when it comes to fan support.

Reaction to Creighton's move to the Big East

"That was pretty awesome the Big East has always been on of the best conferences in the country. It's a great opportunity to go play against some of those good schools. It's a great conference." Benson said

Wants to make the right choice; looking at all options

"I like all the schools that are recruiting me," Benson said. "I just kind of weigh my options try the right fit for me. Where I feel comfortable at.

"I want to go to a place where I can play and fit it. A school that's fits me and my style of play. Connect with the players and have good chemistry with them."

Commitment coming soon?

"I really don't know, I really thought a lot about the programs that are recruiting me. I don't plan waiting another year. I plan on committing some what in the near future. I don't plan on waiting a long time." Benson said


Andre said he has offers from Houston, Nebraska, Nevada, San Jose State and Washington State. Utah and Washington might offer if he goes to their camp.

"I've been talking to coach Rich Fisher (Nebraska) I plan on taking a trip down there in June for the Big Red camp." Andre said

"He (Fisher) said I'm very explosive, I'm very talented. He doesn't know why I'm not one of the top recruits but he likes what's on my film. He speaks very highly of me. They are looking at me as a wide receiver and kick returner." Andre said

Wants to check out Nebraska before committing

"That's actually why I'm coming up there, I was thinking about making an early commitment. I just kind of like to see what I'm committed to first. At Nebraska you know they have a big program and I get a chance to go to the NFL." Andre said

"I believe I'll take a trip to Houston this spring. Houston was my first offer and I want to see what they are talking about." Andre said

Andre said he is thinking about taking an official visit to Washington State. They told Andre he has an opportunity to play early and get the ball a lot.


Pierson has offers from Boston College, Marshall, Nebraska, North Carolina and Old Dominion.

Good relationship with Boston College

"The coach Steve Addizio is ideal, they have an established coaching staff, have been successful where they have been with their teams and everything. I like coach Frank Leonard how he treats me. I was suppose to go to Boston the 20 (April) because of the bombings I didn't make it." Pierson said

"They (Boston College) told me how they can use me in their offense, how they don't get guys like me. They want to use me as a running back."

Going to Big Red day

"I hear from them (Nebraska) just about every day. They can't wait for me to get up there for the Big Red day June 15. They want to show me how the offense works get to know the head coach (Bo Pelini) and my position coach J P (John Papuchis). Just how I would fit in and what Nebraska is all about. They are recruiting me as a slot receiver and return man" Pierson said

"They (Neb.) said I'm very energetic I make people miss. They like me in their offense and are highly recruiting me on the offensive side because I can make things happen." Pierson said

Future Husker commit?

"It depends how I feel and have to talk to my family and my coaches and everything. If it feels right and everybody gives it a go why not. I could commit to Big Red but I'm not sure."

Doing some research on the Tar Heels

"I like them a lot education wise and football wise, they are a up coming program. I did some research on coach Larry Fedora when he has been the past few years." Pierson said

"One of their (Old Dominion) major courses is actually what I want to major in. It's one of the best majors on campus and its an up coming D1 school the past couple years. They are doing something right." Pierson said

"I don't know too much about Marshall." Pierson said. "I know they had a major player in Chris Parker. The coaches told me how they were ranked last year."

Pierson said he wanted to commit by the 3rd game off the season. Pierson said he's looking at graduation rates when picking a college. Wants to some where with a good environment.


"I have over 25 offers so far," Cheatham said. "I'm considering a lot of schools at his point not favoring anyone, Nebraska, Oregon, USC, San Diego State, Arizona State, New Mexico a lot of other schools like that. In the west coast I like Washington."

Cheatham said he narrow his list down some this summer and beginning of senior year and will take officials early senior year.

"I plan on signing this November my birthday which is November 17 that's pretty much it. If not the same signing period"

Nebraska looking for playmakers

"I like coach Miles (Nebraska) he's a great guy always energetic he seems like oriented just as me. I've seen the arena that is suppose to be built, very thing seems to be good." Cheatham said

"He (Miles) talks to me about being an all around guy. He said they are trying to build a program running gun, play above the rim stuff like that. He loves my athleticism, he loves my passion for the game. He loves it that I bring it night in and night out. He likes a lot about me. I seem to I I fit into his program." Cheatham said

Ducks building off great season

"Of course Oregon did some big things this year. It seems like they are building something new there. It's really a nice place their coaches seem like great guys. I'm looking forward getting to know them." Cheatham said

"I've talked to coach Brian Fish (Oregon) for the first time he seems excited, 'We need to get you and Casey Benson, we're the two guys we want from Arizona.'

Trojans high on his list

"USC, I'm very high on their radar. They need bigger wings that can play. I heard they are targeting me and Stanley Johnson really hard at this point. Coach Andy Enfield and Tony Bland have good basketball knowledge. At this point they are vey much up there." Cheatham said

"Arizona State coach Herb Sendek is a great guy they are building a new coaching staff. They changed their style of play, they are definitely a school I will consider being close to home. Like I say coach Sendek has great basketball knowledge he knows the game. I'm looking forward what style of play he brings led by Jahii Carson, I want to see what he looks like."

"I've been there (ASU) a few times their facilities are really nice the schools is beautiful - just the people around. They get pretty good fan support."

"Definitely and defensive I want to see what kind of defenses that best fit me." Cheatham said when asked if he is looking at different types of offensives. "I like to play above the rim, play fast, push he ball up the floor and I want to see where hey want me to play position wise. I really don't have a position I just want to play where the coach wants to put me at."

"I'm a high motivation guy I play hard every possession I never take a play off, so one of the main things he (Miles) said that stuck out."

"Give me some freedom. If I can get a rebound allow me to start the break make things happen. I pretty much play point forward with my high school team and previous club teams I've been with. That's the kind of stuff I like to do." Cheatham said


"I have offers from Tennessee, Providence, Nebraska, Minnesota, TCU, Penn State and Marquette." Miller said

Taylor said he's real tight with the Providence coaching staff and he likes the fact they play in the Big East where its physical play. Taylor will visit Providence next month or so, but did make a trip to Nebraska.

Husker Trip

"They (Nebraska) have new facilities. The new coach (Tim Miles) was from Colorado State that's where they originally offered me. Then he moved to Nebraska, so the coaching staff I'm familiar with." Taylor said

"Nebraska is pretty high on me, same ol, same Ol pretty much. They told me I get to play early that was a lot of the discussion - get to play heavy minutes." Taylor said

"They are recruiting me as a four right now who knows what I will be recruited next year, but they are recruiting me as a power forward." Taylor said where Nebraska would fit in their offense."

"Minnesota, I had an official visit set up over there it was my first week of school so I didn't end up going. It's a little distance from New Hampshire." Taylor said

Really likes Marquette

"I love Marquette me and coach Isaac Chew go way back too. I've been talking to coach Chew since 8th grade when he was back in Missouri." Taylor said

"They (Marquette) said the same thing they need someone come in and play some heavy minutes as a freshman. Everything you want to hear basically. Marquette has a great education from what I've heard that would be a bonus if I ended up going there." Taylor said

Taylor plans on playing some AAU tournament games this summer. And will attend LaBron James Basketball Academy and Kevin Durant's basketball academy.

Miller said Creighton offered him this past summer but hasn't hear from them since. TCU is a school Taylor is looking at hard.


Taylor has offers from Creighton, Indiana State, Missouri State, Wichita State, Northern Colorado and Colorado State. Taylor said Northern Colorado coach has been fired and hasn't heard from them since and is still being recruited by Colorado State

Impressed what Creighton had to offer

"I went up there (Creighton) last year around the NCAA tournament I saw a little bit when they were in the old gym. They are building a new one this year or next year. I didn't get to see much of the new stuff being built, but yea I saw the facilities." Taylor said

"The biggest part of it was the stadium (Century Link), how big the stadium, how many seats (18000) they have - that was crazy. I've never seen a campus with that many seats for a college game. Also I saw Doug (McDermott) he was playing up and down the full court. He almost didn't miss a shot from anywhere, posting up, jump shot, fade always. He can do it from anywhere. I was kind of impressed by that." Taylor said of Creighton's experience

"I haven't talked much to with Coach Greg Mc Dermott, but Darian DeVries I've talked too he seemed interested in me, he was one who offered the scholarship. I'm pretty sure likes me a a lot." Taylor said

Taylor welcomes Creighton's move to the Big East.

"Oh yea of course," Taylor said when asked if Creighton's move to Big East was a major factor. "The competition will always be the best nothing against the Missouri Valley, but the Big East would definitely a big thing for them and the university. It was be a lot of competition."

"They (Wichita State) have a lot of interest in me," Taylor said. "They offered me a little bit after the Creighton game - they are really interested. I know all the coaches have been to all my games the past two weeks. They like me a lot they invited me down for a few games this past season."

Taylor said he made unofficial visits to Arkansas, Nebraska, Marquette and Wichita State

"I can see Arkansas possible (offer). Marquette I've talked to their coaches but not much. Missouri he same talked to their coaches. I'm not sure I'm kind of limbo with those schools." Taylor briefly what other schools that might offer

Nebraska no longer interested

"The coach that was there (Nebraska) is not recruiting me. I really don't know much about Nebraska anymore. The coach that was recruiting me was Coach Ben Johnson he's at Minnesota now, so I haven't heard from Nebraska." Taylor said

Many other schools are still evaluating Taylor

"I've talked to Florida Gulf Coast, I've talked to Pepperdine, Santa Clara, San Diego State asked me to come down for a visit in June. I've heard from Oklahoma, Oregon State they are big schools that are recruiting me. I do think a lot of these schools that I named will offer me later on this summer" Taylor said

Taylor plays for KC Run AAU team

"I don't know if we are ranked in the Top 25. Erza Talbert who was committed to Creighton he decommitted earlier last week Dominique Collier and Khadre Lane; I just think we are a pretty good athletic team. I feel like we do damage where ever we go. We are one of the best AAU teams especially in the Midwest. We don't get the credit we deserve but we definitely compete with everybody." Taylor said

"Coaches can see that I'm athletic, I'm fast, I can score, I'm a great scorer. I can dribble coaches notice notice my jump shot better than most. I consider myself a great shooter." Taylor said

"It's a mixture of things. I want the whole coaching staff to be like a family, I want the coaches liking to me, a winning program. A program known for doing some damage especially able to get to the tournament. Also play my game get up and down, playing fast - to show my skill level." Taylor said what he is looking for in college.


Arogundade said he has offers from Loyola of Chicago, Utah State, San Jose State, Drake, Northern Illinois, Toledo and Wright State.

"A small campus it's perfect for a city. It has every thing you want college wise the campus is good." Arogundade comments on his visit to Loyola.

Loyola coaches said they like how he scores, the energy he brings and his defense.

Arogundade plays for Illinois Wolves AAU team. They played three tournaments thus far at Kansas City, Milwaukee and Iowa. Two more tournaments are planned at Ft. Wayne, Ind. and Dallas, Texas. This summer the team will resume play.

Creighton stopped by

"One of the coaches came to an open gym one time and evaluated me. They said I need to keep working on my skill set."

"I know they (Creighton) moved to the Big East, they make runs in the tournaments, they have great players, they repeat every year." Arogundade said

"The relationship I build with the coaches, academics, where I can be an impact right away." Arogundade lists what he is looking for in a college.

Arogundade said there is always room for improvement in his game whether it is ball handling and everything else. He doesn't have any plans to what schools will get a official visit. He's waiting to see what else comes through.


Gaines has offers from Cincinnati, Appalachian State and Arizona

“They (Cincinnati) basically said they would evolve the offensive around me and I would be the go to guy. If they need a big play I would be the one making the big play.” Gaines said

“Cincinnati is a nice area I liked the campus. They even have their own indoor practice facility like when it rains or bad weather.” Gaines said

Cincinnati is recruiting Gaines as an athlete can play either slot receiver or cornerback.

Arizona looking at Gaines at multiple positions also

“Basically the same thing – how to get the ball in my hands either pitch plays, hand offs, throwing, bubble screens. They asked what I would like in college I told them I probably would like to play slot; that’s what they are recruiting me as.” Gaines said

Arizona likes how fast I’m, how athletic I’m making plays getting open. Make plays at such a time when they needed to be made.”

“Appalachian State is a pretty good school,” Gaines said. “I really like the school. In previous years they won a championship unexpectedly. I was watching them back then."

Other schools showing some interest

“Boise State, I actually have been talking to Nebraska, Kentucky, and Michigan State. I know Tennessee is coming down this spring. I’ve been talking to Florida State so they might come down too. Coach Bo Pelini (Nebraska) actually came down during the bowl game and he said he will keep in touch get to know me better.” Gaines said

“I might get up to a Florida Gator camp I know I’m going to Cincinnati and Western Michigan University and South Carolina. I play on making a lot of round trips this summer.” Gaines said


Ihenacho has offers from California, Colorado, Miami (Ohio), Oregon State, Washington, Washington State.

"The distance would be nice I don't know too much about the school yet," Ihenacho comments about the Golden Bear. "Everything I find out it seems pretty good to me, there's nothing I don't like about them."

"I do like the conference (PAC 12) because they pass a lot but what I like so far is the distance from my house. It's not like next door in my back yard but its not like the other side of the world." Ihenacho mentions a few more things why he is considering Cal-Berkeley.

"So far all the offers I got is not about distance no favorite stands out they are all good."

Ihenacho said his brother plays for the Denver Broncos and the Colorado Buffalos are recruiting him actively.

"Oregon State isn't saying much but they are recruiting hard though. They just tell me that would have to learn the language that's with every school." Ihenacho said

"Mostly talking to Coach Keith Heyward (Washington) he talks about being a corner or safety. He knows I can play both. He talks about Washington being a DB's university - play safety, play in the nickel, another DB on the field." Ihenacho said

"Washington likes that I can hit and I'm not effected to hit. They like my pass coverage and how I can play the run."

Washington State said thy are thin at DB's and Ihenacho can come in and see early playing time. They are looking at him as a safety.


Franklin has an offer from South Carolina and Georgia State.

“They said they really like me.” Franklin said about Georgia State. “They want me to play defensive back I have good size; I can fit in pretty well over there.”

Good trip to Georgia State

“It was nice they have nice facilities I got to meet the whole coaching staff. They said I’m a ball hawk, I can hit, have good hips.”

“I haven’t been there recently but I’ll be up there soon. “ Franklin said about a future trip to South Carolina.

Likes Gamecocks defensive schemes

“First of all I like the defense, I like the fact they run five defensive backs in the back field. I like Coach Lorenzo Ward a lot I think he knows what he is doing up there. I like Coach Spurrier I like the whole atmosphere and they also play in SEC.” Franklin said

“I’ve been hearing from Stanford a lot, Boston College, Duke, Georgia Tech that’s about it for right now.” Franklin said


Dupre has several offers Arizona, Arkansas, California, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, LSU, Miami, Michigan, Notre Dame, UCLA and many more. Dupre said he has no favorites and plans to narrow list later.

“I went to LSU, I went to UCLA.” Dupre said of the two junior days he attended. “That’s about it really I haven’t been able to get out in the spring.”

LSU visit

“Most of the time I just watched practices just another day visited the coach’s stuff like that. They want me really bad. I had an offer from them since last year built a great relationship. I can get early playing time stuff like that. How they use me on offense that’s about it.” Dupre said

“That was my second time,” Dupre said of his west coast trip to UCLA,”I have a great relationship with those coaches also. I love the fans I love it out there. Coach Jim Mora and my dad have been friends for a while. It was a great visit as always and they have a great university.”

Dupre said he might look at Clemson, Notre Dame, Florida State and a few other schools.

Dupre likes that Clemson produced a lot of wide receivers to the NFL and they have a high power high offense.

“They have great history they have done really well the last few years. They have many high draft receivers too that’s another big plus.” Dupre comments about the Fighting Irish

“I’ve always liked Florida State they have a great offense they utilize the offense a lot. They produce some great wide receivers also. Their school has great tradition always winning and a great coaching staff. “ Dupre said

Dupre said he’s looking for a school that has a winning tradition, great coaching staff, have a good fan base also.


Walker has offers from Boston College, Hawaii, Kentucky, Miami, North Carolina State, Oklahoma State and Old Dominion

"From what I've seen in Kentucky I like the coaching staff a lot. I just want to go and check them out and see what they have to offer." Walker said

"Kentucky is recruiting me as an outside linebacker; Mike, Nickel or Sam. They like my size as a safety also. I can come down the line and make some plays." Walker said

Boston College has a lot to offer

"Academics and they are rebuilding. The defensive coordinator tells me a lot about what they are doing, a lot of blitzing packages. I would do well there and play early in their defense." Walker said

"Oklahoma State is a really good football program. I don't know about the schools or anything."

"I plan on taking some official visits after the football season, I'm not sure when I will commit. It's not any rush I don't plan on waiting too long. It depends how things go. Distance isn't a factor I want to look at the opportunities at the school; good academic school, coaches and facilities" Walker said


Mc Graw has a bunch of offers. Some schools that are recruiting him are; Alabama, Arizona, Hawaii, Michigan State, Nebraska, North Carolina State, Oregon, Tennessee and UCLA.

Immediate Plans

“I went on an unofficial visit to Alabama and I will go to Oregon next week (4/20), UCLA the following week. Then I will probably go to a couple more visits this May when I finish up with spring ball.” Mc Graw said

Really liked the Tide

“It was a cool place man Coach Nick Saban was real nice they have new facilities so everything was pretty cool. They like me to play safety get me on campus to see their new facilities and stuff.” Mc Graw said

Mc Graw said Alabama likes his physical style of play and his knowledge on the field. He like the SEC and that Alabama wins championships.

“I’m going out there to see what I like about them,” Mc Graw said about the UCLA Bruins. “They are in the PAC 12 they had a pretty good year last year. Coach Jim Mora has NFL experience that’s all I know right now until I get there.”

Mc Graw said he likes the Oregon Ducks coaching staff, solid play and is always at the top in the conference. He likes that it’s been awhile since Oregon had a losing season and that they send DB’s to the NFL.

Looking for a good environment

“Everybody has nice facilities; I’m just looking for a good coaching staff, a winning program. Somewhere I can live after college football.” Mc Graw said

UCLA, Oregon and Arizona are recruiting him the hardest. Also hearing a lot from Ole Miss and Texas


Smith has 16 offers. The list includes Iowa State, Illinois, Indiana, Duke, Purdue, Michigan State, Cincinnati, Tennessee, North Carolina State, Syracuse, Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Western Michigan and Toledo.

“I’ve been to Illinois, North Carolina State, Duke and Purdue.” Smith said

“I liked Illinois,” Smith said. “The coaches are consistent recruiting me they want me to come in and be an immediate impact. I liked how the coaches were with me they seemed genuine with all the answers. I liked all the information I received on the engineering department; I want to major in computer engineering.”

“They (Illinois) said they wanted me to stay in state and be an impact. If I decide to come to Illinois they want me to try to recruit other people to come to Illinois as well.”

“They want me to enjoy my recruiting process.” Smith comments what the North Carolina State coaches are saying. “If I was able to graduate right now – come in a get a lot of playing time. They want me to stay focus what I’m doing now. They love my work ethic, they love my built. I’m getting bigger and staying focus.”

Duke very high on Smith; Top player on board

“I love the academics; I love how they are building a football program. They were almost nothing but they are getting there now and becoming known around the nation. I also like how the defensive line coach (Rick Petri) comes from different schools. Coached people like Warren Sapp he’s one of the greatest in football history. I like how he can see me as the next Warren Sapp.” Smith said

“The first thing that caught my eye was the engineering department,” Smith said about the Boilermakers. “I also like the defensive line corps I know one of those defensive linemen there personally Bruce Gatson me and him actually work out together he’s a great guy.”

“He (Gatson) said If I come there I will be tested physically and mentally which I like because you don’t have many football players tell the truth like that. They just tell you want to hear.” Smith said

What the coaches are saying

“They say they like my speed, my hand movement, my aggressiveness. Like how I move the offensive linemen off the ball. How I have my wins with the offensive linemen. On film they like how I run one side of the field to the other to make plays.” Smith said

“I’m looking for a school that has good coaching structures how the coaches and players have a good relationship. Have a great defensive line corps a great defensive line coach which will help me accomplish my goals which is the first defensive linemen to win the Heisman Trophy, and hopefully go to NFL.” Smith said


Injury set back Brown but possible offers later

“I have zero offers so far I’m hearing a lot from Cincinnati, University of Central Florida, and Duke. Just schools like that for now. I didn’t get to play much my junior year so that really hurt me from that aspect.” Brown said

“It’s like do well in the season, some of these other schools that didn’t get the player they needed, might offer me later. I won’t be able to commit until my senior year.”

“Cincinnati is going to be there that’s a legitimate possibility of getting an offer this spring. Boise State is a legitimate chance and Boston College. Duke and University of South Florida are some pretty legitimate options. Some of the schools will probably want to see me more during the fall; see how my first four games go. Then I will be able to see what they want in me.” Brown said

Brown said he will participate in a 7 on 7 tournament at University of South Florida this summer and hopefully gain some interest.

Visited a few schools that he would like to hear from.

“Florida State just has the best of everything when it comes to football best players, best equipment, and best facilities. FSU it was really nice when I went out there. “Brown said

“I loved Duke,” Brown said. “I really had a good time when I went up there. I went to see a game (Memphis) and saw the atmosphere. Their facilities are incredible and obviously the academics I really liked. The coaches are doing a really good job up there, Quarterback’s go in the NFL. I really enjoyed going to Duke.”

“I really liked the stadium (Duke) I got to go on the field and stuff. I just really liked the way they played they did a lot like throwing the ball. They seem up and coming to me.” Brown said

What coaches like about his game

“They really like that I can make all the throws for my size. I got really, really good arm strength, accuracy. I’m smart with the ball If need to be I have a run game too.” Brown said


Sykes has eight offers; Northern Illinois, Western Michigan, Purdue, Iowa State, Cincinnati, Toledo, University of Illinois and Indiana

Purdue A Lot To Offer

“They (Purdue) were telling me with the new coaching changes they are going to change the program around. They know if I come there I will be an impact player. Purdue is really a nice campus they have a lot to offer.” Sykes said

“Illinois were real personalized real easy to talk to I just got along with coaches. I loved the city of Champaign.”

Indiana pushing hard

“Indiana was awesome I really liked the coaching staff. I happened to go to a basketball game (versus Michigan), and that game was awesome.” Sykes said

“Indiana said they were excited about me,” Sykes said. “They just want me to get down there and get familiar with them so they can tell me more about the school. I think I can be a big time player there.”

“It was 2 ½ hours away.” Sykes said about his visit to Western Michigan. “Their coaches are really going to turn that program away. The new coach (P J Fleck) he’s the youngest coach in college right now. He has so much passion and love for Western Michigan.”

“He (Fleck) wants to turn them around and I think he has the vision. He has a plan for Western Michigan I love that in him. They love the way I can rush the passer and that I can drop back into coverage. They love that I’m quick off the ball and fast.” Sykes said

Notre Dame Fan; Hopeful Offer

“I know I’m going to Notre Dame that’s going to be my first camp, but I’m definitely doing some college visits this summer and spring. I haven’t had any planned out – I’m taking it week by week sort of.” Sykes said

“I’m good family friends with Johnny Lattner. Johnny Lattner - know him?” Sykes said. “Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Lattner I’m actually at his house right now we’re all hanging out. I always hear stories about Notre Dame; they were obviously in the Championship this past season.”

“I’m trying to reach out to them (ND) I get a lot of mail. I want to get out there and get a chance to evaluate me. Hopefully, I know my abilities, I think I go up there and see what they are looking for. So hopefully they will notice me and something positive will come out of it.” Sykes said

Looking At Everything

“First of all I want the education, a great sports medicine field that comes first; then I just need to feel comfortable at the school with the coaches that I’m going to be around with for the next 4 or 5 years.” Sykes said


Reavis has several offers among them are Oklahoma, Ohio State, Tennessee, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Virginia, Vanderbilt, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, North Carolina State and Wake Forest

“I’ve been to Virginia Tech, North Carolina, USC, Wake Forest and Ohio State.” Reavis said

“I liked the whole environment (N C State) the coaches are pretty good and the players. Virginia Tech is one of the schools that are recruiting me the hardest. They said do what I can and probably play early.” Reavis said

Reavis said Virginia Tech likes him as a hybrid safety he’s bigger than most safeties. He can come down and cover. He liked his visit to Ohio State it’s a big campus and enjoyed spending time with Coaches Urban Myer and Everett Withers.

“Facilities wise it was a really nice the program is so good. The Shoe is really big to play I like that.” Reavis said about the Buckeyes.

Reavis said Wake Forest was a small school easy to get around and the coaches really wanted him there.

“It was nice I liked the new coaching staff when they came in last year they started to recruit me hard. They made me a top priority for their defense I can come in and play early.” Reavis comments about his recruitment with North Carolina

Reavis mentioned he’s going to visit Oklahoma this summer and repeat trips to Tennessee and West Virginia.

Reavis is looking for a college where he feels like home. Education is important so he can get his degree and belong to a winning program.


Greene has an offer from Boise State and expects more later this year

“I went to UCLA junior days it was pretty cool the coaches pretty much welcomed me. I got to talk to some of the players . It was a pretty cool environment to be around.” Greene said

“I want to go to Arizona State and Arizona for a visit. They have a pretty fast offense like my high school. The coaches are pretty much interested in me; they want me to get down there.”

“I’m planning on taking all my visits. I’m not sure when I will commit.” Greene said


“I have eight offers Rutgers, Boston College, Central Florida, UMass, Georgia Tech, Syracuse, Florida State and Michigan State.” Holuba said

“I like Boston College my brother is a senior at Harvard right now so I’m pretty much familiar with Boston it’s a great city.” Holuba said

“The past two years we went up (BC) as a team camp from Bergan for two days; to see the campus and everything. Get to see the coaching staff and everything. They like my intensity, my toughness the way I play. They just think over all I can be a guy that will be a player.”

Holubka is considering the ‘Noles

“My dad lives in Florida as a full time resident in West Palm Beach so it’s a possibility that I can visit them (FSU). I don’t have anything planned.”

“They (Michigan State) had a great defense the past few years; I know they play great defense in the Big Ten. I would love playing Big Ten football. I like physical football – it’s my game style.” Holubka said

Liked Rutgers

“They are very close I visited them after the season in December for a day. I never did see the campus (before) so it was nice to see that. They are recruiting me pretty hard.” Holubka said

Holubka said he plans on visiting Stanford, Michigan and Notre Dame this summer

“I really like Stanford I’m looking for a school with good academics and good football. They kind of fit the mold. Mostly (Stanford offer) I have to prove myself in camp and everything, ask me to come to camp try to do my best out there.” Holubka

Thoughts about the Irish

“Like I said I’m looking for high academic schools and high Division One football. They also fit the mold that’s one of the big things.”


Bacon has an offer from TCU and believes he will get some more offers later, he's been building some great relationships. Hopefully this spring or summer some good things will happen.

"I'm Very Agile"

"Coach Zach Yenser (Cal-Berkeley) likes that I'm athletic I cover a lot of ground and I'm very agile. He likes that I'm not just a fat lazy offensive linemen. I can run around and do stuff. That's the big things he really likes in me."

Scored High At Nike Combine

"I've already been to Cal Berkeley for junior days I was invited to Washington's but I could make it up to that one. I did make it to a Nike Combine at Redondo Union High School; I liked it a lot it showed everybody's true talents and colors. I got the third best sparg rating of all offensive linemen." Bacon said

"One on one went great my technique was spot on. It went really great I had a fun day down there. Pete Carroll was there he talked to us all of us so that was a great experience to listen too. Very great coach shared all his thoughts with us." Bacon comments more about his Nike trip.

ACC school close to offering

"University of Duke is very close to offering if I go out there for one of their camps, maybe I will get an offer. It's still very early in the process"

"Duke is a very prestigious school it's very far away when I was looking. I'm open to all offers everything is open. I'm expanding my choices every school around the nation." Bacon said

"Duke said they like my athletic abilities I carry my weight good being 285 pounds. Again with Duke they like my power steps, my pulling, my attitude towards football." Bacon said

"USC line coach took a trip to my school," Bacon said. "Talked to him a little bit that was pretty much it. He talked about the recruiting process. Alabama has been sending me some stuff in the mail"

Bacon said he's been also been hearing from Tennessee, Washington and Stanford

"TCU is a great school has great tradition, very rich in their alumni system. They are turning their program around. I do like them a lot."


Vaughns has an offer from Northwestern. He's been hearing from several schools; Arkansas, Boise State, California, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Old Dominion, Oregon, Rice, SMU, Stanford, Texas A&M, Texas StAte, Texas Tech, Wake Forest and Yale.

First Offer

"I just have Northwestern (offer) that's it right now. I like it up north, I like the atmosphere, facilities, a great academic school. They have a program that is doing good. They have the total package." Vaughns said

"Northwestern has been keeping in touch sending info about them. They were recruiting me as a receiver first they like how I can play a lot of positions. They like how I can go to defense if they need me for defense, but I'll go to offense." Vaughns said

Vaughns said Boise St, Texas Tech, Old Dominion, Oklahoma State, Baylor have shown a lot of interest and expects some offers from them.

Missed trip to Baylor

"Today (3/23) I was suppose to drive out to Waco it's about a two hour drive from where I live, but there was a thunderstorm this morning and my mom sad 'naw just ask them to go another day'. She didn't want me to go down there drive back myself while it was raining and stuff." Vaughns said

"It's (Baylor) a private school. I really don't know to much information about Baylor. I know they have a good medical school though. I don't know too much about them in football but I know about basketball. The coaches (football) I've been talking to are great people." Vaughns

"They are not too far away," Vaughns said about Boise State, "They keep me informed with everything. They play fast I know they recruit a lot of people from Texas And California, so if I go up there I will know some people. I plan on going to their spring game on the 13 (April). I'm trying to get my parents to go up there with me."

Beautiful Campus

"Their campus is beautiful (Oklahoma State). The recruiter that is recruiting me (Jamal Singleton), I know him very well. The Wake Forest coach (Tim Duffie) moved to coach the defensive backs at Oklahoma State - I have a good relationship with him too. Have a better relationship with Oklahoma State even more." Vaughns said

"I know they have a new coaching staff everybody's gone." Vaughns said about the new staff at Texas Tech. "I've been out to their campus I want to say 2 or 3 years ago. I don't know if they have anything new. I like there campus too."

"My dad said choose a day you want to go up there (Lubbock) and see a practice. I'm going up there soon to watch them practice this spring.

Is Vaughns still considering Old Dominion?

"Yes sir I know they have been playing football for four years. The back up what they talk about, they were 38-10 the last four years. They are east coast I want to go up the coast. They show me a lot of interest."

Vaughns said he was going to take all his 5 visits before he decides where to go. He's looking for a good coaching staff that he can get along with and also with his teammates. Vaughns indicated he wanted to leave the state, it's too hot in Texas and would like to play where it's cooler.


Williams has no offers yet but he's hearing from Alabama, Minnesota, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Missouri and Texas. Mississippi State is recruiting him the hardest.

"Mississippi State said they might offer me they have to come to my spring practice. The New corner back coach Deshea Townsend said he will come down." Williams said

Williams said he might attend Mississippi State and Southern Miss junior day's and try to camp at Mississippi and Mississippi State.


Bud has drawn interest from Florida Atlantic, Georgia, Miami, Michigan State, Penn State, Purdue, Vanderbilt, Western Michigan, Wisconsin, Maryland, Boston College, USC, UCLA, Boise State, Texas Tech, Rutgers and Illinois State.

Father involved in the recruitment

"Maryland called my dad directly so did Boston College and Purdue, and they want me to come up to camp. And also Wake Forest has been talking to me I'm going up there the 21 (March). They (Wake) they have been interested but I think something might come out in Boston College and Maryland." Martin said

"The head coach at Purdue Darrell Hazell called my dad directly and said they wanted me to come to camp this summer, I'm one of the guys they are looking at. Illinois State said they are looking at Illinois (players) right now for the spring. Once that's over I'm probably the first person out of state that they will offer." Martin said

Distance not a factor

"There is no such thing as too far away," Martin said. "Boston College is really a good school too. They really have a good program, they have the new recruiting guy (Frank Spaziani) he use to be at Boston College, then went to Temple now is back there (BC). I'll probably go up there this summer and see how it works out."

"I've been to Vanderbilt they are number one on my list right now. Vanderbilt is real interested Coach Josh Gattis is recruiting me. That's where I really like to go - I have family there." Martin said

"SEC is a big part but academics is really number one. My family is there they can come and see me play and stuff like that. I went up there to visit last summer for a camp I really fell in love when I saw it." Martin said

Vanderbilt might offer

"Vanderbilt would like to come in the spring to see me in action, but they have been keeping in touch with my dad. They have one commit from California (QB), they said they are taking two guys. The quarterback coach Ricky Rahne have been evaluating me, but kind of see me in the spring before the spring game, before they pull the trigger." Martin said

"In March for spring break I'm going to N C State, Wake Forest, North Carolina And Eastern Carolina. N C State is pro style they are kind of one of my favorites because of their offense. I like the offense they run, they like to throw it around its a good offense for me." Martin said

"I really haven't been up there (NC State) but I've been interested in them because I've seen them play against Miami. I'm down here and can see Miami play."

Great academic schools

"About the same thing about Vanderbilt, Wake Forest is a very good academic school it's the ACC it can't get much better than that. It's a smaller school for college but its not what I'm looking for. Academics is tremendous at Wake, they have been showing a lot of love to me, a lot of letters, talking to my dad sending e-mails stuff like that." Martin said

"I went to the National Underclassman Showcase in Orlando and I got the MVP while I was up there. They compared me to Dan Marino which was one of my idols. It was kind of a privilege to be compared to him." Martin said

"Well I'm a pro style quarterback I'm ranked number 5 in the state right now and a lot of people who talked about me said I have a quick release like Dan Marino. I have stuff to work on but they say I have a fast release a good arm. The coaches like my arm strength" Martin said


"I'm hearing from Michigan, Mississippi State, Memphis, SMU, Texas Tech, Stanford, Houston, Abilene Christian and Texas State." Long said

"Houston said they liked my film I'm on their radar. They like my agility, my size, sideline to sideline. They like how I hit they said I'm a great linebacker." Long said

"Texas Tech said they will offer later in the spring time. They want to see me a little more, but they say I have a great highlight film." Long said

"I like the football program (Tech), the education at the school. I like the medical programs I want to major in Pharmacy."

"Tulsa likes me as a linebacker they said I could be a good fit for their defense. They will probably have me as an outside linebacker. Coaches say I'm an impact player. I'm always around the ball a ferocious hitter." Long said


Ibekwe has heard from more than 35 schools. From the likes of; Arkansas, Baylor, Iowa State, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Oregon, South Carolina, TCU, Rice, Texas A&M and Texas Tech

"I'm taking an unofficial visit to Rice because I'm not be able to make the junior days this weekend due to a Rivals camp. The following week I'm going to U of H (Houston) junior days, then April 6th I'm going to Baylor's spring game, then I'll be able to go to Baylor's junior days." Ibekwe said

"I like that they (Rice) focus on academics because I know academics is the number one at their school. What I'm doing is thinking about life after football. I feel like Rice will be a good place for me." Ibekwe said

"Rice said they are still evaluating me right now I made the cut because they stopped recruiting some people, so they decided on the few they are still recruiting. They said if they get to see me a couple more times, and evaluate me some more I should be offered"

Rice told Ibekwe it takes time for offers. Rice said if he had some early offers they would follow. Colleges told Ibekwe they are holding out to see who is going to offer.

"Rice said they will be taking three linebackers I should get an offer soon," Ibekwe said. "I guess they will have to see me in the spring. I've been to one of their camps last summer and did pretty good."

"We'll I've talked to Head Coach Tony Levine (Houston) and he told me they hoped to offer, they are looking at a bunch of film. I've talked to the linebacker's coach Vernon Hargreaves, he told me they wanted to come down this spring."

"I've talked to Texas Tech they are evaluating me right now," Ibekwe said. "They were going to offer but all the coaches left (January) like a new line of coaches came in. I use to talk to Coach Chad Scott but he left for Kentucky. He told me they (Tech) was going to offer me in January but he left."

Ibekwe said he contacted coach Scott at Kentucky. Scott said he will show the defensive staff his film.

"The coaches say I'm a good tackler in space, I have great foot work. Right now I'm playing outside linebacker but I also play D-Line. This year I might play strong safety, fullback, tight end and slot receiver."


Vaughan said he has offers from Colorado, Houston, Rice and Texas Tech. Some schools such as Oklahoma State, Northwestern and Baylor might offer later. Vaughan also said close to 50 coaches will be coming out this spring to see practices a lot of them will eventually offer.

Made some early trips

"I actually went to Oklahoma State junior days, Baylor junior days and Texas Tech junior days. I had a bunch of other invitations to other junior days but I'm getting the feeling all the junior days are pretty much the same and I can do a lot of things on unofficial visits. I would get more one on one time on unofficial visits." Vaughan said

"At Oklahoma State they were just talking about how they were interested and ready to pull the trigger. I am definitely interested in Oklahoma State - the facilities and the coaching staff. Their knowledge and the things they want to do defensively." Vaughan said

What the coaches like in Vaughan's game

"They (OSU) like that I'am versatile my sophomore year I played defensive end and got a lot of work there. We started to run a 4-2-5 defense at my school and they wanted to see me up as an outside linebacker so they can utilize my speed off the edge. So they turned me into a linebacker. I performed pretty well." Vaughan said

"At linebacker too, a lot of coaches see me possibly playing both which is the case with Oklahoma State; kind of a Leo which plays some time down and and some time up. That really makes me marketable the fact that I can play both."

What is a Leo 'Backer?

"I'm not sure what the letters stand for they refer it as a defensive end but occasionally the defensive end has speed to get up and drop in coverage and play in the flat if needed also. Just a fast agile defensive end." Vaughan said

Future Trips

"I'm planning on going down the 23rd (March) to Houston and sometime in mid April we set a flight to Colorado, and then on April 3rd or 4th I'm flying to Northwestern. And I'm going to spend the night at one of the dorms at Northwestern. Northwestern said they are ready to pull the trigger when ever I go here." Vaughan said

"I have actually," Vaughan said when asked if the Nebraska coaches have been down recruiting him. "Nebraska came down about a month ago and they told me they are interested and will be back this spring to watch spring practice. Nebraska said they are really interested and good things are to come, we'll see what happens."

Not sure when to commit

"I'm still thinking about that for a little while. I'm debating whether I wanted to commit before the season just because the fact it would stress me out. The more I thought about it I think I'm going through the process and make the right decision. Take all my official visits and see what everybody has to offer." Vaughan said

Vaughan keeping his options open where to play

"A lot of people say they want to stay in the state of Texas but as far as I'm concerned I'm not opposed to get out of the state. If its a program somewhere I really want to play I'm willing to go anywhere." Vaughan said

"Academics is a huge thing for me," Vaughan said. "Football is not going to last forever, what are you going to do after football. They have to have a great academic program. I want to make sure I get along with the coaches and I want them to get along with me because I would have to spend four years with them."


Dorsey has offers from Baylor, Oregon State, Texas State, Texas Tech and Washington State

"I like everything about Baylor. I like the facilities, academics, they are right there." Dorsey said. "They are right there, one of the tops that offered me. I haven't been to Oregon State yet but I'm going soon."

"They (Baylor) want me pretty bad because I'm one of the fastest linebackers they are recruiting. I'm qualified for the ACT and SAT. They know I can fit in and play as a true freshman when it really comes down to it." Dorsey said

"Texas Tech has a fast pace defense, I'm a pass rush person I like playing with fast defenses. It's just a type of teams I can fit into."

"Texas Tech wants me to play early because I'm graduating early next year after December, so what school I go to that's the school I'm going to play early at." Dorsey said

Dorsey said he's been hearing from Texas, LSU, Florida State and Texas A&M.

"My speed is one of my top strengths. My eye coordination I know how to read a play on defense. I can fill in the gaps stop the running backs, sack the quarterbacks; what ever you can name I can do." Dorsey said


Pruitt has offers from Baylor, Colorado State, Notre Dame and Oklahoma

"I like Baylor I went to their junior days. I liked all the new staff coming in and they seem to know everything - they know how to win. They put you in a every position for you to be successful.

Pruitt said he liked Texas and the coaching staff wants him to apart of the program. Pruitt mentioned he went to Texas junior days, but didn't want to commit until he sees other schools.

Pruitt likes every thing about Oklahoma and they want him to come down. Pruitt has a chance to be one of the tackles at OU (early playing time).

Notre Dame likes Pruitt a lot and want him to come down in the summer for an official visit.


Bogan has offers from Georgia Tech, UMass, Old Dominion, Temple, Toledo and Western Michigan. Boston College is showing some interest.

Enjoyed trip to BC

"I went there in January for junior days it was very nice. I liked the area and a lot of stuff to do. It's a nice small school, nice environment - it was really nice." Bogan said

"Some of the coaches (BC) said they might potential offer me I have a very good relationship between them it's really good." Bogan said

Georgia Tech next

"I'm leaving this Thursday to go to Georgia Tech for junior days on Saturday," Bogan said. "It's a family environment, a lot if family down there. The education is really good the staff is really nice. Everything around there is booming I love the city of Atlanta it's a good city." Bogan said

"They (Georgia Tech) told me I'm a really good player very talented, they love what I can do, they like my size. They love my abilities what I can do with the ball in my hands." Bogan said

"A lot of coaches like my hands, I'am a speed guy who breaks a lot of long runs, very explosive but when the time comes I lower my shoulder and bring the bullgoon a lot of guys my size can't do that. Every coach sees me as a every down back, I can stick it to you and bust the long ones. They like my overall game." Bogan comments what coaches say about his abilities.


"I have Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisville, Maryland, Michigan State, Minnesota, NC State, Northwestern, Purdue, West Virginia, and 5 MAC schools. 19 so far but probably 5 or 6 that say if I visit the offer is waiting." Watkins responded how many offers he has.

"My first reaction to the Illinois offer was pure happiness. It was like proof that I could accomplish my goals. Northwestern is a great academic school and coach Fitz is just a great person. Indiana lead the Big Ten in passing. Georgia Tech is the place I would most want to play QB." Watkins said

"I have been offered at QB, WR, S, CB and recently even mentioned at RB and LB. In addition to those positions I also punt, kick and return kicks"

Watkins said he took the ACT and got a 20 the first try. Once he passes Algebra 2 he will be fully qualified.

"I hear a lot that coaches like my toughness. I hit and I avoid sidelines when carrying the ball."

"I want to go somewhere that has great fan support and the team is active in the community. I would prefer to play WR but I will play anything that helps my team win."


"I won't be able to find out until spring but I'm pretty sure I should. I've been hearing a lot from Texas Tech. They told me they like me at corner and I'm big time. They want to get me on an official visit." Fenteng said when asked if some offers are coming soon


Panthers First To Offer

"I have one offer so far (Pittsburgh). I really like the campus, I really like the facilities, I like it (Pitt) being in the city and the team in general. And I'm six hours away from Pittsburgh. I was there for an unofficial visit when they played Rutgers. I took a tour of the campus and facilities." Jenkins said

Pitt coach wants Jenkins to come in and start

"I've talked to Coach Inoke Breckterfield and he told me if I go there what they would need me for. He told me I'm one of the people he would use on the defensive line. He speaks highly of me like everything he sees from me." Jenkins said

Hearing from other schools, offers possible

"Ohio State loves me, Maryland loves me. Maryland came out a couple times. Michigan came out to talk to me they said they loved my highlight tape; they way I play they want me get out there on a visit. And hopefully I will get an offer from one of these schools." Jenkins said

"I might go out there (Ohio State) in March for a spring practice or some thing. That's another school with a lot of history behind them. I'm very much interested in knowing more about that school." Jenkins said

"Maryland is number one in the country in criminal justice," Jenkins said. "That's what the coaches told me that's what I want to major in criminal justice. I want to go out there and see it."

"I like Michigan they have a good academic program out there. I was told by one of my teachers about them , who is a alumni of them (UM), who said the education was pretty good. Pretty much have to go out there and see I know a little bit but I want to know more." Jenkins said

Jenkins said he's heard from the new coaching staff at Wisconsin and would consider them because of the past success in the Big Ten. Jenkins said he would like to make it to Madison to see the campus. His coach is setting up a time to go.

"To me it doesn't matter what conference I play in. I just want to find the right school. I'm looking for a lot of tradition and history some place where to win multiple games - not make history at a school." Jenkins said


Pettit has offers from Akron, Bowling Green, Illinois, Kent State, Miami of Ohio, Purdue, Oledo and Indiana.

Can expect more offers but some schools want to see Pettit in person.

"I know if I come out and visited them they will offer me for sure, Stanford is one of them that's for sure. There is a couple others like Louisville, West Virginia and Georgia Tech. I'm pretty sure they will offer its just finding time with baseball." Pettit said

"It (Illinois) was a good school I went to a game this football season (Louisiana Tech) it's just the atmosphere, real good fans, the place was going crazy. A real good feeling honestly. Nice facilities, nice coaches - real nice guy." Pettit said

Illinois Coaches Pursuing Pettit

"Coach Jim Bridge the offensive line coach, Coach Tim Beckmann the head coach talked to me when I was there. Coach Beckmann called me in his office and pretty much told me they like me a lot, they like me as a person, player and as a student and every thing, and they offered me a scholarship." Pettit said

"They were recruiting my brother when they were at Bowling Green. So I already knew Coach Mike Ward, he's been to my high school a few times. I knew him a little bit, we watched me grow up and develop and stuff like that." Pettit said

"I've been to Indiana three different times," Pettit said. "I honestly say they are on top of my board right now their a great school I love the campus, a beautiful campus that's for sure. Coach Greg Frey and Coach Kevin Wilson all of these are real good coaches. I just feel like they got it going over there."

"Coach Frey wants me to keep putting on weight they are very high on me right now. I was their first offer for the class of 2014."

"I've been to Purdue but its when Danny Hill was the coach they were great coaches to be honest real nice guys. My dad knew Hill back when he was at Eastern Kentucky, but now that Coach Darrell Hazell is there they are real high on me. They told me I definitely still have an offer from them, so that hasn't changed." Pettit said

"They (coaches) definitely said I have the frame to put on weight and get bigger and stronger. They like my explosive capability with speed. I was always a bigger guy who can move." Pettit said

"The more I think about it I might commit after my senior year. The way I feel about it that's one more year closer to know these coaches if they are still going to be there."

"Definitely looking at academics. I was thinking about a lot about engineering, if I was going into engineering I would obviously go to Purdue. That would have a role what college I go too. If I want to go into business or law or something I would go to Indiana or something along those lines." Pettit said


"I have three (offers) one from Arizona, One from Wyoming and one from Northern Colorado." Noller said

"I like Arizona they are fairly close, I like their offense and I like the coaches. They like how I play, they like my strength and size, the mentality I play with." Noller said

Came Back From Wyoming

"I just went to their (Wyoming) junior days yesterday (Feb. 16) It was OK it was a smaller town it was alright. They said they are looking for the best linemen they can get. Last year they were going for tackles but now they are trying to get the best linemen, so that was good to hear. Me and two other guys were the only ones offered for right now I'm pretty sure." Noller said

Noller said he will take a look at Northern Colorado because its close but doesn't want to sign with a Division 1AA team.

Come spring Noller seems confident others schools will offer.

"I think TCU is close, I think Washington is close and I think Oregon is pretty close. I think they want to see me in the spring a little bit more. They are all coming out in the spring to see me, evaluate." Noller said

"Oregon said they were impressed with my film think I have a lot of potential, they want to see me in the spring time how much I've improved - just take it from there." Noller said

Noller said he's looking at teams' offenses. They run the triple option in high school but wants to play for a power football offense.

Coaches likes his abilities.

"They say I get off the ball quick. I have good natural size and strength. I play with an attitude, so they like that too, they like my hands too." Noller said